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  • Updated 09/02/2012
  • Created 02/18/2011
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  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: GuildKicker 1.2

About Guild Kicker

0 Introduction

Guild Kicker is precisely what the name suggests, a guild kicker. It removes members from your guild based on criteria you set. You can kick people based on number of days offline (1-365) or level, or both. You can also apply exemptions to alts, or certain ranks.

1 Installation

1. If World of Warcraft is open exit the program. 2. Copy the GuildKicker Folder (NOT ZIP FILE) to the add-on’s directory of your World of Warcraft Directory. (See your World of Warcraft documentation if you don't know where that is) 3. Start World of Warcraft and login. 4. Once you reach the character selection screen make sure that "Guild Kicker" is loaded. 5. Finish reading this documentation. 6. Enjoy your new AddOn

2 Features & Usage

2.1 Kick by Inactivity

Guild Kicker will kick members that have been offline for a number of days based on a criteria that you set. This criteria can be from 1 to 365 days. All guild members that have been offline for that many days and MORE will be kicked unless exempt. (see below)

2.2 Kick by Level

Guild Kicker will kick members that are below a certain level based on criteria that you set. This criteria can be from level 1 to 85. All guild members that are at or BELOW the level set will be kicked unless exempt. (see below)

2.3 Kick by Both

If selected Guild Kicker will kick members that meet BOTH level and inactivity criteria that you set. Which means they need to be a low enough level AND offline for a long enough period before they are kicked.

2.4 Exemption by Rank

Guild members will be saved from kicking if they are of a rank that you have set to be exempt. Guild leaders are automatically exempt, as well as ranks equal to or greater then your own.

2.5 Exemption by Alt

Guild members will be saved from kicking if they have the word "alt" in either their public or officer note, should you have selected the "Alts Exempt?" option. (e.g. "Yottabyte's Alt" will be saved from kicking. "Yottabyte's DK" will not be saved from kicking.)

2.6 Exemption by Either

If rank and alt exemptions are used, Guild Kicker will NOT kick members that meet either exemption criteria. Which means they do NOT NEED TO REACH BOTH to be saved from kicking.

2.7 Confirmation Dialog

After initiating a kick, you will be met with a Confirmation dialog that will tell you how many guild members will be kicked should you confirm your selection. Also a list the members in question will be listed so that you can review it to see if you have made a mistake or wish to change your settings.

3 Legal

This add-on is provided free of charge and distributed as-is. There are no guarantees either written or implied to the quality of workmanship, usefulness, functionality or the like. As such this add-ons maker is NOT responsible for any damage this add-on may or may not do to you or your property through use, possession, or modification of the code.

1.2: Toc Update for 5.0.4 1.1: toc update for 4.3 1.0: Addon Released


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