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flagRSP MoP

Roleplay Login to Add Favorites
  • World of Warcraft
  • 180 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 97,663 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/12/2014
  • Created 10/28/2008
  • 152 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: flagRSP MoP 1.2.7

About flagRSP MoP


flagRSP MoP is an add-on that allows you to set a title, a whole name (with firstname and surname) as well as setting a character status and a roleplaying flag. Other users of this add-on will be able to see these flags and you will be able to see theirs. This is mainly useful for RP servers, but there's nothing preventing you from using this on servers of other types. Feel free to report any bugs or request features here.

flagRSP MoP (formerly known as flagRSP BC, flagRSP WotLK, and flagRSP Cataclysm) is the original flagRSP add-on updated and enhanced for the World of Warcraft 5.0 patch. This continued version bases on the work done by Flokru and Adriathys.

Please note that flagRSP MoP will make changes to your tooltips. This may conflict with other addons that manipulate the tooltip. If this occurs, you can turn tooltip alteration off and won't run into any trouble.

Version information for v1.2.2 (compatible to WoW 5.2)

As always with a new version it's a very good idea to make an update of your flagrsp files ("YourWowDirectory/WTF/Account/YourAccountName/SavedVariables/flagRSP.lua" and "YourWowDirectory/WTF/Account/YourAccountName/CharacterName/SavedVariables/flagRSP.lua" for each character). Just rename them (for example to flagRSPbak.lua) or copy them somewhere else (or zip them).

The friendlist is going to be changed in 1.2.2. So when you log in, the names in the Friendlist will look like "Sye (Syeira) Ravenwing". The rp name is now handled completely independent from the ingame name. That means, the ingamename must be exactly the name of the character ingame or the charname-servername (without spaces) for people from other servers. But the rp name you can just change to what you want.

The good news is, that this change in the friendlist structure allows you to create flags for people without any flagaddon - or even for people from CROSSREALMS!

How crossrealm friends works:

  1. Take your new friend into the target
  2. Click on the "Add Friend"-button at the bottom of the flagRSP friendlist
  3. The ingame name is filled automatically, e.g. "Syeira-Forscherliga" for other realms than yours, or just "Syeira" if it is from your realm
    1. If you have no target, or want to add someone else, you have to insert the correct ingame name like "Syeira-Forscherliga" or "Syeira"
  4. Fill in the firstname and surname (or just one...), title, notes and set the friendstate
    1. If the new friend is from your own realm and has a flag addon, the rp info is taken from the flag infos
  5. Click the "Add" button
  6. Enjoy :)

FlagRSP will now use the information of the friendlist as a tooltip, if no flag is present.

Unfortunately, the direct addon communication between cross realm zones is still not working, but with this way you can do it manually:

You make a character on the foreign realm, e.g. "Argent Dawn". Go to the people you want the flag from, and mouseover them. Wait a little until you can see their flags. Then you can logout and switch back to your character. The next time you see them, you should have a flag for them (but it might be outdated). Also, you should set a higher purgeflagintervall for flagRSP via

/rsp purgeflaginterval X

(X in seconds). For example clears /rsp purgeflaginterval 4838400 all flags older than 2 months (the default is 14 days).


  • Set one of four roleplaying flags to show other players your preferred roleplaying style.
  • Set one of four character states to show other players how much in character you currently are or if you are searching for contact
  • Choose a first name for your character.
  • Choose a last name for your character.
  • Choose a title for your character.
  • Add a description of the outward appearance of your character.
  • All those attributes mentioned above will be visible to other users of flagRSP or compatible addons.
  • An enhanced friend list that can hold an unlimited number of entries.
  • You can add players, NPCs and even whole guilds of both factions to your friend list.
  • You can mark characters, guilds and NPCs on your friend list as known, friend or foe.
  • Add detailed notes to your friends or foes in your friend list.
  • Replace exact level information of all units by relative ones (from “extremely puny” to “hopelessly superior”).
  • Hide names of unknown players.
  • Characters marked as foe will be signalized acoustically when hovering them with your mouse cursor.
  • Make PVP rank, title, guild and guild rank of other characters visible in your tooltip. Or hide them!
  • flagRSP's tooltip modifications can be turned off if needed to avoid conflicts with other tooltip addons.
  • Every feature is optional.


flagRSP MoP now supports the MarySue protocol (MSP). As there should be only one addon implementing MSP, you should only run one of flagRSP, FlagRSP2, TotalRP 2 or MyRolePlay.


flagRSP MoP is fully translated to English, German, Italian and Russian language. Translations for other languages are wanted, so if you like, feel free to send me your own. A French localization which covers about 90 percent is included.

