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Group Calendar 5

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  • Updated 02/27/2015
  • Created 11/22/2005
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 5.7
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About Group Calendar 5

Reporting Bugs

Feel free to report bugs in the comments section at the bottom of this page, but please remove the addon list from your logs. Those lists tend to be very large which makes it much harder for me to read and reply to other posts. I will ask for the addon list if I think it might be important or, better yet, create a CurseForge ticket and include the whole log in there instead. Thanks!

About Group Calendar 5

IMPORTANT: You must not enable Group Calendar 4 and Group Calendar 5 at the same time, neither one will be happy about it. You can switch back and forth and will not lose data in either one by doing so, you just can't enable both at once.

Group Calendar 5 features

  • Compatible with the built-in calendar and web-based armory calendars
  • View and edit events using local or server dates and times
  • Track tradeskill cooldowns
  • Create partnerships for coordinating events across multiple guilds
  • Export your calendar to the iCalendar format for use in external applications or web calendars
  • Reminders for upcoming events and tradeskill cooldowns
  • View events and get reminders while on your alts
  • Easy invite management to track group composition
  • Quickly invite players to the raid from the attendance list
  • Set level limits and duration for events
  • Analog clock with date on the minimap button for attractive timekeeping

Group Calendar 5 is completely re-built around the WoW calendar database. This allows it to work with the built-in calendar, including the armory web-based calendar. Also, because it works with the built-in calendar, your guild members are not required to use this addon since they can use the built-in calendar instead. They will still see your events and be able to sign up for them even if they choose to use the built-in calendar.

There is no documentation yet as I'm still working on development. The operation is similar to GC4, except that events only show up for players you invite. There is a new Invite tab in the event editor for selecting who should see the event and the selection will be remembered so that next time you create the same event you won't have to re-select it.

The multi-guild partnerships feature is different too because of the invite system the WoW calendar uses. To support multi-guild partnerships use the Partners tab in the main window to set up a roster-sharing partnership with a player in the other guild(s). Follow the instructions on that tab to set up the partnership. Once it's set up, the partner guilds will appear in your Invite tab in the event editor, where you can then mass-invite players from those guilds.

Since Blizzard doesn't have any support for mass-inviting players from other guilds, GC5 will invite them one at a time at the maximum speed Blizzard allows. This can take a while for large partnerships and I recommend that you use copy-and-paste to create additional events once you have an event set up the way you want it. Note that you can not copy an event while you're creating it, you must create it first and then you can copy it and paste the copy to a new date.

Version 5.7 changes

  • FEATURE: Bumped toc for patch 6.1 (no changes)

Version 5.7b4 changs

  • FIXED: Disabled alt mail features since they're no longer compatible
  • FIXED: Changed character limit for level range fields to 3 to allow for level 100

Version 5.7b3 changes

  • FIXED: Extended tooltips don't generate errors
  • FIXED: Settings checkboxes work correctly

Version 5.7b2 changes

  • FIXED: Added temporary fix from Dridzt to fix invite checkboxes
  • FIXED: Dungeon lists include new expansion
  • FIXED: Buttons are colored correctly
  • FIXED: Pirate's Day and Fireworks display correctly

Version 5.7b1 changes

  • FEATURE: Fixed (some) issues with patch 6

Version 5.6 changes

  • FEATURE: Removed Arena teams from Invite tab for compatibility with patch 5.4
  • FEATURE: Bumped toc for patch 5.4

Version 5.5.11 changes

  • FEATURE: Bumped toc for WoW patch 5.3

Version 5.5.10 changes

  • FIXED: Calendar day frames highlight correctly for new events (third time's a charm!)

