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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.1.0
  • 22,385 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/03/2012
  • Created 08/20/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
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About FumahEasyRecount

Recount Add to show more then 1 stats in a single window.
Dependency: Recount

Creates a new window with 3 seperate recount-stats displayed.
You may chose witch 3 you want displayed.

There are 5 "pages" that can hold different stats for easy browsning.

Simple 1 click report buttons to report all the 3 stats(or less) shown in a single report.
The report clearly states that the data is collected by Recount.

there are many options for customization.

- wow 5.1.0 r2
  fixed monk color in bars

-  wow5.1.0
  same code, just updated the toc version to make it up to date as it dont post any significant errors

- R4k
  - Added an option to change FrameStrata (Layer where the window is drawn)
   -- Option if found in the config, called Window Level
  - Added an option to convert whole numbers into 1m/1k
   -- it converts the values; millions and thousands into the the coresponding shortened version
 * also. for the grouping of thousands i replaced the punctuation to a "space" to better facilitate all the nations out there.
 * the decimal symbol is handled by the wow client itself and should appear localized

- R4j
  - Added an option to remove the 3rd stat completely.
    -- Click the mode select button on the 3rd paneand select the new icon: red-"Ø"
    -- *only visible on the 3rd panes mode select.
    -- to reinstate the 3rd stat, click the white arrow on the subtitlemenu.

  - Fixed a bug where the values vas not scrolling along with the bars.
  - Fixed a bug where the bartext opacity was not applied.
*updated addon images on curse/curseforge to more up-to-date ones

  - added a custom stat, called "Fight DPS"
    -- it devides each members damage done with the highest active time (usually a tank, or a ninja pulling rogue :)
    -- gives the actual fight duration dps numbers (witch is not the same a normal DPS)
    -- if you use the total bar feature it also provides an accurate total dps for that fight.
    -- basically the same as damage done, just converted into dps numbers
    -- gives a hint on the sustainable dps on any group member
    -- easily spot slackers in 5 mans. whatever :)
* there is no need to update unless you want this mode.

  -Added a setting (Minibar Mode) to turn in the minibar into a Total bar (inherits the normal bar texture,font and size)
  -Added a setting (Coloring Mode) to use custum color or class colors on the bars
  -Added a setting (Coloring Mode) to use custom color or class colors on the bar text
  -fixed the update frequency on the title fading, will now fade smother.
  -tried to clean up the settings window
  -started to make tooltips for the settings, but it was boring so i stopped :)

  - fixed the defunct scrolling
    --added scrolling limit to accomodate a 25 man (stil max 10 bars but you can scroll to view (visible+15))
  - added a setting to select wether or not to display rank numbers
  - fixed a bug that truncated names when Hide Server names was active
  - Added setting to choose font outline, shadow or nothing
  - Select stat window will hide immidiately after you select stat
  - the settings window has been changed abit, all setting should be present + the new ones
*telfisaki and KoraxSchwarzbart ty for the input/requests/bug report
*ezekialzacharias for pointing out the accumulating memory bug. (forgot last time)
 really ty:) appriciate all input. bad or good. plz enjoy the addon until next update.

  - Removed some debug spam i forgot to remove (list at login, lame tooltip on the bars)
  - Added an option to show dps numbers in damage/healing done (as requested KoraxSchwarzbart)
  - fixed for a global variable that should have been local, may have caused issues
  - fixed abit on the Select stat for report
    --the control+click on the mode button now has tre states (O=only, X=exclude, none=all stats)
  *wow must be restarted for this update, reload will not do it (new texture files)

  -Fixed for an accumulating error (pointed out by user "ezekialzacharias" ty:)
    --the code was entirely rewritten and shortened down
  -Made u able to select 1 stat for single stat reports
    --control+click mode icon to select/deselect
    --red ring will indicate witch stat will appear in report, all if none is selected
    --updated the tooltips
  *wow must be restarted for this update, reload will not do it (new texture files)

  -removed the merging of healing and absorbs (this option is now provided by recount)

  -fixed en error where minitext was incorrect
  -fixed a error occuring sometimes when logging in

