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  • Updated 06/24/2015
  • Created 12/05/2010
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  • License: MIT License
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About GreenWall

GreenWall allows multiple guilds to share a common guild chat and officer chat. It also replicates achievement spam between guilds. It is designed to be a turn-key system that requires your guild members to do nothing more than install the add-on to participate.

A quick-start guide that shows how to set up the guild-wide configuration for use with a minimum of reading and effort can be found at the following location.

If your members are encountering duplicate messages or seeing '-' in place of the guild tag, please read the note about connected realms.

The full documentation can be found on GitHub.

- Updated TOC for WoW 6.2.0.


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  • #151

    Are you going to make it possible to show when people from the linked guild(s) join or come online? And also, is there a way to merge Guild events?

    Last edited by camsco2010 on 11/30/2015 3:19:30 AM
  • #149

    1. each post in chat reads: [name]: C#guildtag## message.  how do i clean up the C#___##?

    2. can the Joined / Left Channel spam be filtered out?

    3. getting: Error, message corruption detected. plz disable add-on's that might modify messages on channel #.  I have since deleted the add-on from saved variable and interface add-on's for clean install and still have problems with 1 & 3 listed. I'm not aware of any other add-on's that I have that are chat related.

     thank for quick response -- this works quite well now.

    Last edited by Aeghtpen on 10/30/2015 12:33:51 AM
  • #150

    #1 and #3 occur when you enter messages directly into the hidden channel that GreenWall uses.  Leave the channel hidden and just use guild chat normally.

    #2 is configurable with the "Show Co-Guild Roster Announcements" option.


  • #145

    i think there is something wrong with the addon, either that or the addon does not yet support version 6.2.2 of world of warcraft, if you could please get this working again that would be great.

    Last edited by imdeathsfear on 9/28/2015 12:56:20 PM
  • #146

    What sort of problems are you having?

    The best way to report an issue is to gather the following information when you run into the problem.

  • #144

    my guild recently started using this addon and it works great however, the major problem I am having is the "custom channel" greenwall creates changes each time I log in.  When intially setting it up it uses /3, which is fine as I do not use localdefense, but on a new log in it changes to /1 which I prefer for General, is there anyway to set it so it holds onto the original channgel?

  • #148

    If you are in a zone without local channels (i.e. no General, Local Defense, or Trade), the WoW client may assign GreenWall a channel between 1 and 3, inclusive.  There's not much we can do since that's the behavior or WoW itself.  But you can move to a zone with local channels, log out, and log back in.    It's not something we want people to have to do, but attempting to reserve channels adds a lot of complexity to the add-on and would cause several other problems.

    There are also situations where the WoW client lags behind GreenWall and assigns a local channel before giving it to the system.  If this is your problem, you can increase the "Channel Join Delay" setting in the configuration to give WoW a little more time.

  • #140

    We have identical setup on Guild Info Tab of both guilds. We cannot see chat. We can see the people with the addon log on and off only. If we try to use the GW channel it gives the error msg to turn off addons and has C### after the name. I have used this addon before, as just a guildie, and loved it. But it is stresssful to set up initially for those of us that are technically challenged. PM the details to you also

    Last edited by LadyLixxa on 8/9/2015 9:46:43 AM
  • #143

    I responded to the PM.  It looks like this may be a situation that isn't supported, either non-connected realms or cross-faction.

  • #138
    Cross-Realm Guild Chat

    Dear developers.

    Would it be technically feasible in the future to make it possible to share the guild chat between realms, using realID as a transport mechanism?

    I'm searching for such a solution, no need for anything but the guild chat, and Greenwall seems the best in its class nowadays, so I thought I'd ask :)

  • #139

    The cross-realm chat is player-to-player.  To use it for bridging guild chat between realms, it would be necessary to designate specific guild members as "gateways" the same way Guild2Guild worked.  GreenWall was explicitly designed to avoid such choke points, it means you need one of those members online in each guild for the system to work and it adds a lot of load for each of them.  So there are no plans to bridge non-connected realms using BattleNet.

  • #142
    That's how other addon, like Guild2Guild, worked.  But GreenWall doesn't use designated gateway members.  Everyone in the guild (at least everyone who wishes to participate in the multi-guild chat) has the addon installed.  

    GreenWall only copies what you say in guild chat to the shared channel and displays messages from the shared channel as if it were said in your local guild chat.

    The drawback is that everyone needs to run the addon.  The advantage is that the system only requires a small amount of configuration by guild officers and the addon is "turn key" for the members.

    So using BattleNet for cross-realm confederations would require an underlying implementation that was specifically avoided in GreenWall.

  • #141

    I'm not sure then I understand how Greenwall differs from other addons.

    Imagine you have two linked guilds, and there are 5 people online in each guild at the moment. Only one of them in each guild has the Greenwall addon installed.

    How can the remaining four see the guild chat from the other guild, if not through the single person who has the addon installed? That single person must, at that moment, act as a gateway to the other guild, since it would not be possible to see cross-guild chat, if no member with Greenwall installed was online at a given time. Therefore that person takes on the whole load until another member with GW installed shows up.

    If you do cross-realm guild chat, it can work precisely the same way, every member with GW installed could act as a gateway until another shows up, I believe. Why would there be a need to designate specific members of the guild as gateways instead of using anyone with GW installed like in the current case?

    I understand that now GW is based on a "secret channel" and it would be a bit more complicated if you were to use "secret" individual chats. But it's completely viable (just needs suitable semaphores).

  • #136

    Hey, can you use this addon as way to use EPGP across guilds ? i.e- does it allow you to write to the officer notes of the members  in the other guild..
     We are possibly teaming up with another guild and they dont want to leave their guild, just join  mythic raids with us, we use EPGP which uses the officer notes, so for us to keep using EPGP we need to be able to write to the other guilds members officer notes with the EPGP addon..
    is this possible with this this addon ?

  • #137

    GreenWall won't update the notes, it only reads the GM's note.

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