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  • Created 01/17/2009
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  • Newest File: Version 5.3.0
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About PlayerScore

PlayerScore Overview
PlayerScore is the next evolution of GearScore® and aims at providing a utility infinitely more useful then just the score of a player's equipment. PlayerScore provides raid leaders with a wealth of instant knowledge such as

  • Complete Raiding History - Allows you to view an easy to read breakdown of a player's raiding history including every boss kill and current top-tier raiding progression.
  • Equipment Layout - Well designed layout allows you to manually check a player's gear quickly and easily. Advanced item tooltips make spotting bad items even easier with flags for enchantments, gems, and reforging.
  • Primary Stats - Shows you a break down of the stats a player is gearing for. This provides a great way for raid leaders to make sure player's aren't stacking spell pen, or have 200% hit rating, or DKs gearing for Agility.
  • Talent Spec - View a player's current build. You can also flag talents as bad for a specific spec and have PlayerScore notify you in the future when a player is using those talents.
  • Automatic Character Auditing - PlayerScore will display a list of flags for when players have missing or bad gems & enchantments; bad talent specs; missing equipment; wearing equipment for another spec or class; using pvp items; or riding TRH.
  • Player Ratings - PlayerScore uses our online servers and custom anti-abuse technology to allow players to rate eachother on a thumbs up or down basis. This allows you to easily spot players who don't get along well with others or just plain suck.

PlayerScore also provides a set of very extensive options. Almost every single feature can be disabled to save memory or increase performance. You can also disable features to save space and only provide the information you care about most. You can also run the addon in "Lite Mode" which will disable the entire GUI showing only information on player tooltips.

Additional Resources

  • PlayerScore Website - Check your GearScore®, view your ratings & comments, or measure up on the global scoreboards at the official website,
  • Bug Reporting - Please Report all bugs and issues through the official Bug Submission Form.
  • PlayerScore Forums - Make suggestions & comments, or ask questions on the official PlayerScore Forums
  • PlayerScore Blog - Get the latest news and upcomming features from the addon by reading the PlayerScore Blog.
  • Twitter - You can also submit comments, ideas, suggestions, or bug reports to me on Twitter and get super fast response! @Arxkanite.

Copyright 2010 - 2011 Master Games International, Inc. GearScore® is a registered trademark of Master Games International, Inc.

5.3.0 - May 23rd, 2013
    * Update for WoW 5.3

5.2.1 - April 6th, 2013
    * More 5.2-related bug fixes
    * Scanning your current party/raid now works properly
    * Throne of Thunder now shows up in the 'Experience' tab

5.2.0 - March 6th, 2013
    * Update for WoW 5.2
    * PlayerScore now uses an easier version numbering: the major and minor version number (i.e. the first two numbers) match the WoW version and the hotfix number just gets incremented with every PlayerScore bugfix
    * Fixed a 5.2-related issue with the PvP tab not showing arena rankings properly

5.0.08 - February 6th, 2013
    * Fixed an issue that caused strange hex codes to appear before item names and item levels
    * Fixed an issue that caused the buttons in the UI to look strange sometimes

5.0.07 - December 26th, 2012
    * Fixed an AceLocale error (note that this error doesn't affect the functionality of the addon, it is just annoying)

5.0.06 - December 25th, 2012
    * Fixed an error message that occurred when the addon encounters certain types of ranged weapons
    * Item levels of upgraded items are now calculated properly

5.0.05 - December 16th, 2012
    * Removed head enchantments
    * Removed Wand/Ranged/Relic slot (this also fixes the issue with hunter bows not being recognized as ranged)
    * Removed the empty "Spec" tab
    * Fixed several Lua errors that were reported since 5.0.04

5.0.04 - December 10th, 2012
    * Updated for WoW 5.1
    * Fixed problems with players who do not have a talent specialization (e.g. low level chars)
    * Fixed the Ruby Sanctum/AceLocale error
    * Fixed an issue that caused a sudden FPS drop under certain circumstances

5.0.03 - October 29th, 2012
    * PlayerScore should work much better on a wider variety of WOW Clients.

5.0.01 - September 26th, 2012
    * Hunter Weapons should now count as two handed weapons.
    * This addon will no longer explode whenever a panda comes near.
    * Pandaran classes fully supported.

5.0.00 - September 25th, 2012
    * Updated to work for MOP. Spec tab is temporarily disabled until it can be rebuilt.

