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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.1.0
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  • Updated 02/25/2015
  • Created 03/23/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: GupPet-610.01

About GupPet

What is GupPet:

GupPet is an add-on that gives an extension for mounting and calling critters. By a single click it mounts a ground, swimming or fly mount depending on the players location. Because most players have plenty of mounts and companions, and you probably like more than one, the add-on can randomly select mounts/companions depending on the selections in the option menu.

Basic Features:

  • Randomly selects a mount / companion location dependent.
  • Class support for Druids , Shamans and Mages
  • Automatically summons a companion
  • 3d model preview
  • Buttonfacade support
  • And many more !

In game usage:

There are 3 types of controls.

  • Action buttons (Adds buttons and are move, hide ,scale and Changeable .)
  • Key Binds
  • Slash Commands

How it works:

GupPet uses a small database to split the mounts that the player currently has learned. The splitting is based on type (ground, swimming or fly) and speed. When using the auto mount function the add-on will always try to select the fastest possible option, but if you can fly in an area the add-on select the flyable over the ground type. If your are swimming the aquatic will be selected above the other two types.

For the critters GupPet uses a small database to detect if a critter uses a type of reagent to call it, for some types you need a snowball. The add-on detects if you have that reagent with you and if not, the add-on won't select that type of critter.

Language support:

The languages that are currently supported are English , German ( Tnx to Farook at Curse) , Spanish ( Tnx to StiviS at Curse ) and Russian ( Tnx to StingerSoft at WowInterface.) With the none-supported languages the zone detection is not supported and therefore forces the two mount action buttons.


The start command is '/GP' or '/GupPet'. ( The mounting slash commands don't support abilities with spells )

Known Issues:

  • If you or a patch clears your WoW Cache folder, you may experience an invalid list of mounts or a failure to select some mounts for your first login after the cache was cleared. Try logging out and then back in.

Delete Saved Variables if you update from MoP version.
V 610.01
- Added 6.1 mounts

V 603.07
- Fix lags when jump out of water

V 603.06

- Detection Draenor as not flyable zone

V 603.05

- Added esMX support, thanks to cancerberus
- Fixed using Cheetah instead of dismounting

V 602.04

- No more tries to summon engineering and tailoring mounts if you don't have enough prof skill

V 602.03

- Running Wild must work for worgen-druids

V 602.02

- Fixed flight form for druids with Glyph of the Stag
- Added Levitate option for priests
- Added Aspect of the Cheetah option for hunters
- Added Running Wild option for worgens

V 602.01

- Fixed for Draenor
- Updated Data
- Known issues: can try to use unusable profession mount

Rest of the change log is found in the ChangeLog.txt


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  • #749

    Since the update apparently Guppet goes in conflict with Blizz UI. to be more specific, when I try to put glimphs on my chars, I got an error message asking me to disable Guppet


  • #752

    Yes Blizzards UI is conflicting .. but I tried to find out wat is doing it ... but unlucky so far

  • #760

    I've had it bitching about all kinds of things. Says it's guppet, I disable it, then it's move anything. Disable that and then it's volumizer. None of which have anything to do with talents or glyphs, so I think it's just blaming it on whatever addon last did anything at all.

  • #757

    This discussion might help.  It's regarding the same/similar issue in another addon:


    "Yeah, I've definitely seen taintLog errors since 5.0 that mention a tainted global _ when getting a Glyph UI action blocked error. Making sure all your _ variables are local seems to have become even more necessary now."


  • #751

    Also reporting the Blizzard UI conflict (glyph left-right click).Happens with a couple more addons,Gup is one of them.

    After a /reloadui (without disabling anything) the addon that triggers the error seems to randomly change.

  • #747

    I'm trying this addon (was using to GoGoMount before).

    Apparently, when pressing the "random mount" button, the game sometimes tries to cast a forbidden mount, like a flying carpet when he's no tailor for example, resulting in a "you can't use that mount" error.

    Is it possible to auto-exclude mounts a character can't use ?

  • #748

    A few minutes of set up for this addon is worth it.  Just exclude them yourself.  :) 

    I don't know if will be possible for them to auto-exclude them though, as they actually show as castable until you go to cast them and it says you can't.

  • #745

    Does not presently detect BoA pets/mounts that are "sent" from other characters. This is a minor issue. The pets/mounts that this character earned directly work fine for me, as noted below.

    Yet, I think it should be fixed.

    Last edited by buranburan on 9/2/2012 11:13:52 PM
  • #744

    Love the addon and so glad it got updated. Couple of druid specific issues I noticed:

    Mookin can ride mounts now so it'd be awesome if Moonkin form could be added as an exception to cancelling shapeshifting.

    Use Travel form while moving doesn't seem to be working.


  • #742

    Any chance you could eventually add "passenger mount" functionality?  The RandomCompanion addon has it (so you could check out how they coded it) but while it's a nice addon, I prefer yours. :)

    Thanks for keeping GupPet alive!

    Last edited by kittykatmax on 8/30/2012 4:21:50 PM
  • #740

    Just downloaded the update for 5.0.4. Cannot summon any companions. Says I don't have any when I have a lot. There is a note in the Auto Call that says (((Broken)). Is this a known issue and will it be fixed. Mounts work fine though.

  • #741

    Ye calling companion will be fixed soon .. blizzard changed some parts there

  • #737

    First patch for the new version is pending now .. will implement some more fixes later

  • #743

    Thank you so much for updating this!  I was starting to worry I'd have to find another mount randomizer. Please take your time to work out any kinks the new system puts you through; most of your users are just thankful to know it's still being worked on! :)

  • #738

    One quick thing:

    • Obsidian Nightwing does not exist (ID 121820).

    Thank you for the updates!

    Last edited by Taralas on 8/30/2012 3:11:43 PM
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