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  • Supports: 5.4.0
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  • Updated 01/23/2014
  • Created 09/23/2007
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: V 8.1.5
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About Guild2Guild

I am still working on a fix, but it isn't looking good. Sorry.

Enables full functioning communication between 2 or more guilds.

As long as 1 user per guild is online, with Guild2Guild set up and on, then all members of both guilds will be able to share Guild Chat.
However it is advised to have many guild members install it. The more users the more stable Guild2Guild is.

Members without Guild2Guild installed will still see shared chat but will see the name of the g2g relay toon as well as the name of whoever is speaking, ie: "[Jaxom][Fred]: This is normal!"

For example, guild chat from guild A will appear in guild B's guild chat, and vice-versa.

Error Reporting


Thank You


  • Interface options - Shows All Allied Guilds, Current Relay Channel and Current connections.
  • Interface options menu
  • Interface page 2 - New Easy Setup
  • Information page 3 - how G2G works.
  • You can enable either guild chat, officer chat, or both.
  • Allows item linking
  • Completely secure since the transmission channel is via in game whispers. The public channel that you set is used for cross guild synchronization only
  • You can set the add-on to be even more secure by limiting the guilds that you will accept relays from (in case someone with the addon has characters in multiple guilds) (Gui coming soon)
  • Forwards messages that other addons send to the guild addon channel
  • More than two people from either guild can have the add-on running at once, in fact its encouraged to have multiple characters with the addon for stability.
  • Everyone with the addon will see the guild chat as though it came directly from the person that sent the message. Clicking on their name will have all the same functionality as the regular WOW UI.
  • If you do not have the addon installed you will see [Name 1][Name 2], 1 = the current link to your guild, 2 = the person sending the message.
  • Version 8.0.7 introduced a new feature - If there are NO Allied Guilds listed in the "Guild Info Text" and you are not the Guild Leader then Guild2Guild will Shut-Down.
  • This has been added to ensure that Guild2Guild cannot, under any circumstances, randomly connect to other guilds.


To use Guild2Guild, just download and install like any other addon.
You do not have to do anything, if your Guild Master has set-up Guild2Guild.

Just type (if needed)

  • /g2g on

You should now be ready for intra-guild communications!

Guild Leaders

You MUST limit the guilds that you can connect to using a white list of Allied Guilds, and automatically set
the channel and password by useing the new Setup tab in the addons Interface menu

All connected Guilds must use the same Channel and Password.

You can limit which guilds connect to you by entering the guild names into Allies and saving.
This allows multiple connections from different guilds. IE: Your guild has 3 connections and one of your connections has 5 connections. You will only see Chat from the 3 guilds you connect to.

Easy Setup

  • Channel is the name of the channel you want guild2guild to use to coordinate relays and must start with a capital letter.
  • Password is the password for that channel.
  • Guild1 and Guild2 are the names of two or more guilds that you would like to allow to connect to this one. (Guild names are Case Sensitive)
  • There must be a coma between each Guild Name but no spaces.
  • You must save Channel, Password and Allies and then RELOAD before you Press "Write to Guild Info".
  • Important Note: If you have any Information in Guild Info, it will be overwritten automatically. I suggest saving the Information and put it back below the code line after setup.
  • Code Line Example: <G2G;C:Fredschannel;P:Flinstone;A:Death to the king,Lushness,Dire Dawn Raiders;>
  • Guild to Guild will automatically promote people that are allowed to speak in the officer channel to relays. This is so that the officer chat can be relayed as well.

Known Issues


Summary of in-game help commands

To view the usage of Guild2Guild:

  • /g2g help

To turn this addon on or off:

  • /g2g [on|off]

To turn guild chat on or off:

  • /g2g gchat [on|off]

To turn officer chat on or off:

  • /g2g ochat [on|off]

    To turn relay change notification on or off:
  • /g2g relaynotify [on|off]

To set or change the hidden synchronization channel used by this addon:

  • /g2g channel [MY_CHANNEL]

To view your settings:

  • /g2g report

(ADVANCED: If something really strange happens you can type /g2g stackdump which will take a
snapshot of the last few minutes of guild2guild activity. If you mail me your guild2guild saved
variables file when you log out then I will be better able to debug what went wrong.)


A brief History of Guild2Guild -
To the few very dedicated people that have maintained G2G in chronological responsibility:

  • Original Author - Elviso of Mug'Thol
  • Modified by - Tassleoff
  • Previous Manager/Author - Durthos of Proudmoore
  • Update Author - Alvana of Zul'jin
  • Current Manager/Author - Jaxom of Hellfire

Important Note

Guild 2 Guild will not allow you to connect to another guild if you are not in a guild.
I will not change this and any person attempting to change the code of the addon should be aware that ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED.

