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  • Created 05/11/2008
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About EpicMusicPlayer

'''EpicMusicPlayer is a World of Warcraft game music and custom mp3 player with multiple playlist support a broker plugin and a fancy little 3d model.'''


Watch a 2 minutes high quality video demo on YouTube:)


  • Playlist with all the WoW game music. Over 2000 Songs including Myst of Pandaria music.
  • Play mp3 or ogg music files.
  • Fancy little 3d model which will play/dance to your music
  • Data Broker plugin
  • Multiple playlist support.
  • Add/Remove playlists ingame.
  • Move songs between playlists ingame.
  • Search for songs
  • Send informaton about a song to a channel or whisper it to a player

Get the latest alpha version:
You can help with the localization, just go to:

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions before posting

Symantec should no longer recognize the PlaylistManager as a false positive.


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  • #1101

    Can you please make this compatible with Amazon mp3s? Thanks.

  • #1100

    Any plans to add MP4 support so I do not have convert all my itunes?

  • #1098

    Is there a way to 'stream' the music from elsewhere rather than have the playlist manager copy MP3s to the MyMusic folder?  I store my MP3s on a network drive (like a NAS) to save space on my local machine; I also do this so other devices OTHER than my PC can access my music as well.  I have way too many gigabytes of music for the player to copy over (though I don't doubt it could do it if I had the space for it).

    I want to "point" the player's settings to that network drive.  Is this possible?

  • #1099

    Well I saw the FAQ and even though I have "Advanced" selected with the joint link files enabled, the playlist manager still copies the mp3s to the local MyMusic folder



    Apparently, the program won't create 'link-to' files from a network drive .... I tested by creating a test folder on my desktop and dropping a few mp3s in it.  The link-to files were created without copying the whole set of files to the MyMusic folder.


    Is there any way to get the program to create link-to shortcuts to a network drive or network path?


    I found that joint junctions cannot be done with network paths, but a symbolic link can be created.  Is there a way to update the program to create a symbolic link?

    Last edited by Sp4rxx on 3/2/2014 1:25:10 AM
  • #1097

    Hey, where's the minimap button gone? I used to hide GIU and had only minimap button displayed because I dont like having the screen filled with too many things... Now I can't find it anywhere. Any chance of getting it back please? :D

  • #1092

    Norton is reporting this as a "possible" threat using a new detection system they have developed.

    Its odd that it detected this add on and did nothing for the other 27 add ons I have.

    As someone who has had his bank account jacked before, Ill leave it quarantined till I feel its completely safe.

  • #1094

    It's because of the PlaylistManager.exe.  A program to create a custom playlist to listen to your own mp3 files within WoW. Other addons do not need a program like this.

    You don't need the PlaylistManager.exe to use this addon, you can also create your custom playlist withe the playlist_generator script, or just use it to listen to ingame music.

    As explained below its a false positive, I tracked the source of the false positive down to the warper to pack the Java program into an executable (Launch4j). I also found that if I wrap it with JSmooth instead it will not be seen as a false positive anymore. There will be updated version soon.

  • #1089

    ehm .... , my Norton just removed the Playlist Manager as a virus lol  ,


    Filename: playlistmanager.exe
    Threat name: Suspicious.Cloud.9
    Full Path: c:\program files (x86)\world of warcraft\interface\addons\epicmusicplayer\playlist_manager\playlistmanager.exe


    Unknown Community Usage,  Unknown Age,  Risk High

    Downloaded from

    Actions performed: Actions performed: 1


    On computers as of
    Not Available

    Last Used
    13/01/2014 at 21:53:02

    Startup Item



    It is unknown how many users in the Norton Community have used this file.

    This file release is currently not known.

    This file risk is high.

    Threat type: Heuristic Virus. Detection of a threat based on malware heuristics.


    Source: External Media


    File Actions

    File: c:\program files (x86)\world of warcraft\interface\addons\epicmusicplayer\playlist_manager\ playlistmanager.exe Removed

    File Thumbprint - SHA:
    File Thumbprint - MD5:
    Not available

  • #1091

    I recommend you to get a better antivirus too.

    Perhaps Microsoft Security Essentials. Norton is a heap of s---.


  • #1086

    ive tryed reinstalling Java, and addon and i tryed deleting the folder for the addon and having it remake it tryed restartng my pc and it still giving me the error javax.sound.sampled.UnsupportedAudioFileException: file is not a supported file type) and it updated to 3.1.1


  • #1088

    You have to use version 3.1.2. You can download it from this site. For some reason i do not yet know the last version did not make it into the curse client.

  • #1084

    Good addon, but i can't use playlist_generator.vbs on Windows 8.1. I fix it easy, just replace getWindowsVersion() = "6.1" then on getWindowsVersion() = "6.3" then

    Please, fix this. Just add

    getWindowsVersion() = "6.3" then
        'Windows 8.1
        indexTitle = 21
        indexArtist = 20
        indexAlbum = 14
        indexTime = 27

    I think playlist_generator.vbs don't work on Windows 8 too. And if add

    getWindowsVersion() = "6.2" then
        'Windows 8
        indexTitle = 21
        indexArtist = 20
        indexAlbum = 14
        indexTime = 27

    And all be fine? Sorry for bad english and thank for cool addon!


    Last edited by Remelibo on 1/1/2014 3:39:11 PM
  • #1087

    Thank you, will be added to v3.1.3

  • #1083

    when u will  add the update too the curse client servers ?

  • #1082


    I have a problem with saving the list
    "Could not save the playlist: C: \ Games \ World of Warcraft \ WTF \ Account \ Burning Legion \ SavedVariables \ EpicMusicPlayer.lua. 

    what to do ? I tried to do something about it but it pops up all the time



    Last edited by Gambit654321 on 12/24/2013 7:42:01 PM
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