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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 33,054 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/09/2014
  • Created 11/27/2006
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: GMX 6.0.3e
Support development! **

About Give Me X

** -- 11/10/2014 -- Please note that as of GMX 6.0.3e, I have only updated what I consider to be the core Give Me X modules in preparation for WoD. All of the items had to be updated to reflect Blizzard's "squishing" of the numbers. This required a complete overhaul of the items databases (maintained within the addon). I received a great deal of help from the addon's previous manager, GrimGrin (thanks buddy!) and also from a fan, Kronnk. Originally, the addon sorted items based on where the item was most likely obtained (conjured, dropped, or purchased). This allowed you to use items like mage biscuits before other items that were harder to come by. I fully intend to restore this functionality soon, but in an attempt to just get this addon working properly before WoD, I have omitted that function for now. Some items may unintentionally appear in the right order, others may not. Regardless, they all should appear in order by the amount of healing/mana provided. If anyone finds out of order, missing, or incorrect items please let me know so I can correct it. Please make any suggestions you may have in the comments below or send me a PM. Thanks for checking out GMX!
- merk66 **

** -- 2012 --
I've  stopped updating GMMount and GMPet. So please delete the old folders from the interface folder GMmount already has given me some problems where I jumped off a cliff with a ground mount in a flying area. And GMpet is broken and I haven't found a fix for it. **

Welcome to the Give Me X (Formerly known as Give Me Health).

Call me lazy, but I hate swapping out food, water, potions, etc. on my action bars. This addon does that and much more. On first use, open the macro dialog (/macro). Drag the macros to the "Action Bar" buttons, replacing food, water, etc. with the macro. Upon receiving / creating new items, the macros will update automatically to show / use the best items. The macros will also update when entering certain locations. For example, entering one of the instances at Tempest Keep, the Health and Mana Potion macros will update to 'Bottled Nethergon Energy' and 'Bottled Nethergon Vapor' respectively. Battleground and Arena items update in the same way. Read on for complete individual explanations of each macro and complete details on functionality.

GMBandage -- /gmband help
Auto updates bandages.
Left-Click to use bandage on target.
Alt-Click to use bandage on self.
Ctrl-Click to open "First Aid" window.

GMBuff -- /gmb help
Auto updates buff foods.
Left-Click to eat buff food.
Shift-Click to eat alternate buff food.
Ctrl-Click to create "Basic Campfire".

GMHealth -- /gmh help
Auto updates health potions.
Left-Click to eat food / use health potion. (depending on combat)
Alt-Click to use health potion out of combat.
Shift-Click to eat / use second best food / health potion.
Ctrl-Click to open "Cooking" window.
Right-Click to conjure food / refreshments. (mages)

GMHStone -- /gmhs help
Auto updates healthstones.
Left-Click to use healthstone.
Right-Click to "Create Healthstone".

GMMana -- /gmm help
Auto updates mana potions.
Left-Click to drink water / use mana potion. (depending on combat)
Alt-Click to use mana potion out of combat.
Shift-Click to drink / use second best water / mana potion.
Ctrl-Click to open "Alchemy" window.
Right-Click to conjure water / refreshments. (mages)

GMMount (currently English only) -- /gmmt help
Auto updates random mounts. (based on location and ability to fly)
Left-Click to mount.
Shift-Click to ground mount. (if area is flyable)
Right-Click to dismount. (if mounted)

GMPet -- /gmp help
Auto updates random companions (non combat pets).
Left-Click to call random companion.
Right-Click to dismiss companion.

GMElixir (BETA) -- /gmbe help and /gmge help
Auto updates elixirs (GMBE for Battle elixirs, GMGE for Guardian Elixirs).
Left-Click to drink elixir.
Shift-Click to drink alternate elixir.
Ctrl-Click to drink misc elixir (best "All stats" or Water walking).

