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  • Updated 09/08/2015
  • Created 10/07/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: zlib/libpng License
  • Newest File: r785

About Grid2

What is Grid2 ?

Grid2 is a party/raid unit frame addon.

Grid2 is fully customizable. New zones (indicators) can be defined in unit frames to display information (statuses). The indicators can be customized and placed anywhere. Grid2 supports several types of indicators: icon, icons, square, text, bar, multibar. You can configure what statuses are displayed on each indicator.

Grid2 includes a huge amount of available statuses, but not all enabled be default, look through the configuration and familiarize yourself with the available options and statuses.

Grid2 is fast: consumes between 4 and 10 times less CPU cycles than other similar addons.

To open the configuration UI type "/grid2", left-click the minimap Icon, DataBroker icon launcher or use WoW addons list window.

Grid2 components

Grid2 package includes:

  • Grid2
  • Grid2 Options
  • Grid2 Raid Debuffs
  • Grid2 Raid Debuffs Options
  • Grid2 LDB
  • Grid2 Aoe Heals

Grid2 does not work or I think I found a bug

  • Update to the latest versions of Grid2.
  • Make sure you downloaded the mods WITH libs. nolib is not for you.
  • Reset your Saved Variables, pasting into chat: /script Grid2DB = nil; ReloadUI()
  • If you still get an error, go ahead and log it. Install and use the BugGrabber and BugSack mods to record the error and make it easy to cut and paste it.
  • Then, Post a ticket. Check for existing tickets about your bug first. Remember to check back on your ticket later in case we need more information.


(Thanks to Zelmaru)

Common issues/FAQ

Grid2 Doesn't Load after Update

If you are updating Grid2 from r560 or older version, you must reset your saved variables (you will lose all your settings), you must see a message in chat window explaining how to reset saved variables.

Raid debuffs not showing up !!!:

Raid debuffs are not enabled by default. Go to statuses -> Raid Debuffs and enable at least the Cataclysm module (if you are inside a instance you must exit and enter the instance or reload the UI after enabling the module)

I cant push the grid boxes as close together as before:

The border indicator has 2 pixels size and it has a transparent background color now. If you want the old grid2 appearance. Goto Indicators -> border -> Layout tab: Set a border size 1. And select a black and opaque background color for the border.

What about mana bars ?

Grid2 supports mana bars, but they are not created by default. If you want mana bars, create a new indicator of type "bar", place it wherever you want and map the "mana" or the "power" status to it (remember you must map some color status to the bar:color indicator too).

What is the poweralt status ?

Poweralt status is a power type (like mana/rage/energy,etc). This power type is enabled by Wow in some combats. It shows: Atremedes sound, Chog'al corruption, etc. This status is not active by default in Grid2: you must map poweralt to any compatible indicator (text or bar indicator).

Summary of changes from latest release:

- New layout selection options, including the possibility to define custom frame sizes.
- Hellfire Citadel Raid Debuffs
- HFC Tyran Velhari Encounter: Aura of Contempt Max Health Fix (Goto Statuses>Health&Heals>Right Panel to enable this fix)
- Several Bug Fixes


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  • #601

    It does not show the Dalaran Brilliance icon in the middle if active. It seems to not even recognize it at all. It works well with Arcane Brilliance.

  • #599

    Try this in a macro:
    /script Grid2.db:SetProfile("Profile Name")

  • #600

    Worked! :D

    thanks a lot

  • #598

    Hi, thank you for your great addon

    any chance to have a way to change profiles using macros?

    or any kind of button / keybind is fine for me, but i'd prefer macros so i can change many addons at once

    i can't find a way to have it happen

  • #595

    Having an issue with people who joing an existing raid/group show up with an "Offline" tag unti l reload my UI or relog. 

    Any idea why this would be happening?

  • #596

    Download version r647

  • #593

    I can't figure out why my background texture" won't change. I wanted to try perl but checking another option does nothing. I tried editing with max frame hight/width, but does nothing.  I have "Grid" but it's not enabled while I'm trying to set up Grid2. Would I have to delete Grid before I can work with Grid2? I haven't deleted it incase this addon doesn't properly function, since I don't want to have to set Grid up again after Grid2 possibly not working.

    Also, with Grid you have option to configure text(names) etc. Does this addon not have that?

    Last edited by Libber92 on 12/13/2011 2:47:22 AM
  • #594

    Maybe do you want to change the health bar texture ?  (the background texture is not visible if people is at full health, because is behind the health bar):
    - Goto Indicators -> Health Bar -> Layout Tab -> Assign the texture.
    Grid2 has options to configure everything, look through the configuration: open indicators and statuses list.
    Grid and Grid2 are different addons and the configuration is not  shared, you dont have to delete Grid.

    Last edited by michaelspain on 12/13/2011 3:50:05 AM
  • #592

    Latest build keeps displaying people I am grouepd with form other servers as "offline" when they aren't.


  • #588

    I have a problem with my grid2.

    I use a top left icon to show my earthshield. My problem is that i want it to show my current stacks on target and it does, but on top is the duration timer. I cant find a way to remove that timer, so i only got the stacks. Plz help...

  • #589

    Grid2 Icon indicators only have stack text, not timers, seems you have omniCC addon  installed.
    * Check the  "Disable OmniCC" option,or
    * Check the "Disable cooldown" option, or
    * Open omniCC configuration and disable timers for Grid2 frames (creating a filter named "Grid2")

    Last edited by michaelspain on 12/8/2011 3:10:36 PM
  • #587

    My frames keeps wandering, its set to a 25 man frame, if there are more ppl in the raid, the frame pushes upwards even when i enter instance, where it usually should go into 25 man layout and when i leave the raid, my frames are still not reset

  • #590

    Grid2 load de 40man layout if more than 25 people are in raid and you are outside the instance.
    Open general options and adjust the layout anchor and/or group anchor..

  • #591

    That´s what i´ve done, repeatedly. but everytime we wipe, and go outside, it switches to 40 man layout and it doesn´t switch back to 25 man layout upon entering the instance again

  • #584

    Grid2 by default tracks Inner fire on priests, but how can I track Inner Will instead? I've tried adding using the options... but no success (I know i can edit the addon code but... i don't think it is the proper way)

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