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  • Supports: 4.0.3a
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  • Updated 11/23/2010
  • Created 12/14/2009
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  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v1.8.24
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About gChat

gChat v2.0 is in development, leaving the v1.x versions deprecated for the time being. The new version will have no dependencies, and all reported bugs and concerns will be adressed.

Current ETA for v2.0: Sometime after gUI™ v3 for MoP is released.

Stay updated with the latest news, changes and upcoming features at

2010-11-23  Goldpaw  <Goldpaw>

[991695d3c1d5] [v1.8.24]
* gChat.lua


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  • #105

    Hi Just wondered what the name of the font used is?  

    Looks so much better than the standard looking ones. 

  • #103


    I've have stubbornly kept on using this addon. Since like a million patches ago, gChat started to produce an error uppon logging in. Over the years, I've been simply ignoring it, but lately somehow it just keeps annoying me:

    Are there any edits I could do in the gChat.lua file to make this error go away? I've tried setting the value in line 329 to 1 but that didn't work. Also -- commenting the line doesn't help either. But hey, what do I know :)

    NOTE: everything else works perfectly fine. It's just the pesky error msg that's annoying. Thanks.



  • #104

    I refer to the part that says "Supports: 4.0.3a". We're currently on WoW client patch 5.3. I'm surprised gChat works at all! :p

    I'm afraid you'll just have to wait for v2, or find a replacement. No way I'm digging into 2.5 year old code to search for bugs and incompabilities! :o

  • #101

    Does the guy in the picture have an addon pack i can download, i really like his simpel and awesome UI :)

  • #102

    I believe this is what you're looking for! Smile

  • #99

    what is that for an addon that we can se on the pictures?Foot in mouth

  • #100

    What you see is an older version of my UI: gUI™

  • #95
    Text styles looks same, can you plz fix and change blizz stile to 0.75, -0.75, i edit lua each update :(

    -- blizzard style
    if (gChat_DB.fontmode == 0) then
    _G[name]:SetFont( fontset, fontheight , "" );
    _G[name.."TabText"]:SetFont( fontset, tabfontheight, "" );
    _G[name.."EditBox"]:SetFont( fontset, editboxfontheight, "" );
    _G[name.."EditBoxHeader"]:SetFont( fontset, editboxfontheight, "" );

    _G[name]:SetShadowOffset( 1.25, -1.25 );
    _G[name.."TabText"]:SetShadowOffset( 1.25, -1.25 );
    _G[name.."EditBox"]:SetShadowOffset( 1.25, -1.25 );
    _G[name.."EditBoxHeader"]:SetShadowOffset( 1.25, -1.25 );

    -- clean style
    elseif (gChat_DB.fontmode == 1) then
    _G[name]:SetFont( fontset, fontheight , "OUTLINE" );
    _G[name.."TabText"]:SetFont( fontset, tabfontheight, "OUTLINE" );
    _G[name.."EditBox"]:SetFont( fontset, editboxfontheight, "OUTLINE" );
    _G[name.."EditBoxHeader"]:SetFont( fontset, editboxfontheight, "OUTLINE" );

    _G[name]:SetShadowOffset( 1.25, -1.25 );
    _G[name.."TabText"]:SetShadowOffset( 1.25, -1.25 );
    _G[name.."EditBox"]:SetShadowOffset( 1.25, -1.25 );
    _G[name.."EditBoxHeader"]:SetShadowOffset( 1.25, -1.25 );
  • #93
    Nice addon. I would like to see timestamps and clickable links and the invite click feature, than this chatmod would be perfect. Keep up the good work, seems like I will build a new UI for myself with most of your addons, expect 2 or 3 things ;). Mainly dMinimap, Macaroon! and another mod are things, you can't replace in my interface, sorry goldpaw. ^^
  • #94
    Forget about timestamps, found them in Blizz Options, but the other 2 things would be nice. ^^ And the chat background is transparent now, can't get it back to normal black, because it would help to see the chat, sometimes its unreadable on various locations.
  • #91
    I can´t unzip gChat v1.8.1| ... it says there is a problem..can´t do it with curse client v4 either
  • #92
    Same issue here
  • #90
    Could you possibly remove the function of this addon that removes the background of chat frames? Removing just the border would allow users to configure chat frame background colour and transparency (0% opacity = effectively hidden) using the default built-in chat frame settings.

    Leaves some customisation options open without needing to do the work yourself. :)
  • #89
    i like all ur addons a lot. they look so pretty :)

    but i got a question about this one tho, i havent found anything in the description, but can u copy+paste chat text? like with a double click on tabs or so?

    ty for response in advance :)
  • #88
    It's a great UI. But when I checked the addon memory usage, gChat was increasing from 100k to 400k slowly and regularly, and then it went down to 100k immediately, over and over again. Is that normal?
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