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  • Supports: 6.2.0
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  • Updated 07/09/2015
  • Created 12/05/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 (LGPLv3)
  • Newest File: 6.69
Support development! **

About EPGPLootmaster

EPGP Lootmaster

EPGP Lootmaster provides a nice GUI for distributing loot and GP to the raid. It sends a popup and a message to all raid members with the question wether they want the loot or not and sends this response to the master looter. The ML gets a nice list of every raider's choices sorted by EP/GP (more info on EPGP here).

Translators wanted!

We're currently looking for translators, please visit curseforge if you're interested in helping out.

Whisper system

This mod nolonger requires everyone in your raid to install it! Raid members can now just whisper the master looter with a simple message: /w masterlooter !epgp need/greed/pass [itemlink] This, however, will not send the current equipment to the master looter ui. It's still strongly suggested that everyone installs the mod, but it's nolonger mandatory. The master looter, of course, still needs to install it ;)


Just copy the epgp_lootmaster and epgp_lootmaster_ml directories from the zipfile to your addons directory or use the Curse Installer. When you configure your addons in wow you'll get two entries:
  • EPGP LootMaster - Core: Everyone in raid needs to enable this.
  • EPGP LootMaster - ML: Only Master Looter needs to enable this, most raiders will probably get dependency missing because EPGP isn't installed. This is no problem, just leave it disabled. The Master Looter however does need to install EPGP.


/lm options for some basic options.
  • Auto announce threshold: sets what kind of item raid members automatically get to see.
  • Auto looter: sets a raid members that will automatically receive BoE and BoU items below the threshold (for disenchantment or bank).
  • Listen for incoming monitor updates: Enabling this will make your client listen from updates from the master looter. It will show you the exact same interface as the master looter. This way you could help deciding who gets the loot.


Just install this mod on every raid member. Set someone up a master looter. As soon as the ML tries to loot something, epgp_lootmaster will detect it and will try to handle the distribution for you. epgp_lootmaster will also handle the GP distribution for you and should automatically disable the EPGP GP input popup. You can also manually disable this popup from the EPGP options panel. /lm version or /lm versioncheck This will show you an interface where you can see wether the members of your guild or raid have installed lootmaster and what version.

Additional functions

While it's not something that's endorsed by the EPGP system, EPGPLootmaster does have built in Voting and Bidding systems. You can configure these systems easily from the configuration panel (/lm config).

Bidding system

The bidding system allows players to place a custom GP bid for an item. The highest bidder wins the item. This works either by inputting your bid on the need/greed/pass selection popup, or by using the whisper system: /w masterlooter !epgp need [itemlink] [bid]

Voting system

The voting system allows the master looter to request help from the loot council to select a proper candidate for an item. This has been implemented because some guild want to use PR for the majority of their loot but sometimes they want to bypass and select a candidate manually, by placing votes. The configuration panel allows you to define who are the members of your loot council: either the assistants in your raid or a selection of ranks in your guild or both or everyone in your raid. You can configure as you see fit.

Let me know!

Please let me know what you think of my mod (good or bad). Your comments allow me to improve EPGPLootmaster so please don't hesitate to make tickets and add comments.

Bugtracker - create tickets here

r301 | mackatack | 2015-07-09 10:25:10 +0000 (Thu, 09 Jul 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/6.69 (from /trunk:299)

Fixed Spanish localization error
r299 | mackatack | 2015-07-08 07:42:10 +0000 (Wed, 08 Jul 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/ml/epgp_lootmaster_ml.toc

r297 | mackatack | 2015-07-06 09:41:03 +0000 (Mon, 06 Jul 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/epgp_lootmaster.toc

toc update
r295 | mackatack | 2015-06-16 11:09:03 +0000 (Tue, 16 Jun 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/lootmaster_core.lua
   M /trunk/ml/lootmaster_ml.lua

GetNumLootSlots() has not been implemented, just hack it.
r292 | mackatack | 2015-06-15 10:46:23 +0000 (Mon, 15 Jun 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/ml/lootmaster_ml.lua

GetNumLootItems changed to GetNumLootSlots. This should fix problems with ItemID not found while distributing slots.


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  • #1448

    Same problem addon here, i tried disabled all my addons and only enabled epgplootmaster and epgp(dkpreloaded) and the problem persists. So I only enabled epgplootmaster and again, error. 
    You can see the creenshot here:

    Only works December version to me.


  • #1447

    Thanks for your reply, but I just did what you suggested and the pop-up still opens with empty lines.

    Here the image and thanks for any additional help!

  • #1440

    Thanks for this addon, it saves us a lot of time.

    Is there any way to get tokens to display the currently equipped items for that player? Or if not would it be possible to add it? These are easily the most popular items and missing that information is the source of quite a few headaches.

  • #1438

    Hey there, Love the addon but we constantly get "loot id not found/user has closed the window" whenever we distribute loot. We're all in the same guild/server. We're all running the addon and its updated. Only our raider leader is running the ML. Any ideas or known issues with this?

  • #1439

    Even after last week's update? I've made some changes last week that should prevent this. Also make sure that the WoW loot popup is still open while trying to distribute loot.

  • #1436

    Hey mackatack, thanks for the great work on this amazing addon. I have a question/suggestion: Is there any chance we can have ACE profiles (or any profile system really)? I'm finding myself configuring the same ML settings for all my alts.

    Also, it would be nice to be able to share the configuration (buttons, % of GP, colours, etc) to others easily (à la vuhdo), as I sometimes require my officers to do EPGP instead of myself.




  • #1437


    The AceDB system is already in use for storage of all the settings. So I should be able to implement this fairly quickly.

    Could you explain how the share settings system of Vuhdo works? Does it export a string that you should share on your Guild's website? Or does it send the settings directly ingame to another player?


  • #1441

    Hi, sorry for the delayed response. 


    As far as I know, Vuhdo requires the 2 users to have the configuration panel open and you initiate sharing in game to that user. I believe it sends a string via s hidden channel, as we are unable to chat during the transmission (and it takes a while to do so).

    A string on a website (like weakauras) seems very efficient, but I don't know how hard it would be to encode the settings for you. It can also be used to have a backup of your settings, which is nice.

  • #1432

    i'm a little confused, because only one path in your last package. I'm missing libs and the core epgp_lootmaster.

    Is this right, only one small package or did you forgot your libs?

    Holger -> Reglohpri

  • #1433

    Woah, strange. Thanks for the report. will fix asap

  • #1435

    Thank's a lot for your fast response.

  • #1434

    Ok, reuploaded with all files. Curseforge packager seems to work again

  • #1429

    Hello there,

    We are currently using LootCouncil system, but we have decided to switch to EPGP system starting patch 6.2. Can you please confirm if this addon have been tested in PTR and will work fine in patch 6.2? Are there any issues that we should know about? It's been a while since the addon was updated, so I want to make sure that it will be reliable.

    Note: We are also going to use the "epgp (dkp reloaded)" addon along with this one.


    Last edited by frailheart on 6/10/2015 6:05:15 PM
  • #1424

    I am just curious, can this work if your raid leader doesn't use it?  It is awesome btw.  I downloaded this last night and makes it so easy to roll on gear.  I don't really have to think about it, it just pops up a window/bar and shows you the gear/loot that is specific for you to roll on and gives you the option to click /roll as MS or OS or such.  Very nice!  Easy to use.  However I tend to run a lot of pug raids and not everyone (raid leaders) use all these types of addons.  Does this still function even if the raid leader doesn't use it?  Does it detect the gear for rolling on?



  • #1427

    Only the master looter needs it. other raiders can use the wisper system or also have the addon installed and use the popups.

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