4.11.02 - December 29th, 2011
    * Ooops -> Forgot to add Dragon Soul to experience tab, it should work fine now!

    * Removed "HELP" button from quest acceptance frame.
    * Raiding Difficulty chart updated to include Dragon Soul / Heroic Dragon Soul.
    * Fixed a bug where ilvl compatibility was stuck on, despite settings.
    * RaidScore will now correctly incude Dragon Soul bosses in calculations.
    * Added "Online Lookup" feature. At anytime you can rightclick the playerscore minimap icon and mouse over "Online Lookup" to lookup relevent information on the PlayerScore database.
      Depending on what you're doing, the options of this feature will change. You can look up:
              *Player - Look up yourself at any time, or any player you have targeted.
              *NPC - Look up an NPC when you have one targeted.
              *Quest - Open your quest log and select a quest, using the online lookup you can get a direct link to that quest for help, comments, and questions!
              *Rewards - If your quest offers a reward youc an look up those items. This is great for getting feedback on which reward you should select.
              *Zone - You can look up information and quests in the current zone you're in.
              *More to come!
    * Fixed a bug that was causing chatlog spam to occur in massive walls. (Thanks Gresyth)

4.11.00 - December 6th, 2011
       * Transitional Update

4.10.01 - August 19th, 2011
    * Fixed a bug where player ratings were not being sent to TTH servers.  

4.10.00 - August 1st, 2011
    * Completely new RaidScore calculations. RaidScore now reflects more accurately you're expereince in raiding.

4.9.01 - July 27th, 2011
    * Fixed a bug where the Database Buttons would overlap the main interface buttons.
    * Improved Raid Score Calculation Functionality (Performance Increase) To prepare for updated Raid Score Calcs.

4.9.00 - July 21st, 2011
    * Group tab replaced by Database Tab.
    * Database Tab! This beautiful Tab will allow you to view you're whole database!
        * Database Structure requires an update to function propertly.
        * Class and Spec data are now saved as int in the local database.
        * PlayerScore Updater will now download this modified format.
        * Communcations mode has been updated to support the new format.

4.8.03(b) - June 28th, 2011
    *TOC file was updated to allow the addon to work with WoW 4.2 patch. (PlayerScore 4.8.01 had changes required for the addon to work with wow 4.2)

4.8.03 - June 13th, 2011
    * Players with Two-Handed weapons will no longer be flagged as missing an item.
    * Wands will no longer appear as "Not Enchanted"

4.8.01 - June 11th, 2011
    * The addon has been modified to allow for simultaneous functioning on both WoW 4.1 (Live) and WoW 4.2 (PTR).
        This will prevent the addon from breaking when the next wow patch goes live.
        Some bug fixes are aimed specifically at the PTR version of wow.
    * Actually Updated TOC file this Time.
    * PvP GearScore's tooltip replaced the old out-dated PVE score's tooltip.
    * Fixed a bug where fury warrior's Equipped Average Item Level was always reporting 0.
    * The Quick Rate Frame should no longer be displayed whenever your party wipes.
    * Fixed a bug where Crossbows were not receiving bonus GearScore when attached to a scope.
    * Updated the Raiding Difficult to include Firelands raids.
    * Added More Tooltips for the Raiding Difficulty Chart.
    * Fixed a bug where PlayerScore would fail to function in WoW 4.2 (PTR).
    * Fixed a bug where the equipment tab would display random letters in front of item names and levels on WoW 4.2 (PTR).
    * When Playing WoW 4.2 (PTR), the experience tab will show kills for Firelands raid bosses.
        In addition, the Raid Progression section of the Summary tab will also reflect this change.

4.8.00 - June 1st, 2011
* Fixed a bug with players less then level 10 having issues caused by lack of a talent frame.
* Fixed a bug on line 2920 involving a nil value. (Thanks viper!)
* Player ratings and information will now be shared with your guild mates!
    Ratings for players on your server may appear differently then global ratings on the PlayerScore website.
    This is because ratings that appear online require the PlayerScore updater to submit and download.
    While ratings for your guild will be shared amongst your guild mates, but may not be shared globally.

4.7.00 - May 17th, 2011
*Completed the bonus tab. View addtional PlayerScore resources in this tab for easy access.
*The help tab was scrapped. Its very hard to maintain because of the nature of LUA and the wow API. Click the FAQ link in the Bonus Tab for help.
*Fixed a bug involving 2 nil values - Thanks Amy!

