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  • World of Warcraft
  • 221 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.2.0
  • 30,750 Total Downloads
  • Updated 03/07/2013
  • Created 04/15/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: Excavatinator 2.1

About Excavatinator

This is not confirmed to work in 6.0.2.

To use:
Type /arch to open the main window. This contains a list which shows each race with a project count, your progress on the current artifact, and how many keystones you have. There are also a few buttons along the bottom of the window:

- The far left button opens the travel frame. This holds a list of the items and spells you have that you can use to instantly travel around the world with (hearthstone, teleport etc). This list may not be complete; if you have something that should be on the list but isn't, give me a comment.

- Near the middle is the Survey button. This button simply casts Survey.

- Next to it is the achievement tracker button. The achievement tracker allows you to see your progress on the archaeology achievements in the game.

- Finally there's the links frame. This is intended as a solution to a problem caused by Blizzard's API; if an archaeology project's name does not match the name of the created item, there is no data linking them. This frame allows you to manually link an unlinked project you have completed to an item you haven't. Some links have been provided in the update, and if you find any further un-linked item/project combinations, go ahead and tell me so I can add them to the default list.

- The little button to the far right collapses the race frame so that it only displays the races available on the continent you're on. Only works in Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Outland and Northrend.

Click a race to open its artifact list. The artifact list lists all artifacts you can find for that race, and which ones of those you have completed. You can mouse over an artifact to view the item's tooltip, and click one to insert a link into chat.

You can also keybind the Excavatinator window, as well as the Survey skill, under the key bindings menu.

-- Version 2.1 --

    Links can now be undone. There is a button in the bottom right of the
    links frame; clicking it will list all existing links. Clicking a link
    will remove it immediately.
    You can now choose not to show and/or track minimap icons. There's a new
    shovel button (identical to the icons) next to the links button that
    allows you to toggle both. By default, both are on. Do note that the
    change can take up to one second to appear correctly.
    Mantid artifacts are listed now. They put them in the previously unused
    spot 10, surprisingly.

    The tooltip for a race's current artifact now shows the completion
    status of the corresponding pristine artifact, if there is one. It also
    shows the number of times the current artifact has been completed.

    Rare Pandaren artifacts were displaying their dummy versions left over
    from beta, rather than the actual item you get. This has been fixed, and
    the correct items are now listed.
    Some division-by-0 errors are fixed.
    The yellow keystone bar would be placed incorrectly when you had 0
    fragments for the same race. It should no longer do that.

-- Version 2.0.1 --

    Pristine artifacts will now appear in the crateables frame. You can
    start the quest from there.

    Reading quest names was failing on some clients. I've changed the
    artifact list to use the item ID to display pristine artifacts, and the
    achievement list to draw the pristine artifact list straight from the
    achievement itself. The latter makes the code slightly more costly, but
    it does not seem to cause any problems yet.
    Excavatinator is no longer recognised as "out of date". Oops.

-- Version 2.0 --

Excavatinator has been (almost) completely rewritten. The code should now be
far easier to maintain, as well as easier to understand should anyone take over
the project at a later date.

All saved data will carry over from version 1.6.1. All dig nodes on your minimap
will remain, and all links you've created will still be active.

    Pandaren and mogu artifacts have been added to the artifact list.
    There's a separate header for the pristine artifacts in the artifact
    list. All the new achievements have also been added to the achievement
    There's a new frame for crateable artifacts. This frame will show all
    artifacts currently in your bags that you can put into crates, saving
    you from having to search your bags. Next to the button that opens this
    frame is a counter for the number of crated artifacts you are currently

    Some elements of the main frame have been moved around. The skill bar
    is now at the top of the frame, and will be invisible if you're at max
    skill. The collapse button is next to the close button, and the links
    and achievement buttons are in the bottom right corner.
    All lists of common artifacts will now sort these by the number of times
    they have been completed.
    There is now only a single total progress bar. Clicking it will show you
    all artifacts you have yet to complete, while right clicking will list
    all artifacts.
    The links frame has changed considerably. Linking an artifact and a
    project is now done in three steps: First, you choose a project, then
    you choose the item that best matches the project, and finally you
    confirm that you want to link the two. Be careful - there is currently
    no way to undo links from within the addon.
    The achievements frame is separated into pages now, to accommodate all
    the new achievements. Use the arrows at the bottom of the frame to move
    between pages. Also, rather than clicking on an achievement to get
    information about it, you now simply hover over it, and a tooltip will
    appear with information about the achievement.

