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Glorious Drops

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 84 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 10,743 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/14/2014
  • Created 09/30/2012
  • 41 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: Glorious Drops v0.6a

About Glorious Drops

Updated to 6.0.3 to include the new rare mobs in Draenor

Used loot listed here:

Updated to 5.4.0 to include the new rares most of them are part of the Timeless Champion Achievement

The Glorious! Achievement

Displays the fun items in the corresponding mobs tooltip.

Used the loot listed here:

v0.6a - 11-14-2014
-Oops didn't bother checking for lua errors. Fixed it

v0.6 - 11-14-2014
-Added tooltip items for new rares in 6.0.3

v0.5 - 10-15-2014
-Updated TOC for 6.0.2

v0.4 - 09-11-2012
-Updated to 5.4.0
-Added tooltip items for new rares in 5.4.0

v0.3 - 12-7-2012
-Fixed error with items not being in cache.
-Auto updates tooltip without having to hover over it twice.

v0.2 - 10-04-2012
-Forgot about the _ variable bug being global changed it.

v0.1 - 09-30-2012
-Initial Release


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  • #20

    Any chance this might be updates to include the new rares up to 6.2.2?

    Thanks! :)

  • #19

    Would be cool if it showed what other mobs drop the same items, like the mobs on Timeless Isle. Also, if you've collected the item before, and its checked off in the 'Going to Need A Bigger Bag' achievement.

  • #17

    Absolutely great addon, but has an issue for me: Sometimes the drops aren't displayed in the tooltip. Not even if they appeared yesterday. But today other rares have their drops as tooltip, that weren't visible yesterday. Any ideas?

    Your misery is my delight! I always win! (Kalecgos, Sunwell Plateau)


  • #18

    It is probably the way it requests the items data from the servers. I haven't been playing much lately so I'm not sure how much has changed.

  • #15

    Is there any way you can show which mounts drop from which Zandalari Warbringers? Thanks!

  • #16

    If you open core.lua and find

    --["Zarhym"] = 0000000,--,

    just add this below it

    ["Zandalari Warbringer"] = 94229,

  • #13

    Bump for an update to 5.2, love the addon. Thanks!

  • #14

    As far as I could tell it was considered outdated in game but was working just fine. I udpated it to 5.4 though since they added new mobs / items.

  • #11

    how do you rest this add on I didnt find everything but it cleared all the dot's

  • #12

    rest? you mean reset ? cause it doesn't save anything to clear or reset.

  • #10

    Updated to 0.3, fixed the Issue with "GetItemQualityColor(index)" and thanks to smeggles it auto updates the tooltip without having to hover over the mob a second time.

  • #6

    The bug is that GetItemInfo on line 73 will return nil if your client doesn't have the loot item in its cache, and then the next line fails because it's passing a nil value.

    As a quick fix, add this under line 73

    if not quality then return end

    This isn't ideal though since the tooltip won't display the item at first. If you mouseover again it should work after the item info has been retrieved from the server.

    spAnser if you want to fix this properly then you need to listen to the GET_ITEM_INFO_RECEIVED event and update the tooltip asynchronously if GetItemInfo initially returns nil.

    Thanks for the addon, it's very handy :)


    Last edited by Smeggles on 10/31/2012 8:57:36 AM
  • #9

    Thank you for this information I was wonder why it wouldn't show somtimes right away. I know very little about addon development.

  • #7

    hmm, added "if not quality then return end" under line 74 and still getting the:

    Interface\AddOns\GloriousDrops\Core.lua:74: Usage: GetItemQualityColor(index)

    Error, bummer.


  • #8

    Sorry that should be line 73. I forgot I added a line above that when I was playing around. It should go under the line with GetItemInfo in it

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