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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.1.0
  • 1,153,021 Total Downloads
  • Updated 03/15/2015
  • Created 01/26/2007
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Mozilla Public License 2.0
  • Newest File: 6.1.34

About FloTotemBar

Add button bars for quick access to totem spells for the Shaman and to trap spells for the Hunter.

There is one bar per totem elements and one for trap spells. Obviously, only the concerned classes see the appropriated bars ;-)

There is now also an additionnal bar for some totem related spells.

Spells are added to the bars automatically when you learn spells.

Each bar has a timer to track the remaining life time of the last casted totem/trap.

You can use the context menu to change many settings.

Dual spec is managed automatically. When the second spec is activated for the first time, the settings are duplicated. Then, all changes made to the configuration are only done to the current spec, and the inactive spec is untouched.

/flototembar panic|reset
Reset all settings and reload the UI
/flototembar unlock
Unlock the bars so you can move them.
/flototembar lock
Lock the bars in place
/flototembar auto
(default) use an automatic placement of the bars at the bottom of the screen. Detect optional action bars, XP bar, reputation bar, number of totems per bars.
/flototembar scale <ratio>
Scale the bar by a <ratio>.
/flototembar borders
Show borders (default)
/flototembar noborders
Hide borders /ftb is an alias for /flototembar

tag 6.1.34
Floraline <>
2015-03-15 12:34:02 +0100

Tagging for release


    - Updated toc version


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  • #69

    Salut, depuis la MAJ de hier la 2.2 FloTotemBar ne marche plus, va-t-il y avoir une MAJ de FTB aussi ?


  • #68

    This is really awsome, thanks! :D

  • #67

    Oui, oui , j'ai bien installer la dernière verssion. et j'ai bien supprimer tout les fichier et dossier du jeux ayant un rapport avec l'add on.

    j'ai même essayer une ancienne version.

    A mon avis il doit faire conflit ave cun de mes autres add on, je ne vois pas d'autre solution. seul soucis, il ne me dit pas le quel.

    ce qui est bien domage car sans ton add on, je ne joue pas mon chamy. trop chiant c'est 10.000 totem qui te prenne les 3/4 de tes raccourci.

  • #66

    Curieux, tu utilises bien la dernière version ? Dans le doute, efface l'ancien dossier avant de réessayer (je peux te garantir que chez moi ça marche parfaitement en version française) Tu peux me contacter si besoin par mail: floraline(at)

  • #65

    Heuu en esperant que quelqu'un parle français. chez moi il ne fonctionne pas du tout. il ne détecte pas mes totem dans mon livre de sort. quand je lance un totem je il ne le detecte pas non plus. etc... j'ai même un message d'erreur au lancement du jeux concernant le flototem bar.

  • #64

    Love this mod! Was hoping to see a few other things added in addition to your planned updates (I think the problem with the elementals timers is related to damage). If possible a warning notification of when totems are about to be and are destroyed would be great and also if the timers would reset upon entering/leaving an instance or bg and display numbers in the timer bar . Also an option to toggle off the tooltips or show basic ones would be nice.

  • #63

    @dreamtgm and suicidestory77 : Alternative layout suporting right to left and top-bottom would be something nice, sure, but… well you know I don't have that much time to develop extra features :-( There are still some improvements planed for the next version, but not much : - the tooltip is moved up to uncover the bar buttons when using auto layout - a scale option (my first try is extremely buggy and is not ready yet) and if I have time : - fix the timer with the elementals, I think something is wrong with it.

  • #62

    I would like to have the timers on each element diferent colors.. like the timer on the fire-box bed red, water blue, earth green and air purple.. it would be very nice

  • #61

    only one thing i would add, i moved my bars around and think it would be nice if the bars can go vertical instead of to the side, like have the timer on the top and all the buttons going down, not as good for shammy's maybe but as a huneter it could save me space.

  • #60

    Is there a way to make the buttons go to the left instead of the right? I would like to place these on the right edge of my screen and let the buttons expand to the left (especially as I learn new totems).

  • #59

    Best addon ive come across for my shaman! Just what I need :D well done.

  • #58

    I'm having the same problem as Maugor. It's not loading when I log in anymore despite me re-installing it. What could the problem be, anybody know?

  • #57

    sorry, got it working. thank you best addon ever :D

  • #56

    Hello, about Flototembar, it seemes to have disapeared for me, i have deleted the interface folder and installed once again a while after, but its still gone.

    i have it on another computer but cant find it on this 1, its gone, but i can activate it on the addon page.

    is there any command to make the addon reset to default?

  • #55

    Great addon! Is there a way to change the scale of the bar/icons? What about an option to show the key binding over the icon?


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