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Ern's Suicide Kings

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 70 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.2
  • 2,226 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/20/2014
  • Created 08/14/2012
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: Apache License version 2.0
  • Newest File: ESK 5.4f

About Ern's Suicide Kings

Ern's Suicide Kings

Ern’s Suicide Kings is loot distribution tool created by me, Ern, around, as you may have guessed it, the Suicide Kings method.

The original goal for this project was to create a tool that allowed for multiple lists, ease of use, and means to distribute loot without requiring the add-on to be installed for all raiders!


  • Cross-Realm compatible! Players no longer need to be in a guild for this add-on to function.
    • With that, though, minimal list syncing is needed.
  • Add-on is not required to bid! Players will bid via Raid/Party chat.
    • Though, the Loot-Master is required to possess this add-on at the very least!
  • Absent Mode available!
    • This can be easily toggled on or off. When turned on, absent players will be ignored when other players get moved on any list.
  • Create as many lists as needed with custom names.
  • Custom lists also means custom players per list.
  • Designate player Alts!
    • If an alt bids, their main is bumped to the bottom of the list.
  • Functionality for both Raid and normal Party groups.


  • /esk – Opens up Ern’s Suicide Kings. Also available via mini-map button.
  • Only Loot-Masters can send List and Alt Syncing data.
  • Any player can be added to any list.
  • Main Tab – Displays current lists and players as well as their current positioning and status.
  • Options Tab – Where lists, players, and alts can be added to the tool and also removed.
  • Loot Tab – Where Loot-Masters, will be taken automatically to distribute loot.

Thanks so much!

ESK 5.4f

  • Range check has been added for loot distribution.

ESK 5.4e

  • Alts can now be associated with their mains!
  • Improved party functionality.

ESK 5.4d

  • Fix addon breaking bug causing ESK to appear inappropriately.
  • Open Bid button working appropriately when the last selected List is being used.
  • Added an additional check to ensure the correct loot index is being used.

ESK 5.4b

  • Raid/Party and Guild Members listing is now in alphabetical order under the Add Players window.
  • When going to the Loot tab, the last selected Bidding List will be selected instead of being reset.


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  • #36

    Just as a heads up to you guys, the lastest version, ESK 5.4f, now has a range check included for loot distribution.  I've had a couple folks make mention of an occasional issue when distributing loot.  The best explanation I can come up with is either that players are simply getting out of range or that loot tables are being updated out of the range of the loot master due to mobs being pulled while loot is being decided.

    So with that, I've put into place some code so that when a winner is decided it verifies that they're within WoW's default range (so approximately 40-100yds).  If not in this range, the loot doesn't send and nothing happens to the list.  This should allow a bit more notice from the add-on if the conditions have the chance to cause some issues, and hopefully a little less headache for you folks.

  • #34

    Just wanted to let you guys know that the latest version, ESK 5.4e, contains a new feature "Alt Joiner".  I wanted to help break down this new feature a bit.

    • Optional feature accessible via the Options Tab.
    • Players listed are all the players from all the lists.  So if you don't see one of the mains listed there, be sure to add them to one of the lists.
    • Select a player to associate an alt, click Add and then you can add players similarly like you would for lists.  Alts can be removed as well, similarly to the Options Tab.
    • If a joined/associated alt wins a bidding, their main will be moved to the bottom of the respective list (assuming their main is on the list).
    • If both a main and their alt are on the same list, however, the listed version takes priority.
    • Alts are syncable, but only by Loot Masters.
    • When players on the Main or Options tabs are hovered over, any associated alts will appear in the tooltip.

    Though I attempted to make it as straightforward in the UI as possible, if there are any questions let me know!  I hope you guys enjoy!

  • #32

    Just an update, so i cleared my settings files and uninstalled/reinstalled the addon and everything seems to work fine now, guess there was an issue with my install or something. Just wanted to say loving the addon and ended up switching full time to this from another addon for our guild now. One request that id really love to see that was in another addon we used is the option to add/tie alts to mains and suicide them togther. Keep up the great work!

  • #33

    Awesome!  I'm glad to hear everything is working for you :)

    I'll certainly look into that feature since I know it's been brought up in the past, but may actually be do-able now.  Thanks for the request and update!

