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  • Updated 03/03/2013
  • Created 10/24/2012
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  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: GalleonWatch 1.4
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About GalleonWatch

What it does:

Actively searches your chat box while your in Valley of the Four Winds only for Chief Salyis to shout, if he shout's "Loot and Pillage, Bwahaha!" it will Auto send a message to the guild letting your guildies know automatically that galleon has spawned, even if ur afk in Valley.

When Galleon is spawned / killed it will update your addon with a timer, that states exactly when galleon was killed, you can also pst anyone with the addon and go !galleon and it will tell you just how long it's been since that player has seen Galleon die! (Note: if the player has yet to see Galleon it will return a message stating that player has not seen Galleon spawn Yet)

It will also play a sound if a galleon kill is deteceted (Ovverides Ctrl + M and Ctrl + s Muting) allowing u to mute your sounds and crank your volume up to 100% waiting for that kill :) (Feature currently requires you to be in a guild) Even if your not in valley and somone in your guild get's a valid spawn it will sound off!



Anyone can use the !Galleon command in Trade/General or Whisper to you, and u will notify them of your last seen Galleon Spawn

Please Report All Bugs Here!

Report all of your bugs here(CLICKY)

Upcoming features

Push the Latest kill time seen from your addon to anyone else with the addon. that way u can always be up-to-date on when galleon was last seen.

Play a sound if a Galleon spawn is detected.

Auto-Guild invites for everyone whispering a codeword to your current raid / party.

Tag Sharing capabilities.


  • Attempted Locilization of GalleonWatch to many diffrent languages (Thanks Fritz).
  • Please leave feedback if this addon breaks because of this, or does anything funky.


  • Fixed an error with the sound not playing if you received a valid Galleon Spawn Message in guild


  • Added a 1 minute cooldown on the !Galleon command to help reduce ammount of spam for multiple users running the addon (Also to avoid trolls from spamming !Galleon)
  • Added a sound warning whenever a Galleon Spawn is detected... Booomshakalaka...!

10-25-12 Update #2

  • Workaround for Galleon's Spawn Message cleaned up
  • !Galleon is no longer cap's sensative.

10-25-12 Update

  • Fixed an issue with GalleonWatch not picking up Galleon's Spawn Messages
  • Allow's !Galleon to be seen from any channel now!
  • Added functionality to warn somone a kill timer may be off it is more than 90 hours.

First Release

  • GalleonWatch Released
  • !Galleon and !galleon inside of any joined chat channel or whisper will work, it will not read it from Guild chat however will implement this later
  • Will call out to guild auto-magically when Galleon Spawns if you are in the Valley of the Four Winds.


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  • #8

    One idea I have that would improve this addon alot is if you type !galleon and recieve a whisper, your own addon will update when he was last killed to what the whisper said.

    For instance, I haven't seen him yet. I typed !galleon, and recieved one whisper, saying he was killed 1 day ago. It would be a nice feature if it updated my addon aswell, so when people whispered me, they would see what the whisper told me, instead of saying that I haven't seen him yet.

  • #7

    That addon doesnt work, i killed galleon and he still says that player has not seen Galleon spawn yet! Wth?

  • #5

    Can you do something to make the message not need to show up in general chat?

    It's getting waaaay out of hand with people typing !galleon :-(

  • #6

    Im going to set in 1.5 where you can turn on / off the !Galleon command in General chat.. Hopefully that will help clear up some of the spam.

  • #3

    You need to move:

    local msg, sender = ...;


    if msg == GalleonWatchGuildMSG then

    You can't check what msg is before you actually define it.

    Edit: You also shouldn't be including language or name when you do: SendChatMessage(GalleonWatchGuildMSG, "Guild", ...)

    Last edited by MaXiMiUS on 10/28/2012 6:57:55 AM
  • #4

    Fixed it.. thanks.. Please report all errors tho into the Forums posted in the description.

    Last edited by killa778 on 10/28/2012 10:22:28 AM
  • #2

    If there is anything you can do to help with tag sharing, this addon will be extremely popular.

    Last edited by thenagual on 10/28/2012 5:17:22 AM
  • #1

    Great addon dude!

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