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Equus Infinata

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 32 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 4.0.1
  • 11,929 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/16/2010
  • Created 12/07/2009
  • 97 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 2.0 UK: England and Wales
  • Newest File: v2.2.1
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About Equus Infinata

<H3>Equus Infinata</H3>Equus Infinata (really bad Latin for "Infinite Horses") is a replacement for the default Mount and Companion Pet UI, found in the Character pane under Pets. It provides more detail on each mount/pet than the normal display, and allows you to filter your mount/pet lists into several categories for easier browsing. You can then summon a random mount/pet from any of these filters through slash-commands. It also allows you to inspect other player's companions and mounts. All Infinata addons are licensed under <A href="">Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 2.0</A>. <H3>Slash Commands</H3>The slash command is "/equus" or "/ei" for short. You can use these in the following context: "/ei pet <filters>" - Summons a pet from the given filters. No filters will summon a pet at random from your entire collection. "/ei mount <filters>" - Summons a mount from the given filters. No filters will summon a pet at random from your entire collection. "/ei dismiss" - Dismisses your current companion pet. <H3>Filters?</H3>Currently, Equus can filter your mounts by speed, species, colour and number of passengers. It can also filter companion pets by species, colour and type (ground/flying). You can use all of these filters in the slash commands. This is a brief set of examples: "/ei mount" - Will summon a random mount from your entire collection. "/ei mount kodo" - Will summon a random kodo. "/ei mount !nopassengers" - Will summon a mount which has space for at least one passenger. "/ei mount kodo raptor" - Will summon a random kodo or raptor. "/ei mount kodo !grey" - Will summon a random kodo which is not grey. "/ei mount !blue kodo slowground nopassengers" - Will summon a random kodo which is not blue, cannot carry pasengers, and travels at 60% ground speed. <H3>Checkboxes?</H3>From v2.0 onwards, each pet and mount has a checkbox next to it. You can use these to set up your own list of mounts to summon via the slash command, by ticking the mounts you want and using the command "/ei mount checked" or "/ei pet checked". The "checked" filter is also compatible with other filters (e.g. "/ei mount checked slowground"). <H3>Inspect?</H3>From v2.1 onwards, you can inspect the pets and mounts of any same-faction player who also has Equus Infinata installed. Simply target and inspect them as you normally would, and select the new 4th tab "Pets" at the bottom of the interface. It is also known that the feature doesn't work properly if you are using addons which inspect players on mouseover (e.g. GearScore, EnsidiaGroup). If you are having problems, the inspect feature can be disabled in the addon options. <H3>Keybindings</H3>From v2.2 onwards, you can set up 5 keybinds for easy access to your mounts/pets. Choose a button through Blizzard's normal keybind interface, and define the filters in the Equus options panel. <H3>Useful Macro</H3>Here's a useful macro that, when clicked, will either cancel your current mount if you're mounted, or summon a random mount if you're not (similar to clicking a mount on your action bar) (Note: This will not dismount you if you're flying, to save some painful landings).           /script if IsMounted() and not IsFlying() then Dismount() else Equus_Mount("All") end If you're sensible enough to know not to hit this button when 60 feet up in the air, then here is a version that will always dismount, regardless of whether you're flying:           /script if IsMounted() then Dismount() else Equus_Mount("All") end <H3>Credits</H3>Thanks to Jomar and daxdax, authors of Mountiful, which this addon is based on. Thanks to all my friends in <Simia Infinata> on the Horde side of Nordrassil-EU who helped out with beta testing and feature suggestions, as well as putting up with my various moans and rants. Also for letting me steal their naming scheme. Thanks to the staff at WoWhead (especially Malgayne) for helping me with some data extraction from their database. Thanks to UFTimmy for the helpful macro. And of course, thanks to everyone else who's submitted feature ideas and bug reports. The addon wouldn't be where it is without your support.
v2.2.1 Very quick and dirty hacks to get the addon working in WoW 4.0.1. Inspect feature removed. If there's an outcry for it then I'll work on bringing it back, but I don't think it got used ever. v2.2.0 Moved filter lists from saved variables to a hardcode list, to fix a few intermittent bugs. Added option for pets which requite reagents. Can now be summoned always, never, or only when the reagent is available in your bags. Added 5 hotkeys, customisable through the options screen. v2.1.9 Fixed slash commands. v2.1.8 Fixed even more bugs with checkboxes and checked filter. Fixed bugs with slash commands in general. Added "Mini Thor". v2.1.7 Fixed more bugs with checkboxes. v2.1.6 Fixed bugs with checkboxes. Fixed bug with 280/310% speed option. Fixed bug with auto-pet-summoning pet detection, and with detecting if player is flying. Fixed bug with speed detection when fastest owned mount has variable speed. Again. v2.1.5 Fixed bugs during first log in after clearing WoW cache files. Fixed bug with "Treat 310 as 280" option. Fixed bug with speed detection when fastest owned mount has variable speed (e.g. Celestial Steed). Fixed speed of "X-53 Touring Rocket". Fixed dragging of mounts from interface to action bars. For real this time. Added "Blazing Hippogryph" and "Wooly White Rhino". v2.1.4 Fixed inspect bug where it tries to talk to NPCs. Fixed inspect bug with cross-server players. Fixed dragging of mounts from interface to action bars. Fixed error messages when dismounting in combat. Added "Frigid Frostling". v2.1.3 Fixed inspecting again. Fixed click buttons again. v2.1.2 Fixed a bug with inspecting. Fixed a bug when summoning pets/mounts by clicking their button in the interface. v2.1.1 Enabled inspect functionality. Whoops. Fixed a bug when changing inspect target with the inspect window open. Backdated version history v1.0 - v1.7.5. v2.1 Added inspect functionality. You can now inspect anyone who has v2.1+ installed to see their mounts and companion pets. v2.0.4 Fixed colours on "Dun Morogh Cub" and "Nether Ray Fry" Fixed bug with species menus when learning a new pet/mount which causes a new species to appear in the list. Added some experimental code. v2.0.3 Added "X-53 Touring Rocket" Improved error-handling code for unknown mounts / pets Fixed custom checkbox filtering Combined all mounts/pets where you only have 1 item for a species to be shown as species "Other" in the filter lists, to avoid the species filter becoming too long and breaking. Normal filter names still apply for slash commands. v2.0.2 Will no longer attempt to automatically resummon companion pets when flying. Updated the "/ei help" command to document checkboxes. v2.0.1 Fixed a bug with negative filters, so they work now. Fixed a bug with the drop-down menus / saved variables on the initial install. v2.0 Merged Equus and Lepus Infinata into a single addon. Changed filters to drop-down menus and revised addon layout. New slash command structure, use "/ei mount <filters>" or "/ei pet <filters>". New filter feature: NOT filters. Use "!filter" in a slash command to exclude certain mounts from the random list. New filter feature: OR filters. Use two filters from a single category (e.g. Kodo Raptor) to summon a mount from either list. New pets feature: Auto re-summoning. Whenever you summon a companion pet, Equus will remember which pet it was, and automatically resummon it when you enter/leave an instance, change continents, or relog. Fix to speed detection with mounts that change with location/skill. v1.7.5 Added "Celestial Steed" Changed species on "Invincible" v1.7.4 Bug fixes. v1.7.3 Added "Frosty Flying Carpet" v1.7.2 One massive bug fix. Don't ask. v1.7 Stopped the spam from multiple filters, for real this time. Added some very basic multi-language support! Filter names and error messages are still in English (I'll work on that), but mounts -should- load and display properly, and fit into the correct (English) categories. v1.6.2 Removed "Got xxxx" messages when using multiple filters in a slash command or macro. Fixed many bugs with multiple filters. Your filters will now always be preserved, and the addon will determine the fastest speed available with the filters given. If none is available it will abort. v1.6.1 Load-on-demand stuff will now load when calling Equus_Mount() in a macro v1.6 Most of the addon is now Load-on-demand! Mounts will only be processed when you either open the Equus window, or run a slash command. This might slow things down when you first try to use the addon, but it will speed up your login a bit. Fixed bugs where mount numbers are returned as "nil" by the server. Equus will try to check the mount 5 times, then return a critical error. *Hopefully* fixed compatibility with 3.3.2. I've not had any more errors on my end anyway. v1.5.9 Added "Big Love Rocket" Added the new Icecrown Citadel drop/achievement mounts Fixed all mounts that change with skill/location v1.5.8 Fixed a bug around the experimental code which was making the addon break. Fixed a bug for new users where saved variables broke. v1.5.7 Fixed another bug which was causing the whole addon to fail to load. v1.5.6 Fixed a mistype which was causing the whole addon to fail to load. Added some "experimental" back end code. Shouldn't affect anything yet. v1.5.5 Fixed bug catching when processing mounts... AGAIN. Added "Mimiron's Head". Fixed species on "Swift Zhevra". v1.5.4 Fixed bug catching when processing mounts AGAIN. If it doesn't work this time I give up. v1.5.3 Added "Thalassian Warhorse" and "Thalassian Charger". Fixed speed on "Rusted Proto-Drake" and "Ironbound Proto-Drake". Fixed bug catching when processing mounts (hopefully) v1.5.2 Fixed "Swift Burgundy Wolf". Fixed "Rivendare's Deathcharger" (aka "Deathcharger's Reins"). Added "Onyxian Drake". v1.5.1 Removed debug messages when using the slash-commands. v1.5 Added multiple filters to slash commands, e.g. "/ei red fastground raptor". Made it possible to shift-click mounts in the Equus list to link them in chat, and also to drag mounts out to your action bars. v1.4.2 Fixed the bug catching feature when processing the mount list. Fixed a bug with "Swift Green Gryphon" causing catastrophic failure. v1.4.1 Added a bug catching feature when processing the mount list. v1.4 Recoded a backend processes some more. Please be on the look out for errors. Added the 3D model preview back in. You can now click on/around the mount name in the main list to see the preview. Moved the 3D model rotate buttons for both mounts and pets. They are now located at the top-right of the window. v1.3 Recoded a lot of the backend processes. Please be on the look out for errors. Added a new filter: Colour. This is hideable in the Options menu if you do not wish to use it. v1.2 Added an entry in Blizz' addons options panel, under Interface options. Two options available, and are explained in the panel. Added an "Options" button to the Equus Infinata interface in the bottom right corner. v1.1 TOC updated for 3.3. Got rid of the horrible plain black background. Tweaked the layout to look a tiny bit smarter. v1.0 First release. Not much to report.

