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  • Updated 02/14/2010
  • Created 06/04/2009
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  • Newest File: 3.3.2-1.0.2

About GearGauge

A tool to appraise, estimate, or judge your equipment and the equipment of others.

GearGauge assigns values to equipped items for an overall rating based upon the difference in character and item levels, whether or not gems and enchantments (if applicable) are applied, and any bonuses which are supplied.

Official Forum is here.

Translators needed - apply localizations here.


  • Stores information about players you have scanned for later viewing.
  • Provides an LDB datafeed that displays your overall rating.
  • Optional minimap icon for people who do not have an LDB display.
  • The datafeed tooltip displays a list of your equipment and the rating of each item. Mousing over an item shows the bonuses it supplies.
  • Configurable scanning - Who, how often, and should you be notified?
  • Configurable tooltip - Should lines, text, or both be colored? When should it hide?
  • Supports TipTac "skinning".

Slash Commands

GearGauge can be accessed via command-line by using either the "/geargauge" or "/gg" commands, with the following subcommands:

rate (name)

Prints the rating of the named player, who must already have been scanned.

show ([name])

Optional argument. Must be the name of a player whom you have already scanned. If not supplied, will default to your target if you have one. Shows the equipment of the specified player (or your target if applicable) in a panel identical to the panel shown via the LDB feed.


Opens the configuration panel.


Opens the list panel.

tag 3.3.2-1.0.2
James D. Callahan III <>
2010-02-14 22:32:06 -0500

Tagging as 3.3.2-1.0.2


James D. Callahan III:
    - Changed the widths of the columns in the panel list.
    - Changed the anchoring of the frames that make up the list panel to be more sane.
    - Set a static width for the search_box.
    - Removed menu_pane:SetWidth() call
    - Changed debug message output to use floating-point precision.
    - Set a static width on list_headerbox and list.
    - Changed NUM_LINES from 20 to 17 so the last three lines aren't drawn outside of the list frame.
    - Set the tooltip's vertical margins to 1 and its horizontal margins to 0.
    - Set tooltip:EnableMouse(true) to prevent interaction with frames below it.
    - Removed the AddOn from the global table - I'm sure nobody is going to need to hook into it.
    - Increased the tooltip's columns from 3 to 4 so the item's icon does not make its name have artefacts.


  • #1
    Easily my favorite addon, so useful for making sure someone who should be in heroics didn't sneak into 25 TOC.

    The only thing I would like to see, which may seem vain, is my own character's rating and gearscore - Even though I have someone's ratings, it would be nice to be able to compare myself to them to actually see how useful they would be in a raid.

    Great addon though been waiting ages for something like this; keep up the good work!
  • #2
    If you're not using an LDB display AddOn, then go into GearGauge's configuration options and turn on the minimap icon which shows a breakdown and score on mouseover.
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