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Gryphonheart Items

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  • Updated 03/07/2015
  • Created 10/11/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
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  • Newest File: GHI 2.1.14
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About Gryphonheart Items

Gryphonheart Items

Please submit bugs at our forum:
The latest public test version is not available on curse. If you would like to help testing, you can find it at

Roleplaying is an innovative ability that allows you to let your imagination run free and allows your creativity to unfold into meassures that is restricted in other situations. You can be what you want to be, say what you want to say and your actions are only limited by your own restrictions and imagination. So, why should that not apply for your AddOns aswell? Most AddOns work on creating a restrictive fence around you, or by supplying you ’guidelines’ which limits your answer or response activity.

We have a solution. The Developer of GHI saw this issue that people were facing and decided it had to end. He wanted to create a tool for the roleplayers, that would remove the restrictions and limitations from their shoulders, and secure them an AddOn which would not limit creativity, but promote it. He believes that the best ideas comes from the users themselves and not those who develop the AddOns, so he took up the challenge to create this tool. And he did.

GHI is revolutionary in the sense of Roleplaying AddOns in World of Warcraft. Not only does it directly promote your creativity beyond belief, but the only thing holding you back from expanding your enjoyment with GHI is your very own imagination.

The AddOn itself might not seem like a lot at first, because the user interface has been made so simple that everyone can use it. It features a little blue bag, and once you see it on your interface, you are a single click away from a world of possibilities.

We will supply you a few examples of what GHI can do for you, but what really counts, is what you can do with it, not what we tell you, you can. Write a book, a note, a loveletter perhaps a poem, and keep it within your bag or trade it to other users of GHI. Create birthday presents, tools, food, drinks, weapons, banners – everything! Only your own imagination sets the bar. Among the more popular features of GHI, you can also create items that will grant you a buff, which is fully visible to other GHI users. Are you a noble of a rich family with an expensive ring, crest or necklace? Wear it with full details now, and let others see how wealthy you are! Are you a beggar or peasant with certain belongings upon you? Show the RP’ing community exactly how you look! You can create items which consumes other items you have created like food when you eat it, or additional bags to store all the items you come across.

There is no limit to the possibilities of what items you can create, only that you have to think it up first. GHI comes with an easy to read questionmark option in the bag where you can handle the settings of the AddOn, but no guideline book follows upon your Download, because the AddOn is so easy to figure out how to use, that you would not need one in any case. And besides. Were here to end the trivial problem about AddOns setting restrictions against you, by providing you the tool, to think differently, prove innovative designs and let your creativity flow like a river, all with the click of your mouse.

Great pride is placed upon the fact, that others might or will try to copy what GHI has created, but that we still remains the users favorite, despite being the first to bring this feature. This all comes to show us, that not only did we start out being the best solution to end the boring gameplay features that would not allow you to expand your creative mind, we still remain so after such a long time.

Try GHI today, and we can guarantee, you will find at least one option within GHI that will make you see AddOns in a whole new perspective.

- Fixed the issue with channel communication.
- Fixed multiple issues with the menus.
- Updated the sound list to WoD.


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  • #871

    Is it normal for this addon to keep taking more addon memory as time goes on without using it? I disabled all my other addons and noticed that GHI just keeps taking more memory with every second non-stop. Got newest version.

  • #870

    Any Idea on How to Move the GHI MultiActionBars?

    I Tried Looking for a Way from the  Addon Lua Codes in Interface/Addons/GHI/actionbar.... but I Can't seem to find it.....



    I have GHI 1.4.0

    Last edited by Medicinemon on 10/2/2015 1:06:03 PM
  • #867

    Any chance of an update to finally make it completely compatible with Bartender 4? It wrecks my action bars as is, and I see it's been a reporting issue for a while now.


  • #869

    Thanks for the report. I have created a ticket for it so we should be able to handle the issue on our next bug fix round. For some reason it had not gotten into our system when mentioned on the forum. Sorry about that.

    I do however not have any estimates for when we will do the next bug round.

  • #868

    This isn't just with Bartender4. It also happens with ElvUI's action bars. Just replying to let devs know it's not an isolated issue.

  • #866

    The wiki for GHI should now be available again. It have been moved to github, but is still reachable at

    Last edited by Pilus on 8/11/2015 10:00:29 AM
  • #856

    Im having a major issue. I have GHI 2.1.14 loaded and installed. It was working fine with my addons which are really trp2 mrp and mogit. I never had a issue when i update them all save for the trp mary sue pop up when i first log in. Other than that nothing.

    Tonight... GHI went crazy and wont let me trade any item at all. I can take items but it wont let me give them. Items that I made or made by others it dosent matter it wont let me trade. the items stay in my bag greyed out and I have to lreog back in to make them appear again in color.

    I checked the addon list and it says its out of date.. but i dont know how thats possible since i downloaded it from this site unless the files is actually not updated yet? Am i using the wrong version? Please help! 

  • #857

    Hi Klash2def

    Currently GHI is flagged as "out of date" by the game, because the toc number has not been updated. It does not have any direct effect on the addon.

    Does the issues tou are seeing still happend if you try to load the addon while your other addons are disabled?

  • #865

    That sounds like an issue with too much data trafic. You could try to go to the ghi options page and disable the option to use channel for communication.

    Doing this will limit the speed of which you are able to see the GHI versions of other people, but it might help on you transfering issue.

  • #864

    btw the item works for me when i use it like a normal item, but the few times it -actually- traded to him he couldnt open it up.. any ideas? 

  • #863

    alright i will give that a try and let you know what happens. 

  • #862

    I have observed that GHI can sometimes have problems trading after you have logged in, due to general addon trafic. Could you try to perform the trade atleast 10 minutes after last login / reload?

  • #861

    Update the error he is getting when trying to open the item ( a book ) is this


    Line -5 Syntex error in GHI item


    The problem its not just my items its any item i sent to him. I have been using ghi since 2011 the item is a basic open book get buff type of item with 5 pages of text. I also tried to send items made by other people same result either it wont go or it wont open if it goes it spits out that error. 

    Last edited by klash2def on 8/7/2015 7:31:29 AM
  • #860

    This is happening on every toon. I even got my buddy trying to help me sort it out in game.. he has the same version of GHI and he can send me items but i cannot send them to him.


    Update: Now the items come to him but only when i first log in. The item will not work when he presses use or open it just gives him a error line one sec let me get the error line

  • #859

    Are you seeing this issue on all characters or just on one?

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