It is against the T&C's of Blizz entertainment for any addon to allow communication between Alliance and Horde.
Guild2Guild will not allow, under any circumstances, an alliance guild and a horde guild to communicate.

Tagging as 8.1.5 TOC update for 5.4
Prep for V 8.1.6 with new functions and Easy set up.

Tagging as 8.1.4d TOC update for 5.3

Tagging as 8.1.4c replave missing image file.

Tagging as 8.1.4b TOC update for 5.2

Tagging as 8.1.6 Alpha r1

Introduction of LDB Guild Roster, it may repeat your guild roster but with right guilds separated.

Updated all Libraries, this may cause a compatibility error.

Tagging as 8.1.5 Beta r4

Change to SetText to stop non officers versions not loading correctly.

Tagging as 8.1.5 Beta r3

New simple set up system is ready for trial.

Tagging as 8.1.4 for Pandera v 5.1.0

Tagging as 8.1.5 for Pandera alpha r1
Online display working with LDB
Introduction of new set up panel.

Tagging as 8.1.4 for Pandera

Tagging as 8.1.4 Alpha r17

Changes to Guild Leader Input screen, still buggy, but getting closer

still in 3rd phase of LDB Data Source to show online guild members in allied guilds
now shows guilds correctly but still repeating 1st relays guild roster

Tagging as 8.1.4 Alpha r14

Changes to Guild Leader Input screen, still buggy

still in 3rd phase of LDB Data Source to show online guild members in allied guilds
now shows links correctly but still repeating 1st relays guild info

Tagging as 8.1.3 r4.3

Updated TOC for 4.3

Tagging as 8.1.4 Alpha r8

fixed problem with interface

3rd phase of LDB Data Source to show online guild members in allied guilds


Tagging as 8.1.4 Alpha r7

2nd phase of LDB Data Source to show online guild members in allied guilds


Tagging as 8.1.3 Release

All bugs fixed
LDB launcher working

Tagging as 8.1.4 Alpha r2

Introduction phase of LDB Data Source to show online guild members in allied guilds


Tagging as 8.1.4 Alpha r1

Introduction phase of LDB Data Source to show online guild members in allied guilds


Tagging as 8.1.3 (Beta) r 3

LDB now functioning correctly as base launcher

Tagging as 8.1.3 (Beta) r 1
removed About panel
LDB moved to own function
all base functions working
all bugs fixed


Tagging as 8.1.2 (BETA) r9
more minor bug fixes on LDB
Think I got it this time :)

Macs seem to be having a problem - I am looking into it
Tagging as 8.1.2 (BETA) r8

Minor bug fixes on LDB
Interface panel now working again, sorry about that :(
Mini map icon fixed
New guild setup for Guild Leaders under construction
Tagging as 8.1.2 (BETA) r5

some minor bug fixes
new data entry under construction
Tagging as 8.1.1 (BETA) r4

New Minimap button
Minor bug fix

Tagging as 8.1.1 (BETA)

Supports for 4.1 (TOC 41000)
Minor bug fixes.


Tagging as 8.0.8 b

Minimap and LDB now functioning correctly

Stage 1 of GuildInfoText entry code changes

Tagging as 8.0.8 a

2 unexpected errors on mini map icon fixed (I hope)


Tagging as 8.0.8

Updated libraries


Tagging as 8.0.9 r8

Guild2Guild Roster panel development test.
another Bug Down :)


Tagging as 8.0.9 r7

Another bug down :)

Tagging as 8.0.9 r6

Solved layout problems in Interface panel.
Check Buttons now show correct state. (except minimap)

Tagging as 8.0.9 r4

Setup interface menu stage 2 - Setup page - now only available to Guild leaders and officers with Edit guild info text priviliges

Roster Tab on guild frame


Tagging as V 8.0.9 Alpha

Guild Frame tabs for roster
Setup Interface Menu stage 1
Roster Frame stage 1
Slidebar Error Fixed

Don't ask about 8.0.8  :)

Tagging as V 8.0.7a

Fixed problem with GUI call which was causing an incompatibility error with Gatherer GUI.

Fixed error in Set-up Panel

Tagging as V8.0.7

GUI Functioning.
New feature that will not allow G2G to randomly connect to guilds using it.


Tagging as V8.0.6e Beta

Guild chat on/off working correctly
new layout for set-up page
added new Allied guild feature - G2G will shut-down if NO Allied Guilds are found in the "Guild Info Text" file.


Tagging as V8.0.6d Beta

Interface options panel functions now working.
Interface page 1 Shows current allied guilds, Channel and Connections
Check boxes for main functions


Tagging as V8.0.6c

More functions in GUI Operational
Allied Guilds
All now show on GUI page 1

Tagging as V8.0.6a alpha

Interface options panel Gui more functions operational.
Changes to initial layout.


