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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.2.2
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  • Updated 10/04/2015
  • Created 02/04/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Mozilla Public License 2.0
  • Newest File: 6.2.7

About FloFlyout

Create custom "flyouts".

A flyout is a set of buttons that fly out of an action button. You can create has many flyouts you want and bind them to your usual action buttons. It is the same functionality that regroups all mages' teleport spells, but customizable.

This addon only works with the default UI, and is mostly a proof of concept. If you find it useful, good. If you want to hack it, then do it, the licence permits it !

tag 6.2.7
Floraline <>
2015-10-04 17:08:17 +0200

Tagging for release


    - Update TOC version


  • #10

    While both right side action bars are enabled, the flyout arrow is on the wrong side of the button when it is placed on the left mostbar.  The arrow is pointing to the right.  It should point to the left..  Shouldn't both bars on the right side have their flyout arros point to the left?

    Last edited by s-conley on 10/17/2014 7:18:35 PM
  • #9

    does not work with Bartender 4 :(
    maybe you can get it work @ Bartender, because the addon looks really nice :) 

    Last edited by q3fuba on 1/24/2014 7:03:22 PM
  • #11

    To get this to work for Bartender4, you'll need to make this change yourself in the FloFlyout.lua file.

    Step 1: Look for the function FloFlyout:BindFlyoutToAction

    Step 2: Replace the whole if-then block with the below...

     if (IsAddOnLoaded("Bartender4")) then
      if idAction <= 120 then
       actionButton = _G["BT4Button"..idAction]
      if idAction <= 12 then
       bonusBar = 0
       actionBarPage = 1
       actionButton = _G["ActionButton"..idAction]
      elseif idAction <= 24 then
       actionBarPage = 2
       actionButton = _G["ActionButton"..(idAction - 12)]
      elseif idAction <= 36 then
       if SHOW_MULTI_ACTIONBAR_3 then
        actionButton = _G["MultiBarRightButton"..(idAction - 24)]
        direction = "LEFT"
        actionBarPage = 3
        actionButton = _G["ActionButton"..(idAction - 24)]
      elseif idAction <= 48 then
       if SHOW_MULTI_ACTIONBAR_4 then
        actionButton = _G["MultiBarLeftButton"..(idAction - 36)]
        direction = "RIGHT"
        actionBarPage = 4
        actionButton = _G["ActionButton"..(idAction - 36)]
      elseif idAction <= 60 then
       if SHOW_MULTI_ACTIONBAR_2 then
        actionButton = _G["MultiBarBottomRightButton"..(idAction - 48)]
        actionBarPage = 5
        actionButton = _G["ActionButton"..(idAction - 48)]
      elseif idAction <= 72 then
       if SHOW_MULTI_ACTIONBAR_1 then
        actionButton = _G["MultiBarBottomLeftButton"..(idAction - 60)]
        actionBarPage = 6
        actionButton = _G["ActionButton"..(idAction - 60)]
      elseif idAction <= 84 then
       bonusBar = 1
       actionBarPage = 1
       actionButton = _G["ActionButton"..(idAction - 72)]
      elseif idAction <= 96 then
       bonusBar = 2
       actionBarPage = 1
       actionButton = _G["ActionButton"..(idAction - 84)]
      elseif idAction <= 108 then
       bonusBar = 3
       actionBarPage = 1
       actionButton = _G["ActionButton"..(idAction - 96)]
      elseif idAction <= 120 then
       bonusBar = 4
       actionBarPage = 1
       actionButton = _G["ActionButton"..(idAction - 108)]

    Step 3: Add the flyout to your Bartender action bar.  This should work.  Essentially, this slight change looks to see if the Bartender addon is loaded, and if so, includes the Bartender button frame name for the drag and drop.  If the addon is not loaded, the default Blizzard bars can be used.

    As for Masque support... I haven't solved that one just yet.


  • #8

    I loaded this addon.  How do I create the flyout buttons?

  • #7

    I just installed this addon because I like to be able to consolidate my mounts, professions, and others as needed to make more room available for spells and macros requireing quicker access.

    The only glaring problem I found with this addon is that the the flyout buttons can only be placed on the bottom or far right (closest to edge of screen) as the list opens to the right when placed on the other right action bar (second from the scree). It would be nice if the the list could open to the left regardless of which of the side action bars the button is placed on. It would also be nice if macros could be added to a flyout button too for people who use macros for their favorite or most used emotes, and "say/yell" chat phrases.

    Beyond that, I think this is a great addition to one's wow toolbox.

  • #6

    it's not bartender4.

    icon display not see T.T

    is this agree wow basic ui?

    Last edited by gypsophila22 on 3/18/2013 8:57:39 PM
  • #5

    I love the idea of the addon! I have recently switched to default action bars and I'm lacking button space obviously so that is exactly what I need to squeeze a bit more into my action bars:)

    One thing - the new flyout icon selection window - it's so tiny that I lost patience after a few scrolls down and just picked first random icon. The same issue is with default macro icon selection - that's why I've been using I was hoping both addons would be compatible but unfortunately they arent. Any way to make FloFlyout somewhat compatible with Advanced Icon Selector? Or should this be directed to the AIS author?


  • #3

    I like this addon. Unfortunately, I get a taint if I open a flyout in combat and open another one without first closing the first one. Do you think this is fixable?

  • #2

    Beautiful concept.  If this could be engineering to work with Bartender4, that would be fantastic.  Masque/Facade support would would be a great addition, but first things first.

    I'm loving this concept.  Any chance you'll be developing this further?


  • #4

    I strongly agree; Facade support really would be nice.  Would just add even more value to this handy little addon.


  • #1

    Nice idea.  I hope you develope it.

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