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  • World of Warcraft
  • 9,121 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.7
  • 1,859,088 Total Downloads
  • Updated 05/06/2014
  • Created 09/09/2007
  • 2,322 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: Factionizer 14.5.6
Support development! **

About Factionizer



  • how many reputation points are missing to the next reputation level in your reputation window
  • extended reputation detail window showing how many points you need for your next reputation level
  • how much reputation you can gain by completing repeatable/daily and gathering quests
  • mobs that give reputation
  • Built in localization for quest, item, and instance names
  • order factions by reputation level
  • faction output controlled by chat general settings

Slash commands

/fz help Show supported slash commands
/fz about Show version info
/fz status Show configuration status
/fz enable | disable | toggle <setting>

  • <setting> Enable/Disable/Toggle showing of
    • missing Missing reputation text in reputation frame
    • details Extended reputation detail frame
    • chat Extended reputation gain chat message
    • suppress Suppress original reputation gain chat message
    • cap Show guild reputation cap in chat
    • all Include all <settings> in enable/disable/toggle
    • reputation aims:
      • mobs
      • items
      • quests
      • instances | dungeons

/fz list Show list of all factions grouped by standing
/fz list <standing> Show list of all factions with wich you have the given standing
/fz cap Show your current guild reputation cap
/fz cap reset Manually reset the guild reputation cap counter

5.04.07 ready


A Big THANKS goes to Urbin for this GREAT ADDON
And I will now add a Big Thanks to gOOvER for the hand off. :)
I have not kept up my old mods because of the failure of fubar :(.
thank you Caraxe on curse for the simple fix
thank you to Speedwaystar for the FIZ_Realm fix
thank you to juniorbay1981 for the Emperor Shaohao update
thanks to phanx on curseforge for his help w/ channels

To Do


  • fixing options to work in wow interface window


  • localisation mobs and general (fiona and group quests)

low priority

  • add item tooltips to show what they can be used for
  • add about, history, todo frames
  • add limit numbers for factions that are capped below the next rep level

If you want to help as a Developer please pm me. Every helping hand is welcome :)

My updates

ver. 14.5.6

  • fixed error 66

ver. 14.4.27

  • General cleaning of program

Ver. 13.3.8

  • Faction is now controlled by chat general settings

ver 5.04.00 14.02.11

  • added Emperor Shaohao thank you juniorbay1981 (@curse)

ver. 2013.11.20

  • i want to apologize to every one i have not been able to work on this
  • fixed errors 61-64 thanks Speedwaystar

ver 5.04.00 13.09.28

  • fixed errors 53-60
  • temp disabled window selection for faction info

ver. 13.09.24

  • fixed error 54
  • adding locals

ver 5.04.00 13.09.10

  • Updated TOC

ver 5.03.00 13.09.01

  • adding locals

ver 5.03.00 13.08.09

  • removed debug prints

ver 5.03.00 13.08.03

  • added garbage collection to the startup (7.4 to 3.4)
  • adding locals
  • separating reputation detail frame from the main and OBS to compress differences

ver 5.03.00 13.07.17

  • change tables in OBS as an effort to fix if
  • adding locals

ver 5.03.00 13.07.06

  • change tables to reduce memory usage (hopefully)
    • FIZ_GetReadyReputation(factionIndex)
  • adding locals

ver 5.03.00 13.06.29

  • change tables to reduce memory usage (hopefully)
    • Faction Lists
  • temp disabled OBS till I can fix it
  • adding locals

ver 5.03.00 13.06.20

  • general changes
  • adding locals

ver 5.03.00 13.06.05

  • fixed the about section
  • added italian, korean, and the 2 chinese

ver 5.03.00 13.06.01

  • started Italian
  • fixed section in locals

ver 5.03.00 13.05.30

  • commented all debug statements
  • and commented fragged German section will not affect game play

ver 5.03.00 13.05.29.beta

  • I have got faction localization working
  • all but mobs working now just cleaning
  • reworking local in _09_ Faction gain

ver 5.03.00 13.05.28.beta.1

  • making movement have beleve I have found the way of getting local faction working
  • added local count var in content loads

ver 5.03.00 13.05.26.beta

  • making movement have two debugs active to compare faction names

ver 5.03.00 13.05.24.beta

  • starting to make internal localization in beta till I get it working right :(

ver 5.03.00 13.05.22

  • total reset to ver 5.02.00 13.04.30

ver 5.02.00 13.05.10

  • removed mapping files for individual localization now internal


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  • #490

    Like xxerty says it looks like this is ptr (5.2 version) that is updated. It won't work with live right now. I suggest like he said to uninstall and install the older version back until a fix or until 5.2 hits live servers. 