Important Slash Command Change
/gmb help -- displays buff food help text and a list of bufftypes (Also /gmbe help and /gmge help)

/gmb -- lists current order of bufftypes

Replace '<bufftype>' with an actual bufftype.
/gmb b1=<bufftype> -- sets first favorite bufftype
/gmb b2=<bufftype> -- sets second favorite bufftype
/gmb b3=<bufftype> -- sets third favorite bufftype

(example #1: /gmb b1=crt will make the first favorite buff 'critical strike rating')
(example #2: /gmb b3=int will make the third favorite buff 'intellect')

Bufftype List (bufftypes are saved per character, only need to set once)
agi = agility
arm = armor penetration
atk = attack power
crt = critical strike rating
exp = expertise
has = haste
hp5 = health per 5
hit = hit rating
int = intellect
mp5 = mana per 5
oth = other
res = resistance
spl = spell power
spi = spirit
sta = stamina
str = strength
use = useful stat

I'm happy to answer any questions / concerns and I do check the comments regularly.

- added health macro (completing the main 4 macros (health, mana, buff food, bandage)
- tweaked order of items given

- added the buff food macro
- changed the order of items given slightly on the bandage and mana macros

- added the mana macro
- let me know if anything seems off with it

- this is bandage macro only
- please test this to verify it is working
- please give feedback on any issues, especially with zone specific bandages

- fixed combat taint

- fixed freezing
- added GMBuff

- update for MoP
- discontinue of GMMount and GMpet. There are enough alternatives.
- GMBuff is not yet updated. It will be added into the next upload

v.4.4.8 and 4.4.9
- toc update
- CreateMacro and Editmacro changed

- toc update
- minor adjustments

- Added Rogue Draught in GMHealth
- Added Tol Barad potions and bandage
- Added some stuff that was forgotten

- Thank to Mileg's efforts GMMount got an big upgrade. Adding the seahorse is in progress
- Added the scrolls to GMbattleElixer and GMGuardianElixer
- Added the health and Mana potions to GMHealth and GMMana
- Fixed a typo in GMBandage

- fixed hp and mana buffs (thanks Valdesca)

- Added even more Cataclysm stuff.
- Changes some buffs in GMBuff as some buffs are gone and some are new.
- GMMount is still not working correctly at the moment. I added the new mounts and when you bought the Flight Master's License most of your problems should be away.

- Added new Cataclysm stuff. Probably missed some stuff
- GMMount is not working correctly at the moment

- Fixed paladin mounts (Thanks Mileg)
- Fixed GMBuff
- GMMount will now choose between all ground/airmounts since speed now depends on skill.

- fixed GMHealthstone

- Fixed for 4.0.1

- Added Correction to handle Headless Horseman's mount.
- Added Rivendare's Deathcharger
- Removed all the spam from GMMt. Please put out the torches! If you want to make sure all your mounts have a chance to be used, type /gmmt debug=on (or debug=off to shut off debug mode). Sorry! Didn't know it would be that bad!

- Added 11 mounts to GMMount.
"Argent Hippogryph"
"Black Skeletal Horse"
"Black Wolf"
"Great Golden Kodo"
"Swift Burgundy Wolf"
"Swift Purple Raptor"
"Swift Red Hawkstrider"
"White Kodo"
"White Skeletal Warhorse"
"Sea Turtle"*
"Riding Turtle"*

  • These two give 0% land speed and won't come up as an option. Just removing the nag window.

- added GiveMeElixir! This is a BETA module. Look for GMBE and GMGE.
- GMMount changed to warn user about missing mount. Please post here if find a missing mount. Added 3.2 mounts.

- Fixed typo with GiveMeMount that caused macro to fail if user's best mount was normal-flyer.


- GiveMeMount changes: GMMt now has more functions.
-click: Random best mount
-right-click: Dismount (if mounted, even if flying), Hearth (if you are not mounted)
-Shift-Click: Random Second best mount (Slower, but useful if you are grouped with lower levels or cheap friends)
-Alt-Click: Random land mount (if flying mount is available.)
-Alt-Shift-Click: Random slow land mount. *Not available in flyable zones if you have your epic-flyers... (I ran out of macro space)

-GMHealth/GMMana changes: You can no longer open your crafting window in combat. This is to fix an issue if somebody binds ctrl-<key> to GMH or GMM. It will still open crafting window out of combat (but you can still click it to eat/drink).

1.5.5 beta
Doubled the variables used in the mount macro from 5 to 10. This should allow for better randomization / use of all mounts, rather than just the first five flying / ground. Worked on fixing paladin mounts. Hopefully they will work correctly now, but I have no way to test it myself.

