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  • Created 08/11/2008
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About GridStatusHots

Separate indicator with timer (and counter) for: Rejuvenation, Regrowth, Lifebloom, Wild Growth, Riptide, Earthliving, Earth Shield, Renew, Grace, Prayer of Mending, Power Word: Shield, Weakened Soul, Divine Aegis, Inspiration, Ancestral Fortitude and Beacon of Light.

Notice that GridStatusHots does not output icons, only colors and texts, so it will not work if displayed in e.g. the "Center Icon" indicator.

IMPORTANT (r174 alpha / beta or newer): ALL STATUSES SHOULD NOW BE DISABLED BY DEFAULT SO YOU WILL HAVE TO MANUALLY (RE-)ENABLE THEM! (e.g. Grid -> Status -> My Hots -> My Renew -> check enabled)

r181 | bogenlampe | 2012-02-14 08:48:55 +0000 (Tue, 14 Feb 2012) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/4.3.1 (from /trunk:179)

tag as 4.3.1 (release)


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  • #574

    Ahoi there, Bogenlampe!

    Really enjoying your work! Thanks for that!

    Will you add Eternal Flame Hot support eventually? Not talking about a "Stack"-integration. Just the timer itself.

    Cheers, hau rein ;) 

  • #572

    anyone have stablity issues with this addon?

    i seem to :(

    also,  i used grid side text indecator for display of my hots on the sides of grid box as well as the corners ect but looks like these two addons are not being supported for MoP :(

    anyone have recomendations of what to use for displaying HoT timers well besides this addon?   I was a clique+ grid user , coming back for MoP looks like i need to find something else :(

  • #570

    The Timers are supposed to show up in the corners, correct? With a timer Text? I am enabling My HoTs (i.e. Rejuv, Lifebloom, Wild Growth) However when i cast these HoTs they are not showing up anywhere on my Grid Frames. Am I doing something wrong, or am I thinking that this addon does something different? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! and thanks for your hard work!

  • #573

    Grid has 3 basic 'modules' that you can get addons for - status, indicators, and frame, and when you're configuring it, you should always think about configuring these three things seperately. Your frame simply keeps track of where on the screen Grid is, how big it should be etc. In other words, nothing about the frame will change during combat.

    Statuses keep track of whatever you'd like to keep track of about the raid - and GridStatusHots adds new statuses to keep track of your personal HoTs. If you want to keep track of something specific that's not a debuff or buff, chances are there's a Status addon out there that does that for you.

    However, and this is where you're gettin tripped up, statuses only track the desired values - they do nothing about displaying them. Therefore if you want to display some status, you'll have to use an indicator. For instance say you configure "My Renew" under the status tab, "My HoTs". Then you should go to the indicator tab, choose say "upper left corner", run down the list of check-boxes, and check "My Renew".

    There are a whole host of addons out there that add extra indicators, such as bars, icons, squares, and raid markers, all in various places, and the idea is that you can use one "Status" addon for grid, and another "indicator" addon made by two different people, and they'll work happily together with no extra work from you or the individual developers.

    Last edited by qikink on 10/27/2012 10:02:49 PM
  • #569

    Just did my own update of this, adding Zen Sphere, Renewing Mist, and Enveloping Mist. They should have all of the options of the usual hots, and I've tested them in the current patch. As usual, just replace your gridstatushots.lua with this one:


  • #571

    @ qikink

    Thanks for your work! But I found a bug. The spell id for Grace (Priest) is wrong. Instead of spellNameCache.Grace = GetSpellInfo(47930); it must be spellNameCache.Grace = GetSpellInfo(77613);

  • #568

    Guys, i did a quick hack to support Mistweaver Monks most used HoTs : Renewing Mists and Enveloping Mists.
    It got me through the raid and my healing improved considerably.

    1. download the file "GridStatusHots.lua" from here :!158&authkey=!AACfy4V4U2Y_-co
    2. overwrite the original file (probably sitting in the following directory: \World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\GridStatusHots)
    3. You now have 2 more "myhots" that you can select from within grid.


    Its very rudamentory at best.

    Note1:  I am in no way affiliated with the author. I think he did a fabulous job with this addon, hence my investment in time to get this to work for monks aswell.
    Note2: Renewing mist is without the Glyph.
    Note3: Use at your own risk.

    Last edited by draied on 10/8/2012 8:45:29 AM
  • #566


    Since this addon isn't getting updated before raids start, is there any way to add Monk HoTs in the gridoptions ourselves? What do I have to do? Wouldnt be fun to raid without timers.

  • #564

    Hey, the 1st raid in MoP is about to kick off, and i've come to depend very heavily on this addon.

    Do you think you could update it for monk HoTs?

    Thank you

  • #561

    Glad to hear this is being updated. I was going to manually do it this weekend, but just wanted to throw in my 2 cents in real quick. Would like to see Sacred Shield and Eternal Flame for paladins. I don't know if it is possible, but being able to see the number of holy power charges used on EF would be aweomse if possible.

  • #563

    Don't think that's possible (since it's only an increase in healing and the HoT does not have "stacks" depending on how many HP are used).

  • #560

    Sorry, didn't have the time to update it yet (will try to do it this weekend though). I'll have to take a closer look at what's changed and which HoTs/Buffs make sense for GridStatusHots with MoP (didn't really play Monk in Beta after that.

    If there's any important changes (except spell-id for Grace), just write a comment here and I'll update it accordingly.

  • #565

    Think you will get to it this weekend or should I make the changes on my end?

  • #562

    For Monk (missing ;)):

    Renewing Mist

    Surging Mist

    Enveloping Mist

    Zen Meditation

    Zen Sphere

    Last edited by Andorio on 9/23/2012 10:50:21 AM
  • #567

    Most of these aren't actually HoTs.  The important one is Renewing Mist.

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