4.6.00 - May 10th, 2011
* Fixed some bugs with the chat filters.
* Modified Item Score calculations to determine PvP Item Score of an item.
* News tab has been scrapped to make room of a future feature.
* Keybinding Option has been added.
* Introduction of PvP GearScore
    * Change required slight modification in regular score calculations. This means items may change in score up to +1/-1 points. (Due to rounding).
    * Change requires a database modification, which will cause a wipe to previous database.
    * PvP GearScore is now set to display by default.    

4.5.03 - May 3rd, 2011
* Bug Fixes
* Updated Version Notifications.
* Added chat filters for item level compatibility.

4.5.02 - April 26th, 2011
* Cataclysm Dungeon Stats will now appear on the experience tab.
* Cataclysm Dungeons will now show in the Raiding Progression section of the Summary Tab.

4.5.01 - April 26th, 2011
* Updated addon for Wow 4.1.00
* Fixed a bug with the new RegisterPrefix function.
* Fixed a loophole that accidently caused the quick rate mode to appear even in lite mode.

4.5.00 - (Not Released)
* Renamed the tabs to make some more room. (For Future Planned Releases).
* Template Engine Support added for Quick Rate Frame. (See Below)
* Fixed a bug that was causing class color information gathered from quick-scan mode to populate the group(database) tab with table values instead of hex color values.
* Fixed a bug that cuased redundent and usless database operations whenever a player entered/exited an instance of any kind.
* Masterloot mode will no longer display players from previous instance groups.
* Character Claiming for
* Quick Rate Mode! In previous versions of the addon, it would become difficult to rate players at the end of a dungeon because they would quickly leave the party.

The new Quick Rate Mode attempts to remedy this by displaying a small window whenever the user exits a 5-man dungeon. There is now an option in the options menu that can disable this feature. You can also type "/psrate" at any time to open the window and rate party members. Due to previous limits within addon, only players who have been scanned by the addon at some point since the last login will appear in the quick rate frame. Finally, all players who join your party at some point during the instance will be listed in the Quick Rate Frame. This means players who join and are then vote-kicked or abandon the instance will appear for you to rate.
The Quick Rate Mode will display each Player's Name (Colored by Class), their GearScore, and Thumbs Up/Down for rating. In addition an Icon will be displayed for viewing the negative and positive factors in a player's score.    

4.4.03 - April 13th, 2011
* Stack of Misc Bug Fixes
* Fixed multiple bugs involving concatenation of null values.
* Fixed Bugs involving the Group Window / Scan All Function.
* Fixed some Spelling Errors.
* "√ Enchanted" Text will now also include which enchantment on the line.
* "√ Reforged" Text will now appear below the enchanted check and will also display how the user reforged their items.
* GearScore will now display as either "√ GearScore" or "X GearScore" Depending on rather or not the item is meant for your spec.

4.4.02 - April 7th, 2011
* Bug Fixes!

4.4.01 - March 31st, 2011
* New Minimap Button!
* Hammer Icon disabled by default! (Woot!)
* Characther Verification System - type "/claim" to claim your toon on and earn a special in game title!
* Fixed additional "Achievement UI Errors" from Blizzard.
* Added support for 4.1 Addon Prefix registration.
* Lite Mode - The first time you run PlayerScore you will be presented with the option to run in Lite/Full/Manual mode.
* /psreset - Resets PlayerScore Settings back to default and allows you to choose between Lite/Full/Manual Mode again.
* Several Additional Bug Fixes

4.3.02 - March 1st, 2011
* Fixed a bug involving "ClassColor" on line 2544.
* Fixed a bug which caused lag or errors on mouseover of loot items.
* Added the option to disable the Masterloot tooltip information when mouseing over items.
* Slight Changes in Default Template Transparency.
* Added Template support for new Alert Frame.
* Added PVP Statistics to PVP Frame.
* Added Arena Ratings & Rated Battleground Information to PVP Frame.
* Improved Quick Scan Feature
* Updated English Local File
* Added Enchantment status Text to item tooltips - Thanks Wolfpreacher!
* Significant Reduction in UIAchievement Errors.
* You are only allowed so many inspections / second. Previously, when targeting a player an inspection was used with the "Quick-Scan" feature.
    This would prevent you from using the PlayerScore GUI to inspect them further or to view more detailed information. Currently however,
    The system has been modified to queue that inspection when it becomes available. This should allow you to use the PlayerScore GUI even
    when Quick-Scan mode is enabled.

