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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Updated 11/20/2015
  • Created 05/11/2008
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About EpicMusicPlayer

'''EpicMusicPlayer is a World of Warcraft game music and custom mp3 player with multiple playlist support a broker plugin and a fancy little 3d model.'''


Watch a 2 minutes high quality video demo on YouTube:)


  • Playlist with all the WoW game music. Over 2000 Songs including Warlords of Draenor music.
  • Play mp3 or ogg music files.
  • Fancy little 3d model which will play/dance to your music
  • Data Broker plugin
  • Multiple playlist support.
  • Add/Remove playlists ingame.
  • Move songs between playlists ingame.
  • Search for songs
  • Send informaton about a song to a channel or whisper it to a player

Get the latest alpha version:
You can help with the localization, just go to:

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions before posting

EpicListCreator: Fixed false virus detection by some malware scanners.


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  • #1024

    .)Updated for 5.0
    .)Added Mists of Pandaria music to the game music list.
    Check out all the Pandaria music at the end of the Game Music playlist, the music is really awesome.

    The one's I like most are also in the "Best of WoW" list. Number 6 to 13, enjoy:)



    Last edited by yess on 9/21/2012 9:20:24 PM
  • #1016

    dos this still work on 5.0.5 ?

  • #1017

    Downloaded it and its not working at all, says it's outdated. I hope it's fixed soon :)

  • #1018

    The addon is working fine, you have to enable outdated addons at the character selection screen. I will make an update soon.

  • #1015

    I have a problem when trying to add music in the .ogg format, in the log, it says that the music are copied but after that, it says summary : added 0 files and 0 errors in another line. But it is an error ! What is the problem ?

  • #1014

    Hi, this might have been answered before.  Whenever a song reaches the end, it almost always will play the first 1-2 seconds of the song again before switching to the next track.  It seems to do this more with longer songs (just tested, didn't do it with a 1:04 song, but did with a 4:11 song).

  • #1011

    When I tested this on beta, it worked fine. Now that 5.0.4 is live, it only plays game music even though it is showing the song and artist in broker addon

  • #1012

    Your music folder path is not set correctly in the PlaylistManager.

  • #1013

    Hmm.. I don't see how it changed because nothing moved and I left the saved variables file alone when I cleaned the folder up. (I have been using it for years now it is one of the addons that make it into every single UI I make for myself)


    I will delete the saved variables and run playlist manager again and let you know if that fixes it.


    EDIT: I got it sorted. I deleted the playlist manager config file and that let me redo my playlist.



    Last edited by daswolfen on 8/30/2012 6:59:46 AM
  • #1010

    Freaking awesome addon.

  • #1023

    Thank you;)


  • #1009

    ok i might of downloaded music while wow was up how do i fix my computer 

  • #1019

    Whats not working?

  • #1008
    EpicMusicPlayer Playlist button not working.

    The addon is absolutely amazing, but for some reason the Playlist button doesn't work in my game. Right-clicking and selecting Playlists works fine, but pressing the button in the GUI doesn't. Any idea how to fix this?

  • #1022

    The button seems to work only sometimes. I try to fix this.

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