  -changed DpS icon to conform to the new *pS icon style
  -moved DpS mode button to group with the new ones
  -added HpS,ApS,DTpS -modes
  -added officer report button
  -added option to disable title fading
  -added 2 more pages
  -added mouse-scrolling to the 3 stat-panes
  -names now have rank number infront
  -made the minimap button (use shift to move)
  -due to changes in the settings button order the colors will reset to default on first load

--think i got it all this time :-) tnx for the input, enjoy

 r3 is a complete rewrite to acomodate for ppls need fo customization
i think i made it so ppl can customize the most of the crap
signifacant changes:
 - RecountGuessed Absorbs is no longer needed, only Recount (tnx to Recount author)
 - dps button is gone. as you now can select dps mode aswelll.
 - modes for all of the panes are now selectable, u have 3 pages to set
 - all colors are now selactable
 - scaling for titlebars and main window has been implemented
 - selectable bar textures
 - selactable fonts, sizes, and opacity
 - background color and opacity now customizeable
 - and many other stuff

 -- healing pane still features healing+absorbs combined. but more acurate (tnx to Recount author)
 -- titlebar functionality changed, left drag now moves, fight select has its own button.
 -- and some other stuff.

 made ppl able to toggle tooltips.
 /fer killtooltip

 Front end to recount and Recount Guessed absorbs.
 displays damage taken, healing done, damage done in 1 window
 report system is present to deliver reports for the 3 stats in 1 go.
 dps display mode is present.


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  • #48
    tnx for the notice,i havent noticed this before.
    ill put it on the todo list.

    seemes the scrolling, and the rank numbers also got lost in the last update.
  • #42
    Thanks for this nice addon.
    Can you please add the DPS in the damage done window? Like it is in Recount.
    Amount of damage (dps), so i dont have to open both tabs, damage done AND dps.
    The same for healing done (hps).
  • #43
    the things you requested has been added, update available when approval proccess is completed (R4e)

    there is a new option button in settings where you can opt for showing dps/hps for damage/healing done
  • #46
    Can you please add an option to remove the shadow of the font and an "overall" damage/healing/dps bar on top would be nice.
    So i dont have to calculate the raid hps/dps :)
  • #45
    Thx alot :)
  • #44
    hehe. overall as opposed to one single stat in the current recount fight mode makes it to complicated. FumahEasyRecount just displays stats based on Recounts Overall/LastFight/Figh# settings.

    as for the shadow of the font, now your just beeing picky :)

    hope you enjoy the addon as is for now. maybe in a WAY "out there" update :)
  • #40
    i get a constant error due to some refreshing, as you can see, its up to 44880. only happens when i have a load screen, and a /reload fixes it...still a nuisance...

    Message: ...terface\AddOns\FumahEasyRecount\FumahEasyRecount.lua:225: attempt to index field '?' (a number value)
    Time: 06/25/11 15:52:54
    Count: 44880
    Stack: ...terface\AddOns\FumahEasyRecount\FumahEasyRecount.lua:225: in function `fer_UpdateBarData'

    Locals: pane = 3
    bar = 0
    preset = 1
    offset = 0
    (*temporary) = 10696928
    (*temporary) = 0
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = "attempt to index field '?' (a number value)"
  • #41
    TY for the info. i made a plan to fix this sooner rather than later, think it will solve some other issues aswell. besides a little update is long overdue :)
  • #37
    It says a Dependency is missing. What addon is required to run this one.
  • #38
  • #39
  • #36
    plans are below.. plz, if you have any suggestions? pls post them and i will take them into concideration

    - Fumah aka Fumahh
  • #35
    Ok guys and girls.. i have got some input from last release.
    im planning a R5 release. with some significant changes.
    ill list them here (if u have addative sugestions pls post em)
    1. Number of players in report (config)
    2. Selective stats Report (shift click report button)
    3. Clamped Window (config)
    4. Hotkey to actual Recount with selected stat open (for bar tooltip)
    5. Selectable number of stats in 1 window.
  • #34
    due to some shit i did while fixing something else, some crap bug has surfaced during Reset/new Party (only sometimes). im on it.. using this time to find that buggar. also there has been a comment about making an option to "clamp window to screen" when i get tha friggin icehole bug ill make its so :)
    im sry for the inconveenient error message. take care:)
  • #30
    R4 is inbound shortly.
    you'll get your officer report button, hps and ofc the missing minimap thing

    take care for now :-)
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