    Quote from xxerty»

    Nice to see an update to this neat addon. But latest update is causing a lot of chat messages in the form of EventHandler and SkillHerb, every time I create something or an item leaves or is added to my bags.

    EDIT: Also totally messed up the faction window. All I now get is a list of boxes with nothing in them.

    EDIT: I just noticed that the Curse Client downloaded a PTR version which will obviously not work with the current game. Reinstalled version 05.01.00


  • #485

    I am hoping that the new author will update this addon to reflect the different rep tiers used for the Tillers. But also I like to see a rep bar for Nomi, the cooking apprentice you train. He has a rep all his own.

  • #484

    Not sure if this has been asked already, but can you make it so that I can actually set Horde Expedition and The Tillers to Inactive please? It's annoying having them sit there at Exalted, call me picky.


  • #483

    I got here late for the "good luck" wishing part.  I want to congratulate you on the "great job".  I just tried out this addon a week or two ago.  It is really helping guide me through something I was rarely good at before; grindng up faction rep quickly and efficiently.

    A player cannot simply assume everything in a subzone is for the same faction.  They are not, and in a way that would be kind of boring as well as project an artificial antisocial existance of the groups in the game.  They clearly collaborate and faction NPCs being intersperced communicates that.

    But it also blurs the picture of who you will ultimately be getting rep with in the quest chain.  Just as importantly, how much rep you get for doing the quest and the mob kills is handled by magic formulas that are not displayed in game alongside XP.  I love that this addon gives you both that detail and the overview of what your buffet of reputation granting quests has available.

    Just wanted to say "thanks" for your contribution that kept this addon alive and updated so I could finally notice and enjoy it.

    By the way, If we find actual rep. values vary due to game patches or whatnot, how do you prefer report back that info to it is in an easy to enter complete enough to be actionable at your end?

  • #481

    Is there any way to remove the "rep bar" in the chat? You know the [||||||||||] thing?  It's rather distracting, but I'd like to be able to see the rest of the rep info in the chat.

  • #479

    I'm thilled to see this updated and here instead of just on the forge!

    Just to let you know, i raced out to sporeggar with 10 minutes on my rep buff from thanksgiving and a full stack of sanguine hibscus to find that "Bring me a shrubbery" has been marked obsolete and unobtainable by blizard.

    Fertile spores can still be turned in however.

    (I'm sure people are mainly focused on the newer areas, but some of us are still digging away at those old reps too!)

    Thanks for taking this over and keeping it going.

  • #480

    Actually, the quest 'Bring me a shrubbery' is still available. I just got to exalted with Sporeggar using it. The NPC who gives the quest is now located just inside the entrance of "The Underbog'.

  • #482

    Having started with the Darkmoon faire buff to run the instance I noticed T'shu inside the gate, and discovered exactly what you've noted - except that  small point to be sure , the quest is Bring me another shubbery - which starts and finishes - as you so rightly note - inside Underbog, a different location to the original quest, to which factionizer directed me- which  bliz has marked as above removed from game. Thankfully I had not tossed my Sanguine hibisus supply! 

    Thanks for the directions - I'm just sorry I hadn't stopped back sooner to see that you'd provided the location so I had done this sooner!

  • #478
    Tillers Friends

    Can you make this display the Tillers friends the way that the blizzard UI does it (Stranger -> Acquaintance -> Buddy -> Friend -> Good Friend -> Best Friend) instead of using the Honored - Revered - Exalted display?

  • #477

    this addon doesn't work with italian localization.

    If I set English as game language, everything works fine.

    When i Set Italian as language, it shows me items, mobs, instances etc.. only for factions that have the same name in italian and english.

    For factions that have a translated name (almost all) it doesn't show anything in the quest panel.

    Everything else works fine.

  • #476

    Can we please have an update to accomodate the 'Grand Commendations' in pandaria (a tick box that when ticked doubled the rep would work i think)

  • #475

    My upload is on cursforge don't know why its not doing right this should be the download link

    W.W.J.D. read the book and find out (j 3:16)

  • #474
    Calculation Issue

    There's still an issue in the Factionizer.lua where it's multiplying the Guild bonus against the Human bonus.  This causes a human with both guild perks to have a 1.21 multiplier, vs a 1.2 multiplier.  Not a big issue, but can make the numbers look very wrong when you get into larger numbers.

  • #473

    Just downloaded after recommend from El's guide.  Noticing the Tiller factions are all fine except for Fish Fellreed, where it says that "no information available for this faction/reputation"

  • #472

    I've been using this addon for a long time, and with the snafu with it being updated for MoP, I'm having a problem. It works fine for all of my toons except my main. On my main, it doesn't load up. It doesn't even show up in Interface options. Anyone know why this would be for just one toon?


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