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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.0.5
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  • Updated 04/07/2012
  • Created 03/10/2012
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: 2.7

About Gor's_Vendor_Plus

Turns all Vendor windows into scrollable lists, and adds item filters to them.

Version 2:

Updated the interface to be a bit easier to use and cleaned up the code.


~~~Minor bug fixes


~~~Limited quantity items now display and update properly. ~~~Added item quality text coloring. ~~~fixed an issue with tokens used for purchasing items.


~~~Fixed some minor bugs. ~~~Added additional filters for mount, pets, and gems. ~~~Prepared for localization


~~~Minor bug fix. requires user testing.


~~~Attempted to fix the vendor list not showing properly.


~~~Attempted to fix limited supply bug.


~~~Attempted to fix odd lag spikes


~~~Another ttempted to fix odd lag spikes

Version 1:

~~~Initial Upload


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  • #34

    Anyone know an alternative or something similar to this for WoD?  I hate the default vendor windows.

  • #32

    Does this AddOn still work? And will it be updated for WoD?

  • #33

    I'm working on this now. I've been AFK for quite a while..

  • #31

    I'll admit this addon Author is very careing and nice about his addon not many addon author's like that.


    Very nice Goranaws i'm impressed Smile

  • #21

    If any any would like to translate this addon into other languages, here's a link to the list: 

    Keep in mind that the items that need translated are highlighted in red. Send me a message through here, if you are interested!!!

    Last edited by Goranaws on 3/29/2012 3:41:19 AM
  • #17

    For  anyone else who thinks the alternating black and grey vendor list makes it harder to see things, or feels it is distracting just open up the Gors_Vendor_Plus addon folder, and look for the Vendor_Plus.lua file.  Open that in Notepad or whatever text editor you prefer (not Microsoft Office Word, or Wordpad) and edit the following line:

    Line #123 - change it from:

    b.Color = { r = .5, b = .5, g = .5, a = 1}    to

    b.Color = { r = 0, b = 0, g = 0, a = 1}

    That will make your merchant window solid black and easier to read in my opinion.  Line items will still turn red if you cannot use the item so it doesn't mess with any of that functionality.

    EDIT TO ADD: You will need to make this edit/change every time the addon author updates this addon, but it's not really a big deal since it's fast and easy to do.

    Last edited by AZMAK on 3/27/2012 2:59:29 PM
  • #18

    I'll be adding an options menu in the next update to allow for cosmetic changes, from within the addon... It's not fair to force users to modify any code in my opinion, an options menu is just a better way!

  • #20

    I was going with:

    Quote from AZMAK »

    Or did you mean...

    because there were no options to do it via the addon in game, it was like *you* were forcing people (like me) to edit files?

    And yes, I saw yer other post too. Woohoo!

  • #19

    I wasn't forcing anyone by giving them information on how to do it, only telling them how if they choose to make that choice on their own.

    Or did you mean...

    because there were no options to do it via the addon in game, it was like *you* were forcing people (like me) to edit files?

    Either way it's all good, people will get what they like.  Did you see my post below that 2.4 fixed the issues I had?

    That's good news my friend.  I am happy to have this addon now, thank you for making it.

    Last edited by AZMAK on 3/28/2012 4:47:23 AM
  • #16

    Your version 2.4 finally fixed the issue I was having before regarding visually empty merchant windows, so thank you.

    Regarding Pop051's post below I don't know if that was with the 2.4 version or not so I don't know if I will run into that error myself somewhere down the line.

    EDIT: I was just at the fishing trainer in Zangarmarsh who also sold items and he had a limited supply fishing lure I bought and I had no error. So , right now, I am not having the issue Popo51 reported.

    Last edited by AZMAK on 3/27/2012 2:48:17 PM
  • #9


    I like the idea of this addon and how it works but I was hoping you could fix something.

    When you first open a vendor you see everything they have to sell. You can then do nothing, or you can play with the filter settings.  Regardless of what you do after the first time you open the vendor, the next time you open the vendor you see nothing. In order to see everything you have to then click *None* in the filter options.

    Can you please fix it so that *None* is always on by default, so that every time you visit a vendor it shows everything, like it normally would without this addon?


  • #11

    By default, no filter is set until you select one, and then are reset when you leave a vendor. Beyond that, I don't seem to be able to duplicate the problem. The vendor items always show up for me as soon as I visit any vendor. Are you using any other addons that affect the vendor window?

  • #14


    I've got the same problem als AZMAK. :-(
    I don't use any other vendor-related addons, too.


  • #13

    I posted a fix that might have helped you out yesterday. Not sure if it worked as I don't have the problem myself.. The addon is set to update the merchant item info at the same time the default merchant does. In fact the addon really just sits on top of the default merchant frame, hiding it from view. I might add a few checks to ensure the addon updates the vendor's item info properly, separate from the default merchant stuffs, if the issue is still present..

  • #12

    No I am not using any other addon that affects merchants.  But after installing your addon any time I visit a merchant and open his window after the first time (never touching the filters mind you) the vendor window is always blank forcing me to go through the filters and selecting *None* to see anything.  That is the reason I wrote my first post here above.

    I think it needs to be default to *None* then if we choose to use the filters, then it filters based on what we choose.

    EDIT: What I noticed is that it seems to be related to your game session. Once you open the vendor for the first time, every time thereafter the window is blank but If I reload the UI or log out and in again, you can see every thing for the first time again.  Also, the empty window will show everything *after* you sell to it but if you close the merchant window after that and reopen again once again it's empty.  The only way to make everything appear is either select *None* in the filter options or check-mark the "Useable" box.

    Last edited by AZMAK on 3/22/2012 4:46:23 AM
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