4.2.02 - January 30th, 2011
*Fixed a few Misc Bugs
*Updated the Raiding Difficulty Chart
*Fixed a bug with rings showing up as unenchanted.

4.2.01 - January 25th, 2011
*Re-adjusted the previously fixed bug in cataclysm items. GearScore formula is now on par with WOTLK calculations. As a result everyone should receive a 1400 - 1600 increase in GearScore. (This is the last score change, I promise!)
*It is now possible to obtain "OVER 9000" GearScore.
*Quick Scan mode has doubled in speed over the last version. Total is now 4 times faster then the original. As a result, it has been enabled by default.
*Added "Verbose" mode which is on by default. This will show missing gems/enchants/talents/and bad equipment on the tooltip!
*Fixed Localization Errors
*Updated Russian Local (Thanks StingerSoft!)
*Updated Raid Difficulty Chart

4.1.03 - January 18th, 2010

*Fixed a bug in GearScore Calculations for Cataclysm Items. Most players will stay at about the same score, while those in top-tier equipment will receive a noticeable drop.
*Playerscore will now scan at more then double the speed as previous versions. However, the scan speed is still based on your latency. In addition, if you clear your item cache (which occurs automatically after a patch.) then scans may be slow for a few hours while your item cache repopulates.
*The info displayed in the tooltip when mouseing over yourself will now always display the most recent information. Previously it was only displaying information from the online database.
*Few additional bugs and tweaks.
*Foundation layed for PVP Tab, look for it in the next version!
*Fixed a bug where gems were not displaying on the equipment tab.

4.1.03 - January 7th, 2011

*Fixed a bug for line 2332 "attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'ItemScore' (a nil value)"
*You can now see Off-Spec item scores for your equipment. Enable this option in the options menu.
*You can now view "Equipped Average Item Level" in the Equipment Pane.
*You can now view "Equipped Average Item Level" on the mouse-over tooltip when you have Quick-Scan mode enabled. You can enable this option in the options menu. We will try to update our database so that AIL info is available on mouse-over at all times.

4.1.02 - December 31th, 2010

*Fixed bug on line 648 for new installations.
*Fixed a bug on line 1215 involving a nil value.
*Updated Chinese Localization (Thanks wowuicn!)
*To Improve performance, a 1min cooldown on quick-scanning the same target now exists. You can still quick scan new targets at the normal rate.
*Corrupted Online Database Entries will now be automatically removed.

4.1.01 - Decenber 28th, 2010
*Fixed a  few bugs.
*Online data should now work on realms with either a space in their name, or an apostrophe.
*Fixed a few spelling mistakes.
*Added a filter to automatically remove junk data downloaded from past updater versions.
*Updated RU Localization (Thanks StingerSoft!)

4.1.00 - December 21st, 2010

*Fixed a bug where the escape key would not work until the talent frame was toggled.
*Added Template System - Visit for more information.
*Added GearScore Classic Theme.
*Added Quick-Scan Mode.
*Partial Russian Localization (Thank you StingerSoft).
*Fixed a bug which prevented ratings for cross-realm players.
*Added Support for Ebonsteel Belt Buckle.
*Fixed a bug where player ratings would not be visible on the paperdoll frame.

4.0.01 - December 14th, 2010

"/gs" will now open the main window even if you have no targets.
"/gearscore" and "/playerscore" have been added to the list of slash commands.
The Hammer Icon has been updated to be much more attractive. In addition it's physical size has been reduced.
The Escape Key should now work for all players.
Significatant reduction in Achievement Errors.
Updated Border Graphics
LDB Plugin is now enabled.
You can now disable / enable each of the modules in the addon.
You can now select the default theme's color. A future update will allow you to download customizable themes and skins.


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  • #411
    yup, newest wow ect... here's the full log.. i don't actually have a problem with it, i just noticed it when stubling around looking to find out what was causing some wow freezes...

