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G15 Buttons (continued)

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 106 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 68,936 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/21/2014
  • Created 10/07/2007
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: G15 Buttons v1.19

About G15 Buttons (continued)

I fixed some bugs and updated the code for WoW 2.2.0 ... 6.0.0

/g15 for options.

Special thanks go to mir1 for fixing the taint bug!


Howto setup key bindings for this addon:

1.) install the addon the usual way (download the archive and extract it to [WoW]\Interface\Addons\)

2.) launch WoW, log into your account and join with any of your chars.

3.) switch to windows desktop (press Alt-Tab), launch Logitech G-series Keyboard Profiler

4.) assign unique key bindings to all 18 G15-keys, for example CTRL-ALT-A to G1, CTRL-ALT-B to G2, ... CTRL-ALT-R to G18. Make sure to have the right keyboard profile "World of Warcraft" activated  (see screenshot 1)

5.) switch back to WoW, press <Esc>, open "Key Bindings", scroll down to section "G15 Buttons Addon"

6.) Assign key bindings to 1. group, buttons 1 to 18 by pressing G1 to G18 (see screenshot 2)

7.) close the key bindings menu, go back to game.

8.) open G15 Buttons options dialog by typing /g15, activate the 1st group.

9.) drop a cast from your spellbook to the upper left button.

10.) hover your mouse over this button, the tooltip should show "ALT-CTRL-A" in green letters in the last line. (see screenshot 3)

11.) press G1 to test the key binding.

12.) setup finished.


Original description by eyyubvolkan:

This add-on provides groups of action buttons. In actual, there are 3 groups of buttons you can create. To use this add-on you DO NOT need logitech G-15 keyboard or any other special stuff. This is just bar mod which happens to have a default setup to look like the G15 macro keys.

So why the name is G15 Buttons ? Because of, the idea has come related to my new G-15 keyboard :) And button groups are optimized for the keyboard. But also you can change all the settings via options form.

You can create upto 24 buttons per group and can change starting id of buttons. You can also change the row count, offset, scale and someother options. You can create a group of buttons and move it where ever you want. You can change all the parameters with options dialog (/g15).

Also you can bind keys (any key, even normal keyboard keys :) via 'Key Bindings' in-game menu.

for options;

1.19 (21.10.2014)
    * (fixed) GetValue bug fixed (thanks to VeSaRoiD!)
    * (update) .toc update for WoW 6.0.0

1.18 (31.10.2013)
    * (fixed) outdated function call GetCVar("realmName") replaced by GetRealmName("")
    * (update) .toc update for WoW 5.4.0

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  • #154
    I would love a update of G15 buttons also because i had a G11 and now have a G110 that has the same buttons setup as the G19.
    Hoping deeply for a update for this awesome addon.
  • #138
    same thing for me with the g15 refresh with 6 buttons instead of 18 like the old one.
  • #134
    Getting all kinds of error windows when I open up the key binding window. =(
    Does anyone know if this addon will work if you hit a Gkey on the keyboard not just the icon on the screen that mimics the Gkeys?
  • #137
    cynna05, when I press a Gkey on my keyboard, the spell associated with it will be triggered. I just followed the instructions provided when assigning unique key combinations to each Gkey in the Logitech G-series Keyboard Profiler (this is a piece of software that autostarts with Windows) and then going back to configure WoW.

    If I now just could change the keys displayed on the screen around so they match my new G19 I'd be very happy :-)
  • #132
    would it be possible to add in a profile set up so i could set up base settings and then when i make a new toon i can load up that profile?.
  • #130
    Can't delete a mapped button after patch 3.3.
  • #131
    disable lock bars
  • #129
    Can someone make addon for logitech g13. Bartender or dominos stil pain to configure if you want to (Ctrl + shift +#) there is one addon made for g13 but its for AoC.
    if anyone wants to see here it is:
  • #133
    I wonder how difficult it would be to modify this addon for the g13. I've been using g-13 for at least 6 months, and it is a great interface. But setting it up is a huge pain. And mapping buttons to [alt, ctrl, shift] modified actions often has bad consequences that don't show up until a heated battle.
  • #144
    Well... just stumbling over this addon here, 'cause I am seeking for an propper setup with my G13, would be cool to have a gifted LUA-Programmer ti modify this from G15 to G13. Would be do it by myself, but just starting with Lua.
  • #126
    Erm.. Okay, the Addon might be great for somebody..
    for me, it's useless cause other action bar addons does this if you just modifie bars in way you want.. The thing why I don't like this addon is it's name. Basically it has nothing to do with G15 and always hitting this addon with searching some things for G15..
  • #127
    @ MikkoMuhis: It took a bit of doing but the G15 key work just fine as intended. The addon does not see the G15 keys (Which would be nice), you have to assign the G15 keys, using the G15 Profiler, to a normal keyboard combo (like shift-alt-#'s) and the SAME combo set in the game keybinding (since the G15 keys don't have independent mapping).

    There is a small problem that certain game events caused the g15 to reset back to default if you use the numeric button pad as your source. I generally have to reset the game to get the G15 to id the keys again. It's a uncommon issue, generally it works fine.

  • #128
    Wish for... As a follow to my own post:

    I would like the M1, M2, M3 have swapping panels rather than always on-screen for all of them.... have M1 when M1 is on, M2 panel when M2 is on... etc... it's a waste of screen space to have all 3 always when you can only use 1 at a time.
  • #124
    Quick question. I would like to know if groups can be key bound for display. IE if i press f10 group one shows if i press f11 group 2 shows and 1 hides.

    The reason for this is that I have made a lua script that will press the buttons for me when i press m1-m3.

    My main is a druid and currently i use bartenders shape shift bars to accomplish what i want. I press m1 and i go caster and my buttons are setup for it. i press m2 i go bear and my buttons change.

    I would like for this addon to be able to accomplish this.

    O BTW if anyone wants to know how to make m1 also press another button here is the script.

    function OnEvent(event, arg)
    if (event=="M_PRESSED" and arg==1) then
    PressAndReleaseKey( "F9" )
    if (event=="M_PRESSED" and arg==2) then
    PressAndReleaseKey( "F10" )
    if (event=="M_PRESSED" and arg==3) then
    PressAndReleaseKey( "F11" )

    Change the "f11" or any others to what you like. comes in handy.
  • #136
    Hmm... couldn't this be used to change the status of which group is displayed onscreen (I know nothing about script programming by the way!) by changing the values in the Definitions.lua file? Or wouldn't that work ingame?
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