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  • Supports: 6.2.2
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  • Updated 09/17/2015
  • Created 03/23/2009
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About GupPet

What is GupPet:

GupPet is an add-on that gives an extension for mounting and calling critters. By a single click it mounts a ground, swimming or fly mount depending on the players location. Because most players have plenty of mounts and companions, and you probably like more than one, the add-on can randomly select mounts/companions depending on the selections in the option menu.

Basic Features:

  • Randomly selects a mount / companion location dependent.
  • Class support for Druids , Shamans and Mages
  • Automatically summons a companion
  • 3d model preview
  • Masque support
  • And many more !

In game usage:

There are 3 types of controls.

  • Action buttons (Adds buttons and are move, hide ,scale and Changeable .)
  • Key Binds
  • Slash Commands

How it works:

GupPet uses a small database to split the mounts that the player currently has learned. The splitting is based on type (ground, swimming or fly) and speed. When using the auto mount function the add-on will always try to select the fastest possible option, but if you can fly in an area the add-on select the flyable over the ground type. If your are swimming the aquatic will be selected above the other two types.

For the critters GupPet uses a small database to detect if a critter uses a type of reagent to call it, for some types you need a snowball. The add-on detects if you have that reagent with you and if not, the add-on won't select that type of critter.

Language support:

The languages that are currently supported are English , German ( Tnx to Farook at Curse) , Spanish ( Tnx to StiviS at Curse ) and Russian ( Tnx to StingerSoft at WowInterface.) Also esMX ( Tnx to cancerberus at Curse ). With the none-supported languages the zone detection is not supported and therefore forces the two mount action buttons.


The start command is '/GP' or '/GupPet'. ( The mounting slash commands don't support abilities with spells )

Known Issues:

  • If you or a patch clears your WoW Cache folder, you may experience an invalid list of mounts or a failure to select some mounts for your first login after the cache was cleared. Try logging out and then back in.

Delete Saved Variables if you update from MoP or earlier version.

  • Some corrections for italian translation (Thanks to runtime13)

  • Fixed Button's icons selection
  • Italian translation (Thanks to runtime13)
  • Small fix for Help tab on nonlatin locale

  • Fix stupid lua error :(

  • Masque Support!

  • Ashran fix (not flyable zone)

  • Draenor Flying support
  • 6.2.2 mounts

  • Update TOC
  • Added 6.2 mounts
  • Not canceling Moonkin form when mounting
  • Mage's Slowfall cancels Nitroboost (no more crashes!)

  • Added 6.1 mounts

  • Fix lags when jump out of water

  • Detection Draenor as not flyable zone

  • Added esMX support, thanks to cancerberus
  • Fixed using Cheetah instead of dismounting

  • No more tries to summon engineering and tailoring mounts if you don't have enough prof skill

  • Running Wild must work for worgen*druids

  • Fixed flight form for druids with Glyph of the Stag
  • Added Levitate option for priests
  • Added Aspect of the Cheetah option for hunters
  • Added Running Wild option for worgens

  • Fixed for Draenor
  • Updated Data
  • Known issues: can try to use unusable profession mount

Rest of the change log can be found in ChangeLog.txt


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  • #490
    Can you include Ghost Wolf in the /gp automount command, especially when in combat. This is pretty much the only feature that I keep GoGoMount for.
  • #489
    Didn't realize you could add indidvidual zones like that for my last request that's definitely workable, and given the choice between a comprehensive help system and more cryptic features I'll take more features any day. Hopefully something a bit easier to add would be an option to only use multi-mounts in a party, I double checked I didn't see that option anywhere.
  • #488
    My deadly Gladiator's Frostwyrm mount has not been added to the list of mounts available to use. Can this be fixed with your next update?
  • #482
    When I am in Vash'jir the sea horse does not take priority over the X-53 touring rocket (which is the only mount I have besides the seahorse). I added the 3 areas under the Global World category, and went thru and disabled the rocket by moving the bar to the far left, and the sea horse bar to the far right, but the rocket is still prioritized. In order for Guppet to choose the seahorse, I have to completely disable the rocket in the Global World category, but then it will not work when I am on land.
  • #483
    Ah the problem is that you have indeed only the touring rocket.. If you have only a mount that can do both ground and fly the logic behind the fly out of the water surface will always think you are at the surface cuz a ground mount can also be summoned under water and then its ****** ... If you go back one version the changes of flying from the surface are not build in. I will create some fix later this day with a check for this types of fly and ground to disable this future automatic.
  • #484
    Ah I see. Well I will just go get myself another mount and that should solve the problem, I think!
  • #485
    Should be fixed in 2.018 ..
  • #480
    Can you make the aquatic logic something more like if you're in vash'jir and have Abysal Seahorse use that, otherwise use the sea turtle. As it stands now it's trying to summon the seahorse in any body of water and sometimes summons the slower sea turtle in vash'jir.
  • #481
    Y i know its irritating however i don't have the time atm to build this in.. To "Fix" this yourself you can add the 3 areas and disable there the turtle and enable only the turtle in the global one then it should be working.
  • #474
    Hope the question marks that replace the name of mounts for zhtw users can be fixed soon.
    This looks like an awesome addon that will replace many macros, and I've been looking forward to a fix since this ui first came out.
  • #475
    Could you poke me a screenshot on how it looks cuz i have no idea..
  • #478
    Sure thing!
    Mounts + Companions:
    Collect Me:
    Mouse over in Collect Me:
  • #479
    Sended a PM
  • #472
    The logic for Tol Barad in v 2.016 is incorrect. You seem to be using the Wintergrasp logic (flyable when a battle is not in progress, land when it is) which is wrong.

    Tol Barad (and the penninsula) is all land, all the time.
  • #476
    Ah ok ... i never been in this location myself cuz i'm lvl 82 ^^ .. But ill try to fix it in the next version.
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