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  • Supports: 6.2.3
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  • Updated 12/24/2015
  • Created 03/23/2009
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About GupPet

What is GupPet:

GupPet is an add-on that gives an extension for mounting and calling critters. By a single click it mounts a ground, swimming or fly mount depending on the players location. Because most players have plenty of mounts and companions, and you probably like more than one, the add-on can randomly select mounts/companions depending on the selections in the option menu.

Basic Features:

  • Randomly selects a mount / companion location dependent.
  • Class support for Druids , Shamans and Mages
  • Automatically summons a companion
  • 3d model preview
  • Masque support
  • And many more !

In game usage:

There are 3 types of controls.

  • Action buttons (Adds buttons and are move, hide ,scale and Changeable .)
  • Key Binds
  • Slash Commands

How it works:

GupPet uses a small database to split the mounts that the player currently has learned. The splitting is based on type (ground, swimming or fly) and speed. When using the auto mount function the add-on will always try to select the fastest possible option, but if you can fly in an area the add-on select the flyable over the ground type. If your are swimming the aquatic will be selected above the other two types.

For the critters GupPet uses a small database to detect if a critter uses a type of reagent to call it, for some types you need a snowball. The add-on detects if you have that reagent with you and if not, the add-on won't select that type of critter.

Language support:

The languages that are currently supported are English , German ( Tnx to Farook at Curse) , Spanish ( Tnx to StiviS at Curse ) and Russian ( Tnx to StingerSoft at WowInterface.) Also esMX ( Tnx to cancerberus at Curse ). With the none-supported languages the zone detection is not supported and therefore forces the two mount action buttons.


The start command is '/GP' or '/GupPet'. ( The mounting slash commands don't support abilities with spells )

Known Issues:

  • If you or a patch clears your WoW Cache folder, you may experience an invalid list of mounts or a failure to select some mounts for your first login after the cache was cleared. Try logging out and then back in.

Delete Saved Variables if you update from MoP or earlier version.

  • Auto Summon Chauffeur for lowlvl chars without riding skill
  • Update localization to esES and esMX by Kancerberus-Drakkari

  • Grove Warden flies

  • Added Infinite Timereaver
  • Other mount DB fixes: added missing Feldrake, Grinning Reaver as a ground, Illidari Felstalker doesn't fly :(

  • Some corrections for italian translation (Thanks to runtime13)

  • Fixed Button's icons selection
  • Italian translation (Thanks to runtime13)
  • Small fix for Help tab on nonlatin locale

  • Fix stupid lua error :(

  • Masque Support!

  • Ashran fix (not flyable zone)

  • Draenor Flying support
  • 6.2.2 mounts

  • Update TOC
  • Added 6.2 mounts
  • Not canceling Moonkin form when mounting
  • Mage's Slowfall cancels Nitroboost (no more crashes!)

  • Added 6.1 mounts

  • Fix lags when jump out of water

  • Detection Draenor as not flyable zone

  • Added esMX support, thanks to cancerberus
  • Fixed using Cheetah instead of dismounting

  • No more tries to summon engineering and tailoring mounts if you don't have enough prof skill

  • Running Wild must work for worgen*druids

  • Fixed flight form for druids with Glyph of the Stag
  • Added Levitate option for priests
  • Added Aspect of the Cheetah option for hunters
  • Added Running Wild option for worgens

  • Fixed for Draenor
  • Updated Data
  • Known issues: can try to use unusable profession mount

Rest of the change log can be found in ChangeLog.txt


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  • #652

    > If you move the slider all the way to the left, that mount or pet will never be automatically summoned :D

    That doesn't seem to work. I have sliders all the wayt to the left for some mounts and they get summoned. Less often than mounts that have their sliders all the way to the right, but they do get summoned.

  • #649

    new companions added:

    Feline Familiar and Creepy Crate

  • #647

    Error: Pet with ID 100684 not in database.

  • #648

    Thanks, I'll add this to my 2do list of things to look into Smile

  • #642
    Druid GupPet

    The only thing forcing me to go back to Gogo mount is druids want it set where if you're standing still it will chose a random mount, but if you're moving it will choose a flight or travel form.  Gogo mount does that.  This one does not.  With this one you will have to choose in the options class "use flight form", which then takes off the random mount.


    Last edited by Cpt_Rhyder on 10/18/2011 1:22:07 PM
  • #643
    Re: Druid GupPet

    This is an interesting concept.  I don't play a Druid, but my misses does and I can see how this would be cool.

    While not wanting to totally rip-off other addons, let me think about it...

    I'm a little busy at the moment with work and family (just had our 3rd child a bit over a month ago), but I do have some very quiet graveyard shifts at work coming up soon which I will be doing some programming.

    Last edited by Khali_shi on 10/18/2011 3:01:07 PM
  • #644

    Of course any changes to the addon itself, not just the mounts database, I would need to run past Gupp as well.

    Last edited by Khali_shi on 10/18/2011 3:24:43 PM
  • #641

    Thank you, Khali Shi, for taking this addon under your wing!

    Edit: If you haven't already, please consider my question in post #634, below. I have no idea if it's possible, but it would be an enhancement IMO. Thanks again!

    Last edited by DonDanHan on 10/16/2011 8:04:42 PM
  • #646

    I've posted my reply below yours at #634 Cool

  • #640

    Thanks for the update!

  • #637

    Does this new version actually support Aspect of the Cheetah? The previous version didn't, despite my fiddling with it.

  • #639

    With this initial update, all I have done is updated the Mounts database.

    Over the next few weeks, I will be looking into other code updates.

    Last edited by Khali_shi on 10/16/2011 2:43:56 PM
  • #636

    I had sent a request to Gupp to add me as a maintainer to this addon, as it appears that he may be too busy to do minor updates.

    I know that feeling, I've been soo flat out with family and work that I missed Gupp's reply to me a month ago Embarassed

    Gupp has been kind & trusting enough of me, that he has allowed me access to this addons repository, so I can update it.

    I am hoping to release some updates shortly with the extra mounts and companions.

    Khali Shi

  • #635
    I recently got a Worgen Druid to level 60 (thus I do not have any ground mounts). I bought the 3 gryphons available as well as Flight Form (buying Flight Form gave me Expert Riding) and the Flight Master's License. Every time I use the random mount button, it selects Travel Form, regardless of if "Use Travel Form while moving" is checked or not. It's not recognizing Flight Form ("Use Fly Form" has been checked on tries) or that I have 3 gryphons. Is this a bug? Or does anyone know what might be wrong or how to fix it?

  • #634
    I really love this addon!

    Does anyone know how to increase the delay slider for pet "Auto Call"? Currently the maximum delay I can set is 10 seconds. When I'm using a stealthing character (Cat Druid, Rogue) GupPet will sometimes try to call a pet in between killing one mob and attacking another; if the timing is bad, it will keep me from stealthing again or otherwise cancel another action I'm attempting. (I usually have Skinning on my characters, and it may take ten seconds to loot and skin a mob, then engage another one.)

    If I could set the delay to, say, 30 seconds, it would only auto-call a pet when I'm not in the middle of fighting a string of mobs. That way I could have pets out when I'm leveling, but not actively fighting.

    Any ideas? Thanks!
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