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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 4.0.3a
  • 196,077 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/14/2010
  • Created 07/30/2008
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v1.1.8
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About GatherHud

GatherHud for GatherMate2 with Routes support. This is a 3D-looking hud that shows you node locations and routes.

As you might expect, this addon requires GatherMate2 to work. Routes is optional.

tag v1.1.8
Xinhuan <>
2010-12-15 05:24:54 +0800

Tag v1.1.8


    - Update version to 1.1.8
    - Fix error with changes to Routes.
    - Fix an error that occurs when you turn on "Use Char Pitch". The error itself is harmless.


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  • #45

    is it possible to include the mini map ping into the HUD?  that way I don't have to keep looking at my Mini map.

  • #44

    anyone know, why in ceratin areas, ie ashenveale, the hud dont show any nodes at all, but I still see them on the minimap, and world map, was some other area I had the same issue with too, but dont remember what area atm, any idea?

  • #43

    Hoping for an update of this for 5.0.4 along with Routes! :)

  • #42

    JT114881's comment about adding Archaeology into the Gatherhud.lua file works an absolute treat from a clean install.

    It initially errored and showed no nodes, even after inporting data into gathermate. After JT's fix, it works flawlessly.

    TL:DR: Install GatherHUD, follow JT's edit fix and PROFIT!

  • #41

    OK i need some help...i did a fresh install of wow and my addons and this and Gathermate are by far at the top of my essential addons. For the life of me i cannot figure out why Gatherhud refuses to show any nodes on the display. It rotates just like it should however i cant get the nodes or my trail on it to show up. Anyone got any ideas?


  • #38
    If anyone is having a problem with the HUD not rotating, open "gatherhud.lua" in notepad and add

    ["Archaeology"] = 6e9,

    after line 229. When you are done, that block of text should look like the following:

    local unique_offset = {
    ["Herb Gathering"] = 1e9,
    ["Fishing"] = 2e9,
    ["Mining"] = 3e9,
    ["Extract Gas"] = 4e9,
    ["Treasure"] = 5e9,
    ["Archaeology"] = 6e9,
  • #37
    What i meant was what setting on angle of view should i have to make it lay flat to the screen. Also i would like to request that you implement a way so that you can see where nodes have been registered from gathermate but also with a empty space in middle so that you also can see whether there actually is a real node there atm or not so that the registered node icon becomes more like a ring with a circle in it to fit the default node ping. Also i'd like you to implement cardinal points (north,west,east and south indicators) to the hud or atleast a setting to switch it on/off. thx
  • #36
    hi is there a way to get the hud "untilted" laying flat on the screen like sexymaps hudmap coz i've found it inaccurate when it isn't flat on the screen and i also find it more comfortable. thx
  • #35
    I installed this addon yesterday. It does not work.
    the HUD does not turn when I turn, it just stays static.
    Right now, it's useless.
  • #39
    Please see my comment above.
  • #34
    I am getting those same errors - this addon is completely unusable at the moment. Fills up buggrabber every 10 seconds or so. HUD stops updating or rotating.
  • #33
    I get this error when I toggle to show Archeology data (in GatherMate) most of the time. This happens both with and without Archeology Helper. I can use the HUD with fishing, herbs, etc. This error is the same as Stardawn and r4n93r. Does anyone have a fix?

    1x GatherHud-v1.1.8\GatherHud.lua:250: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'offset' (a nil value)
    GatherHud-v1.1.8\GatherHud.lua:183: in function
  • #40
    See my comment above.
  • #32
    This thingie is nice, the only problem I see is that you have no idea if there's node spawned if you only look at hood... which sux :-/ and makes it useless :-/ an LDB or minimap toggle would be awesome as well.
  • #31
    Hello and thanks for the addon. I have the same issues as r4n93r and Stardawn. The hud doesn't scroll but it just shows the nodes of herbalism. It is supposed to move when i fly around, right? Well it doesn't do that. Just to be sure it was the addons problem, I removed everything from the WTF folder the interface and the cache folder and let the addon by itself. The problem still occurs. I was in uldum gathering herbs when the errpr pccured, havent tried in other areas.
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