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Fishing Buddy

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 52,516 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.8
  • 7,131,780 Total Downloads
  • Updated 08/08/2014
  • Created 09/30/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 1.4c
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About Fishing Buddy

Fishing Buddy

A fishing addon that keeps track of the fish you catch and helps manage your fishing gear.

- Double-click fishing
- Supports the new WoW "fish without a pole" feature
- Bring out your fishing pets! Drink heavily!
- 'Fish Watcher' lets you see the fish you've caught here before (or the fish that you've caught in the current session)
- Display your current skill level and the time since you started fishing
- Choose your fishing outfit and change into it easily
- Support for automatically adding a lure to your fishing pole
- Support for tracking 'cycle fish' such as the Nightfin Snapper so you know when to go looking for them

Example commands:
/fishingbuddy or /fb
toggle the display of the Fishing Buddy window
/fb help
print the list of Fishing Buddy commands
/fb switch
wear your chosen fishing outfit, or change back

Silly stuff:
In addition to displaying the fishing bonus for your fishing outfit, it also displays your 'style points' as inferred from Draznar's Fishing FAQ (

Fishing Buddy Plugins:
Outfit Manager -
Fish Tracking --
Broker: Fishing Buddy --
Titan Panel [Fishing Buddy] --

Feel free to send comments to Sutorix=AT=hotmailDOTcom.


1. Unzip the '' file
2. If your unzip program allows you to specify a location, then unzip it into the 'Interface/AddOns' folder contained in your WoW folder (the location that WoW was installed)
3. If your unzip program doesn't let you specify the destination, then find your WoW folder (where it was installed) and drag the 'FishingBuddy' folder into the 'Interface/AddOns' folder.

Version 1.4c
- Don't try to summon fishing pets if we're in combat
- Make sure we autoloot things that we're opening automatically
- Better handling when both Angler's Raft and Bipsi's Berg are available
- Fix for Curse bug #231 "Watcher not toggling off automatically"

Version 1.4b
- Get my act together with respect to watch window location (thanks Grizzly_UK!)

Version 1.4a
- More work on keeping the watcher visible and onscreen (using LibWindow)
- Handle version changes and per-player settings correctly
- Fix an issue with LibTourist where it doesn't check for esMX

Version 1.4
- Updated German translation (thanks DirtyHarryGermany!)
- Attempted fix for 64-bit crash bug (#227) by using PLAYER_ALIVE
- Remove invalid frame reference in watcher window (Curse #229)
- Add "/fb fishdata reset" to clear out all fish location data (#127)
- More work on the watcher frame to try and make it stay on screen all the time


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  • #2697

    This is not making sense to me -- so I'm hoping something obvious jumps out at me. Thanks for hanging in there while I figure this out!

  • #2696

    Would the two "WatcherLocation" entries in the characters FishingBuddy.lua file result in possible problems? The reason I'm asking is that when I checked the FishingBuddy.lua file for the character that had the watcher reset when I clicked to equip my fishing gear the two "WatcherLocation" entries had different values for the "Y" settings, the first (original one) showed ["y"] = -291.0082616572377, but the second (new 1.4a one) showed ["y"] = -178.4102934831544, with both having the same ["x"] = 0, value. Wondering if that may have caused some sort of confusion within FB, although that wouldn't explain why the watcher didn't reset when I first logged that character in and did the fishing daily in Stormwind (catch 8 Hardened Walleye).

    That at least explains why the watcher for those characters that I did log in with had their watcher display in the previous (prior to 1.4) location, FB was simply pulling that info from each characters FishingBuddy.lua file, which would then mean that the watcher location settings from 1.4 weren't being saved to that file.

    Ah well, still got another hour and a half to wait until the servers come back up so that I can see what happens now that I've edited every characters FishingBuddy.lua file, but once I've been able to check with several characters I'll post back with whatever the results are. Also, if there's any other information that you may need from me then do please ask as I'm not at all sure as to what sort of info or details you may need.

    QUICK UPDATE: Been able to check with 6 characters so far, the first 4 were fine, no problems with the watcher, it displayed where expected. However, for the last 2 the watcher was displayed in the "old" position, even though I'd edited every characters FishingBuddy.lua file and changed both "WatcherLocation" "y" values to ["y"] = -178.4102934831544, I even double-checked the files while in-game and the values hadn't changed, but somehow the watcher for those 2 characters was positioned at ["y"] = -291.0082616572377, so where the heck is FB pulling that value from on those 2 characters?