Version 5.5.9 changes

  • FEATURE: Bumped toc for WoW patch 5.2
  • FIXED: Calendar day frames highlight correctly for new events (again)

Version 5.5.8 changes

  • FIXED: Calendar day frames highlight correctly for new events

Version 5.5.7 changes

  • FIXED: Replaced usage of UIFrameFlash APIs with animation APIs to eliminate taint issues

Version 5.5.6 changes

  • FEATURE: Bumped toc for patch 5.1

Version 5.5.5 changes

  • FIXED: MoP heroics show up correctly

Version 5.5.4 changes

  • FIXED: Fixed UTF8 compatibility bugs (caused problems with extended characters in player/alt names)
  • FIXED: Fixed cause of glyph/talent taint
  • FIXED: Added MoP dungeons/raids

Version 5.5.3 changes

  • FIXED: Responding to events (signup, maybe, etc.) works correctly
  • FIXED: Removing events works correctly
  • FIXED: Repaired more instances of _ taint

Version 5.5.2 changes

  • FIXED: Mass invite should work correctly
  • FIXED: Saving events works

Version 5.5.1 changes

  • FIXED: Tradeskills should no longer cause errors
  • FIXED: Editing/deleting events should no longer cause errors

Version 5.5 changes

  • FEATURE: Updated for WoW 5
  • FEATURE: Reduced memory usage
  • FIXED: Fixed various menu taint issues (others still remain)
  • FIXED: Removed hooks into WoW Calendar API (should solve incompatibilities with other addons)

Version 5.4.4 Changes

  • FEATURE: Bumped .toc for 4.3 (no issues found)

Version 5.4.3 Changes

  • BUGFIX: Fixed crash in attendance panel

Version 5.4.2 Changes

  • FEATURE: Bumped .toc for 4.2
  • BUGFIX: Fixed menu system for changes in WoW 4.2

Version 5.4.1 Changes

  • FEATURE: Added support for Fire Prism cooldown
  • FEATURE: Bumped .toc for patch 4.1

Version 5.4 Changes

  • FEATURE: Added support for Cataclysm dungeons
  • FEATURE: Added Light Parchment theme
  • BUGFIX: Month view background no longer shifts each time a day is selected

Version 5.3.1 Changes

  • FEATURE: Added option for turning off the analog clock on the minimap
  • BUGFIX: Fixed error messages when server is slow to provide attendance data

Version 5.3 Changes

  • FEATURE: Added setting for starting day-of-week
  • BUGFIX: Fixed spurious error when updating event attendance

Version 5.2.5 Changes

  • FEATURE: Updated for WoW 4.0
  • BUGFIX: Fixed errors when opening/closing
  • BUGFIX: Fixed errors when viewing days with a large number of events scheduled

Version 5.2.4 Changes

  • FEATURE: Outbound whispers generated by GC5 are no longer shown during raid invites

Version 5.2.3 Changes

  • FEATURE: Minimap Clock tooltip shows local date and time when local time is enabled in the calendar
  • BUGFIX: Fixed error when class info isn't available for a player in an event's Group tab
  • BUGFIX: Fixed bug which caused a bright ring to appear around the minimap clock
  • BUGFIX: Fixed bug which caused date and time menus to flake out on first use

Version 5.2.2 Changes

  • BUGFIX: Fixed loading error on non-English clients

Version 5.2.1 Changes

  • FEATURE: Removed LibBabble-Class in favor of built-in localizations provided by patch 3.2
  • BUGFIX: Fixed crash in Spanish localization

Version 5.2 Changes

  • FEATURE: Event invitation memory can be disabled
  • BUGFIX: Improved error handling when processing event invites
  • BUGFIX: Fixed auto-complete on Invite tab
  • BUGFIX: Changes made to an event are not reverted when using the Invite tab

Version 5.1.5 Changes

  • BUGFIX: Fixed error when first event created after login is in February

Version 5.1.4 Changes

  • FEATURE: Updated German localization (thanks to ReiTung)
  • BUGFIX: Fixed bug causing lockup when attempting to disable reminders

Version 5.1.3 Changes

  • BUGFIX: Auto-complete for event titles uses the full name (with difficulty qualifiers)
  • BUGFIX: Tentative event responses are handled correctly for Guild Events
  • BUGFIX: Disabled ability for event creator to change their status through the context menu (not support by WoW APIs)

Version 5.1.2 Changes

  • COMPATIBILITY: Dungeon list shows 10/25/40-man labels correctly (patch 3.3 compatibility)
  • COMPATIBILITY: Status can be set from Group tab again (patch 3.3 compatibility)
  • BUGFIX: Maybe checkbox is hidden for guild members on guild events (sucks, but that's how Blizzard made it work)
  • BUGFIX: "Created by" status no longer shows nil

Version 5.1.1 Changes

  • BUGFIX: Fixed patch 3.3 compatibility bug
  • BUGFIX: Fixed highlighting bug in date selection

