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  • World of Warcraft
  • 820 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 4.0.3a
  • 82,203 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/23/2010
  • Created 05/05/2009
  • 270 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 0.3.2

About Fontifier

Quick Description

Fontifier is a font replacement addon for World of Warcraft. Its main goal is to be configurable and easy to use while providing a consistent look by unifying the various font styles and sizes assigned by the default user interface.

  • Configurable font styles
  • Configurable font sizes
  • Only free or open license fonts (Cantarell, Luxi Sans, M+ 1c and Verana Sans) are included
  • Custom font support
  • LibSharedMedia 3.0 support

To configure Fontifier, either use the Addons tab in the Interface menu or use the /fontifier command. See Readme.html in the Fontifier folder for information on adding your own fonts.

Version 0.3.2
  • Cataclysm updates.
Version 0.3.1
  • Verana Sans added as a custom font example.
  • Readme.html updated.
Version 0.3.0
  • Added profile support.
  • Added an option to resize the character frame stat columns.
  • Miscellaneous internal changes (this change will reset the configuration data).
  • Reorganized the configuration frame.
  • Removed the option to display small text using bold fonts.
  • Replaced Verana Sans with Cantarell.
Version 0.2.2
  • TOC bumped to version 3.3.0.
Version 0.2.1
  • TOC bumped to version 3.2.0.
  • Fixed edit box font size bug.
Version 0.2.0
  • Removed the number font.
  • Split configuration code into Configuration.lua.
  • Minor backend changes (this change will reset the font size configuration data).
  • Added an option to disable chat modifications.
  • Added an option to display small text using bold fonts.
  • Luxi Sans font added.
  • Verana Sans font added and made the default.
Version 0.1.6
  • Mail and book font sizes decreased.
  • Fixed a bug where custom fonts were not being registered properly in certain situations.
Version 0.1.3
  • Added custom font support (see Readme.html).
  • Added documentation.
  • Action bar font size increased.
Version 0.1.0
  • Initial release.


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  • #86

    If you have problem with nameplates not showing text try this:

    1. Go to addon folder \WoW\Interface\AddOns\Fontifier\
    2. Open in any text editor core.lua file
    3. Go to line 159 or find NAMEPLATE_FONT
    4. REM this line out (put -- at the beginning of the line, like below)
    -- NAMEPLATE_FONT = FontNamePlate

        5.  Save file & reload interface

  • #84

    Does this addon allow you to change the size of your fonts? My old eyes need something bigger. If not, does anyone know of an addon that does?


    Last edited by Muiraanda on 9/1/2013 10:04:14 AM
  • #83

    Hi. I'm a little bit worried.

    I am currently using version 0.1.3 of Fontifier, but Curse tells me (and asks me) if the newer version (0.3.2) is the same addon.

    Can I download the new one, or should I stick with the one I have? Thanks.

    Last edited by K4tz on 10/29/2012 8:01:22 AM
  • #82

    I have a "fan update" for Fontifier that combines the fix from Pigeond and includes a new setting in the configuration panel to set the font for Blizzard's Floating Combat Text.

    How is the best way to make this available?

  • #85

    I'm not sure but I would like to have the changes to add mods to the floating combat text. Email maybe?

  • #81

    Does anyone know of a good replacement for Fontifier?

  • #80

    Are there any plans to update this to MoP? I've been using this addon for ages and would love to see an update!

  • #77

    Hello, is this addon supposed to also change fonts for other addons? Or just WoW interface fonts (ie. character names over their heads, etc.)? Thanks.

  • #72
    Seems to have some sort of issue with retaining settings. Not sure why or what causes it, but when you reload the UI you have to go into the options and set the font again even though it doesn't actually change in the settings. Kinda annoying, but I do really like the mod in general.
  • #74
    Had the same problem.
    I managed to "fix" the problem by adding:
    in the function Fontifier:OnVariablesLoaded() in Core.lua
    Not sure if it's the proper fix though.
  • #71
    I'm not seeing how I can change the floating combat text font within the Fontifier GUI. I've changed everything else, but the combat text font stays the same.
  • #75
    I found that deleting the line "DAMAGE_TEXT_FONT = FontStandard" then installing an addon such as nicedamage allowed me to change the default floating combat text.

    unfortunately, thats the only work around I could find until the author decides to update the addon for a much requested feature
  • #76
    forgot to add, remove the line from core.lua
  • #70
    Could You please add separate font setting combobox in configUI for DAMAGE_TEXT_FONT , i just had to remove that line from core.lua :( cause i like to have separate font for that and other UI elements. thanks in advance :)
  • #69
    Ah, looks so much better than the original wow font. Thanks
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