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  • Updated 09/02/2012
  • Created 09/11/2008
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About GridStatusRaidDebuff

Make sure you swap to the MoP version of this addon.

MoP version available: GridStatusRaidDebuff MoP

Adds a status to Grid for debuffs applied by Raid Bosses.

You either need to install one of these zone packs or turn on "Detect New Debuff" to detect new zones and new debuffs in those zones otherwise the addon does nothing.

Cataclysm Raid Debuff List


Wrath of the Lich King Raid Debuff List


The Burning Crusade Raid Debuff List


How do I get the Raid Debuff to show up in Grid as the Center Icon?

  • Open Grid Options
  • Select the Indicators tab at the top
  • Select Center Icon on the left
  • Check Raid Debuff

(This option is also under Status->Raid Debuff->Center Icon, they both toggle the same setting)

If you are having problems, please make sure that you are running the latest version of Grid. Grid versions prior to 1384 has a known issue with debuffs showing.

Bug Reports:

Please File a Ticket

Thanks, stassart and Greltok.

r302 | stassart | 2012-09-02 17:59:42 +0000 (Sun, 02 Sep 2012) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/.pkgmeta
   M /trunk/Core.lua
   M /trunk/GridStatusRaidDebuff.toc
   M /trunk/embeds.xml

This is a small addon that tells you to switch to GridStatusRaidDebuff MoP. I see a lot of people still downloading this addon and I thought this might help notify users about the change.
r301 | stassart | 2011-12-11 09:19:02 +0000 (Sun, 11 Dec 2011) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/GridStatusRaidDebuff.toc

Grab latest LibBabble libraries for localization updates.


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  • #651

    You may want to contribute the correct translations to libBabble:


  • #649

    I've the same problem like exxilia

  • #648

    : Hey guys i've got a problem with my addon Grid normally Raid Debuff loads all the bosses from the actual content but my Grid loads only the first boss Morchok. This is pretty bad because i'm the only one with this problem, besides i've got every addon updated recently, so everything is up to date. Now my question is if there is a solution for this problem. I've tried to figure out whether the problem is with other addons or with my WoW but i couldnt find out anything. Does someone know anything about this problem or has the same problems like me. I hope u can help me thank you

  • #653

    This seems to be a common issue if you are running in a language that is currently missing libBabble translations.  I have uploaded an alpha version that I hope solves this issue for most users.  The new version only requires a translated zone (and no longer boss names) in libBabble if you are using a debuff library (like GridStatusRD_Cata).  If you use not using a debuff library, the new version should not require libbabble translations at all.

    Please give the alpha version 300 a try and let me know if it solves the problems or not, as I don't have access to a non-English WoW client I am limited in the testing I can do for other languages.


  • #646
    Re: GridStatusRaidDebuff + side icons

    First of all: Great addon. It helps a ton. I really appreciate your work.

    I'd like to place some of the Raid Debuff options in the side icons, but not all of them, different ones on each icon.

    For example: On Morchok, have Crush armor as the center icon and then the Danger icon showing up on the right side icon. Is this possible with the curent addon?

    If not, I was thinking I would make a 2nd copy of the raid debuff addon and put one on the center icon and the second on a side icon. Then mess with priorities so only some debuffs show up on each icon.

    Any suggestions you have would be welcome. Thanks for your time.

  • #647

    If I ever do a rewrite of this addon, I'll definitely do it that way.  I've had the same idea.  However, the current addon has no support for doing it that way.

    If on a specific fight, you really want to monitor a separate buff, you can add the debuff manually to Grid and then assign it to that icon slot on Grid and then disable the debuff in GridStatusRaidDebuff. 

    Unfortunately, I don't have a better suggestion for now.


  • #645

    Just as an fyi, this addon is dependent on libbabble-zone and libbabble-boss and gives lua errors until they are updated for a new patch.  As of this moment, those libraries still haven't been updated for patch 4.3.  I had a working and updated version of GridStatusRaidDebuff and GridStatusRD_Cata that worked on the PTR for 4.3 when I manually edited libbabble-zone and libbabble-boss to add the new zone and bosses.

    I may have to do some editing to match up the names of bosses with how they are entered into libbabble-boss (like if it is just the boss's name or whether the full title is used) once they are released.  New debuff detection won't work and will likely give lua errors until those libraries are updated.

    Hopefully a new version of libbabble-zone and libbabble-boss come out some time today for the patch.  If you want to work around it some work is involved until those libraries are updated, debuff detection will work if you just add "Dragon Soul" to the BaseTranslations and your language if non-English in libbabble-zone.  If you want to use GridStatusRD_Cata download the alpha version from

    and edit the GridStatusRD_Cata.toc, uncomment DragonSoul.lua by removing the "#" then you will need to open up the DragonSoul.lua and look at how the bosses are entered and then add them to libbabble-boss library under BaseTranslations and your language if non-English.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, but I just took over maintenance of this addon and it was designed to use those libraries and I haven't had time to do a redesign to eliminate them (they don't ever seem to update until after the patch hits).

    If they aren't updated today, I'll try to at least get some work arounds in to remove any lua errors, but it's kind of pointless to add code to work around non-updated libraries if they do end up getting updated today.


    Last edited by stassart on 11/29/2011 3:46:21 AM
  • #641

    I've been having issues getting FL debuffs to show up, most importantly the stacking debuff from soaking Shards on Baleroc.  I turned on detect debuff before the fight this week, hopefully that did the trick, not sure if it was supposed to give a message when it "detected" a new debuff, I also DL/d the Cata pack, does that have to be IN the Grid folder to work or just the addons folder?

  • #642

    Debuffs will not show up unless you either have detect debuffs or the appropriate debuff list addon (GridStatusRD_Cata for Firelands).  Both GridStatusRaidDebuff and GridStatusRD_Cata are installed as separate addons, not as part of Grid.  They should show up on the list of addons if you click the Addon button at the Character selection screen if they are installed in the correct place.



  • #639
    Quote from Tebasile »I thought there used to be list of each debuff so you could remove the ones you prefer not to see.. is that no longer here, or am I failing to find it in the configuration?

    I'm really desperate to find this option aswell. I do not wish to download new addons every time new raids come available. Simple filter that hides all unwanted debuffs would leave everything else, even new undiscovered debuffs showing.

  • #640

    You can turn off detecting new debuffs.

    You can disable detected debuffs.

    I am not sure I am following what you are requesting.  An addon that had a list of "unwanted debuffs" that disabled the unwanted ones automatically would be kind of the opposite of the current approach of the current addons that add the wanted debuffs, is that what you are looking for?  Such an addon would require downloading for each new raid (and likely more often as the addon would be unlikely to have everything right when the raid comes out).


  • #636
    detector doesn't work for ruRU locale. No firelands in libbabble-zone

    Feralas = "Фералас",
    -- Firelands = "",
    ["Forge Camp: Terror"] = "Лагерь Легиона: Ужас",
  • #637
    r297 should fix this issue, please let me know if there are any problems. Sorry about the slow fix. I just got married and fell a little behind on addon bug fixes.
  • #635
    I highly recommend also grabbing GridStatusRD_Cata which has Firelands boss debuffs added.
  • #630
    Curious, this isn't working on Firelands PTR and was wondering if you plan on making a fix before 4.2 goes live?
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