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Guild Bounty Hunter

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 166 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.0
  • 18,993 Total Downloads
  • Updated 06/24/2015
  • Created 01/10/2010
  • 62 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: Guild Bounty Hunter v3.1.14
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About Guild Bounty Hunter

An addon for managing a guild bank, a guild bounty hunting system and custom guild factions.

WARNING: This addon will mercilessly overwrite your guild public and officer notes!

Bounty Hunting

  1. Place gold bounties on any player or other unit in the game.
  2. Bounty list is automatically synchronized with the guild.
  3. Player kills are tracked by the addon to determine who can claim a bounty.
  4. Bounty claims are automatically awarded by adjusting the player's guild bank balance.
  5. The whole system is backed by WoW gold from the guild bank.
  6. Issue multiple bounties quickly with the Add Bounty UI.
  7. One click option to create bounties on all enemies in a battleground.
  8. Option to split bounty rewards with raid/party groups.
  9. Collect intelligence data on enemy bounty targets with the help of a spy character.

Guild Bank Management

  1. Audit guild bank logs and maintain a running balance for each member in their officer note.
  2. Quickly see who is contributing and who is not with the guild bank balance sheet.
  3. Officers can set the value for guild bank items.
  4. Option to import Auctionator prices for all guild bank items.

Guild Factions

  1. Create up to 5 custom guild factions and automatically track member reputations in their public notes.
  2. Officers can define how players gain and lose reputation with each faction based on guild bank transactions and bounty claims.
  3. Officers can define faction discounts on guild bank and bounty transactions for each reputation level.

In Development

  • Move the options GUI to it's own panel on the main GBH GUI
  • Create a visual guild bank transaction audit log in it's own panel on the main GBH GUI
  • Create a GUI panel for the spy functions on it's own panel
  • Make the whole reputation system configurable such that it can be disabled if users don't want to use it

version 3.1.14
Fixed a bug preventing the deletion of guild bank item prices.
Moved GBH config to it's own panel when you click the gear icon.

version 3.1.13
Added slash commands for saving guild officer and public notes.
Type /gbh onotes for help on saving officer notes, which store guild member bank balances.
Type /gbh pnotes for help on saving public notes, which store guild member reputations.
Added bounty target guild to tooltip in bounty list.
Cleaned up the bounty details labels so they don't overlap other labels.
Updated the bounty list icon.

version 3.1.12
Cleaned up the guild bank audit text output to make it more useful.  
Updated the command line help.

version 3.1.11
Fixed intermittent client crash when opening guild bank.

version 3.1.10
Fixed a bug causing reputations to be mismatched when auditing bounties.

version 3.1.9
Update ChatthrottleLib to latest version.  Added item links to /gbh audit list command output.

version 3.1.8
Fixed a bug preventing bounties from being claimed.  Updated the format of the bounties claimed and placed text in /g.  Fixed LUA errors caused when auditing old style bounties from before realm merges.

version 3.1.7
Fixed some problems that may occur when audits are performed before all guild bank text tabs have been updated.  Fixed some LUA errors generated by these audits.  Cleaned up the /gbh audit list command output.

version 3.1.6
Fixed some lua errors when sorting reputations with new guild members.

version 3.1.5
Audited bank transactions are now saved to a local character variable.  /gbh audit list command will list these.  /gbh audit clear will delete the transaction list.

version 3.1.4
Fixed a major bug where sorting the guild reputation list would cause member largess values to switch.

version 3.1.3
Fixed a bug causing lua errors when doing audits while Auctionator is installed but not enabled.  Added the command /gbh users.  This  command pings all members of the guild who will reply with their version number if they are running this version of GBH or later.

version 3.1.2
Fixed some bugs relating to audits of multiple money transactions of the same type by players on the same realm.  Created a custom function to determine if a unit in my build as blizzards does not seem to be working.  This should resolve multiple issues with bounty splitting and faction rep auditing.

version 3.1.1
Fixed some bugs with bounty claims and audits.

version 3.1.0
Fixed some issues with cross realm guild members and audits

version 3.0.11
Updated version string for WoW 5.4.  That's it!!!

