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Guild Bounty Hunter

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 122 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.2
  • 15,149 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/15/2014
  • Created 01/10/2010
  • 60 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: Guild Bounty Hunter v3.0.11
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About Guild Bounty Hunter

An addon for managing a guild bank, a guild bounty hunting system and custom guild factions.

NOTE: As of 3.0.5 the Guild Bank Largess addon has been merged into Guild Bounty Hunter so delete your GBL folder!

WARNING: This addon will mercilessly overwrite your guild public and officer notes!

New Feature: Guild Factions

  1. Create up to 5 custom guild factions and automatically track member reputations in their public notes.
  2. Officers can define how players gain and lose reputation with each faction based on guild bank transactions and bounty claims.
  3. Officers can define faction discounts on guild bank and bounty transactions for each reputation level.

New Slash Commands

  1. /gbh scale <scale> (sets the scale of the GBH UI)
  2. /gbh gbimport |<discount>| (imports all guild bank items into the GBH price list with Auctionator AH prices)

Guild Bank Management

  1. Audit guild bank logs and maintain a running balance for each member in their officer note.
  2. Quickly see who is contributing and who is not with the guild bank balance sheet.
  3. Officers can set the value for guild bank items.
  4. Option to import Auctionator prices for all guild bank items.

Bounty Hunting

  1. Place gold bounties on any player or other unit in the game.
  2. Bounty list is automatically synchronized with the guild.
  3. Player kills are tracked by the addon to determine who can claim a bounty.
  4. Bounty claims are automatically awarded by adjusting the player's guild bank balance.
  5. The whole system is backed by WoW gold from the guild bank.
  6. Issue multiple bounties quickly with the Add Bounty UI.
  7. One click option to create bounties on all enemies in a battleground.
  8. Option to split bounty rewards with raid/party groups.
  9. Collect intelligence data on enemy bounty targets with the help of a spy character.

In Development

  • Move the options GUI to it's own panel on the main GBH GUI
  • Create a visual guild bank transaction audit log in it's own panel on the main GBH GUI
  • Create a GUI panel for the spy functions on it's own panel
  • Make the whole reputation system configurable such that it can be disabled if users don't want to use it

version 3.0.11
Updated version string for WoW 5.4.  That's it!!!

version 3.0.10
Updated version string for wow 5.3

version 3.0.9
Fixed the positioning of the faction configuration controls.

version 3.0.8
Fixed the reputation sort buttons and selection menu.

version 3.0.7
Fixed some issues with the item list import.  (/gbh gbimport <discount>)

version 3.0.6
Fixed a LUA error on console UI and reputations not appearing in rep panel.

version 3.0.5
Fixed a bug preventing guild faction configuration syncing.
Remove Guild Bank Largess, go ahead and delete your GBL folder.

version 3.0.4
Fixed a bug causing bounties to be recreated when synched.

version 3.0.3
Fixed a bug preventing claiming split with raid bounties.

version 3.0.2
1. Fixed a bug causing LUA errors when synching bounties with an officer lock.
2. Added an icon indicating officer locked bounties in the bounty list.

version 3.0.1
Fixed problems with bounties not being claimed and other issues related to combat log filtering.

version 3.0.0
Moving all beta features to release.
Warning: guild public notes will be overwritten!

version 2.2.0
1. Update version string.

version 2.2.3b
1. Added apply to menu to guild faction reputation controls.
2. Added inc/dec buttons to rep edit box.
3. GBH HitList frame portrait now indicates the current panel.

version 2.2.2b
1. Added enforcement of the bounty Officer Lock.  Locked bounty updates will not be accepted from anyone of rank index greater than the minimum officer rank.
2. Minimum officer rank index is set with the command: /gbh setminrank <rankindex>.
3. Added help entry for the gbimport slash command.
4. Added help entry for the setminrank slash command.

version 2.2.1b
1. Fixed a bug preventing the intel spy command from working.

version 2.2.0b
1. Guild reputations

version 2.1.9
1. Updated versions string for wow 4.3.

version 2.1.8
1. Fixed a few more bugs causing client crashes.

version 2.1.7
1. Fix for client crash when opening guild bank.