Additional Plugins

flagRSP Profiles
Save and load your rp flag with profiles

Trouble shooting

Common problems can be solved by simple commands you type into your chat window.

  • ''/rsp resetinfobox'' — This will reset the position of the infobox that displays your target's character description. This is useful if you accidentally moved the infobox out of scope.
  • "/rsp resetbutton" — This will reset the button that typically appears above your target frame. The button is movable so it is possible to move it behind other ui elements. The command will reset it to the target frame.
  • ''/rsp alwaysinfobox'' — By default flagRSP remembers if a target's description window was shown or hidden the last time you clicked on it. You can use this to command if you want your description window to always pop up automatically when you click on a flagged target. You can use this command to return to default behavior as well.
  • "/fl mm an" — Displays the button at the minimap.
  • "/fl mm aus" — Hides the button at the minimap.
  • ''/fl show'' — Shows your friendlist and your flagRSP settings.
  • ''/fl hide — Hides the friendlist frame.
  • ''/rsp'' — Shows a couple of useful commands regarding some flagRSP core features.
  • ''/fl'' — Shows a couple of useful commands regarding some friendlist frame features.

Deutsche Beschreibung

flagRSP MoP 1.2.7 Changes
* Interfacenumber for 6.0 (60000)
* Fixed lua error while mouse over

flagRSP MoP 1.2.6 Changes
* Fixed the display of the tooltips after the latest chat change

flagRSP MoP 1.2.5 Changes
* TOC updated for 5.4 and 5.4.1
* Yellow "Player not found"-Message fixed
* Loginbug because of missing API function fixed
* Filtering colors and icons from the flag

flagRSP MoP 1.2.4 Changes
* TOC updated for 5.3

flagRSP MoP 1.2.3 Changes
* Friendlist: Dragon is visible again if the target is known to you
* Friendlist: Import/Export chat command is working again
* Friendlist: Tooltip shows the friendstate to guilds again

flagRSP MoP 1.2.2 Changes
* TOC updated for 5.2
* Added Italian localization (thanks to Aledus)
* Reordered the displayed information of the friendlist entries
* Friendlist data is getting updated, previous altName and name are merged for chars in the format "altName (name)".
* You can now assign characters of crossrealms an flag by entering a friendlist entry for them
* Reordered the displayed information in the friendlist
* Fixed the tooltip width for long names/titles with a maximum width
* Many bug fixes

flagRSP MoP 1.2.1 Changes
- The engine title is shown in the tooltip correctly.
- Positioncursor in the description box has been found and send back to its work.
- You can set the InfoBox to be shown always instead of showing it for individual toons. If alwaysshown is active, the button at the target will be hidden.

flagRSP MoP 1.2.0 Changes
- Yes, MarySue Protocol (MSP) is now supported
- xtensionxtooltip2 is no longer needed for flagRSP
- Code cleaning
- Merged the fields for name and surname into one, called "fullname"
- InfoBoxbutton should work correct now


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  • #175

    Wondering if there's a way to move the profile information window that pops up when I try to read another person profile?

  • #174

    May be a stupid question, but how do I stop the startup hints?

    I try with the box ticked, they're there on start-up...

    I try with the box un-ticked, They're there opn start-up...

    Is there something I've missed?


  • #173

    For some reason, every time I log in on a character who has this addon active, I get the "random information" pop-up. I check the box ("don't show next time"), but it doesn't seem to do anything. Next time I log in there it is again. Is there a way to disable that pop-up manually?

  • #172

    I love you so much for picking this up. Wish the original creators would admit to being done with FlagRSP instead of leading us on with the rare updates here and there... :(

  • #170
    Works fine

    Made me laughing! I just wented back here to post the Error I got every time I have open my Map. FlagRSP runs as well, but this failure blamed me to cut it from my add-on list. Today I went over to have a look and post the error here for you to find a conclusion in this issue. But - hey - Patch 5.4.2. and all works fine? Hocus Pocus, thats cool! Still my first choice in roleplaying addons and would love to keep this great piece of tool/work you've done!

