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  • Supports: 6.2.2
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  • Updated 10/10/2015
  • Created 10/07/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: zlib/libpng License
  • Newest File: r786

About Grid2

What is Grid2 ?

Grid2 is a party/raid unit frame addon.

Grid2 is fully customizable. New zones (indicators) can be defined in unit frames to display information (statuses). The indicators can be customized and placed anywhere. Grid2 supports several types of indicators: icon, icons, square, text, bar, multibar. You can configure what statuses are displayed on each indicator.

Grid2 includes a huge amount of available statuses, but not all enabled be default, look through the configuration and familiarize yourself with the available options and statuses.

Grid2 is fast: consumes between 4 and 10 times less CPU cycles than other similar addons.

To open the configuration UI type "/grid2", left-click the minimap Icon, DataBroker icon launcher or use WoW addons list window.

Grid2 components

Grid2 package includes:

  • Grid2
  • Grid2 Options
  • Grid2 Raid Debuffs
  • Grid2 Raid Debuffs Options
  • Grid2 LDB
  • Grid2 Aoe Heals

Grid2 does not work or I think I found a bug

  • Update to the latest versions of Grid2.
  • Make sure you downloaded the mods WITH libs. nolib is not for you.
  • Reset your Saved Variables, pasting into chat: /script Grid2DB = nil; ReloadUI()
  • If you still get an error, go ahead and log it. Install and use the BugGrabber and BugSack mods to record the error and make it easy to cut and paste it.
  • Then, Post a ticket. Check for existing tickets about your bug first. Remember to check back on your ticket later in case we need more information.


(Thanks to Zelmaru)

Common issues/FAQ

Grid2 Doesn't Load after Update

If you are updating Grid2 from r560 or older version, you must reset your saved variables (you will lose all your settings), you must see a message in chat window explaining how to reset saved variables.

Raid debuffs not showing up !!!:

Raid debuffs are not enabled by default. Go to statuses -> Raid Debuffs and enable at least the Cataclysm module (if you are inside a instance you must exit and enter the instance or reload the UI after enabling the module)

I cant push the grid boxes as close together as before:

The border indicator has 2 pixels size and it has a transparent background color now. If you want the old grid2 appearance. Goto Indicators -> border -> Layout tab: Set a border size 1. And select a black and opaque background color for the border.

What about mana bars ?

Grid2 supports mana bars, but they are not created by default. If you want mana bars, create a new indicator of type "bar", place it wherever you want and map the "mana" or the "power" status to it (remember you must map some color status to the bar:color indicator too).

What is the poweralt status ?

Poweralt status is a power type (like mana/rage/energy,etc). This power type is enabled by Wow in some combats. It shows: Atremedes sound, Chog'al corruption, etc. This status is not active by default in Grid2: you must map poweralt to any compatible indicator (text or bar indicator).

r786 | michaelspain | 2015-10-11 00:39:07 +0000 (Sun, 11 Oct 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/modules/IndicatorIcon.lua
   M /trunk/modules/IndicatorIcons.lua

Fixed some issues with OmniCC.
r785 | michaelspain | 2015-09-08 15:33:43 +0000 (Tue, 08 Sep 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/README.txt



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  • #263
    i have also reseted the variables..
  • #251
    There are many complaints / bug reports recently about Grid2 not working, or working but the options not showing. What this means is that you are not updating all of Grid2 and its plugins to the latest (and thus compatible with each other versions).

    You need to follow the directions above to download ALL (this means every single one) of the latest versions of Grid2, AS WELL AS the plugins that you use. To clarify, this specifically means that downloading the latest Grid2 but for example not bothering with the latest version of Grid2StatusRes will result in Grid2 not working.

    After that you need to relaunch and follow the reset instructions.

    This really is alpha software. If you are unable to download alpha versions of it or follow the instructions on how to do so then I strongly urge you to use Grid instead.
  • #395
    One problem I'm noticing is the alpha types issue. I updated Curse Client to display alpha types, but it won't update individual packages that are already downloaded. Each one of those had to be updated manually to reflect alpha download.

    I hadn't realized that because I compared versions on the download area for the page to the Curse Client list and they were identical. It turns out that the Curse website won't display alpha, either. And I don't see any little thing around the download area that says "Show Development Stuffs"

    I think that's why people might be confused. And certainly why I was getting a little steamed. It all works now and I'm ready to take a look through.
  • #261
    I updated all my Grid2 modules and now it works flawlessly. I STILL don't get why the Curse Client wasn't prompting me to updated the modules though...
  • #257
    I use the Curse Client to keep track of which addons are up-to-date. Whilst Grid2 seems to be prompting me to update, none of the other modules such as TargetIcons, StatusRes, etc show as updatable within the client. For instance, StatusDungeonRole appears as v1 and the client says it's up-to-date. TargetIcon is v14 release and StatusRes is v21 release. Is it possible that the updates for those modules haven't been 'posted' to the Curse Client correctly?
  • #247
    The only way I can seem to bring the options up now is by typing '/grid2 options' and all many of the option names are in German.
  • #252
    There are three ways this can happen:
    1) You are using the German (deDE) client. German is not fully translated so only some things will be in German.

    2) You are using some other language that is not fully translated. Perhaps I copied and pasted some German into it as a template for translators.

    3) ACE3 Locale has code to let it fake being in some locale. You are faking being a German client.

    So let us find out what is going on. Type this into chat "/script print(GetLocale())"

    What locale does it print? This is the actual locale the client uses.

    Next type in "/script print(GAME_LOCALE)". This tells us if for some reason someone is trying to fake a different locale. It ought to be nil.

    Now ask yourself: "Am I German?". "Did I buy the German version of WoW?". If yes, then it sounds like your English is good enough for you to translate some of the deDE files!
  • #241
    Is there any way to hide Grid2? Grid had a "/grid standby" command, but I can't find anything similar.
  • #421
    You can use a mod called 'loadit' so that you can disable the mod from within game and use /reload ui in order to load the new list of mods, without Grid2 in this case.
  • #253
    No. Just log out, disable it, log back in.
  • #244
    same, just use build 337 for now.
  • #235
    I am having problems to get grid2 working as well. I cannot get the grid show up, and options dialog is empty. Any ideas how to get this addon working please?
  • #236
    Seconded. Grid2 doesn't work at all and typing /grid2 to bring up the options displays and empty window =S
  • #237
    To open Grid2 config, you need to type /grid2 options (load on demand config). Had the same problem with the update, but everything seems to work correctly, whereas positionning was lost...
  • #250
    In red above: "Update to the latest versions of Grid2 and the plugins listed below that you use."

    You did not do this. Grid2StatusAFK for example is from september 2009. That is rather old and incompatible.
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