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  • Updated 03/07/2015
  • Created 10/11/2008
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  • Newest File: GHI 2.1.14
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About Gryphonheart Items

Gryphonheart Items

Please submit bugs at our forum:
The latest public test version is not available on curse. If you would like to help testing, you can find it at

Roleplaying is an innovative ability that allows you to let your imagination run free and allows your creativity to unfold into meassures that is restricted in other situations. You can be what you want to be, say what you want to say and your actions are only limited by your own restrictions and imagination. So, why should that not apply for your AddOns aswell? Most AddOns work on creating a restrictive fence around you, or by supplying you ’guidelines’ which limits your answer or response activity.

We have a solution. The Developer of GHI saw this issue that people were facing and decided it had to end. He wanted to create a tool for the roleplayers, that would remove the restrictions and limitations from their shoulders, and secure them an AddOn which would not limit creativity, but promote it. He believes that the best ideas comes from the users themselves and not those who develop the AddOns, so he took up the challenge to create this tool. And he did.

GHI is revolutionary in the sense of Roleplaying AddOns in World of Warcraft. Not only does it directly promote your creativity beyond belief, but the only thing holding you back from expanding your enjoyment with GHI is your very own imagination.

The AddOn itself might not seem like a lot at first, because the user interface has been made so simple that everyone can use it. It features a little blue bag, and once you see it on your interface, you are a single click away from a world of possibilities.

We will supply you a few examples of what GHI can do for you, but what really counts, is what you can do with it, not what we tell you, you can. Write a book, a note, a loveletter perhaps a poem, and keep it within your bag or trade it to other users of GHI. Create birthday presents, tools, food, drinks, weapons, banners – everything! Only your own imagination sets the bar. Among the more popular features of GHI, you can also create items that will grant you a buff, which is fully visible to other GHI users. Are you a noble of a rich family with an expensive ring, crest or necklace? Wear it with full details now, and let others see how wealthy you are! Are you a beggar or peasant with certain belongings upon you? Show the RP’ing community exactly how you look! You can create items which consumes other items you have created like food when you eat it, or additional bags to store all the items you come across.

There is no limit to the possibilities of what items you can create, only that you have to think it up first. GHI comes with an easy to read questionmark option in the bag where you can handle the settings of the AddOn, but no guideline book follows upon your Download, because the AddOn is so easy to figure out how to use, that you would not need one in any case. And besides. Were here to end the trivial problem about AddOns setting restrictions against you, by providing you the tool, to think differently, prove innovative designs and let your creativity flow like a river, all with the click of your mouse.

Great pride is placed upon the fact, that others might or will try to copy what GHI has created, but that we still remains the users favorite, despite being the first to bring this feature. This all comes to show us, that not only did we start out being the best solution to end the boring gameplay features that would not allow you to expand your creative mind, we still remain so after such a long time.

Try GHI today, and we can guarantee, you will find at least one option within GHI that will make you see AddOns in a whole new perspective.

- Fixed the issue with channel communication.
- Fixed multiple issues with the menus.
- Updated the sound list to WoD.


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  • #853
    Sound issues

    Hello! The GHI update for 6.1 seems to have fixed a lot of sound-related issues, however, there are a few new bugs I'd like to bring forward.

    Sound range: Apparently, the sound range now is automatically infinite. While I have put the range of my sound item onto 50 yards and tested them inside my garrison in Shadowmoon Valley, they reportedly have still been hearable in Frostfire Ridge.

    Old items: I have items on an Alliance character of mine that I haven't used in quite a while and after the update I have noticed, that all of these items are locked to me, even though the tooltip clearly says that those items have been created by my character. I simply lost the rights to edit/transfer/copy them.

    Draenor music/sounds: If one tries to make Draenor sound items, one will quickly notice that not even half of the Draenor soundtrack is available to the item creation, which I find quite disappointing.

    Suggestion: Also, a Pause/stop button for sound item creation as well as for broadcasting sound/music items would come in quite handy!

    I hope that these issues will be reviewed and resolved in the future, thank you!

  • #854

    Thanks for your feedback Haze.

    Regarding both sound issues, then it is due to the same reason: We have not created a coordinate system for Dreanor yet. The reason is that we want it to handle garrisons correctly, so you can only hear sounds from your own/visited garrison. I dont have an eta on the fix.

    Regarding your old items, then we are investigating the issue, as a few others have reported it as well. But we do however need more data on it. If you are able to, then we would appriciate if you could send your GHI.lua file for that character to [email protected]

    I agree with your sound suggestion, but I am afraid that it is not possible with the wow api for sounds. We could use the music channel instead, which allows stopping, but then only one sound would be playable at the time.