version 3.0.10
Updated version string for wow 5.3

version 3.0.9
Fixed the positioning of the faction configuration controls.

version 3.0.8
Fixed the reputation sort buttons and selection menu.

version 3.0.7
Fixed some issues with the item list import.  (/gbh gbimport <discount>)

version 3.0.6
Fixed a LUA error on console UI and reputations not appearing in rep panel.

version 3.0.5
Fixed a bug preventing guild faction configuration syncing.
Remove Guild Bank Largess, go ahead and delete your GBL folder.

version 3.0.4
Fixed a bug causing bounties to be recreated when synched.

version 3.0.3
Fixed a bug preventing claiming split with raid bounties.

version 3.0.2
1. Fixed a bug causing LUA errors when synching bounties with an officer lock.
2. Added an icon indicating officer locked bounties in the bounty list.

version 3.0.1
Fixed problems with bounties not being claimed and other issues related to combat log filtering.

version 3.0.0
Moving all beta features to release.
Warning: guild public notes will be overwritten!


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  • #83

    Version 3.1.11 should fix the intermittent client crash when opening the guild bank.  Let me know if anyone still encounters this problem.  Thanks!

  • #80

    Is there a way to use the Guild Bounty Hunting system without using the guld bank management and factions?

  • #81

    Sort of, if you do an audit with the guild bank closed, only the bounties will be audited.  I'm working on making the addon more configurable in future releases, things like storing member balances and reputation to local variables and not using any guild notes.

    Thanks for your input.

    Last edited by Azinath on 3/10/2015 2:35:04 PM
  • #82

    Thanks for the fast reply!

    I'm in a world PvP guild and I was think about how I could spice things up and make people get out of their Garrison but I don't want to confuse them with guild factions and guild bank item prices, so I was think something like a Guild Bounty Hunter stand-alone version.

  • #79

    Version 3.1.8 fixes a bug preventing the claiming of bounties.

  • #78

    Version 3.1.7 fixed some major bugs that can cause inaccurate audits when guild bank tab info text is not updated before an audit.  I recommend all update to this version immediately.  If you are having issues with a bank tab audit not finding transactions, try deleteing the guild bank tab info text, saving it and doing the audit again.

    I also cleaned up the output from the /gbh audit list command.  I will be focusing on this feature in future released so check back soon for updates.

  • #76

    This would be a great add on if it did not overwrite the guild notes so bad.

  • #77

    I'm actually working on some options which would allow a single character (or account) to track all this stuff.  The upside is that it would free up the guild notes, the down side would be that all the data is stored by a single player.  But overall, options would be better.  It sounds like you would agree :)

  • #74

    Is there a way to limit bounty placing to only officers?

  • #75

    Not at this time.  However officers can delete others bounties individually with the little red button near the bottom right hand side, or enmasse with the command /gbh clear all.

  • #73

    NB: Everyone should update to 3.1.4 immediately.  I fixed a major bug which caused member largess values to change when the guild reputation list is sorted.

    Also please note that the guild bank text and logs are updating rather slowly.  For accurate audits you must wait until you see the text appear in the bank tab info section.  This stores the last audited log item and if you audit before this populates you could count items twice.  I am working on a fix for this.

    I am also working on an audit history panel which will save all guild bank transactions to a local log of unlimited size.

  • #70

    There's a bug preventing the claiming of bounties.  I should have fix for this tonight.

  • #71

    Fixed in v3.1.1

  • #69

    Uploaded v3.1.0.  This fixes many cross realm guild issues.  You will have to delete GBH.lua, GBH.lua.bak, GBL.lua, GBL.lua.bak from your characters' C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\WTF folder.

  • #68

    Well Warlords sucked me back in.  I'll be picking up where I left off wth this addon.  Look for updates soon!  Report any bugs you find and I'll fix them as soon as I can. 

    I am in need of real-time testers.  If you want to help out with this then join my guild <Dragon Moon Clan> on Lightninghoof [A] or donate some $$ so I can activate a second account! 

    Thanks for your support!

    Last edited by Azinath on 1/7/2015 2:58:52 PM
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