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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 4.2
  • 152,890 Total Downloads
  • Updated 08/06/2011
  • Created 02/20/2008
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: GuildAds 2.7 rev 624

About GuildAds

GuildAds is an all-in-one tool for guilds to share items, see each other's gear, track alts, and more.

Inside a channel, players can

  • chat
  • see which objects are need by others
  • see which objects are offered by others
  • see skills and professions of all players
  • see the reputation of all players
  • inspect (equipment/talents) other player everywhere
  • post articles in the in-game forum

It does NOT send account information : to group player by account, a random id is created.

User manual

see web site :

More in details

Left click on Guildads minimap button to open GuildAds. Make a right click to open the options window.

You can also use hotkey, or the chat command :

  • /guildads toggle
  • /guildads options

ad's owner are show in grey when they are offline.

The trade tab

there is 4 subtab :

  • the need tab shows items need by players.
  • the have tab shows items offer/sell by others players.
  • the craft tab shows items that can be crafted by all players. Hold ALT while mouse-over an item and the craft-tooltip is displayed instead.
  • the "my ads" tab shows your own ads. To add an item shift-click on an item when this frame is opened. It work with your inventory, your bank, vendors, auction house, equipment, inspect window, tradeskills, chat link. It also handles these addons : MyInventory, AllInOneInventory, MyBank, BankItem, BankStatement, Auctioneer, MyBags, OneBag, EngInventory, ItemsMatrix, LootLink.
  • Item tooltip shows who can craft the item.

The skill tab

  • The skills tab shows all crafted items by players. To send this information, you need to open yours profession windows.

The reputation tab

  • This tab shows the reputation of all players, grouped per faction. Players hidden in guild tab are also hidden in reputation tab.

The guild tab

  • This tab shows all players with level, class, race, and guild. Group by account show reroll. Officers (those who can guild-kick) can blacklist players (removes that players information from all databases). Use the command line to whitelist player: /guildads admin allow Playername (replace Playername with the player to whitelist).

The forum tab

  • This tab shows the in-game forum where players can post and reply to post. Unread posts are shown with a larger font, sticky post are shown with a start, locked posts are shown with a gray font and officer posts (only visible to officers) are shown with a red background. Those who can view the officer note can view officer posts and those who can edit officer notes can make officer posts.


  • In guild tab, right click on player name, you will be able to inspect, invite, whisper the selected player. The inspect window shows both equipped items and talent configuration.

The chat channel

If you are in a guild :

  • if the pattern [GA:channelName,password] or [GA:channelName] is found in Guild Info text, you join channelName (with the password if it is set).
  • if the pattern is not found, you join GuildAds<name of your guild without space>.

If you are not in guild, you join GuildAds<your name> channel.

You can can change the default behaviour, in the options window.

 /ga allow to speak on the GuildAds channel as /g or /p

Chat commands

 /guildads : show/hide GuildAds window
 /guildads config : show GuildAds configuration window
 /guildads reset all : erase all GuildAds data, and reset the user interface (you will have "some" lag).
 /guildads reset channel : erase all data about the current channel.
 /guildads debug on : show the debug tab
 /guildads debug off : hide the debug tab
 /guildads debug info : show some debug informations
 /guildads admin show : show the black/white list

Feature Requests

If you have a feature requests, you can see the current list and post a new one here :


And view the list, and submit bugs here :


  • Ian Pieragostini (WantAds) : GuildAds started as a modification of WantAds
  • Sij (Guilded) for chat communication
  • Vincent of Blackhand (Component) for shift-click hook
  • ElPico for enchant support
  • Cloudernia, Graurock and Gobaresch for german translation
  • Chantal@Los Errantes, Simon Calas for spanish translation
  • My guild for the tests
  • Apearse for all feedbacks.
  • Galmok for becoming a member of the project.

Changes since v622:

Fixed: Tradeskill scanning code was using 450 as max profession level. Doesn't seem to matter.

Fixed: GuildAds allow-list was printed in random order. Now prints in alphabetical order.

(LibPeriodicTable updated. Profession view should be slightly more accurate now)

Changes since v621:

Added: Faction "Avengers of Hyjal" added.

Changes since v619:

Fixed: tradeskill link decoding data updated to patch 4.2 data.

Fixed. Updated toc to 40200 (patch 4.2) Fixed: GetItemQualityColor doesn't return "|c" prepended on the hex code for the colour. Readded to GuildAds_GetItemQualityColor.

Changes since v618:

Fixed: A part of the login protocol was mishandled and could cause otherwise working clients to wrongfully and partially disconnect from the channel, halting all GuildAds communication. Fixed: GuildAds chat is sending the messages now, but aren't received correctly (not shown to the user, i.e. the GuildAds chat isn't worth much yet). Only applicable for the guild addon channel.