  • #168

    This is really weird, but I've been having issues with FlagRSP's tooltips just straight up not working sometimes when I log in. Other times everything works just fine. I'm not sure what the problem is.

  • #169

    Hi Yuiidragon

    Can you give me further details for this weird behaviour of flagRSP? You said that the tooltip isn't working - does this mean that you see the original/non-flagrsp tooltip or none? Do you receive any LUA Error messages (these have to be enabled in Interface -> Help and might disturb PvE/PvP when they pop up).
    Have you any other Flagaddon installed or other addons installed which change the tooltip?

    You could help me alot if you could catch any LUA Error at login which refers to FlagRSP MoP as it helps me to locate the origin of it.

    Thanks in advance


  • #171

    So I just tried back using this. Here's what happens:

    The tooltips work fine initially. After about a minute, they start to switch randomly between default tooltips and FlagRSP tooltips, favoring default. I've disabled all my other addons and deleted my WTF folder to try and make sure nothing was interfering with it. I'm not recieving any LUA errors.

  • #164

    I don't know if anyone still updates this mod, but 5.4.1 has this error on login now for FlagRSP. I know other people are having issues with their addons and it may be something on Blizz's end, but I figure this won't hurt:


    Date: 2013-10-31 18:06:18
    ID: 1
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\AddOns\flagRSP\FlagHandler.lua line 45:
       bad argument #1 to 'gsub' (string expected, got nil)
       [C]: gsub()
       flagRSP\FlagHandler.lua:45: GetRealm()
       flagRSP\Protocol.lua:212: CheckIsOnline()
       flagRSP\Friendlist.lua:231: checkOnline()
       flagRSP\Friendlist.lua:263: IsOnline()
       flagRSP\FriendlistFrame.lua:1059: FRIENDLIST_Update()
       flagRSP\FlagRSP.lua:136: OnEvent_PLAYERLOGIN()
       flagRSP\FlagRSP.lua:106: OnEvent()
       [string "*:OnEvent"]:1:
          [string "*:OnEvent"]:1
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = " "
    (*temporary) = ""
    (*temporary) = "string expected, got nil"