  • #27

    Not sure whats going on with my setup but when im master looter and i open bids then close them i get a No qualifying bidders! message. i pass looter to a guildy (its just the 2 of us) and on the next loot his addon works fine and takes the bid and passes out loot/updates list. Any ideas? I even went so far as to disable every addon i had except for esk

  • #28

    Currently, you'll need to leave the add-on open while the bidding is going on.  If the addon is closed during bidding, it will cancel out the current bids and such to ensure integrity of the correct bidders on the correct item (it should shoot out a message about the bidding being cancelled).  Chances are when you close the addon and then reopen it, you end up having to restart the bidding process on the current item and receive the 'No Qualifying bidders!' message because the folks did not rebid on the item.  The bidders list is in place to help track to make sure you've got a good bid going as well since such technicalities can and do happen unintentionally.

    If this continues to be an issue, however, let me know and I'll see what I can do!

  • #30

    If that's the case, bidders on the bidding list but getting the 'No Qualifying Bidders', please make sure that the those players bidding have actually been added to the list you had selected.

  • #29

    I wasnt closing the addon window, i actually made a raid with another guildy and went and did black temple just to test out the addon. So we took turns bidding with just 1 person, both etc but my addon would never give out loot. I would announce the bid, one of both of us would do /ra 1, bid would show in bidders box. i would hit finall call..wait a few seconds then hit the close bid button and everytime it would say no qualifying bidders. yet if i gave the other guy master looter and raid leader, his addon would work just fine with the exact same process.  Ill reinstall it and clear out my settings and try it again today.

  • #26

    As you may be aware, I've pushed the latest incarnation out for ESK.  

    I wanted to take a quick moment to talk about the biggest change from previous versions, and that is that ESK no longer tracks data via Officer Notes.  Although this was a handy way to track lists, especially since it didn't require syncing lists up, it was prone to errors oftentimes due to things such as individuals leaving guilds and the communication between ESK and the game itself would sometimes trip up due to the large amount of data going back and forth and the game's safeguards against it.

    With that, however, ESK is now Cross-Realm compatible!  With the ability to create custom lists and put anyone in any list (literally, anyone), ESK runs much much more smoothly.  Although list syncing is required now, it's pretty minimal.  Loot-Masters simply hit the Sync button with a list selected and voilà, the others in the group with ESK now have the list and current order of players (these individuals may have to switch between tabs or close/open ESK if it was already opened).  Syncing automatically occurs as well after Loot Bidding is closed (assuming someone won).

    So try it out and let me know what you think!  There's definitely room for improvements and features, but I wanted to get something in your guys' hands.  Enjoy!

  • #25

    Just to give everyone a heads up, I'm currently in the works of overhauling the behind-the-scenes of ESK.

    With Cross-Realm groups becoming a bigger and bigger thing, I'll be moving ESK away from the Officer Notes setup.  This will certainly clear up issues that arise when individuals leave the guild and such as well as enabling non-guild members to be easily added to the Lists and such.

    This will require me rewriting a lot of code, but overall should be a much better experience and allow for much much more user customization of individual lists and such.  Let me know if there are any other features that ESK did not provide that you feel might enhance this add-on.  

  • #23

    I've overhauled ESK's appearance (see images above).  Should be available to you guys as soon as it's approved by Curse.  Enjoy!

  • #22

    I've got some new stuff coming your guys' way (pending approval by Curse).  Namely an option to remove the minimap button if you so desire as well as a history window of the loot winners.  This Win History is pretty basic currently, but it does the job!  I also made some visual tweaks as well.  Enjoy!

    Last edited by ErnWarcraft on 9/6/2012 10:51:26 PM
  • #18

    Unfortunately I'm having issues with this latest build with getting something working out to you guys.  I resolved the couple LUA errors that have popped up, but now the addon appears to be causing an Error 132 and crashing WoW.  I'm still investigating and I hope to get something out as soon as possible.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

  • #19

    I finally found the time to work on this and I have a working 5.0.4 release heading your guys' way pending approval.  Thanks for your patience!

  • #21

    Sometimes you'll have to simply reload the UI when you meet those requirements from my experience.  I'll look into the code to see what further can be done about it.

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