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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.1.0
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  • Updated 07/26/2015
  • Created 10/10/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v27.4

About GatherMate2_Data

Data extract for GatherMate2. Use GatherMate_Data for the original GatherMate. This version is include data for cataclsym ,as extrernal sites begin migrating their data.

Video about configuring this addon.

How to install the data:

  • 1.) install GatherMate2_Data
  • 2.) Once in game, open gathermate (/gathermate)
  • 3.) Select the Import section
  • 4.) select the data you want and click import.
  • 5.) Profit

r432 | kagaro | 2015-07-26 06:14:30 +0000 (Sun, 26 Jul 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/v27.4 (from /trunk:431)

GatherMate2_Data: Data update


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  • #356

    i can't import any data , i installed gathermate2 and gathermate2_data via curse client ,i tried reloading the interface and closing and openning the game still nothing. Would appreciate any help,thank you in advance.

  • #355

    Where is Tanaan Jungle spots?

  • #354

    Still missing the Tanaand Jungle nodes.

    Also Gather Mate2 wipes my nodes every few days.

    I find this rather anoying when I just got my mining nodes for tanaand jungle and the next day there gone...

    I always have to start over >.<

  • #353

    Minor note, but while the page for GatherMate2 itself was updated a while back to reflect that it supports Patch 6.2.0, this page still says that GatherMate2_Data only supports 6.1.0.  I'm pretty sure that isn't strictly speaking valid.  The Data plugin works for 6.2.0 also, right?

  • #352
    Uldum Camel Spawn Points

    I have had Gathermate/Gathermate 2 for a while but recently wanted to start looking for the Grey Camel again in Uldum. None of the spawn points show up on my map. I imported Gathermate2 Data, specifically checked treasure.Still nothing. I found a list to copy into the lua file (at this link: and did that, and they still do not show up on my map. I remember a few years ago I imported a list like this and it worked, I had camel icons on the map, but not having any success now. Not sure if I am doing something wrong but am willing to try whatever anyone suggests.

  • #351

    Is there a way to upload your own data for gathermate? I have quite a few nodes I've picked up and would love to share them.

  • #350

    Is there anyway you can add tree farming to this please. ty for your time and service

  • #348

    Is there an update for 6.1 coming? Shows as out-dated in addons menu.

  • #342

    I keep on importing the most recent data version but none of the fishing nodes in Draenor shows up. Please help!

  • #349

    Well same with Archeology :/ I have to go fiond each node my self, just wonder why they do not collect them.

  • #343

    Just looked at the .lua file as suggested by Sherrry. I don't even see the Draenor zones in the data.  Does it mean no data is being collected for Fishing?

  • #346

    :( it seems gathermate data does not yet have fishing nodes for WOD to import. However, wowhead does have data, and in a format that easy to rip out, so it shouldnt be too difficult to whip something up.


    Edit, i think data might be collected for fishing. I seem to have a few sparse nodes in the main lua file.

    Last edited by Sherrry on 12/26/2014 10:17:55 AM
  • #336

    In the latest version, v24.4, the Silverbound Treasure Chest is still showing in the wrong Nagrand! The fix posted by Sherry is still valid, except the line number has changed.

    In TreasureData.lua change line 2534 to [477] =

  • #335

    Timber data will be collected for your own use but can't be imported. Is there a database to import from, and some way I can jury rig a way to do it?

  • #339

    good news and bad news and more bad news.


    good news - wowdb has data

    bad news - I have no way of ripping that data. Don't know how, also the data appears to be incomplete. Frostfire ridge shows only one each of each size of timber.

    more bad news - I haven't figured out yet how to link a newly created data lua to the main mod. A work around would be to paste the data directly into the gathermate saved variables


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