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  • World of Warcraft
  • 133 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.1.0
  • 22,572 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/03/2012
  • Created 08/20/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Nth-Update-2

About FumahEasyRecount

Recount Add to show more then 1 stats in a single window.
Dependency: Recount

Creates a new window with 3 seperate recount-stats displayed.
You may chose witch 3 you want displayed.

There are 5 "pages" that can hold different stats for easy browsning.

Simple 1 click report buttons to report all the 3 stats(or less) shown in a single report.
The report clearly states that the data is collected by Recount.

there are many options for customization.

- wow 5.1.0 r2
  fixed monk color in bars

-  wow5.1.0
  same code, just updated the toc version to make it up to date as it dont post any significant errors

- R4k
  - Added an option to change FrameStrata (Layer where the window is drawn)
   -- Option if found in the config, called Window Level
  - Added an option to convert whole numbers into 1m/1k
   -- it converts the values; millions and thousands into the the coresponding shortened version
 * also. for the grouping of thousands i replaced the punctuation to a "space" to better facilitate all the nations out there.
 * the decimal symbol is handled by the wow client itself and should appear localized

- R4j
  - Added an option to remove the 3rd stat completely.
    -- Click the mode select button on the 3rd paneand select the new icon: red-"Ø"
    -- *only visible on the 3rd panes mode select.
    -- to reinstate the 3rd stat, click the white arrow on the subtitlemenu.

  - Fixed a bug where the values vas not scrolling along with the bars.
  - Fixed a bug where the bartext opacity was not applied.
*updated addon images on curse/curseforge to more up-to-date ones

  - added a custom stat, called "Fight DPS"
    -- it devides each members damage done with the highest active time (usually a tank, or a ninja pulling rogue :)
    -- gives the actual fight duration dps numbers (witch is not the same a normal DPS)
    -- if you use the total bar feature it also provides an accurate total dps for that fight.
    -- basically the same as damage done, just converted into dps numbers
    -- gives a hint on the sustainable dps on any group member
    -- easily spot slackers in 5 mans. whatever :)
* there is no need to update unless you want this mode.

  -Added a setting (Minibar Mode) to turn in the minibar into a Total bar (inherits the normal bar texture,font and size)
  -Added a setting (Coloring Mode) to use custum color or class colors on the bars
  -Added a setting (Coloring Mode) to use custom color or class colors on the bar text
  -fixed the update frequency on the title fading, will now fade smother.
  -tried to clean up the settings window
  -started to make tooltips for the settings, but it was boring so i stopped :)

  - fixed the defunct scrolling
    --added scrolling limit to accomodate a 25 man (stil max 10 bars but you can scroll to view (visible+15))
  - added a setting to select wether or not to display rank numbers
  - fixed a bug that truncated names when Hide Server names was active
  - Added setting to choose font outline, shadow or nothing
  - Select stat window will hide immidiately after you select stat
  - the settings window has been changed abit, all setting should be present + the new ones
*telfisaki and KoraxSchwarzbart ty for the input/requests/bug report
*ezekialzacharias for pointing out the accumulating memory bug. (forgot last time)
 really ty:) appriciate all input. bad or good. plz enjoy the addon until next update.

  - Removed some debug spam i forgot to remove (list at login, lame tooltip on the bars)
  - Added an option to show dps numbers in damage/healing done (as requested KoraxSchwarzbart)
  - fixed for a global variable that should have been local, may have caused issues
  - fixed abit on the Select stat for report
    --the control+click on the mode button now has tre states (O=only, X=exclude, none=all stats)
  *wow must be restarted for this update, reload will not do it (new texture files)

  -Fixed for an accumulating error (pointed out by user "ezekialzacharias" ty:)
    --the code was entirely rewritten and shortened down
  -Made u able to select 1 stat for single stat reports
    --control+click mode icon to select/deselect
    --red ring will indicate witch stat will appear in report, all if none is selected
    --updated the tooltips
  *wow must be restarted for this update, reload will not do it (new texture files)

  -removed the merging of healing and absorbs (this option is now provided by recount)

  -fixed en error where minitext was incorrect
  -fixed a error occuring sometimes when logging in

  -changed DpS icon to conform to the new *pS icon style
  -moved DpS mode button to group with the new ones
  -added HpS,ApS,DTpS -modes
  -added officer report button
  -added option to disable title fading
  -added 2 more pages
  -added mouse-scrolling to the 3 stat-panes
  -names now have rank number infront
  -made the minimap button (use shift to move)
  -due to changes in the settings button order the colors will reset to default on first load

--think i got it all this time :-) tnx for the input, enjoy

 r3 is a complete rewrite to acomodate for ppls need fo customization
i think i made it so ppl can customize the most of the crap
signifacant changes:
 - RecountGuessed Absorbs is no longer needed, only Recount (tnx to Recount author)
 - dps button is gone. as you now can select dps mode aswelll.
 - modes for all of the panes are now selectable, u have 3 pages to set
 - all colors are now selactable
 - scaling for titlebars and main window has been implemented
 - selectable bar textures
 - selactable fonts, sizes, and opacity
 - background color and opacity now customizeable
 - and many other stuff

 -- healing pane still features healing+absorbs combined. but more acurate (tnx to Recount author)
 -- titlebar functionality changed, left drag now moves, fight select has its own button.
 -- and some other stuff.

 made ppl able to toggle tooltips.
 /fer killtooltip

 Front end to recount and Recount Guessed absorbs.
 displays damage taken, healing done, damage done in 1 window
 report system is present to deliver reports for the 3 stats in 1 go.
 dps display mode is present.

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