    Dig node data can no longer be shared between players. This
    functionality will likely be added back to Excavatinator in a later
    version. This is because finishing and testing it would have taken much
    time, and at the moment I have less time than I'd like.
    There is no longer an options frame. The options you would find there
    in older versions are either obsolete, or related to functionality I
    have decided to postpone for the new Excavatinator.
    The Vial of the Sands recipe is no longer tracked. Detection of this
    recipe was shoddy, acquiring it is limited to a specific profession
    (which is bad for a completionist's checklist), and it's not an actual
    artifact in the first place.
    There are no default links anymore. If you're installing version 2.0
    over an earlier version which had them, they will not be deleted.

Known issues:
    Sometimes, all pristine artifacts will show as incomplete, regardless of
    their actual status. This is a bug in Blizzard's code, and there's
    nothing I can do about it. Logging out and back in will usually fix it.
    Reloading your interface will not.
    There's a new vendor that gives you crates of fragments from old races
    in return for crated Pandaria artifacts. Opening such a crate will mark
    the spot as a dig on your minimap. This is because doing so produces the
    exact same message as getting fragments from actual digs, which is the
    only way Excavatinator can reliably detect digs. To limit this problem,
    I recommend opening all crates while standing at the vendor.
    Key bindings are currently not implemented. Those, too, will be returned
    in a later version.

-- Version 1.6.1 --

    The locale file was wiping the metatable responsible for returning the
    enGB locale by default. For whatever reason, this didn't break anything
    for the languages I could test, but it did break everything for the enUS

-- Version 1.6 --

    Three artifact bars have been added: total rares, total commons, and
    overall total. Click each bar to see a list of your completed artifacts,
    or right click it to see the incomplete ones.
    A skill bar has been added. This shows your skill in archaeology, and
    how much further you can go before you reach your current cap. You will
    also get a warning when you're within 15 points of the skill cap.
    Any list of completed common artifact will now list how many times each
    artifact has been completed.
    You can now set up broadcasts to be sent to players when you find
    fragments. Listing a player enables both sending and receiving
    broadcasts, so both players must list each other to successfully send
    data. Guild broadcasts work similarly; other guild members must have
    guild broadcasts enabled to get this data.
    You can also transfer your entire node database to another player, or
    request that they transfer theirs. Once the other player confirms, the
    database will be transferred.
    Exporting added! A checkbox has been added to the Options frame. If this
    box is checked, any gathered data about your completed artifacts will be
    saved, available for import to websites or other addons.

    The achievement and options buttons will now toggle their respective
    frames. There is now a back button in the lower left corner of the
    achievement frame to return to the overview.
    The achievements "Diggerest" and "It Belongs in a Museum!" no longer
    have links to your undiscovered artifacts once completed. This
    functionality has been moved to the new artifact bars instead.

    Silly Tutti, there are indeed Nerubian digsites in Eastern Kingdoms.
    Non-keystone currencies should no longer be marked on the minimap.
    Opening a profession frame in combat should no longer cause a Lua error.

-- Version 1.5 --

    Options frame added! The options button replaces the links button; the
    links button is now found in the options frame.
    Items frame added! Click the items button (next to the travel button) to
    open. The items frame is a small frame with the on-use items you've
    completed from archaeology.
    Minimap tracking added! When you find archaeology fragments, the spot
    will be marked on your minimap whenever you're nearby. Tracking and
    display can be turned on or off in the options frame.

    Excavatinator will no longer try to open or close many of its frames
    while in combat. This would cause taint issues and sometimes UI errors,
    some requiring a UI reload to resolve. Most, if not all, taint issues
    should no longer occur.
    The position and size of the Excavatinator window will now be saved
    between sessions. Also, the window can no longer be dragged off-screen.

