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  • Supports: 6.1.0
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  • Updated 03/07/2015
  • Created 10/11/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: GHI 2.1.14
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About Gryphonheart Items

Gryphonheart Items

Please submit bugs at our forum:
The latest public test version is not available on curse. If you would like to help testing, you can find it at

Roleplaying is an innovative ability that allows you to let your imagination run free and allows your creativity to unfold into meassures that is restricted in other situations. You can be what you want to be, say what you want to say and your actions are only limited by your own restrictions and imagination. So, why should that not apply for your AddOns aswell? Most AddOns work on creating a restrictive fence around you, or by supplying you ’guidelines’ which limits your answer or response activity.

We have a solution. The Developer of GHI saw this issue that people were facing and decided it had to end. He wanted to create a tool for the roleplayers, that would remove the restrictions and limitations from their shoulders, and secure them an AddOn which would not limit creativity, but promote it. He believes that the best ideas comes from the users themselves and not those who develop the AddOns, so he took up the challenge to create this tool. And he did.

GHI is revolutionary in the sense of Roleplaying AddOns in World of Warcraft. Not only does it directly promote your creativity beyond belief, but the only thing holding you back from expanding your enjoyment with GHI is your very own imagination.

The AddOn itself might not seem like a lot at first, because the user interface has been made so simple that everyone can use it. It features a little blue bag, and once you see it on your interface, you are a single click away from a world of possibilities.

We will supply you a few examples of what GHI can do for you, but what really counts, is what you can do with it, not what we tell you, you can. Write a book, a note, a loveletter perhaps a poem, and keep it within your bag or trade it to other users of GHI. Create birthday presents, tools, food, drinks, weapons, banners – everything! Only your own imagination sets the bar. Among the more popular features of GHI, you can also create items that will grant you a buff, which is fully visible to other GHI users. Are you a noble of a rich family with an expensive ring, crest or necklace? Wear it with full details now, and let others see how wealthy you are! Are you a beggar or peasant with certain belongings upon you? Show the RP’ing community exactly how you look! You can create items which consumes other items you have created like food when you eat it, or additional bags to store all the items you come across.

There is no limit to the possibilities of what items you can create, only that you have to think it up first. GHI comes with an easy to read questionmark option in the bag where you can handle the settings of the AddOn, but no guideline book follows upon your Download, because the AddOn is so easy to figure out how to use, that you would not need one in any case. And besides. Were here to end the trivial problem about AddOns setting restrictions against you, by providing you the tool, to think differently, prove innovative designs and let your creativity flow like a river, all with the click of your mouse.

Great pride is placed upon the fact, that others might or will try to copy what GHI has created, but that we still remains the users favorite, despite being the first to bring this feature. This all comes to show us, that not only did we start out being the best solution to end the boring gameplay features that would not allow you to expand your creative mind, we still remain so after such a long time.

Try GHI today, and we can guarantee, you will find at least one option within GHI that will make you see AddOns in a whole new perspective.

- Fixed the issue with channel communication.
- Fixed multiple issues with the menus.
- Updated the sound list to WoD.


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  • #378
    A little update:
    The next beta version is around 90% done now. It features a large change to the buff system, which should fix all the issues with unit frame addons for good. The equpment display is also enabled fully and updated with standard slots for all races / genders.
  • #377
    5x GHI-0.99.2\ghi_buff.lua:120: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got string)
    GHI-0.99.2\ghi_buff.lua:120: in function `GHI_SendBuffInfo'
    GHI-0.99.2\ghi_communication.lua:315: in function `GHI_RecieveData'
    GHI-0.99.2\ghi_communication.lua:107: in function `ReceiveMessage'
    GHI-0.99.2\ghi_communication.lua:84: in function `RecieveRawMessage'
    GHI-0.99.2\ghi_communication.lua:23: in function

    : ?
    :"safecall Dispatcher[4]":13: in function `?'
    CallbackHandler-1.0-5:91: in function `Fire'
    AceComm-3.0-6 (DataStore):268: in function
  • #375
    Hello I just wanted to say I keep getting play not fount spam when i'm using GHI is there a bug with the add on?
  • #376
    It is, but we are having problems on reproducing it and finding out when it happends. What language is your client and on what server do you play?
  • #372
    I got this Lua-spamming thing.. It always shows up, and it have gotten so irritating i had to turn of whole GHI, thought its a shame since i love wrighting books with it, When is the bug going to get fixed?
  • #373
    I hope to be able to fix that bug in the comming week.
  • #374
    great, thanks :)
  • #371
    Hello! Earlier my friend gave me an item that made me yell out the lyrics to Never Gonna Give You Up, while doing /dance. I tried to make him yell something by going to expression and saying "/yell Hello!" but the message just comes out in say as "/yell Hello!" Is there anyway I can make someone yell? Also how would I make someone dance?
  • #369
    After experiencing quite a bit of LUA errors with my addons, I narrowed my problem down to x-perl and GHI. I deleted my Interface, Cache, and WTF folders in WoW and then proceeded to reload x-perl. After noticing that there weren't any errors, I downloaded GHI again. What do you know? 8 errors at once. Before it had been stacking up to around 200-300 errors and then WoW would suggest I turn my addons off. The following message is the last LUA error message I recieved.