Tagging as V8.0.6 alpha

Interface options panel Gui and Ldb Integration.

r14 | jaxomuk | 2010-11-11 16:06:52 +0000 (Tue, 26 Oct 2010) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   Fixed Achievement error.

Please delete all Guild2Guild saved variables, this is per character as G2G saves it's variables on a per character basis
Blizz have changed the GUID sequence for all NPC's and Players - your current saved variables contain incorrect GUID' information.

Tagging as v8.0.4

r14 | jaxomuk | 2010-10-26 19:17:52 +0000 (Tue, 26 Oct 2010) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/v8.0.2 (from /trunk:13)

Tagging as v8.0.2
r7 | jaxomuk | 2010-10-26 18:25:55 +0000 (Tue, 26 Oct 2010) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/DefaultConfiguration.lua
   M /trunk/Guild2Guild.lua
   M /trunk/Guild2Guild.toc
   M /trunk/readme.txt

Alpha r3
r2 | jaxomuk | 2010-10-25 19:12:15 +0000 (Mon, 25 Oct 2010) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   A /trunk/ChatThrottleLib
   A /trunk/ChatThrottleLib/ChatThrottleLib.lua
   A /trunk/ChatThrottleLib/ChatThrottleLib.toc
   A /trunk/ChatThrottleLib/ChatThrottleLib.xml
   A /trunk/ChatThrottleLib/ChatThrottleStats.lua
   A /trunk/ChatThrottleLib/README.txt
   A /trunk/DefaultConfiguration.lua
   A /trunk/Guild2Guild.lua
   A /trunk/Guild2Guild.toc
   A /trunk/Guild2Guild.xml
   A /trunk/readme.txt

Update to bring svn packager online
r1 | root | 2009-06-30 21:58:05 +0000 (Tue, 30 Jun 2009) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /branches
   A /tags
   A /trunk

"guild2guild/mainline: Initial Import"


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  • #41
    Blizz are making coding changes to the chat handler system and we are still in beta stage, if you are using the release version it will have connection errors. Please use the beta version revision 9.
  • #38
    I have this setup and configured in two guilds.

    I can see the guild chat from Guild A while logged into a character in Guild B but they don't see anything I type in guild chat. Any ideas?
  • #39
    scratch that, it just started working after I made this post... strange
  • #36
    Guild Leaders
    You MUST limit the guilds that you can connect to using a white list of Allied Guilds, and automatically set the channel and password by adding a string like: (below) to your guild information (through the guild options menu).

  • #35
    Ok one answer to all questions:
    1.) Current beta minimap buttons and LDB all working properly
    2.) Officers channel is automatic based on your guilds setting for officer chat, there is not a separate channel.
    3) The addon will not allow individual players to link by themselves. Might look at the idea when I'm bored.
    4.) The Guild Leaders entry screen in the Interface is still under construction and is therefore turned off - That's why when you hit the Save button the chat frame says "This Button doesn't work yet"

    5.) IT IS AGAINST WOW T&C's to have an addon that allows communication between horde and alliance and I WILL NEVER CODE IT TO DO THAT!!!!!
  • #34
    We also have a main guild with some alts in different guilds. The other guilds do not wish to communicate with eachother, but it would be nice if we could add individual characters to the list, or have the option to disable guild chat rebroadcasts. This way the other guild wont be bombarded with chat they do not want.

    It would also be nice to add the guild name after the character's name, so we can identify which character is in which guild.
  • #37
    adding guild name is on my to do list, probably an LDB data source.
  • #33
    Hello all, How does one go about setting up an Officers channel for G2G Guilds?
  • #32

    I'm looking for an addon that doesn't connect two guilds completely, but... we have some members in our guild that have twinks in other guilds and miss the contact to our guild (but even to the other guild). We have no relationship to the other guild as an entire guild but to single members.

    Does you addon work in this case?

  • #30
    I am the GM on all the guilds I am trying to add. I have tried using the string several times, and several ways. I cannot get guilds to add. I was able to set up the password; as well as the channel, but can not get Allied Guilds listed. The sample string is confusing, is there any easy way to add allied guilds?
  • #31
    it is in development for an easier way, entry screen hit save, while that is still being worked on, u should add

    to the Guild Info box on the guild tab
  • #28
    Does anyone have a fix for the mini-map icon not hiding permanently? I hate having my mini-map cluttered with icons and having to hide it every single time I load the game is making me crazy! :D
  • #29
    was working fine, will look into it.
  • #26
    Is this addon in working condition? I keep getting LUA errors left and right...
  • #27
    do to patch, I am working on any errors
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