    2/1 15:34:13.936 Loading add-on BeanCounter
    2/1 15:34:13.936 ** Loading table of contents Interface\AddOns\BeanCounter\BeanCounter.toc
    2/1 15:34:13.936 ++ Loading file Interface\AddOns\BeanCounter\libs\Load.xml
    2/1 15:34:13.936 ++ Loading file Interface\AddOns\BeanCounter\libs\Configator\Load.xml
    2/1 15:34:13.936 ++ Loading file Interface\AddOns\BeanCounter\libs\Configator\SelectBox.xml
    2/1 15:34:13.936 Virtual object named SelectBoxTemplate_v1 already exists
    2/1 15:34:13.936 ++ Loading file Interface\AddOns\BeanCounter\libs\Configator\PanelScroller.xml
    2/1 15:34:13.936 Virtual object named PanelScrollerScrollBarButton already exists
    2/1 15:34:13.936 Virtual object named PanelScrollerScrollUpButtonTemplate_v1 already exists
    2/1 15:34:13.936 Virtual object named PanelScrollerScrollDownButtonTemplate_v1 already exists
    2/1 15:34:13.936 Virtual object named PanelScrollerScrollLeftButtonTemplate_v1 already exists
    2/1 15:34:13.936 Virtual object named PanelScrollerScrollRightButtonTemplate_v1 already exists
    2/1 15:34:13.936 Virtual object named PanelScrollerHorizontalScrollBarTemplate_v1 already exists
    2/1 15:34:13.936 Virtual object named PanelScrollerVerticalScrollBarTemplate_v1 already exists
    2/1 15:34:13.936 Virtual object named PanelScrollerTemplate_v1 already exists
    2/1 15:34:13.936 Loading add-on Enchantrix
    2/1 15:34:13.936 ** Loading table of contents Interface\AddOns\Enchantrix\Enchantrix.toc
    2/1 15:34:13.936 ++ Loading file Interface\AddOns\Enchantrix\Libs\Load.xml
    2/1 15:34:13.936 ++ Loading file Interface\AddOns\Enchantrix\Libs\Configator\Load.xml
    2/1 15:34:13.936 ++ Loading file Interface\AddOns\Enchantrix\Libs\Configator\SelectBox.xml
    2/1 15:34:13.936 Virtual object named SelectBoxTemplate_v1 already exists
    2/1 15:34:13.936 ++ Loading file Interface\AddOns\Enchantrix\Libs\Configator\PanelScroller.xml
    2/1 15:34:13.936 Virtual object named PanelScrollerScrollBarButton already exists
    2/1 15:34:13.936 Virtual object named PanelScrollerScrollUpButtonTemplate_v1 already exists
    2/1 15:34:13.936 Virtual object named PanelScrollerScrollDownButtonTemplate_v1 already exists
    2/1 15:34:13.936 Virtual object named PanelScrollerScrollLeftButtonTemplate_v1 already exists
    2/1 15:34:13.936 Virtual object named PanelScrollerScrollRightButtonTemplate_v1 already exists
    2/1 15:34:13.936 Virtual object named PanelScrollerHorizontalScrollBarTemplate_v1 already exists
    2/1 15:34:13.936 Virtual object named PanelScrollerVerticalScrollBarTemplate_v1 already exists
    2/1 15:34:13.936 Virtual object named PanelScrollerTemplate_v1 already exists
    2/1 15:34:13.936 Loading add-on GearScore
    2/1 15:34:13.936 ** Loading table of contents Interface\AddOns\GearScore\GearScore.toc
    2/1 15:34:13.936 ++ Loading file Interface\AddOns\GearScore\frames.xml
    2/1 15:34:13.936 Couldn't find inherited node: UIDialogFrame
    2/1 15:34:13.936 Couldn't find inherited node: DressUpModel
    2/1 15:34:13.936 Loading add-on Gladius
    2/1 15:34:13.936 ** Loading table of contents Interface\AddOns\Gladius\Gladius.toc
    2/1 15:34:13.936 Error loading Interface\AddOns\Gladius\--modules\auras.lua
    2/1 15:34:13.936 Loading add-on MoveAnything
    2/1 15:34:13.936 ** Loading table of contents Interface\AddOns\MoveAnything\MoveAnything.toc
    2/1 15:34:13.936 Error loading Interface\AddOns\MoveAnything\UserMods.lua
    2/1 15:34:30.300 Loading add-on Blizzard_GuildUI
    2/1 15:34:30.300 ** Loading table of contents Interface\AddOns\Blizzard_GuildUI\Blizzard_GuildUI.toc
    2/1 15:34:30.300 ++ Loading file Interface\AddOns\Blizzard_GuildUI\Blizzard_GuildUI.xml
    2/1 15:34:30.300 Couldn't find relative frame: $parentLeft
    2/1 15:34:30.300 Couldn't find relative frame: $parentRight
    2/1 15:34:30.928 Loading add-on Informant
    2/1 15:34:30.928 ** Loading table of contents Interface\AddOns\Informant\Informant.toc
    2/1 15:34:30.928 ++ Loading file Interface\AddOns\Informant\Libs\Load.xml
    2/1 15:34:30.928 ++ Loading file Interface\AddOns\Informant\Libs\Configator\Load.xml
    2/1 15:34:30.928 ++ Loading file Interface\AddOns\Informant\Libs\Configator\SelectBox.xml
    2/1 15:34:30.928 Virtual object named SelectBoxTemplate_v1 already exists
    2/1 15:34:30.928 ++ Loading file Interface\AddOns\Informant\Libs\Configator\PanelScroller.xml
    2/1 15:34:30.928 Virtual object named PanelScrollerScrollBarButton already exists
    2/1 15:34:30.928 Virtual object named PanelScrollerScrollUpButtonTemplate_v1 already exists
    2/1 15:34:30.928 Virtual object named PanelScrollerScrollDownButtonTemplate_v1 already exists
    2/1 15:34:30.928 Virtual object named PanelScrollerScrollLeftButtonTemplate_v1 already exists
    2/1 15:34:30.928 Virtual object named PanelScrollerScrollRightButtonTemplate_v1 already exists
    2/1 15:34:30.928 Virtual object named PanelScrollerHorizontalScrollBarTemplate_v1 already exists
    2/1 15:34:30.928 Virtual object named PanelScrollerVerticalScrollBarTemplate_v1 already exists
    2/1 15:34:30.928 Virtual object named PanelScrollerTemplate_v1 already exists
  • #406
    WTF, the addon said i got 9k of GS? when i updated and yesterday i have 8.6k of gs, same as wowprogress, is there something wrong?