  • #848

    I am not sure if anyone else has had this problem, before Patch 6.1 (WoW) came out. The area sounds on my items were playing just fine. Now that the patch has come out, None of my area sounds are playing and noone can hear them either. I am not sure why. Also when I trade an item with another GHI member it says "Item data loading" Or something along those lines and it never shows up for the other person. Is there something I need to do?

  • #847

    The team and I are working on fixing the bugs in 6.1. I dont have any time estimate for it, as the changes to communication format requires us to recreate the channel communication module.

  • #850

    You should just be able to convert to using SendAddonMessage()/CHAT_MSG_ADDON with few-to-no other changes. SendAddonMessage() is supposed to able to be used for custom chat channels (since 6.0), and is almost 8-bit clean (NUL is the only disallowed character).

    Edit: While I'm at it, can you please change GHI's tooltip indication line to use GameTooltip:HookScript("OnTooltipSetUnit", ...) rather than GameTooltip:SetScript("OnShow", ...)? It's more consistent about running when the tooltip is filled and less likely to cause problems with tainting/etc.

    Last edited by BorBlasthammer on 3/2/2015 1:22:54 PM
  • #852

    There's a list of other script handlers for GameTooltips (any GameTooltips, not just the GameTooltip) here: (at the bottom -- the OnTooltip* handlers especially). OnTooltipSetUnit is the only one I think GHI has a use for, but I may be mistaken.

    The HookScript method is even more useful/awesome. It's present for any widgets with scripts and behaves exactly like how hooksecurefunc() does for standard functions, except for script handlers. No risk of tainting, unlike manual hooking, so it's the way to go unless you explicitly need the standard handler to not run.

    It's particularly nice in cases where there may not be a script handler set. If there isn't a script handler set, it just creates a new, empty function to hook (I think it's even a secure, empty function, but that's difficult to confirm). Much easier than checking if GetScript returns a function and mucking with manual hooking, at any rate.

    Oh, also while I'm at it, running GameTooltip:Show() after GameTooltip:AddLine() should be a more reliable way to get the tooltip to resize itself (rather than GameTooltip:SetHeight() -- line 28 of GHI_UnitTooltipUI.lua), and is particularly useful if the user has any addons which modify the tooltip font sizes.

  • #851

    We have indeed done that in order to fix the channel communication, thanks.

    And thanks for the adwise on the tooltip. I was not aware of that event. It sounds promissing.

  • #849

    Patch 6.1

    For the error that keeps popping up when I log in on SendChatMessage I found that in \Misc\GHI_ChannelComm.lua

    Changing MSG_SINGLE to "\03xf" (The hex code for the questionmark, which it seemed to be prior to things according to the lua error) solved that part at least, and made an item that I use work again.

    I'm assuming this is not news but.. I figured I might as well post anyway

  • #844

    No matter how I try to do it (simple, standard, advanced) I cannot create a functioning bag any more. Trying to open said bags does nothing. Editing, converting to advanced, and test run action gives me:

    Syntax error in GHI item at runtime Interface\AddOns\GHI\Containers\GHI_Stack.lua:605: attempt to index upvalue 'parentContainer' (a nil value)

  • #846

    Thanks for the report. I have noted it down for our next bug fixing round.

  • #842

    There needs to be a way to turn OFF the sound in the creation menus when you're just testing & playing files to see what they sound like.  I really don't need to listen to the whole 12 minutes of the Darkmoon Carousel to make a decision.  If there's a way to do it, it's neither intuitive nor obvious; the "play" button is right there, so why not put a "stop" button right next to it??

  • #843

    It is a good idea and I would like to do it, however there is no function in the API provided by Blizzard which allows stopping of a playing sound file. 

  • #840

    I have known and liked this addon for a long time and until today everything was fine. However, today I have found out that all of my ghi items have suddenly disappeared. Yesterday everything was ok, but now the bag is empty. I lost all the correspondence with friends, transcriped books and scrolls, all created or received as a gift items. That was a little... unexpected, to put it mildly. Besides, items disappeared only on one (main) character. Why did this happen? Honestly, I'm pretty upset, it's a big loss in the rp-life of my character.
    And another question on the same subject. Maybe you can tell me in which file GHI writes all the created things? I tried to find answer in the web, but it seems that no one knows.

  • #841

    Hi Chanjelin

    I am sorry to hear about your item loss. It is a rare issue where the addon looses all its data. I am afraid that it is no something I can directly fix. My suspicion is that it is a general addon saving issue on Blizzards end.

    The GHI data is saved in a file at  World of Warcraft\WTF\AccountName\RealmName\CharacterName\SavedVariables\GHI.lua. I suggest making a backup of this file now and then to minimize the potential item loss if this should occur again.



  • #845

    Having had this issue before myself, I cannot reiterate the manual backup option enough. That said, would it be possible to have GHI automatically create a secondary backup upon closing your GHI backpack?

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