1.5.4 beta
Added Chinese localization to GMMount macro. It still needs to be localized for German, French, and Spanish. Fixed mount macro not showing riding mount when flying into Dalaran. Added Salted Yeti Cheese to GMHealth macro.

1.5.3 beta
Too many changes to list really. Read the description page for info.

Fixed Endless Potions hopefully, /fingerscrossed

Added Striped Yellowtail

Fixed problem with Endless Health and Mana Potions not reacting correctly.

Added Taiwanese localization
Changed the way Endless Health and Mana Potions react.

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  • #305
    Would it be possible to include Healthstones in the GMHealth macro, instead of as a separate macro? If I have a healthstone, I always want to use it before I use a pot.
  • #303
    I have a question as to the expected behavior of GMMount. I have noticed on numerous occasions that it will choose the slow beginning mounts when the swift mounts are available, or it will choose my gryphon instead of my drake (even though the drake is a faster mount). Are these issues not considered by the addon when it decides what mount to use? It would seem that it would be best to use the fastest mount possible and should there be multiple then randomize between the ones of equal speed.
  • #304
    All mounts are the same speed now...
  • #302
    The flying mount list is missing Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher. I've added:
    F_F_Mount49="Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher"; to mountdb.lua and
    [261] = { [1] = F_F_MOUNT49, [2] = "YES"}, to GiveMeMount.lua

    Is that all I need to do?
    Also regarding my previous question about removing AQ bug mounts - I want to do this because they get picked as the next ground mount to summon in places that aren't AQ (so they don't work). Is this supposed to happen?
  • #300
    Maybe I'm missing something but the Healthstone macro is not showing up for me.
  • #299
    The Mage Mana Gem is not showing up in the GMMana. Also it would be my suggestion that should a person not have any potions or such to use during combat (or not even any food out of combat) that the GMHealth use bandages as the next fallback.
  • #301
    A lot of the mana and health items do not seem to have been added - trying to add mine manually at the moment, but it's annoying :P
  • #297
    How do i change your addon to not recognize the Ctrl and Alt keys? or do you have a way to disable? I have my setup so that is setup to bandages, if i run out of bandages it opens my first aid skill which i do not want to happen. I know you will say rebind something else to that key, but i can not for my particular setup.

    I have 22 keys available on my G13 gamepad and when i hit my mouse thumb button i have a whole other 22 keys i can use.
  • #298
    Same goes for me, the keys i have to spare on my bars are already in the shift+key or ctrl-shift+key region so im forced to mouse click the macros carefully to get the correct result.

    What i would REALLY like is an option where each macro has it's own stack.
    This being: Healthstone + Health Potions, Mana Potions, Short CD buff potions, Food, Drink, Bandages.

    The only other addon that can do this is autobar and i really don't want a second bar, that is what makes your addon so great.
  • #295
    I'm having a performance issue with Give Me X. Essentially every time I zone in and out, GMX extends the delay after the loading bar fills but before the loading screen disappears from about 1 second to about 10 seconds. I run a lot of addons, but I tested it with all of the others disabled, and the result was the same. Also, each additional enabled GBX addon adds a couple of seconds. I normally run all but 2, but 1 alone makes a notable delay, 2 a larger one, etc. I've reset the GMX configs with no luck. I'm out of ideas. :)

    Thanks for any help with this and for a very useful addon.
  • #296
    This issue is known but I'm afraid I can't fix this anytime soon.
  • #293
    Is there a way to exclude the AQ bug mounts from the list for GMMount?
  • #294
    Unfortunatly there is no config for this ingame but if you really hate those bugs you could open MountDB.lua in the GMMount folder and change

    AQ_MOUNT1 ="Blue Qiraji Battle Tank";
    --AQ_MOUNT1 ="Blue Qiraji Battle Tank";
    Do the same with the other AQ mounts and they will not be selected.
    I myself dont like the big Mammoths because I always bump my head against the doorways in Undercity.
  • #292
    I'm using the german client and the bandage-makro doesn't work for me. Get no bug-report. Nothings appears that I can use. The other makros work fine.
  • #291
    Thanks for all the work.

    In Module "GiveMeHealth" it does not work for Mythical Mana Potion. I think the ManaDB needs updating.

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