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FaceMelter Reloaded

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 4.2
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  • Updated 08/29/2011
  • Created 10/18/2010
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: 4.035

About FaceMelter Reloaded

Spell recommendation addon for Shadow Priests. Support for the following spells and options is included:

Shadowform*, Vampiric Embrace*, Inner Fire*/Inner Will*, Shadowfiend*, Dark Archangel*, Shadow Word: Pain, Vampiric Touch, Devouring Plague, Mind Blast* - including cast with a minimum # of Shadow Orbs, Dispersion* - mana threshold for suggestion, Shadow Word: Death* - including a cutoff for your priest's health so you don't kill yourself, execute setting, and mana threshold for suggestion, Mind Spike*

Also includes DoT refresh tolerance slider to tweak your DoT refresh timing suggestions.

All asterisked spells can be disabled from your rotation to maximize DPS to the encounter, disable reminders, or to simply allow you to cast a spell whenever you like to.

Lots more tweaking to be done, but this already has full support for the new DoT refresh and haste mechanics and is working on both 4.0.1 and the Cataclysm beta.

Commands and options:

FaceMelter syntax: /facemelter [command] or /fm [command]

menu, options, (no argument) open options menu

priorities, priority, pri - option priorities menu

spells, spell, additional, add - option spell options menu

show - show suggester frame

hide - hide suggester frame

toggle - toggle suggester frame

lock, unlock - lock/unlock suggester frame

button, buttons, boxes, box - show checkboxes on suggester frame

help, ? - show this help message

I have received permission from both Falie (original author) and Cystacae (last maintainer of FaceMelter and current FaceMelter Zwei author) to move forward with this.

Please note - this is effectively a branch/reboot of the FaceMelter project from, and does not share code with the FaceMelter Zwei project on CurseForge. Cystacae has asked me to move forward with FaceMelter while he thinks about what is happening with FMZ. FMZ is a complete rewrite of the original FaceMelter, and is not yet functional as per my latest conversations with Cystacae.

Nearly 80% of the code is revamped, if not completely redone from scratch or written whole-cloth to add new functionality.

Version 4.035 - Aug 29, 2011

  • Updated for WoW 4.2
  • Fixed COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED variable parsing

Version 4.030 - Apr 27, 2011

  • Updated for WoW 4.1

Version 4.028 - Mar 26, 2011

  • Fixed variable initialization on upgrades of FaceMelter. You should no longer have to delete SavedVariables when new options are added.
  • Added Empowered Shadow duration restriction for casting Mind Blast.
    • Only applies when there is an Orb Count restriction already set.
    • Allows for stacking of additional Orbs if you so choose.
    • Defaults to 10 seconds (which effectively means it defaults to "not applicable" because of the Mind Blast cooldown), with an option range of 2-10 seconds

Version 4.027 - Mar 17, 2011. Not publicly released. Replaced all instances of OptionsCheckButtonTemplate with UICheckButtonTemplate to eliminate checkbox overruns.

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  • #79

    It still doesn't work.

  • #78

    It doesn't work I have tried to type in the fix on the pop up just aftyer log on. It doesn't take. I have tried diiffernat ways of typing it in sad still nothing. I am dieing with out it. Please HELP some one.

  • #77

    I've updated this file for 5.1.0, but have no where to host it.  I've posted a text version of the code at the following forum:

    Happy Shadow Priesting

  • #75

    Since this addon is not going to be upgraded anytime soon, any recommendations on what else to use?

  • #74

    works for 5.0.5 !?

  • #73

    Need to make sure you mention somewhere in the description that you MUST be level 80 to use this addon.  For anyone getting told about this addon who is trying to learn priest, that is a MAJOR point of concern.  By the time we get 80, not going to be worried about your addon so won't bother getting it.  Big letdown when I can't even use it until I'm ready to go into Cata stuff.  By then it's either have learned the rotation or delete the character.  2 thumbs down.


  • #72

    Please fix quickly . . . . . .going through withdrawals here. . . .

  • #71

    i can't play w/o this. ><

  • #70

    Update 8/6/2012:

    I will be returning to World of Warcraft after a long break from it due to boredom and personal life.  It will be sometime around Mists of Pandaria and I will pursue changes or fixes to my mods or mods I once programmed to get into operating and proper functioning status.  Stay tuned!

  • #76

    Since I was familiar with updating this addon as I've used this since Sunwell, I've updated facemelter reloaded to 5.0.5. I've included the changes to shadow orbs, devouring plague, mindspike, added halo etc.  I've yet to add updates supporting Divine Star, not sure I will.

    I need to find a place / way to upload this to the community....

    Are the original authors still active?  If so message me and I can email you my fixes for your review and submission.  If anyone would like this in the mean time send me a PM with an email address and I'll send it on over.

    As always, you'll need to remove your saved variables file after updating this.

    Apostolos / Auroraomega of Tichondrius

  • #69

    Would also love a way to rank mind blast differently when I have 0 orbs versus greater than one, per rotation on EJ's forums. great addon!

  • #68

    no longer works with 4.3

  • #67

    Is there a way to disable all spells except Shadow Word: Death? i am using another addon to keep track of dots and my Shadow Orbs and the only thing i want to use Facemelter for is to cast Shadow Word: Death when my mana gets to a certain point? Am I missing it somewhere, or is there back-end coding I could look into for this?

  • #66

    do u update it?

  • #63

    I installed this addon but does not work /fm or /facemelter command.

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