Version 5.1 Changes

  • FEATURE: Added support for new Tentative status in patch 3.3
  • FEATURE: Context (right-click) menus available for days and events
  • FEATURE: Fixed compatibility with minimap changes in patch 3.3
  • BUGFIX: Fixed /cal reminder command
  • BUGFIX: Fixed error when creating events and server is slow processing invites

Version 5.0.1 Changes

  • BUGFIX: Fixed German localization (file had somehow regressed to an earlier build)

Version 5.0b12r2 Changes

  • BUGFIX: Corrected typo in German localization file

Version 5.0b12 Changes

  • BUGFIX: Being unguilded no longer causes errors in the Invite tab
  • BUGFIX: Closing event window without saving should no longer give occassional errors
  • BUGFIX: Made /cal command help localizable
  • FEATURE: Updated German localization of /cal help (thanks to ReiTung)

Version 5.0b11 Changes

  • FEATURE: Implemented "/cal reset" command
  • FEATURE: Removed Settings tab since I haven't come up with any settings (yet)
  • FEATURE: Disabled class limit code and tags since that feature isn't implemented yet
  • BUGFIX: Fixed level range and duration so they save properly when set to nil
  • BUGFIX: Added check for missing time in event viewer (fixes crash caused by corrupted events from earlier beta)
  • BUGFIX: Event templates with missing titles no longer crash

Version 5.0b10 Changes

  • FEATURE: Updated German localization (thanks to ReiTung)
  • BUGFIX: All-day events (birthday and vacation) no longer give errors about missing times
  • BUGFIX: Saved event templates no longer have missing Title fields (fixed errors regarding nil titles)

Version 5.0b9 Changes

IMPORTANT: This build adds some new textures for the new event types so you can't just upgrade while WoW is running. Exit WoW completely first or you'll get green squares for some of the new event types.

  • FEATURE: Birthday, Doctor, Dentist, Vacation and Roleplay events added
  • BUGFIX: Calendar highlights the correct date when using local date/time
  • BUGFIX: Today button jumps to the correct date when using local date/time
  • BUGFIX: Assigning moderator to member who hasn't signed up for guild event no longer generates an error
  • BUGFIX: Invite tab no longer shows Moderator button for ineligible players (ie, players not signed up for guild events)
  • BUGFIX: "Signed up" status displays correctly in event viewer (patch 3.2 update)
  • BUGFIX: Date highlight is removed when sidebar window is closed
  • BUGFIX: Events in the past no longer cause the "unseen" reminder to flash when GC5 is first run or reset
  • BUGFIX: Cooldown icons no longer include the icon frame
  • BUGFIX: Clicking a date in the month view toggles the sidebar
  • MAINTENANCE: Replaced old calendar constants with Blizzard-provided globals

Version 5.0b8 Changes

  • FEATURE: Invite tab now lists your own guild on Guild Events so you can see that they're already invited
  • BUGFIX: Event viewer shows the correct date when using local time
  • BUGFIX: Updated event title processing for changes in patch 3.2
  • BUGFIX: Invite tab correctly gives errors when inviting your own guild members to Guild Events instead of just hanging

Version 5.0b7 Changes

  • BUGFIX: Invites on Guild Events should go out reliably
  • BUGFIX: Expand/collapse buttons on Group categories are enabled correctly (thanks Stephan for help with this)
  • BUGFIX: Removed usage of obsolete WoW auto-complete code in the Partnership and Invite tabs
  • BUGFIX: Unguilded characters no longer get an error when invited to a guild
  • BUGFIX: Event settings are no longer lost while switching modes (guild event, private event, etc.)
  • BUGFIX: Fixed bug causing "assertion failed" messages when changing event modes

Version 5.0b6 Changes

  • BUGFIX: Character name changes work correctly
  • BUGFIX: New events created on the current date no longer come up disabled
  • BUGFIX: Fixed crashes which sometimes occur while using/viewing the Group tab
  • FEATURE: Bumped .toc to patch 3.2

Version 5.0b5 Changes

  • BUGFIX: Cooldown events are private once again
  • BUGFIX: Cooldown events no longer show a duration
  • BUGFIX: Guild Events show correct status when player isn't signed up
  • BUGFIX: "No" checkbox works correctly on Guild Events
  • BUGFIX: Status options in Group tab are correct for Guild Events

