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  • Updated 07/27/2015
  • Created 05/05/2014
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About Frenemy

A combined Friends List and Guild display. Written in response to SocialState falling into disrepair due to its author no longer playing WoW.


  • Separate sections for WoW friends (both in-game and RealID), Guild members, BattleNet friends in games, and BattleNet friends not in games.
  • Sections are sortable, with indication for which column is being sorted on and whether it's sorted in ascending or descending order.
  • Collapsable tooltip sections.
  • Right-click context menus on RealID or Toon names.
  • Ability to toggle notes to display as either columns or rows.
  • Zone name colorization by PVP status.

More to come Soon (™).

Translators needed - apply localizations here.

James D. Callahan III <>
2015-07-27 17:30:34 -0500


James D. Callahan III:
    - Use BNet_GetValidatedCharacterName() because apparently HotS doesn't adhere to the same rules as other games.


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  • #57

    If anyone is interested to have own shorter text on broker, like "F:1 BN:2 G:34" do following:

    Open Frenemy.lua, find 1294 line or prest ctrl+f and write "local output", then replace this fragment of code with:

    or by yourself delete _G.FRIENDS, _G.BATTLENET_FRIEND, _G.GUILD and edit text in quotation marks.

    Hope author will not be angry on me for this little ingerence.


    Last edited by Minakowski on 7/10/2015 8:11:06 PM
  • #51

    Anyway to make this more ligthweigth?

    WoW freezes for up to 10 seconds, when I mouseover the LBM icon. No problem with 20 friends/guildies, but with 200+ it slows to a halt.

  • #49

    Can you add in the ability to show afk and dnd?

  • #50

    Already there. Look at the icon next to the name. Red is DND, green is available, and there's an orangish clock icon for away.

    EDIT: It's actually shown in the screenshot above.

    Last edited by Torhal on 11/24/2014 1:01:54 PM
  • #56

    There isn't any reason at all, nor does it even make sense, that DND or AFK people wouldn't show up - they're in the same list with everyone else. It's only after the fact that I grab their status and place an indicator icon on them. I nearly always have people in my list that have an orange clock next to their name, and occasionally see someone with the red dot (DND) instead of a green one.

    As for the duplication; this was something that was asked for, because otherwise there is no way to manipulate the person's BNet note. I'll have to think on a solution for this.

  • #55


    Except it isn't showing afk and dnd people at all. I don'tthink this is picking up or recanning very well. I have had several people afk and not showing in frenemy.

    Also, the duplication of friends, friends, and guild mates makes this grow pretty large in the tool tip. Is there any way to clean that up a bit?

  • #46

    Hello, please make an option to hide bar labels to just show the numbers (like SocialState did).

    And if you could add another option to hide contacts from group when they are logged in WoW (actually they are shown in both Contacts and, so it take lot of place).

    Thank you very much for continuing this addon.

    Last edited by NoGynGz on 11/18/2014 1:41:48 PM
  • #53

    I would love option to hide labels, yellow, blue and green color is more than enough.

  • #47

    I'd like to second both of these suggestions. Having the option to chop "Friends" down to "F" would be very nice, and seeing people listed in and WoW at the same time takes up a lot of space.

  • #44

    Any chance of allowing changing locations of friends/guild list? I have a LOT of friends who leave themselves logged into, and I am having issues seeing my guildies online. I'd like to put guild at the top, and then friends, so that I can keep track of whose online in guild.

  • #45

    You can collapse sections of the tooltip. Click on the Battle.Net header, and watch all those people disappear.

  • #54

    Added in - right-click a section header.

  • #52

    I second the ability to sort the categories. I would also like to have Guild at the top, then friends, then BN at the bottom. 

  • #42

    I'm getting the format error still. But not always. Maybe there is some friend that is online sometimes with a weird character that the addon gets stuck on?


    12x Frenemy\Frenemy- bad argument #4 to 'format' (string expected, got nil)
    [C]: in function `format'
    Frenemy\Frenemy- in function <Frenemy\Frenemy.lua:389>
    Frenemy\Frenemy- in function <Frenemy\Frenemy.lua:878>
    Frenemy\Frenemy- in function `OnEnter'
    Bazooka\Bazooka-v2.4.1.lua:1529: in function `showTip'
    Bazooka\Bazooka-v2.4.1.lua:1334: in function <Bazooka\Bazooka.lua:1325>

  • #43

    Fixed in latest release version.

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