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  • Updated 09/21/2014
  • Created 05/05/2014
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About Frenemy

A combined Friends List and Guild display. Written in response to SocialState falling into disrepair due to its author no longer playing WoW.


  • Separate sections for WoW friends (both in-game and RealID), Guild members, BattleNet friends in games, and BattleNet friends not in games.
  • Sections are sortable, with indication for which column is being sorted on and whether it's sorted in ascending or descending order.
  • Collapsable tooltip sections.
  • Right-click context menus on RealID or Toon names.
  • Ability to toggle notes to display as either columns or rows.
  • Zone name colorization by PVP status.

More to come Soon (™).

Translators needed - apply localizations here.

James D. Callahan III <>
2014-09-21 07:42:34 -0500


James D. Callahan III:
    - Removed the max_bytes limitation on the GMOTD dialog.
    - GMOTD support redo. Pretty sure it will work this time.
    - Load Blizzard_GuildUI if it isn't already when attempting to edit the GMOTD.
    - Added the ability for someone with permissions to edit the GMOTD by clicking it. Completely dry-coded, since I cannot test.
    - Housekeeping.


  • #17

    nice update :) I lkie this addon so far, its so much less buggy then all alternatives!

    I have 2 Request, which could making this addon even better:
    -Please let us seperate b-net friends, friends and guildmembers in different broker mouseovers (dropdown or tooltip, depends on databroker addon). 
    - Let us hide some informations like (officer-)notices, status notifications or some collumns like realm/zone or so. An excellent feature would be, that when you hold [Alt]-modifier these information gets unhide again.

    again, nice job!

  • #11

    Awesome addon. Although i dont seem to be able to left click whisper people under the guild tab

  • #12

    Are you clicking the person's name? I just tested it, and it works fine for me.


  • #16

    This has been fixed - was an issue with the Blizzard_GuildRoster not being loaded.

  • #14

    That's odd...I haven't ever had it fail :/

  • #13

    Yeah. sometimes it works. sometimes it doesnt. It's 50/50 if it works or not

  • #9

    <p>Appreciate you doing this addon. Missed SocialState not working and like the direction you're taking frenemy. Would like many of the suggestions previously given also. In addition:</p>
    <p>- allow the guild name on the LDB line and</p>
    <p>- implement right click options for guildies...</p>

  • #8

    Hey! Nice new Addon. I really like it so far, its layout is more appealing to me than all the other addons. Additionally it deals better with multiple online statuses in different games or app. But i got still some requests (most of them are quality of life improvements):

    • mostly more configurable settings
    • Hide notes or status. or let them display as column
    • scaleable fonts
    • hide collumns (ex. hide Realm, if all you friends are)
    • perhaps seperate sections for data_broker (one for RealID Friends, Friends, Guild)
    • perhaps  instead of "Contacts/Friends/Guild" in the data_broker textline replace it with icons or abbreviations.
    • perhaps ordering sections
    • left-click on name starts whispering to him
    • modifier(ex. ALT) left-click to invte (wow)player
    • hide map icon

    Thanks so far for this addon!

  • #6


    • Options to hide notes / add another column for it
    • Shorter ldb display text like: "F:({current online}/{total wowchar+battlenet friends}) G:({current online}/{total guild mates})" to look like: "F:3/15 G:35/245"
  • #5

    Would be nice to add extra column for guild notice and officer notice instead off adding thme below the names

  • #3

    Are there settings for things like text size/scale? I don't see anything in the blizzard addons sections and /frenemy did not bring anything up. Is it LUA edit only? If so, which one?

  • #4

    I'm going to start work on configuration tonight or tomorrow; I was going to do it throughout the past week but things kept coming up.


  • #1

    Good alternative, but missing some important options to be compare to SocialState :

    - ctrl clicking guild members for setting public/officer note

    - Shift + clic to viex info

    - Alt clic to invit guildies so

  • #7

    Shift-click as SocialState does it would be rather useless - the only thing it would show that Frenemy itself doesn't is the person's guild. The right-click menu should handle everything else, including sending tells, but I'm adding tell-sending as a convenience.

    Last edited by Torhal on 5/25/2014 7:50:44 PM
  • #2

    Did you try right-clicking them?

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