version 2.1.6b
1. Turned off debug info

version 2.1.5b
1. Fixed a bug preventing bounties created simultaneously from being shared with guild mates

version 2.1.4b
1. Registered addon message prefixes fixing all inter client communication problems.

version 2.1.3b
1. Fixed a couple of bugs with splitting bounty claims
2. If Battleground is checked on the Add Bounty GUI nothing is required in the Name field and the Name field is not shown

version 2.1.2b
1. Fixed another bounty claiming bug
2. Added tooltip to bounty list entries

version 2.1.1b
1. Fixed bounty claiming bug

version 2.1.0b
1. New add bounty frame allows placing multiple bounties at a time
2. Option to split bounties with raid members

version 2.0.9b
1. Fixed bug with bounty claims

version 2.0.8b
1. Audits can once again be done with multiple auditors.  The audit data is now stored in the bank tab text so auditors will need guild bank text write permission for at least tab1, as well as officer note write permission.  Guild Information is no longer used for this purpose.  The setting the guild bank cut is a little buggy still.  You can set it manually by changing the 'X' in the bank tab1 text <GBL:C0><X> to the desired cut (0-.9).
2. Changed the icons for bounty states to something hopefully a little more intuitive.

version 2.0.7b
1. Fixed several lua errors.
2. Changed the way auditing works.  Now only the GM can perform audits.  This is because the guild info space is too small to store all the audit data needed to be shared amongst multiple auditors with more than 5 bank tabs.  I am looking into a way of compressing the guild info data so that another release of GBH will again allow multiple auditors.

version 2.0.6b
1. Fixed bug with largess view table sorting.

version 2.0.5b
1. Fixed item largess table sorting bug.
2. Made player largess and Add Bounty button visible on every GBH frame.

version 2.0.4b
1. Added item largess table sync.
2. Fixed several lua errors.

version 2.0.3b
1. Fixed a bug preventing bounty list sync
2. Added tooltips to item largess entries
3. Fixed lua error when clicking on item largess icons

version 2.0.2b
1. Fixed intelligence gathering

version 2.0.1b
New Features
1. GUI for item largess list
2. Fixed item largess delete button

version 1.99.0b
New Features
1. Tracks largess for items now.
2. Item largess value can be set by guild officers
3. Open the GUI by typing /gbh show

version 1.0.2
Bug Fixes
1. Fixed some bad bugs.

version 1.0.1b
Bug Fixes
1. Fixed a bug preventing bounty claims from duel victories.
2. Various lua errors fixed.

version 1.0.0b
New Features
1. GUI frame added to guild roster to view and adjust (requires officer note permissions) member largess.
2. Split all the largess features into a seperate addon called GBL.  GBH uses this as an dependency and will always be packed with it.

Bug Fixes
1. Fixed a bug preventing claiming of NPC bounties.
2. Various lua errors have been fixed.

version 0.9b
New Features
1. To claim a bounty in a battleground you must now deal the killing blow instead of looting the insignia.
2. A bounty can be placed on all enemies in a battleground with the command '/gbh bounty bg <amount>'
3. A bounty can be placed on the targeted unit with the command '/gbh bounty <amount>'
4. Get help with the command '/gbh help'.
5. '/gbh clear' now clears your local bounty list.  Requires NO permissions.
6. '/gbh clear all' clears your local bounty list AND those of all online guild members.  Requires officer note and guild info write permission.
7. GBH can now differentiate between a player and pet as long as the bounty was created on a targeted unit.
8. GBH automatically purges claimed and audited bounties after 1 month, and deleted bounties after 7 days.

version 0.8b
New Features
1. Intelligence gathering on bounty targets.
2. Sort bounty list by any column.
3. A settings button (the little check mark on top right of list frame).
4. Filter bounties listed by faction, status.
5. A broadcast button (the little horn) which displays your bounty list to selected channels.
6. A delete button in the bounty details display which deletes the selected bounty for you and guildmates (must be admin).

Bug Fixes
1. Fixed a bug which may have caused some bounty claims not to be audited.

version 0.7b
New Features
1. Bounty target faction indicator on GUI.
2. Slash commands to set or modify a player's or all players' Largess.