Changes since v617:

Fixed: ReceivePlayerList was referencing an unknown variable and that caused unresponding players to not being marked offline. This could cause the protocol to halt.


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  • #942
    The latest GuildAds, v579, prints a warning/info upon login explaining to run a command:
    /run GuildAdsTradeSkillDataType:deleteTradeSkillItemLinks()

    For now, it is safe to ignore this warning, but it should be run to clean out old item/enchant links from the profession database. If many items/enchant need to be purged, this command can take quite a while to run and possibly disconnect you. The good part is that only 1 client needs to this command and I suggest to have a player with a fast pc run this command (to minimize the risk of disconnects).

    This warning may pop up again and again due to old databases joining the network. In that case you have to run this command more than once. Eventually this warning will never show itself again.
  • #939
    Program 'WoW.exe' crashes, when the AddOn is active:
    1. I have disabled all except [GuildAds] and [GuildAds Buckup Database](Out of date),
    2. I live only [GuildAds] active,
    the result is same, when i get mouse over item, bam and I’m out

  • #940
    Honestly, I find it very hard to believe that GuildAds is the reason for the crash but I will not reject it completely. But could I ask you to run a memory check of your system?

    Which version of GuildAds did you experience the crash with?
  • #941
    GuildAds 2.6 rev 574, using Curse Client and
    System: Win7 ×64
  • #938
    I forgot to add the new classes. Will fix that "soon". :-P
  • #929
    Regarding patch 4 and GuildAds, there are some changes that need a bit of work, but most of GuildAds still works. What doesn't work is Talent sharing and display (it needs a complete rework) and the skill levels can't be read. I haven't found documentation on the new functions I need to use yet and thus can't fix it yet. There may be other minor bugs but most seems to work fine.
  • #930
    Profession view and the Skills view. The first I want to remove because Blizzard has mostly the same feature for a guild now. The latter I want to remove because I can't find a way to read the data from wow anymore (also it seems weapon skill levels have been removed and profession skill levels kan be read for the whole guild).

    Any comments?
  • #931
    Agree, the Profession and Skills view are in Blizzard's Guild. I think we don't need a duplicate.

    - see which objects are need by others , this is not working well

    Great work you do

    by by
  • #932
    I think some people use GuildAds as a cross-guild tool and in that case, the Profession view still makes sense. But if noone are using this feature (using GuildAds as a cross-guild tool) many changes could be made.

    What is the problem with the Ask/Have system?
  • #933
    I was traying same other addons, didn't work out, and now this function: see which objects are need by others (Ask/Have system),
    is working great again, must be same other addon intermess.

    But Blizzard AddOns interface stil says: 'Out Of Date' !!
    Have to use: 'Load out of date AddOns' for working.

    Nice day
  • #934
    The "out of date" problem is known. I forgot to update the .toc file. It is fixed in SVN but I am waiting for feedback on a library GuildAds is using that is malfunctioning slightly with patch 4.01. Once this is fixed, I'll release a new version.
  • #935
    I have used GuildAds for a cross guild tool in the past, but it just seemed to have too many issues for just one addon. Also, there were a lot of features that we just didn't want to use. One idea I had with this was to break up the addon into multiple addons so we can pick and chose what we do and don't want to use. Really, while I really love this addon and everything it lets me do, it's just too bulky overall for my tastes.

    A big issue with many players was the professions link gathering upon new patches. Since we can now see professions within our own guild, do you think it is possible to "see" the professions of another offline player in another guild by viewing through a player that's online in that guild? Then it's just a matter of communicating that link between players, yes? I may not have any clue what I'm talking about. ;) If it were possible, it would be cleaner to add the option to the existing professions panel.

    And I suppose that's what I mean by breaking it up. That sort of addon wouldn't need anything else from guildads to work.
  • #936
    What issues are that? Everything should be working (except the library to find craftable items and display in the extra tooltip).

    The feature you request is not something directly supported by the GuildAds protocol or general way of working. An addon should be able to do this, though.

    I have thought about making parts of guildads optional, but this requires a relatively large rewrite of the protocol. I am not really fond of that idea. :-/
  • #937
    The only thing not working fine all the time is that the GuildAds channel tends to get spam from the addon that other players can read. It may have been something to do with WIM or something, but I'm not ready to give up WIM, lol.

    But I wasn't really talking about that sort fo an issue, it was just about loading this huge addon up with tons of features to only ever really use a few of them.

    The way I was suggesting to redo the professions was just to make that cleaner perhaps, using less memory. But again, I may have no idea what I'm talking about, lol.

    I understand that you're not really fond of the idea of breaking it up into separate addons or optional parts, but imho, that's the next step to making it more popular.

    Mostly, I just wanted to try to give you some hopefully useful feedback.
  • #919
    I think I could translate GuildAds into Czech, but I need to know which files should I translate. Just localization.lua?
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