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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 26,172 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/10/2014
  • Created 09/30/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Version 2.3

About EquipSee

EquipSee enhances the built-in Equipment Manager in several ways.

  • In your bags and in the bank, displays items with the names of the equipment sets to which they belong, overlayed on top of the item.
  • Displays item levels in the character frame whenever the Equipment Manager flyout is selected
  • Provides visual feedback in the character frame as you click on different equipment sets, showing which of the items you currently have equipped, will be swapped out if you equip the highlighted set.

Equipsee currently works with these bag management addons:

  • Bagnon
  • Combuctor
  • ArkInventory
  • OneBag
  • Baggins


And if you like Equipsee, check out my other addons: Auctionator and On Your Mark

Version 2.3

6.0 compatibility

Version 2.2

5.0.4 compatibility

Version 2.1

4.2 compatibility

Version 2.0

Now works with Baggins
Fixed a bug that was causing it not to display labels for some items in the bank
More efficient - creates fewer frames.

Version 1.9

Now works with Combuctor (thanks Tuller)
Rewrote internals so that it items that have the same itemID no longer display incorrectly in containers

Version 1.8

Fixed to work with patch 4.1

Version 1.7

Fixed bug that was causing the preferences to not be saved

Version 1.6

Fixed a LUA error

Version 1.5

Displays equipment set names in your bags and in the bank.

Version 1.4

Now works with WoW 4.0.1
Added iLevel display

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  • #56

    would love to see litebag support added

    hooksecurefunc('LiteBagItemButton_UpdateItem', Eqx_UpdateContainerSlot)

  • #55

    Was thiinking of posting my version since i was fixing it all the time for upgrades in MoP for myself. But great to see you come back - extremely useful addon for equipment manager. You are ace man !

  • #54

    Awesome addon!  Thx for updating!

  • #53

    Holy crap, It's working. Thank you so much for updating this!

  • #52

    Last updated Sep 7 2012.... and Zirco has not signed on to Curseforge since Oct 7 2013.

    Thinking its abandoned.

  • #49

    Seems don't work in 5.4. Please fix it, very great add-on!

  • #51

    Would love to see an update to this.  The 2 corrections below make it usable, but the ilvls for SoO upgraded gear do not work.

    Unless someone can find a replacement!!!

    Thanks for the great addon.


  • #50

    Agreed. I find myself missing it frequently since 5.4 dropped. Would love to see an update!

  • #48
    Upgrade ILvls

    For those of you wanting to display upgraded ilvls replace both instances of:

    local _, _, _, iLevel = GetItemInfo(equippedItemLink);


    local iLevel = select(4,GetItemInfo(equippedItemLink))

    local levelAdjust={ -- 11th item:id field and level adjustment

    local upgrade = equippedItemLink:match(":(%d+)\124h%[")

    if iLevel and upgrade and levelAdjust[upgrade] then
    iLevel = iLevel + levelAdjust[upgrade]

    Last edited by cjfravel on 7/8/2013 7:30:43 PM
  • #45

    I wish you were using the curseforge tickets system, it feels wrong posting in comments here.

    As of this date, the below error is being spat out when mousing over a set item in one's bag.

    It seems to be a change in EquipmentManager_UnpackLocation - line 224 and used on line 231.

    I can remove this error by making the following change on 231:

    slotTag = Eqx_SlotTag (bag, slot)
    slotTag = Eqx_SlotTag (bag, slot or "")

    This is not a fix, but an error-message workaround.  Tooltips remain broken.

    Why aren't spoiler tags working here?  Bah.


    [11:54:03] Interface\AddOns\EquipSee\EquipSee.lua:195: attempt to concatenate local 'slotID' (a boolean value)
    [C]: ?
    Interface\AddOns\EquipSee\EquipSee.lua:195: in function <Interface\AddOns\EquipSee\EquipSee.lua:189>
    Interface\AddOns\EquipSee\EquipSee.lua:231: in function `Eqx_BuildEquipmentMap_BySlotID'
    Interface\AddOns\EquipSee\EquipSee.lua:252: in function <Interface\AddOns\EquipSee\EquipSee.lua:249>
    Interface\AddOns\EquipSee\EquipSee.lua:363: in function `Eqx_UpdateContainerSlot'
    Interface\AddOns\EquipSee\EquipSee.lua:389: in function `Eqx_UpdateContainerFrames_Core'
    Interface\AddOns\EquipSee\EquipSee.lua:340: in function `Eqx_UpdateContainerFrames_1'
    Interface\AddOns\EquipSee\EquipSee.lua:305: in function `Eqx_UpdateContainerFrames'
    Interface\AddOns\EquipSee\EquipSee.lua:404: in function `Eqx_OnUpdate'
    [string "*:OnUpdate"]:1: in function <[string "*:OnUpdate"]:1>


  • #47

    Awesome Pyro. That worked.  You rock!

    (Insert another similar remark about using the ticket system and broken spoiler tags here)

  • #46

     ArkInventory had the same issue with 5.3. Apparently Blizz changed the EquipmentManager_UnpackLocation function to support void storage.

     In EquipSee.lua, line 224 reads:

    player, bank, bags, slot, bag = EquipmentManager_UnpackLocation(location)

     The overlay starts working again with no error when this line is changed to:

    player, bank, bags, voidstorage, slot, bag = EquipmentManager_UnpackLocation(location)

    That's all one line, with no word wrap.

    (Insert similar remark about using the ticket system and broken spoiler tags here)

    Last edited by pyroteknix1235 on 5/24/2013 11:51:32 PM
  • #44

    PLease update it to 5.2, it isn't working anymore. Thank you, great addon,

  • #43

    Pls. Update for 5.1

    I love your ADDON.

  • #42

    Not worcking on 5.0.4 with Combucto, for me, can you help me plz ?

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