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  • #159
    That is completely bizarre. They're saved/loaded in exactly the same way, so unless there's a really strange bug with the speed detection thing then it's probably a fluke.

    I'm still looking into this, it's certainly buggy on my end too but I can't work out why.
  • #136

    Even after this new fix/update i can't still use Equus :(
    I have the new RAF mount and i'm getting the msg saying mount missing and screws every window, i can't see my vanity pets, my mounts, anything
  • #141
    I'm not sure if this has been completely resolved yet, but I figured I'd post the error messages, in case the windows screwing up isn't related to the missing mount.

    Message: ..\AddOns\EquusInfinata\Equus.lua line 430:
    attempt to index global 'EquusPetSpeciesMenu' (a nil value)
    [C]: ?

    Message: ..\AddOns\EquusInfinata\Equus.lua line 1602:
    attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
    [C]: ?
    EquusInfinata\Equus.lua:1602: Equus_CreateTables()
    EquusInfinata\Equus.lua:140: Equus_Loaded()
    EquusInfinata\Equus.lua:124: Equus_OnEvent()
    [string "*:OnEvent"]:1:
    [string "*:OnEvent"]:1

    Message: ..\AddOns\EquusInfinata\Equus.lua line 463:
    attempt to index global 'EquusMountSpeciesMenu' (a nil value)
    [C]: ?

    EquusInfinata: Error processing mount "X-53 Touring Rocket" (id:75973). Please report this via
  • #152
    Cheers for the details. I've fixed the rocket and the error-handling script, it'll be released in v2.0.3 soonish. Just working on a couple of other bugs before release.
  • #137
    Ohh, new mount. Always forget about those. I'll get it added and do an update tonight.

    And as for it screwing the windows, I must have forgotten to update my error handling script that kicks in when an unknown mount/pet is updated, chances are that's whats screwing up the new interface. I'll have a play with it tonight and hopefully fix it at the same time.
  • #138
    If someone's desperate, the data to add to Equus_MountDataBySpell is:

    ["75973"] = {
    name="X-53 Touring Rocket",

    and to Equus_MountPosToSpell:
    [262] = "75973",
  • #134
    Overall love the changes in 2.0 the I'm not sure I am getting how the filtering check boxes in the preview tab are supposed to behave yet. One small issue I've had is when leaving battlegrounds it isn't checking to see if I am flying before summoning my pet.. which has lead to a few earth bound plummits.. However! I love that it now summons my pet out automatically when I zone! So if you can make it do that one tinsy little check on if you are mounted before summoning the pet that would be swell! :) Keep up the great work!
  • #135
    Erm.... whoops! I'll add the flying check right away!

    And for some reason I completely forgot to write out anything about the checkboxes when I updated the help commands, and the description on Curse. I'll add those in too.

    Thanks again for the tips :D
  • #147
    Still having this problem sadly and I am also experiencing some glitches in the "/ei mount checked" command. It sometimes summons a mount that isn't checked hehe. :P Anyway thanks for keeping it up to date and working on it :)
  • #130
    Huge bug on 2.0:

    Drop down choices do not correspond to the correct companions/mounts. For instance, the defaults on the companions when I open the menu are: AllSpecies, Ground, Pink. This gives me all my pets. If I change Ground to AllTypes, it limits my list somewhat, and if I change Pink to AllColours, I end up with a list of four (Anacona Chicken, Mechanical Squirrel, Warbot, and Wolpertinger) on the character I'm testing on.

    Let me know if I can provide more data to help with debugging this one.
  • #131
    Could you try reloading UI, or logging out/in again? I spotted this the first time I ran 2.0, but when I reloaded UI it seemed to fix itself.

    It honestly confused me for a while, and I spent a good hour or two looking through my code before getting very confused and giving up.

    If reloading UI doesn't work, let me know. There's one other thing I'd like to look up if it's still broken.
  • #132
    It looks like it's resolved itself; I'd logged out and I just logged back in to check. Thanks for the quick response!
  • #133
    That's good to know. It's still a very odd bug, I'll look into it some more when I have time.
  • #129
    For those who might come here confused, I should probably point out that I've now merged Lepus Infinata with this addon. The two are now one, and Equus covers both companion pets and mounts.
  • #126
    Posting an error before anyone else does. Currently the addon won't summon mounts which change with skill/location in non-flying areas (e.g. won't summon the Celestial Steed in Dalaran). I'll be working on a fix.
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