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  • Updated 09/03/2012
  • Created 11/21/2007
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About Grouper

I've been having some bad PUGs and some good PUGs but I have not kept track of players in either of them. So I thought, what if there was an add on that let you rate the players in you PUGs? So I did what all programmers do, ignore the web to see if there is one out there and just write their own.

Here is mine called Grouper. Basically it just keeps track of the people in your group and if you spend more than 15 minutes with them it will add the players to your lifetime list. It will also allow you to rate them (1 to 11).

To use it just type /grpr to bring up the panels (you see in the screen shot).

New to 3.0.2: Grouper has just gone trough a massive re-write. Not only for 3.0.2 but all functionality in general.

The biggest change is the Ratings, Listening Ratings, and Notes have been consolidated into one list for all of your characters. So if you have a rogue named Igorina and group with a Priest named Anghammarad, rate Ang as well as give him some notes, you can switch to another character, say Igork a Shamman, you can see those ratings and notes that you entered using Igorina.

The panels are different. On the main panel you will see only the rating and notes. If you want to change how often you see a character speaking in General or Trade, you can access the listening panel from the Listening button on the main panel.

If you click on a line in main you will see the start of the instance panel. This is not completely working yet so I won’t go into explaining it.

There are quite a few options, here is a list of them: -Show chars I've been in a group with (default:true) This will filter out characters you have added with the Add Button or right clicking on their name in the chat window. True will only show you characters you have actually grouped with, false will show you everyone.

-Show only chars for the current char (default:true) This will only show you lines for the character you are currently playing.

-Sum up each instance to only one row -Remove BG players now -Don't add BG players These are not really working so I won’t explain them, but you can get an idea of things I’m thinking of doing.

-Minutes to wait to talk (1) (default:60) -Minutes to wait to talk (2) (default:20) -Minutes to wait to talk (3) (default:5) -Minutes to wait to talk (4) (default:0) These are the minutes between times you will see a character talking in General or Trade. The lower the number the more often you will see them. The default listening rate everyone has is 4 so you probably want to set 4 to 0 minutes to see everything people are saying.

-Minutes before adding char to main list (default:10) The amount of time you have to group with someone before Grouper will add them to the main list. This is to filter out people who join your group and then imediatly leave.

-Minutes before swaping instances (default:20) No really working, there is the start of keeping track of characters in instances.

-Show the debug lines (default:false) Really only for me to debug problems.

Rolled the version number.  Changed the group api to the new group apis

Rolled the version number,

Rolled the version number,

Rolled the version number.

Updated to the 4.0.1 client.
Removed the Add to Grpr right click in the chat window item.
Reset the listening times.  They were all set to 60 in the last pass which was bad.  They are currently hard coded to 60, 10, 5, 0.  I'll keep them that way until the middle of the year and then let them go.


Rolled the version so that it works with patch 3.3

Fixed a bug in the true/false option window

Moved the options to the WOW option tab.  Option button on the main goes to that one.

One the main panel added a click on the player name function which brings up the locations panel.

On the locations panel you can delete a player.

Fixed the into and out of instance logic.  Unfortunatly all the locations of previous players are screwed up, however I have not figured out how to clean up those lines.  So we have to live with it until I think of something cleaver.  

The locations are working.  This keeps track of which instances you have grouped with this char.  
Two options:
--Minutes before adding char to main list
      This option tells grouper how long to be in a group before adding them to your main list.
--Minutes before swaping instances
      This option tells grouper how long you can be outside or inside an instance before changing your location.  For example: You are in Stormwind and enter Stockades.  Once you enter grouper puts anytime into a unknown bucket of time.  If you are in the Stockades longer than this option then the time goes into Stockades, if you leave before this time and stay out of any other instance then the time will go into the World bucket.  This option keeps your time in for an instance even if you release out of the insance and run back in.


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  • #21
    i have 2 suggestions, a status button(as to wither they are on line) and a party/raid invite button
  • #17

    Oh delete, hmm, let me work on that. For Patch 3.3 I'm going to 'try' toget a version out, due to the new Looking For Group stuff.

  • #18
    Are you able to make that rating shows in trade and others (exmpl {3}) can be shown in Whispers as well. Since it will help much more since usually you get whispers much often then just chat.
    Also merging Listening and actual rating should be very easier to handle.
  • #16
    How do a delete players... because there are random players like DPSer that are easy to find that I don't really care for.
  • #15

    Guild Sharing. I'll have to think about that. The next thing on my plate is sharing, but I was thinking one to one sharing. The shared data would appear as another char's input on your main screen.

  • #14
    possibility for guild sharing data?
  • #13

    Hmm, good idea. I will add this to the next version. I can't tell you when the next version will be out but your comment will be in it.

  • #12
    This mod would be perfect for me, if there was a way for it to notify you in an obvious manner (raid warning, pop-up, something) if you join a group/raid with someone rated badly. I cannot find a mod that does this.

    Is that even a possibility?
  • #11
    nvm it works my computer was doing somthing wierd srry
  • #10
    your addon doesnt work it just doesnt download to my computer
  • #9

    The notes are in the current release. Next to the +/- buttons to raise or lower ratings there is an unlabeled small button. Click on this and it will take you to a notes panel. If you have notes on the player the button will change to '!'.

  • #8
    Would like the notes thing too :)
  • #7

    Yes, This mod is being updated. I'm in Beta, and makeing the changes there.

    So major changes are:
    -An option to see only the current chars data.
    -Adding the instances and times in the instances for your PUGs - ish (there is a bug that I may leave in to speed)
    -Consolidation the ignore throttle to all accounts so if you find you only want to listen to someone every 20 minutes you don't have to set them up in every char you have.
    -Working toward shairing your data with other people if you want.


  • #1

    Good idea, but some feedback if I may:

    Manual additions of player entries - I currently use badapples. I would like to be able to convert my badapples list to my grouper list, without manually editing the lua savedvariables. Doesn't need to be an import, but perhaps an 'add player' button.
    Player Notes - I like to know *WHY* I've rated a player poorly or enjoyed grouping with them.

  • #2

    1 more thing, it would be nice to be able to adjust ratings when not grouped with the person. Sometimes, you don't really remember to rate someone until after the nightmare is over.

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