Version 5.0b4 Changes

  • FEATURE: Days with more events than can be shown in the month view show a "more..." message
  • FEATURE: Reminders include the name of your alt if the reminder isn't for the character you're on
  • FEATURE: Default event mode is Guild Event if player has permissions to create guild events
  • FEATURE: Added Moderator Crown UI to Group tab list (while event is not running)
  • FEATURE: Added Moderator item to Group tab player menu
  • BUGFIX: Offline guild members are colored gray in the group tab while the event is running
  • BUGFIX: Player's own guild is no longer listed in the Invite tab for guild-wide events
  • BUGFIX: Editing text fields activates the Apply button without having to tab or click out first
  • BUGFIX: Partnership changes are reflected immediately in the Invite tab
  • BUGFIX: Players can decline their own Guild Events (sets status to "Out", which is the only negative status creators can use)
  • BUGFIX: Edit tab disables its fields when the event is expired
  • BUGFIX: Status displays correctly in the View tab for cached events

Version 5.0b3 Changes

  • FEATURE: Added warning to the Delete confirmation that the event will be removed from all calendars
  • FEATURE: Expired events include a note on the View tab stating they can't be modified
  • BUGFIX: Corrected bug which sometimes caused GC5 to open when Blizzard calendar was desired
  • BUGFIX: Defaults loaded by event type will prevent event title from loading defaults, and vice versa
  • BUGFIX: Yes/No attendance buttons are positioned correctly on long descriptions
  • BUGFIX: Description field has scrollbar
  • BUGFIX: View by/Sort by menu is localizable
  • BUGFIX: Labels in the About tab are localizable

Version 5.0b2 Changes

  • BUGFIX: New event notification no longer throws an error regarding "ShowIcon"
  • BUGFIX: Error is no longer thrown when server takes too long returning class/level info when inviting
  • BUGFIX: Inviting players to a raid after viewing the Group tab no longer throws an error
  • BUGFIX: Added status message while waiting for server to respond to mass invite request
  • BUGFIX: Weekday labels should be correct for calendars which don't start on Sunday

Version 5.0b1 Changes

  • FEATURE: Notification of new events
  • FEATURE: Improved instructions in Parnters tab
  • BUGFIX: Sync'ing with AFK or DND players no longer generates chat spam


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  • #2163

    I'll have to look more into the problem with staying in pending, but the change that was made could cause other serious problems eventually. By not verifying that the database ID is newer, then players who haven't logged in for a while and have an older ID would end up overwriting all those newer changes. Clearly this isn't common since nobody is complaining, but it isn't how it's designed to work.

    I think the problem is that I didn't code the logic correctly to honor any changes from the owner, but only newer changes from proxy players. I'll have to look at it closer, as the same logic is used for both attendance and the event data itself so problems in one are likely in both. Do you know who came up with the initial fix? Even if their fix wasn't exactly right they deserve a lot of credit for narrowing down the point of failure.

    Thanks for the Zul'Aman icon -- where did you get the troll image? I like your icon, but I want to frame it using the same frame that the rest of the icons have. I've generally avoided putting text into the icons as well and would probably remove the ZA letters. I know they help when you don't know what the icon is, but like all those icons in our bags you do learn which colors and patterns represent which dungeons and I'm concerned that using letters might add too much visual clutter.

    I upped the throttle limit to 800 after seeing that ChatThrottleLib operates successfully with a limit of 1,600. That made GC's former limit of 400 seem way too low, so I compromised and upped it to 800. It shouldn't matter much since the new message verification also throttles the output. Additionally, the disconnects were being caused by long event descriptions so increasing the throughput shouldn't have any effect on connection reliability.

    Thanks for your contributions as well :)

  • #2158

    A user submitted "fix" for the "stuck at pending" and event propagation issues that had been submitted long ago.

    It was included in the main distribution by Ryhawk after a few of the users complaining for above issues came back with reports that the "fix" improved situation for them.

