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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Updated 11/15/2014
  • Created 05/11/2008
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About EpicMusicPlayer

'''EpicMusicPlayer is a World of Warcraft game music and custom mp3 player with multiple playlist support a broker plugin and a fancy little 3d model.'''


Watch a 2 minutes high quality video demo on YouTube:)


  • Playlist with all the WoW game music. Over 2000 Songs including Myst of Pandaria music.
  • Play mp3 or ogg music files.
  • Fancy little 3d model which will play/dance to your music
  • Data Broker plugin
  • Multiple playlist support.
  • Add/Remove playlists ingame.
  • Move songs between playlists ingame.
  • Search for songs
  • Send informaton about a song to a channel or whisper it to a player

Get the latest alpha version:
You can help with the localization, just go to:

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions before posting

r67 | yess | 2014-11-15 14:04:56 +0000 (Sat, 15 Nov 2014) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/EpicMusicPlayer.toc
   M /trunk/modules/gamemusic/EpicGameMusic.lua

.)Update toc
.)Add Draenor game music
r66 | yess | 2014-10-01 22:44:39 +0000 (Wed, 01 Oct 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/modules/boker/empbroker.lua

Fix error "cannot find an AceAddon ChocolateBar" ticket #79


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  • #1174

    This thing is driving me nuts. Looks great, but destroys my playlist as soon as I log into WoW.

    I created my playlist, eventually figured out it was saving it to the wrong location. Once saved to the correct path under my account, I thought I was good.

    Unfortunately, every time I start WoW, my EpicMusicPlayer.lua (485Kb in size) file is overwritten with a default blank one that's 690 bytes long, and the first line in it states:

    "EpicMusicPlayer_PlayList = nil"

    Sure enough, I have no playlist in-game.  I tried making my own playlist read-only, but it still overwrote it every single time I log into WoW.

    Is there a fix for this??

  • #1175

    Are you sure that you not have the WoW client running, when you save the playlist?

  • #1176

    No, I was very careful about that. I even checked Task Manager to make sure there was no executable stalled.

    Thanks for the fast response, by the way. :)

  • #1172

    Sadly, even this player cannot play Aimele's song :(

    ((Draenei harp player in Embarri Village's inn))

    You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else. - Albert Einstein

  • #1171

    I love that the track played on the screenshotted example is a Nightwish song from Ocean Soul. Hell yeah. That alone makes me want to DL and use this.

    Last edited by Siriai on 12/6/2014 7:44:05 PM
  • #1169

    I tried this addon today and used the manager exe to add music. I clicked on my music figuring this would show my music and I'd pick what music I want. This did not happen however. The program made over 13000 of mymusic which all contain a world of warcraft folder.  I tried uninstalling the the world of warcraft folder after uninstalling the game(wouldnt launch after this happened) and it will not delete.


    Last edited by Algemein on 12/5/2014 6:33:08 PM
  • #1170

    Hmm strange, no one reported anything like this so far.
    Did you try to delete the folder after a restart? You can also try with shift + del to skip the paper bin.

  • #1173

    Sorry it took so long to respond. I tried everything you mentioned and tried a few programs to wipe the drive but nothing worked. Ive removed the drive and whenever I can get a docking station will try again. Something definitely went wrong when I added music. When I chose to open the wow music folder to add music is when it made the huge amount of duplicates. My av and malwarebytes showed nothing even tho I couldnt deleted the folder. I would spam shift delete and I would get the message preparing for deletion, but as it started deleting folders the size of the folder would immediately shoot back up and nothing was deleted. Iactually think its something I did but I dont wanna try again till I can hook my second hdd back up. I now have wow running on my system hdd.

  • #1166

    I keep getting this error and the music wont play thru just shows me the title of the song   

    Epic music player error can not save the playlist C:\Program files (x86) World of warcraft\WTF\Account\(null)\SavedVariables\EpicMusicPlayer.Iua

    Someone reply back with legit help. thank you in Advanced

    Last edited by xLorraine89 on 11/28/2014 9:23:36 PM
  • #1167

    Start the Playlist Manager from the menu at the top select "Tools -> Options..." and at the section "Multiple WoW-Accounts" select your account name for "Load from" and "Save to".

  • #1164

    Hi, is it possible to play Flac files? Almost all my music is in that format xD

  • #1168

    No because the game does no longer support the flac format.

  • #1161

    Is it possible to have the player detect, what song is played by the game (and maybe even bookmark it)?

  • #1162

    Unfortunately not.

  • #1159

    Somes musics are missing (of Warlods) ?

    I didn't found this epic moment on the playlist :

    And there is another version of this song without choir ingame who played in A'shran


    Last edited by alcarin7 on 11/19/2014 7:35:21 AM
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