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  • Updated 02/14/2012
  • Created 08/11/2008
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About GridStatusHots

Separate indicator with timer (and counter) for: Rejuvenation, Regrowth, Lifebloom, Wild Growth, Riptide, Earthliving, Earth Shield, Renew, Grace, Prayer of Mending, Power Word: Shield, Weakened Soul, Divine Aegis, Inspiration, Ancestral Fortitude and Beacon of Light.

Notice that GridStatusHots does not output icons, only colors and texts, so it will not work if displayed in e.g. the "Center Icon" indicator.

IMPORTANT (r174 alpha / beta or newer): ALL STATUSES SHOULD NOW BE DISABLED BY DEFAULT SO YOU WILL HAVE TO MANUALLY (RE-)ENABLE THEM! (e.g. Grid -> Status -> My Hots -> My Renew -> check enabled)

r181 | bogenlampe | 2012-02-14 08:48:55 +0000 (Tue, 14 Feb 2012) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/4.3.1 (from /trunk:179)

tag as 4.3.1 (release)


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  • #589

    If you are having issues with drops in FPS, disable this plug-in.   I was dropping to 1 FPS in Norushen's Test Realm.  Found the solution in the WoW forums.   Disabled it and set up the Grid built in version.  I no longer have drops in FPS at all in SOO.  You don't need this plug-in.

  • #590

    yea, I just used an addon monitor plugin to find out, it even consumse cpu when gird not showing. The only thing grid built in status can not do is showing buff's stacks and time together at one indicator.

    Last edited by chrislue on 10/6/2013 2:06:19 AM
  • #588

    not works with paladin eternal flame, fail

  • #587

    Is anyone maintaining this addon (as date of last update and patch support say 'no') ? and does anyone use a different one with grid?

    I have been using grid+clique for a LONG time now - and used the OLD versions of side/cornor texts + status hots for the times not showing bug.  see that it has been resoved by now - so looking to update the addons, and see that this one hasn't been updated in a LONG time.

  • #586

    I had stopped using this addon because it wasn't working.  We only had one resto drud in our raid anyway and I figured I could live without it.  However....  with the tier 15 4 piece set bonus, tracking my personal rejuvenation will become a priority when I am in a raid with another resto druid.  (The healing done by your  Rejuvenationincreases by 6% each time it causes healing.)  So, it will become essential that I know when My rejuvenation is about to fall, and that I not reapply it before it does.  Although switching to the default raid frames or some alternative healing addon is an option, I really would rather not go to that extent if there is a simpler solution  I have not thought of that would enable me to continue using this addon.

  • #585

    i've implemented Zen Sphere for the monk update version, in case the skill will be an attractive choice...

    just replace the .lua

  • #584

    Monk Update

    added RenewingMist and EnvelopingMist

  • #583

    I relied HEAVILY on the combo of GridStatusHots and GridIndicatorBorderTexts.  First, let me mention that there is a fix posted by Aseyhe  to make the text countdowns useable again for the addon GridIndicatorBorderTexts and it works.  Also, I have a holy paladin and was frustrated that I could not track my Eternal Flame countdown with lovely text numbers like I can with my hots on my priest and druid.  I am no programmer, but I was able to successfully make a crude bandaid by editing one line of the GridStatusHots.lua file.  I replaced the spell ID for Shaman's riptide ( i don't use riptide because I don't have a shaman) with the spell ID for eternal flame.  In the status for Hots: My Riptide, I unchecked show HoT-counter (because EF has no stacks like riptide) changed the threshold to activate color 2 to 10, and changed threshold for color 3 to 3.  Now, I just use the status My HoTs> Hots: My Riptide to track my paladin's eternal flame in combination with GridIndicatorBorderTexts (don't forget the fix posted by  Aseyhe on GridIndicatorBorderTexts).  If you are in my position and desperately want to track a spell that is not supported here, this bandaid may work for you also until this addon can be updated properly.  Try picking a similar spell from a different class that you don't play and replace the spell ID. Below is the actual edited line from the lua file located at C:\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons\GridStatusHots\GridStatusHots.lua.

    spellNameCache.Riptide = GetSpellInfo(114163);

    (The spell ID above is actually for Eternal Flame, NOT Riptide.)

  • #582

    Does it work for any of you with 5.2?

    With 5.1 it worked fine and now I can see the configuration but the hots don't show up in Grid. Solution? Workaround?

  • #581

    any chance you could put some monk spells in here?  Renewing mist, enveloping mist are very blatantly missing.  

  • #579

    A 5.0.x update would make me exceptionally happy. It still functions, but it's rough and doesn't work for renewing mists and other monk hots.
    And, I run into issues with it's functionality, sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. I'd love to have this back full time!

  • #578

    Please add renewing mists

  • #577

    I can't seem to get this addon to work... I may be doing something wrong. 

    I've had to enable it in addons as it's listed as out of date. This then brings up the list of HoTs that I can enable under Status. I've enabled Riptide on my Shaman and Renew on my priest and tried setting up various indicators without success. I just can't get the HoTs to show up on grid, at all.

    Last edited by Olozar on 11/13/2012 5:59:11 AM
  • #575

    I have added Eternal Flame support. You can find the .lua file here:

    Just replace it with the original one. (make a backup though) 

  • #580
    You are my hero. Out of all my addons Smeppi's tweak for EF is #1, easily can manage your EF on all raid members with grid. That website sucks so i keep reuploading your EF there every time it falls off so people can click ur link and it still goes to the upload :P
      Quote from smeppi»

    I have added Eternal Flame support. You can find the .lua file here:

    Just replace it with the original one. (make a backup though) 


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