    Message: ...terface\AddOns\XPerl_RaidHelper\XPerl_RaidHelper.lua:438: attempt to index upvalue 'conf' (a nil value)
    Time: 08/05/10 01:20:30
    Count: 1
    Stack: ...terface\AddOns\XPerl_RaidHelper\XPerl_RaidHelper.lua:438: in function `XPerl_MTRosterChanged'
    ...terface\AddOns\XPerl_RaidHelper\XPerl_RaidHelper.lua:724: in function `XPerl_EnableDisable'
    ...terface\AddOns\XPerl_RaidHelper\XPerl_RaidHelper.lua:687: in function

    Locals: (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = {
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = {
    (*temporary) = {
    (*temporary) = 0
    (*temporary) = 0
    (*temporary) = 1
    (*temporary) = 0
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = "attempt to index upvalue 'conf' (a nil value)"
    ValidateTankList = defined @Interface\AddOns\XPerl_RaidHelper\XPerl_RaidHelper.lua:333
    del = defined @Interface\AddOns\XPerl\XPerl.lua:60
    MainTanks = {
    new = defined @Interface\AddOns\XPerl\XPerl.lua:49
    blizzMTanks = 0
    ctraTanks = 0
    conf = nil
    GetRaidIDByName = defined @Interface\AddOns\XPerl_RaidHelper\XPerl_RaidHelper.lua:314
    BlizzardMainTanks = {
    inBattlegrounds = defined @Interface\AddOns\XPerl_RaidHelper\XPerl_RaidHelper.lua:350
    MainTankCount = 0

    Please help me fix this problem. It's getting very irritating.
  • #370
    I am currently working on the problems in relation to unit frame addons. I am making a buff system change that should make it work for all other addons.
  • #367
    A generel notification:
    GHI v.0.99.2 got some blocking errors and are intented as beta testing only. I will make a new test version in some days for further testing. If the errors becomes an issue for your use or gameplay, I suggest you downgrade to 0.21.1
  • #364
    I have a big suggestion for GHI as far as books are concerned:

    Okay, so the addon TextBrowser lets you browse through the WoW textures for use in other addons such as SexyMaps (great addon, btw). I noticed in TextBrowser, there are textures such as the Scarlet Crusade's Lordaeron crest and the Silvermoon crest. These textures are used in in-game books like Abbendis' journal and the Lament of the Highborne book.
    My suggestion is for TextBrowser to be enabled as part of GHI books so we can implement these textures into books we make. There are way more, pretty much every texture in the game. When you use them on SexyMaps you can resize them and change the color tint/opacity, too. Is there any way TextBrowser could be enabled in GHI for such purposes? That way, the images in GHI books wouldn't be limited to guild logos. Plus, it wouldn't be a huge chunk of data for GHI since the textures would be drawn from the game itself.

    Bug fixes first, obviously. This would be fantastic, though. A lot more high quality books could be made with this. (If you saw my last post, you probably know that all I really do is make GHI books for people)

    TL;DR version: I want more cool stuff. Use TextBrowser to get me more cool stuff.
  • #366
    I am going to remake the book section and one of the new features will indeed be texture selection. I have just finished a dynamic picture selector (which is currently used to select background texture in the equipment display) and that will also be used in the books.
  • #363
    i recently got the problem that i cant see other people's buffs as well as they cant see mine, when i try to trade an item with someone it says: ''Trade recipient havent got GHI or the client is busy.'' this works both ways. i tryed comepletely reinstalling GHI and deleteting all settings but the problem stays, when i asked some of the other guild members seem to have have the same problem while others have no problem at all.

    i do however not get any error frame or anything, so i cant help you any further on where the problem might have come from.

    i would appreciate it greatly if you could fix it cause its a awsome RP add-on
  • #362
    I love this add-on, as it has made things so much more interesting for my circle of friends in roleplay, but I updated yesterday and am now receiving constant errors that have forced me to briefly turn GHI off.

    I can't tell what's triggering it thus far. At one point a friend (that has an older version) sprinted past me and I suddenly started getting an error every second as it tried to read a 'grid' and got a 'string' instead (this based on what the error box reported). Another time we were standing side by side while I was AFK and it started up again, which was when I turned it off.

    Any help at all would be hugely appreciated.
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