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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 65,712 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/18/2014
  • Created 11/12/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v1.6.7

About Farmhand

Farmhand adds dynamic buttons on the screen while you are at Sunsong Ranch.

The buttons allow quick access to the Plow, Shovel, Bug Spray and Watering Can if they are in your inventory. If you do not have a given item, there will be no button for it. Also adds buttons for seeds that are in your inventory. You can even sell unwanted seeds at a vendor without having to open your bags.

When you leave Halfhill, any tools remaining in your inventory will be dropped. You can pick them up again at the farm. (You can disable this feature.)

A special Crop Scanner tool will let you quickly find any plants you've overlooked that need special attention. (Very hand for the hard-to see Smothered and Runty plants.)

To move the buttons, hold SHIFT and drag a button with the left mouse button.

In the Interface Options panel, you can turn on/off tool dropping, turn on/off chat messages and sounds, turn on/off the portal shard buttons and control whether Farmhand automatically hides itself during combat.

I recommend using Masque (optional) to make your buttons pretty.

Farmhand has translations for all game-supported locales, but if you see a bad translation please visit the localization page and correct it. Then let me know so I can repackage the addon to pick up the changes.

Thanks to all the translators!
Translator Credits

Thanks as well to the Farmhand users who've made great suggestions:

tag v1.6.7
JC Ford <jcford@MegaJC.home>
2014-10-18 12:01:43 -0400



JC Ford:
    - TOC fix

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  • #113

    AlexSkylark is correct about the crop names. The addon uses macro functionality to target the crops and adjective-noun languages can simply list the adjective whereas noun-adjective languages must specify the full name.

    Take note that you can edit the Localization.lua file in your local copy of the addon to see your changes in game and ensure that verb tenses and such make sense in context.

  • #111

    I posted some considerations about your corrections over PM. I'm guessing you used the addon in an english WoW client, which I didn't do. 

    But replying to the things you mentioned here: About the verb tenses, I feel they were correct before. Those strings refer to label text for option boxes, and as such they need to be in infinitive form. Feel free to explain why you feel they shouldn't. 

    And about the vegetable lists, JC clearly states on the localization page that he wants this:
    Either one word that can be used to target bursting crops or a full list of bursting crop names.

    Why? because the addon probably targets things using a command similar to the /target macro. That being, in languages where the crop debuff (which is an adjectve) comes before the substantive (like English, for example), he can just issue a "target runty" command and all is well. However, in languages like Portuguese where the adjective comes AFTER the substantive, he can't do that (since he can only target partial things by typing the BEGGINING of the sentence), and therefore, he asked for a full list of all vegetables with that condition, probably  so he can call the checking command on them in a loop to check if there's any in your farm. And as such, I used WoWHead to check and certify that every name on those lists reflects the official names used on WoW's PT-BR translation.

    As such, fell free to explain further why this should be revised. Also, if JC wants to point any incorrectness in my arguments, please do so I can fix the vegetable lists.

    Anyways, thanks a lot and great work revising the translation. It is with our combined effort that we'll make this addon be helpul to a lot of people in Brazil =)

  • #109


    There are some mistakes in your translation, especially in verb tenses. Please review my corrections and also pay close attention to item names and the order in which they need to appear on those vegetable lists you wrote, there's no way for JC to know that 'cebola' is the equivalent to 'onion' (just an example).

    Other than that, great work.

    Leandro "MuTLY" 

    .~:: I am the Master of All Things

  • #108

    Hey, nice! thanks a LOT!

    In the name of the Brazilian community on Goldrinn-US, we salute you. 
    Many of us are really eager to try out the addon!

    Thanks again!
    Salutations from Brazil 

  • #105

    Been using this for week. My alts love it! Thanks JCinDE.

    So far, I have not seen any error messages (knock on wood).

    REQUEST: Can you make the frame hide when we're "in vehicle"? (I think that's the mode when we are 'fighting' the Wild Crop.)  Make it hide like in Combat.



    Last edited by Kypp on 2/2/2013 6:08:21 PM
  • #104

    Had the error with justice trade goods vendor as well. Happened when I hovered over the honor point exchange item. (because it doesn't return a link from GetMerchantItemLink)

  • #100

    I love this addon, but it kills my framerate.  Disabling it doubled my framerate throughout pandaria.

  • #101

    Really? Disabling just this addon had that effect? It doesn't do anything on an ongoing basis. The only time it does anything is when you're either entering or exiting Sunsong Ranch.

    I'd suggest disabling your other addons and enable just Farmhand and see if the issue occurs. If not, then there's probably some sort of conflict with one of your other addons.

  • #98

    Installed after reading about it on wowinsider. Love it! my only nitpick is I wish it was movable.

  • #99

    To move the buttons, hold SHIFT and drag a button with the left mouse button.

  • #96

    Excellent addon.   

    Suggestion for your consideration:   add detection of the Cooking School Bell in our inventory and give us a button to summon him (when we're in Halfhill Market.) 

  • #95


    Great Add on, very convenient to click on screen as opposed to opening/searching your bags every time!

    Question though :

    I have a private guild with one tab dedicated to cooking ingredients so therefor i dont use my bank. Is it possible for Farmhand to scan your guildbank as well?

    Ah, one more thing.

    I didnt like the chat notifications so i turned it off. It appears that the on-screen notifications are switched off then as well. Is there a way to seperate them? So on-screen yes, chat no?

    Last edited by Cinosanap on 1/11/2013 7:15:21 AM
  • #97

    I also would really like to see guild bank quantities since my guild pools all our meat and veggies together!

  • #102

    I can look into guild bank numbers, but I think it'd involve you visiting the guild bank frequently to keep the data up to date. The counts of items in your personal bank can be retrieved more easily and without having to visit the bank and cache the data.

  • #94

    Sry took so long, my error pops on Taltric Forthright (Trade Goods Vendor) in SW Command Center

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