Bug Fixes
1.  Fixed a bug which caused all guild bank transactions to counted even if they were previously audited.
2. Bounty audit info is now shared properly with the rest of the bounty list data.

version 0.6b
New Features
1. Largess audit system (/gbh audit)
2. Largess report for entire guild (/gbh largess report)
2. Bounty details added to GUI

Bug Fixes
1. Bounty lists sync properly when entering world
2. Removed extra debug messages

version 0.5b
1. Added UI frame to Social(O) panel.
2. Bounties may now be claimed via duel victories.
3. Various bug fixes related to bounty list synchronizion.
4. Various bug fixes related Largess accounting.

version 0.4b
1. Cross faction battleground bounties are claimed by taking thier insignias.
2. Largess debits now show up in red while credits and claims remain green.
version 0.3b
1. Added ChatThrottleLib
2. BG bounties not claiming

version 0.2b
Bug Fixes
1. Largess now properly updates on withdrawls
2. Largess is now initialized to zero

version 0.1b
1. place bounties on enemy players
2. bounty list syncronized with guild
3. track player kills and bounties claimed
4. purchase "largess" with guild bank gold deposits
5. use "largess" for placing bounties
6. collect "largess" from claimed bounties
7. redeem "largess" for gold from guild bank
8. print bounty list to various channels (i.e. GUILD, OFFICER, PARTY)


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  • #67

    I am no longer developing or supporting this addon.  If someone would like to take over the project under a new name you are welcome to use some or all of the code.  I would however like to reserve the name "Guild Bounty Hunter" for possible future use should I decide to actively develop the addon again.


  • #66


    I found several bugs:

    -Faction Reputation List does not update, always at 0/3600 Hated.

    -/gbh gbimport <discount> does not work. It only works with 100% of the price, the discount percentage causes the price to be always 80silver and -0 copper.

    -Guild Largess List does not update, only the Largess Counter at the bottom updates.

    -Claiming Bounties does not give Rep for the Bounty Hunter faction

    -Nothing happens when clicking the "audit guild bank" button. "/gbh audit" just says "guild bank audit pending..."

    -If you remove the last Bounty from the list, the information of the last Bounty will stay until you select  a new one. Should be cleared when there are no bounties left.

    -Even guild members who arent officers can add items in price list and edit largess.

    Would be nice, if you could fix this issues. Thanks, great addon.

    Last edited by Taldrios on 4/13/2014 12:07:54 PM
  • #64


    Could you be interested in creating a standalone version, which works only for a single player, to track bounties by kill.

    Also there is a problem with the addon on connected realms due the fact the names are confusing now having -Realmname after them. You should try testing and making a fix for that.

  • #65

    grrr... connected realms.  I think I've got most of the issues with this fixed, but I'm working on a couple more.  I hope to have an update soon.

  • #63


    Guild Bounty Hunter testers!  I cannot effectively test, debug and develop this addon unless I get some testers to join my guild and help me out.  Either that or donate some money so I can open a second WoW account.  Please help support this addon any way you can, I cannot do it alone!

  • #61

    Ok, 3.0.9 fixed all the issues with the reputation GUI.


  • #59

    Fixed all the issues with the reputation GUI panel with 3.0.8. 

  • #48

    How do I get rep to increase for those putting money into the guild?
    Cause I had to stop all the adjustments to the reps due to the fact every time I opened the guild bank I lost 10 rep......

  • #50

    There seems to be a bug which prevents the faction configuration data from being shared with the rest of the guild.  I'll fix this ASAP.

    Last edited by Azinath on 4/30/2013 10:35:36 AM
  • #55

    I introduced a different bug with 3.0.5 which I'll be fixing hopefully tonight so you may want to wait on that.  The bug prevents the rep data from being displayed untl you select a faction.  So there's a workaround, but it's kind of annoying.

  • #54

    So guess I should get the rest of my guild to get this add-on then....

  • #53

    Fixed in version 3.0.5.

  • #49

    There are some settings which you get to from the little paper icon on the reputation panel.

    Last edited by Azinath on 5/13/2013 11:44:13 AM
  • #47

    How do I get rid of this? Simply removing it does not allow me to rewrite my officer and public notes after we decided this wasn't what we wanted.

  • #51

    I assume you're looking for an automated method of changing your public/officer notes.  I'll post a macro here when I find the time.

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