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About GreenWall

GreenWall allows multiple guilds to share a common guild chat and officer chat.  It also replicates achievement spam between guilds.  It is designed to be a turn-key system that requires your guild members to do nothing more than install the add-on to participate.

A quickstart guide that shows how to set up the guild-wide configuration for use with a minimum of reading and effort can be found at the following location.

The full documentation can be found at the following location.

Fixed flapping roster announcements for characters in peer co-guilds.

Thank you to all the veterans who have served or are serving in the armed forces.


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  • #97
    Re: GreenWall hickups

    Dear developer.

    We use GW for day to day interguild comunicatioon. We see the problem however that the guildies from other realms in the crossrealm enviroment spam double lines in guildchat. The problem only seems to occur If people see text from one realm to another. I play in the guilds The Wyld Hunt and The Obese Frog conspiracy on Moonglade - The Sha'tar - Steamwheedle Cartel.

  • #98

    The configuration will need to include a separate entry for each guild and will need to have the names fully qualified.


    GWp:The Wyld Hunt-ArgentDawn:TWHad
    GWp:The Wyld Hunt-TheSha'tar:TWHts
    GWp:The Wyld Hunt-Moonglade:TWHm
    GWp:Obese Frog Conspiracy:OFC


    Last edited by stigg on 11/9/2014 12:16:49 AM
  • #96

    Thanks for the swift follow-up. Here is the configuration info requested.

    In “Guild Information” - Some preamble followed by…

    GWp:Monty Python:MP
    GWp:Flying Circus:FC

    In Guild Master’s “Officers' notes…


    The same is used in both guilds of course.

    I was going to make a log but the guild(s) chat went dead, so I will post them tomorow when active again... the log on / off commands appeared to work ok. I notice that occasionally GW does not appear to activate correctly, it loggs ch5 several times and sometimed not at all. The same happens with Ch6 for officer chat, sometimes it fails to launch. Even if it launches Ch5 several times, there is only one instance when I hit "O" and CHAT so we are not having multiple channels active.

    Looking at the last release comment, do I now need to include the realm name in the guild info line? Both are on Ghostlands EU.

  • #94

    We have had GreenWall running for a month or so, no problem (1.4.1). However, since 6..0.2 went live and we updated to GW 1.5.1 we are seeing <-> symbols and the message appearing twice. On the confederation guild we are not seeing the guild short name, but <-> instead but one copy of message.

    Is this a problem with 1.5.1 or has the configuration changed. The old version is no-longer on the web to download for experimenting... my instinct is that 1.4.1 is ok?

  • #95

    I've added a bug ticket.

    Can you post the configuration you're using in that ticket (with passwords removed, of course)?

    Also, if you could issue the following commands, wait to see a few of the bad messages, log out, and post the SavedVariables file for GreenWall from the WTF directory, that would help a lot.

    /gw log on

    /gw debug 5



    PS - all old versions are available on Curse under the "Other Downloads" tab and also here:


    Last edited by stigg on 10/17/2014 2:40:09 PM
  • #92

    Hi! Our guild has a sister guild on the opposite faction .... with GreenWall are you able to connect two guilds from opposite factions? We are able to connect our two Horde guilds that are on seperate servers but we haven't been able to figure out or find a post about joining an Alliance guild and a Horde guild.  


    Thank you for your help and GreenWall is one of the BEST Addons I have come across :) It's quick, it's easy, and super user friendly :) 



    Last edited by gothicpoohbear on 9/23/2014 10:12:04 PM
  • #93

    Sadly, that's not something that is currently possible.  Blizzard has specifically designed the API to block cross faction communication. 

    The one exception to this is BattleNet chat, but GreenWall can't use BattleNet because it is one-to-one and not many-to-many communication.  I'd have to remove most of the elements that make it easy to use.

    I suspect that if I did implement it, the add-on would might be banned by Blizzard because it would violate the spirit of their cross-faction restrictions.

  • #89

    HI there. Our server was recently merged and we are now enjoying the benefits of having a connected realm. We have two guilds, one on each connected server and have been trying to use Greenwall to connect the chats. We have it working partially. The officer chat is working and the guild chat is working, but only FOR officers. Our regular members with the addon are unable to see the other guild chat. They just get errors.

    We are using the beta version on your website.

    Here is what we have typed in our Guild Info tabs for both guilds. We had to play around quite a bit with how we typed the server names before we got it to work at all:

    GWp:Army of Altness-CenarionCircle:cc
    GWp:Army Of Altness-SistersofElune:soe

    As you can see, our guild names only differ by one capital letter.

    Here is what we have in our GM's officer note:


    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


  • #90

    PM sent.  I'd like to get more detail.

  • #88

    Image Removed:

    Last edited by sephiroth7240 on 9/3/2014 11:49:56 PM
  • #91

    PM sent.

  • #85


    I have to take my hat off this is a great question.

    Does everyone in the guilds need to install this addon to be able to see the massges from both guilds.

    GWp:Soldíers for Hire:SFHNew
    GWp:Soldiers for híre:SFHOld

    Thats is my guild info but only people with the addon can see the cross guild messages.

  • #86

    Everyone in the confederation needs to install it. 

  • #84

    Still having trouble with this.  Cut and pasted:

    GWp:Hate Vendor:NTW
    GWp:None the Wiser:NTW

    into guild info of both guilds, removed all other guild info text, disabled all addons except Greenwall, but still couldn't get it to work.


  • #87

    Oh copy pasta error on my part.  The guild tags should be unique.

    GWp:Hate Vendor:HV
    GWp:None the Wiser:NTW

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