    I have no clue why it would (hence the quotes) but for what it's worth it was removing the first clause from the following conditional (line 1363 in CalendarNetwork.lua)
    if (vChanges.ID > pDatabaseID)
    or (vChanges.ID == pDatabaseID
    and vOurRevision >= pRevision) then
    if (vChanges.ID == pDatabaseID
    and vOurRevision >= pRevision) then

    Posting it in case it has some relevance with current state of affairs since that user-submitted change has been reverted in recent 3.4 betas but was present for 3.3.3.

    I see that the MaxSendBytesPerSecond has been upped to 800 again in the current 3.4b5.
    Was that a conscious choice or carry over from an older version merge?

    Zul'Aman is missing an icon in textures.
    If I may submit for inclusion the one I'm using myself :)

    Finally, about requested new features.

    • A change in the attendance counter.
      As it is now it counts total = approved+standby and presents you with a single number, which is less than helpful in many situations.
      Make it something like: total (approved) or approved / total
      17 -> 17(10) or 10/17
    • Role-based signup, instead of Class-based.
      I can definitely understand the demand for it, but my advise would be to brainstorm it some more before jumping in.
      Maybe easiest at this point would be an extra comment field that the RL can pre-select (from dropdown) or type in a "role" note.
      Down the road I think what makes more sense is for the member him/herself to have a dropdown to select his intended "role" on the event signup page where he checks attending/not attending and fills in his comment
      If that was from a pre-defined list you could then offer an alternate listing for the RL to review,
      (in another tab maybe) which should cut down on the coding changes needed a bit and be mostly presentation.

    Many thanks for your continued work on GroupCalendar.

  • #2167

    I'll look at adding that. I was thinking you could just use a generic event and then change it once you know which dungeon it'll be, but there's not really a good generic event anymore since "other" was moved into personal events.

  • #2159

    Would it be possible to add the daily heroic instances as event? This would be really nice.

  • #2164

    No, a few reports of that are just starting to come in. I'm looking into it and hopefully will find out what's wrong soon. Please try an earlier beta to see if that makes any difference -- knowing which beta has the change that caused the bug can help speed up finding it.

  • #2160

    No events being posted are showing up any idea how to fix this thanks...

  • #2193

    ... your right... im sorry, comment made in anger.
    was trying to read the code and analyse some of it and the EoL was just sideways making compares between version hard to make.

  • #2162

    This is my hobby and I do it for free to share with others. Never come to me with a request starting with "for f**ks sake" because I have a very low opinion of people who make requests like that.

  • #2161

    can you fix the EoL coding ? and will you re-encode the files to UTF-8

  • #2168

    v3.4b6d1 Changes

    WARNING: This is a development version of the next beta. This means that it contains a change which is extensive enough and untested enough that I do not recommend it being used by most people. If you're an experienced user, please try it and let me know your experiences with it. If you have been having problems with events not showing up, or if people have trouble signing up for your events then try this build and let me know if it fixes the problem. Once I'm confident that the new code is working correctly I'll release this as just plain v3.4b6 for general testing.

    - Fixed bug which could cause event or attendance updates to be ignored
    - Replaced the Calendar window icon with a functioning copy of the minimap clock
    - Added missing Zul'Aman icon
    - Fixed bug causing tooltips to be shown on dates with no events

    The logic to handle incoming event and attendance updates has had extensive (though contained) changes made. This should fix certain problems with events not showing up or with people not getting processed while signing up for an event. This change has not been tested in a large guild environment though and so should only be used by experienced users or those who're experiencing these specific problems.

  • #2170

    Just keep the one named GroupCalendar and toss out the 3-3-3 one. I don't know why Ryhawk put that in there, but it doesn't seem to be necessary. The 3.4 betas don't have this extra folder.

  • #2169


    The archive is pretty big :) can you tell me which folder I have to keep ?

    Thanks in advance.


  • #2171

    v3.4b6d2 Changes

    Fixed a typo which causes an error whenever an update is received

  • #2213

    well i did as i said and removed the GuildCalendar-3-3-3 folder and its working propperly again now, i can see both attendance and non-attendance again.

  • #2190

    Also try 3.4b6d2 if you can. There was a fix in Outfitter Updated for a longstanding bug with events and attendance not showing up sometimes, but the change made for that fix wasn't appropriate so I didn't include it when I merged Updated into my 3.4 codebase. 3.4b6 does have a similar fix though and should address the problem.

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