  • #407
    Wow progress isn't the official site... is. 9k GS is correct, we had to update the addon a couple of versions ago to fix a calculation bug.
  • #404
    I would recommend putting a "TO REPORT BUGS GO TO ..." at the very top of the description because I don't think anyone has or will look any deeper than finding this comments area. On another note, GS is still a bit glitchy and the website is having weird issues too, but so far very good! Keep your chin up!
  • #405
    Yeah, were still in beta at the moment, but work every single day to fix issues. Most of the issues on the website are related to the fact there is no XML feed for Cataclysm armory yet.
  • #412
    Although the Cataclysm armory does not yet have XML data feed, you can still pull the information using the URL. Granted about 50% of requests are dropped, but there's still a chance to get information.

    Offnote: I don't think you mean what you wrote in the description. "Group View – Allows you to view info on your entire raid, or scam them all at the same time in one easy to use window."
  • #394
    guys, Curse comments is not the place to report bugs, Please report them on teh official forums where I can address them.
  • #398
    where do u mean i can report my errors?give me a link please man thanks for the addon good job...
  • #399
  • #400
    Sorry, its just hte error reports here make it so that entire pages of comments are removed to 2nd and 3d pages and makes it difficult to track replies and such.
  • #402
    sorry man didnt see a linky my bad il repost them on the other site if ya want
  • #403
    yes please :D
  • #393
    1x :"TenTonHammer_Frame8:OnShow":19: attempt to concatenate field 'Color' (a nil value)
    : in function `Show'
    :"*:OnLoad":25: in function `SwitchTabs'
    GearScore-4.2.01\scripts.lua:1799: in function `TimerCallback'
    GearScore-4.2.01\scripts.lua:778: in function

    (*temporary) = TenTonHammer_Frame8 {
    0 =
    (*temporary) = defined =[C]:-1

    not sure why but getting that when i hit the group tab
  • #392
    GS do not correctly display "primary stats" on summary page. Many stats are at zero value, even then self-scaning. Maybe, it's somehow locale-related. I'm runinig with RUru. I've tried to replace localization with EN version (just don't like translation), but error still exists.
    PS can you add an option to change locale, please?
  • #397
    Oh, this is a good idea, I'll have to research into how to do that. (Shouldn't be to hard right?)

    I'm thinking the primary stats budget sounds locale related to me 2, I've bene able to test it on EU realms in different language packs but never on RU servers. So I'll take a look at it.
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