    UPDATE 2: I've now checked 11 characters, done some fishing with each of them and only 4 had no problems, the remaining 7 all had the watcher positioned at the old ["y"] = -291.0082616572377, despite having edited each characters FishingBuddy.lua file and changing that value to ["y"] = -178.4102934831544, before I started playing today! My guess is that all my other characters will have the same thing happen with the watcher and I'll have to manually move the watcher to the new postion for each of the remaining 30 characters. :(

    Last edited by Grizzly_UK on 5/21/2014 4:06:46 PM
  • #2692

    I'm getting 1.4 from Curse, not 1.4a. The project site (Curseforge) doesn't have 1.4a either.

  • #2693

    It should be there now :-) There's always a bit of a delay -- I need to post more slowly!

    Last edited by Sutorix on 5/18/2014 7:15:47 PM
  • #2691
    Fishing Buddy v1.4a
    • More work on keeping the watcher visible and onscreen (using LibWindow)
    • Handle version changes and per-player settings correctly
    • Fix an issue with LibTourist where it doesn't check for esMX
    The watcher seems to behaving better -- let me know if you run into issues with the new code!
  • #2689

    Hello!(sorry for my english)

    i need some advice for this add-on.

    i need to know if its possible to catch some rare fish with it (i'm looking for the achiev One That Didn't Get Away)

    i ask that because when i was fishing, one time i couldn't take the fish, it was written " you can't take this booty/loot/spoil/take" (don't know the right word in english.)

    So i thought that loot was maybe one of the rare fish...

    but maybe i'm wrong. I'm just asking! :)


    thx for the answer! :)





    (ps : i fish with the double click all time. i start with that and i double click again to take the fish automatically and to try again. Etc....)

    Last edited by Salem69 on 5/14/2014 4:32:48 AM
  • #2690

    There were some problems with using the actual "auto loot" option provided by Blizz along with double-click casting -- but FB now handles grabbing the loot by itself.

    I will investigate!

  • #2688
    Fishing Buddy v1.4a Beta 2
    •  More work on keeping the watcher visible and onscreen (using LibWindow)
    • Handle version changes and per-player settings correctly
    This should stop the error for the *second* toon that logs in after upgrading :-) As well as clean up some stuff that I should have noticed a long time ago when dealing with per-player settings.
  • #2686
    Missing Watcher Window


    May 9, 2014

    After reading your last post I had a hunch. I don't know that I ever had it or if it got damaged or erased, but seeing you say that you would be using LibWindow I thought I would add it to my list of add-ons. The next time I switched to my fishing outfit (sniff-sniff. I git a litte misty here), my watcher window came up in the middle of my screen (it looked so good as I have missed it so). I simply moved it back to it's old home in the upper left corner and it is happily grinding out the numbers once again.

    I don't know if it was something done on your end, some crazy fluke, or just adding, or repairing the LibWindow files but my watcher is back and I am a happy little Pandaren at last!

    If any of this helps you with your resolution are VERY welcome. Keep up the wonderful work on such a wonderfaul add-on that takes a lot of the tedium out of, an otherwise boring, proifession.

    Last edited by pokyhawk on 5/9/2014 6:46:30 AM
  • #2687

    Thank you! I'm glad it is working for you -- a little more testing and I will be pushing out a new version soon.

  • #2685
    Fishing Buddy v1.4a Beta 1

    - More work on keeping the watcher visible and onscreen (using LibWindow)

    After an "/fb watcher reset", everything should be copacetic. By release, it should reset itself to be onscreen -- I'm working through that now.

  • #2683

    I can't seem to get the double-right click casting to work. Is there a trick to it? I made sure that the "Easy Cast" option is set... or does this only work if I have a fishing pole equipped?



  • #2684

    Easy Cast is automatically enabled if you're wearing anything that has a bonus to Fishing, and it triggers when you hold down a modifier key and double click.

    If you have the right mouse button chosen as your "casting" click, you *must* have a modifier key specificed in order to use the fish-without-a-pole feature -- having right click stolen during game play is a bad idea, in general :-)

    However, if you chose one of the other mouse button options (mouse-4 or mouse-5), then you can double click wiithout a pole and without a modifier.

  • #2680

    I have been without my watcher for quite a while. Everything else works fine (better than fine actually as this has long been my favorite add on).

    I tried the "/fb watcher reset" and saw that all the reset steps showed in my chat panel but still no watcher.

    I also looked at my settings as you suggested (couldn't find a specific "show watcher" option but everything is checked as it always was in the past when it worked. My settings can be viewed @ (they're a little grainy but I'll gladly shoot you a larger copy if you need)

    I even went so fa as to delete the entire folder and registry entries before re-examining all the prior options mentioned before. Still no go.

    I woulod so love to get my watcher panel back if it is possible.

    Last edited by pokyhawk on 5/1/2014 4:29:39 AM
  • #2681

    Crud. Okay, I'm looking for some reason this is happening -- I just can't think of anything yet ;-)

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