Known problems:
    If one or more keystones are unknown, a find will be marked on the map
    whenever -any- currency is obtained.

-- Version 1.4 --

    Travel frame added! Click the travel button (bottom left corner) to see
    a frame with any methods of teleportation available to you, and click
    one of your choosing. If I've missed any items or spells that should be
    included, tell me.
    Link frame added! In cases where Excavatinator can not automatically
    link an archaeology project to an item, you can manually link the two
    here. Certain links are provided with the update. If you find any items
    that aren't linked, please do tell me, and I'll add them to the default

    The lists of incomplete common or rare artifacts can now always be
    viewed from the achievements "Diggerest" or "It Belongs in a Museum!"
    respectively, even if you have completed the achievement.

    The Survey button now works for all languages.
    Total artifact count is now accurate for all languages.
    With the introduction of the links frame, the Crawling Claw problem
    should be fixed.

-- Version 1.3 --

    The main window can now be collapsed to only show races available on the
    current continent.
    There is now a Survey button in the main window.
    Achievement tracker added. Click an achievement for information on
    incomplete objectives.

    There was a rather embarassing mistake that would prevent item links
    from working as intended on non-English clients. This should now be

Known problems:
    The Crawling Claw problem still exists, for the same reason as described
    Excavatinator can not be opened while in combat.

-- Version 1.2 --

    Right clicking a race will now solve its artifact, if possible.
    The main Excavatinator window will now update in real time. The artifact
    list still won't. Note: The standard archaeology window will not work
    properly with Excavatinator open.
    There are now key bindings available for opening Excavatinator and for
    casting Survey.

    The artifact list will no longer scroll when there is no need for it to.
    The Lua error on opening a profession window should now be fixed.

Known problems:
    The Crawling Claw will not display correctly. There is no good way to
    fix this that will not cause more problems.

-- Version 1.1 --

    The mouseover tooltip for a race will now tell you how many total solves
    you have done for that race. This is different from the number of unique
    artifacts found, in that several solves of the same artifact will be
    Recipe: Vial of the Sands is now listed under the Tol'vir race, under
    the new heading "Other". You will have to open your alchemy tradeskill
    to see its completion status, or any profession if you don't have
    A very simple API has been added to fetch information from
    Excavatinator. These can be used to create other addons that present or
    use said information differently. See Excavatinator.lua for more info.

    The number of existing artifacts for a race should now stay consistent,
    even if there is a problem with an artifact.

Known problems:
    The Crawling Claw still will not display correctly. The project has a
    different name and icon from the item it rewards, and those are the only
    two possible ways to match a project to the item created. If any items
    are in the same situation in any other language, the same problem will
    occur with them.
    The first time you open a profession window after starting the client,
    if you have not opened Excavatinator you will get a Lua error.

-- Version 1.0 --

Initial release.
Known problems:
    The Crawling Claw is not listed correctly, and if obtained will be
    listed as "Mummified Monkey Paw". This will also cause the Tol'vir race
    to display as having one more artifact than it actually does.


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  • #8
    I know - it's listed under known issues, which apparently doesn't show up on the Curse side of things. The problem lies on Blizzard's end - the project is called "Mummified Monkey Paw", while the item it makes isn't. The project/item name is the only reliable way to match a project to the created item, besides hard coding the match, and I see hard coding it as a poor band-aid solution to the problem. Until this problem is fixed, the item won't show up correctly.
  • #5
    Nice plugin, working good so far! One thing that would really be nice would be a simple double-right click to Survey. Archy offers that and its a big reason why I use Archy. Right now I'm running both mods just fine though. I'm using Excavatinator for my 'lists' and Archy for its Surveying functions.
  • #6
    Finished uploading a small clip of Excavatinator at
  • #3
    would it be possible to add in some options such as removing a race from the list if you completely finish it? or maybe only showing races for a specific continent your working, like showing only outlands races? I know some races are in each or multiple zones, but being able to control how much is showing up in the window would be nice. Otherwise the addon is awesome.
  • #4
    I might consider doing something like this for the next version.
  • #1
    Screen shots would be nice :)
  • #2
    Ha, good point. I took one and forgot to upload it... :P

    Should be up now.
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