      Swatter, v5.18.5433 (PassionatePhascogale)
      AtlasLootLoader, vv7.07.01
      AucAdvanced, v5.18.5433 (PassionatePhascogale)
      AucFilterBasic, v5.18.5433 (PassionatePhascogale)
      AucFilterOutlier, v5.18.5433.5347(5.18/embedded)
      AucMatchUndercut, v5.18.5433.5364(5.18/embedded)
      AucStatHistogram, v5.18.5433 (PassionatePhascogale)
      AucStatiLevel, v5.18.5433 (PassionatePhascogale)
      AucStatPurchased, v5.18.5433 (PassionatePhascogale)
      AucStatSales, v5.18.5433.5376(5.18/embedded)
      AucStatSimple, v5.18.5433 (PassionatePhascogale)
      AucStatStdDev, v5.18.5433 (PassionatePhascogale)
      AucStatWOWEcon, v5.18.5433.5323(5.18/embedded)
      AucUtilAHWindowControl, v5.18.5433.5347(5.18/embedded)
      AucUtilAppraiser, v5.18.5433.5427(5.18/embedded)
      AucUtilAskPrice, v5.18.5433.5347(5.18/embedded)
      AucUtilAutoMagic, v5.18.5433.5415(5.18/embedded)
      AucUtilCompactUI, v5.18.5433.5427(5.18/embedded)
      AucUtilEasyBuyout, v5.18.5433.5427(5.18/embedded)
      AucUtilFixAH, v5.18.5433 (PassionatePhascogale)
      AucUtilItemSuggest, v5.18.5433.5417(5.18/embedded)
      AucUtilPriceLevel, v5.18.5433.5427(5.18/embedded)
      AucUtilScanButton, v5.18.5433.5403(5.18/embedded)
      AucUtilScanFinish, v5.18.5433.5347(5.18/embedded)
      AucUtilScanProgress, v5.18.5433.4979(5.18/embedded)
      AucUtilScanStart, v5.18.5433.5347(5.18/embedded)
      AucUtilSearchUI, v5.18.5433.5373(5.18/embedded)
      AucUtilSimpleAuction, v5.18.5433.5415(5.18/embedded)
      AucUtilVendMarkup, v5.18.5433.4828(5.18/embedded)
      Babylonian, v5.1.DEV.332(/embedded)
      Bartender4, v4.5.13.1
      BeanCounter, v5.18.5433 (PassionatePhascogale)
      Configator, v5.1.DEV.344(/embedded)
      DBMCore, v
      DebugLib, v5.1.DEV.337(/embedded)
      EasyMail, v
      Enchantrix, v5.18.5433 (PassionatePhascogale)
      EnchantrixBarker, v5.18.5433 (PassionatePhascogale)
      flagRSP, v1.2.4
      HandyNotes, v1.2.0
      HandyNotesTimelessIsleRareElites, v2.31
      HandyNotesTimelessIsleChests, v1.09
      Informant, v5.18.5433 (PassionatePhascogale)
      LibExtraTip, v5.12.DEV.355(/embedded)
      MogIt, v3.1.6
      SexyMap, v2.4.12
      Skada, v1.4-14
      SkadaCC, v1.0
      SkadaDamage, v1.0
      SkadaDamageTaken, v1.0
      SkadaDeaths, v1.0
      SkadaDebuffs, v1.0
      SkadaDispels, v1.0
      SkadaEnemies, v1.0
      SkadaHealing, v1.0
      SkadaPower, v1.0
      SkadaThreat, v1.0
      SlideBar, v5.18.5433 (PassionatePhascogale)
      Stubby, v5.18.5433 (PassionatePhascogale)
      TipHelper, v5.12.DEV.351(/embedded)
      Titan, v5.2.1.50400
      TitanBag, v5.2.1.50400
      TitanClock, v5.2.1.50400
      TitanDurability, v1.24
      TitanGold, v5.2.1.50400
      TitanLocation, v5.2.1.50400
      TitanLootType, v5.2.1.50400
      TitanPerformance, v5.2.1.50400
      TitanProfessions, v4.0.2
      TitanRecZone, v5.4.0.0
      TitanRepair, v5.2.1.50400
      TitanVolume, v5.2.1.50400
      TitanXP, v5.2.1.50400
      BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v5.4.1.50400 <us>

  • #165

    Thanks, already found the bug - it will be fixed in the next update. Blizzard seems to have changed the API in 5.4.1 :-/

    If you cannot wait:
    Change in the file "settings.lua" (the function is called "FlagRSPConfigure:Initialize()" )
    in line 50:      local realm = GetCVar("realmName");
    to:                   local realm = GetRealmName();

  • #167

    Wonderful Kiyal, that fixed the issues.  Noticed a similar line across the board on all add-ons, and just wasn't sure which line it was that needed tweaking.  I can see class colors again  :D

  • #163
    Any new updates?

    Just wondering if there are plans to update this, as some of the options like the names and info are not showing for me since 5.4.1  Its annoying how a small update can break so many add-ons...

  • #166

    Hi - Yes, FlagRSP is still maintained.
    I just have been busy with my studies in the recent months and now I am working on a fix for 5.4 because of the yellow spam text in chat at mouseover telling that someone is not available (this applies mostly for the opposite faction from another realm which is somehow tried to be contacted as one of your realm).

    I'm sorry for the delay, have yet to find the real bug behind this :-/

    What do you mean exactly with the broken options like names and info not showing since 5.4.1? Just checked it for me, i can see the full name and description.

    And yeah - I have been surprised what was broken after the update...


    Edit: ok, found the missing name and info - its because of the loginbug with the missing realmname (see the thread above for a solution please).
    Will be fixed in the next update.

    Last edited by Kiyal on 11/1/2013 6:44:26 PM
  • #160

    Hello Typhix,

    I tried to contact you privately without receiving any response. I do not know if it depends on my subscription to the site, but I write here that if you want I can take care of the location of the add-on in Italian. It is not complicated and you would have a quality localization, because of my skill in my language (Italian) and previous experience of translation into other areas. Let me know if you are interested, because I would have to ask you more about it.


  • #162

    Hi Aledus

    Thanks for your Italian translation for flagRSP mop :) Typhix has forwarded it to me and I embed and upload it in the next release of flagRSP MoP.

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