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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.4.1
  • 340,386 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/01/2013
  • Created 08/25/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: HaloPro - v2.6.0
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About HaloPro

== HaloPro monitors all three level 90 talents - Always land max Cascades, always be in range for dbl hitting Divine Stars, and ofc be Pro at Halo ==



The level 90 talent Halo, offers all priests a very unique, fun ability, but one that is sometimes difficult during an encounter to reliably maximize to its full potential. Halo does the most healing and damage when cast at 25 yards to the target. This can often be a tough thing to judge.

HaloPro creates a customizable bar that can be sized and positioned anywhere in your UI. As you move closer or farther away from a tracked unit the bar's texture changes to let you know whether you need to move in or away to get in proper range (25 yards). This ensures you can accurately cast and time your use of Halo.

HaloPro also goes further and monitors the other lvl 90 talents as well, to ensure you are maxing your healing or damage from Cascade, and know you are never out of range for Divine Star to hit twice.


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=== Slash Commands ===

/hp or /halopro

  • 'options' - bring up the HaloPro Options gui
  • 'default' - unlocks and resets bar position and size
  • 'lock' - locks down to the bar so it can't be moved or resized
  • 'unlock' - unlocks the bar so it can be moved or resized
  • 'maxalpha #alpha(0.0 - 1.0)' - sets the max alpha of the bar
  • 'fade #secs' - sets how many seconds left on the spell cd to start fading back in
  • 'cdhide yes/no' - should HaloPro hide when the spell is on cooldown?
  • 'offcd yes/no' - should the bar flash when the spell comes off cooldown?
  • 'sound yes/no' - should HaloPro play a sound when at the correct distance for max damage?
  • 'track target/focus/mouseover' - sets whether HaloPro should track your current target or your focus target or mouseover target
  • 'tracktoggle' - toggles between tracking current target, focus target, and mouseover target - very macro friendly

=== HaloPro Features Summary ===

  • Easy to use. When the bar's spark is Red on the left, you are too close. As you back out it turns yellow and shifts to the centre and gets brighter. Once in the correct range it gets brighter still, turns green and plays a sound if enabled. If you continued to move further out it would move to the right of center, fade slightly and turn yellow, and further still is dimmer still and red. So, left is too close, right is too far, and middle is just right for max damage / heals
  • Easy re-positioning and scaling. Simply /hp unlock, target something you can harm or heal, and drag the graphic where ever you wish. With the cursor over the graphic, the mouse scroll wheel will adjust the width. Shift+Scroll wheel will adjust the height. /hp lock when done to not accidentally move it during the encounter.
  • /hp options brings up a full Blizzard Interface Options panel with all the features settable with gui options
  • Bar only shows when a target that can be affected by your spells is selected
  • Bar fades out as you move too close or too far away from your target and is brightest when in the right range
  • Option to set a max alpha to allow for transparency to match your custom UI
  • Border themes and colours to match any custom UI
  • You can choose either a Horizontal or Vertical bar, or Icon
  • Bar disappears while halo or cascade is on cooldown and fades back in as it comes back up to give you time to reposition - you can set how early you want it to fade back in or disable this feature altogether
  • Option to have bar flash when spells are off cooldown - you can set the duration and number of flashes or disable
  • Option to have a sound play when in proper range - only plays once while in that range, so as to not be annoying - disables for Divine Star as you can't be too close
  • Option to track either your active target or your focus target or mouseover target
  • Bar theme can be set based on your Primary or Secondary active talents
  • You can create your own textures and easily add them to HaloPro (be sure to read the readme.txt file in the \HaloPro_Art\Custom folder for instructions)
  • HaloPro automatically disables itself if you do not know any lvl 90 talents on the fly, so if you switch talents back and forth or change specs it can handle it. As you swap talents it just automatically switches to monitor the active talent.


Help support HaloPro - Donate today!


=== Known Issues ===

Halo is currently bugged (as of 06/12/2012), where it will not hit targets at 28 yards to 30 yards, even though the spell is supposed to have a 30 yard range. This means that if you are standing with the light indicator in a too far position you may miss entirely. Spell is bugged, addon is fine and detecting distance properly and green lighting the correct range appropriately. Bug report is here: Halo Range Bug Report on Warcraft US Forums

HaloPro takes a few seconds to bring up the graphic and start displaying distances when you first log in as it has to calculate some ranges before displaying. This is normal, and only happens when you first log in. Logging on to other toons, or zoning in and out of area's will not cause this slight delay.

Release v2.6.0

  • Fixed issue created by latest hotfix with setting sliders
  • Fixed issue created by latest hotfix with the borders colour wheel
  • Updated range libraries

Release v2.5.0

  • Updated range libraries
  • Updated for patch 5.4

Release v2.1.0

  • Fixed ranges on Divine Star to properly reflect in game hit distances
  • Added some Z-Indexing to help address reposition issues


  • Fixed reposition / resize bug (Hopefully once and for all)
  • Corrected some typos


  • Version Updated for patch 5.3


  • Added some additional repositioning protection
  • Fixed some formatting in the options panel


  • Updated for patch 5.4

Release v2.0

  • Added borders (looks way better)
  • Added monitoring of all lvl 90 talents
  • Lots of other improvements and bug fixes - notes.txt in HaloPro folder


  • Various login fixes


  • Fixed bug that could cause settings to reset to default - especially when enabling and disabling HaloPro
  • Now properly remembers size, position, strata, and most importantly tracking type based on spec - ie Can set mouseover for healing, target for dps and auto changes when changing spec's
  • Lots and lots of optimizations reducing CPU loading by a factor of at least 5-6 times while keeping the memory footprint very small ( Thanks to rowaasr13 for these optimizations )


  • Fixed further bugs causing bar to reset sizing
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the Always Show option from functioning correctly
  • Width and Height options now labeled correctly when in Vertical Bar mode


  • Added a hook for weakaura's - defaults to glowing border of hotbar button when in proper range and spell is off cooldown (see notes.txt for weakaura import string)
  • Misc tweaks


  • Reworked code to further prevent HaloPro from re-sizing and changing positions after loading screens


  • Updated for patch 5.2

Release v1.5

  • Added in option for vertical bar (or Icon's with indicators that move side to side)
  • Added in option for mouseover targeting
  • Added in option for HaloPro to always show (dims when not targeting anything, but still visible, brightens on target - this auto enables when mouseover targeting is chosen)
  • Additional minor bug fixes


  • Fixed minor bug that caused flash warning to fail when using the new mouseover targeting


  • Fixed bug that caused mouseover targets that are dead, over 100 yards, or not attackable / healable to throw a lua error

Release v1.4

  • Fixed major bug causing memory leaks
  • Fixed an issue that could cause sizing to change to closest multiples of 5 on reload
  • Various optimizations

Release v1.3

  • Added option to the options panel to only show when in combat
  • Added option to the options panel adjust the frame strata (will default to Tooltip level which is on top of all other windows)


  • Updated for patch 5.1

Release v1.2.1

  • Tightened up the optimal cast range. Now shows light in the middle to a max of 28 yards!!! This now makes HaloPro extremely accurate.
  • Fixed bug that would cause certain bosses to never green light

Release v1.1

  • Added option to turn on and off whether HaloPro should hide during Halo cooldown
  • Added slash command /hp cdhide yes/no - should HaloPro hide when Halo is on cooldown?
  • Fixed a bug causing HaloPro in some languages to always jump over the optimal indicator (always would go from too close to, too far)

Release v1.0

  • Fixed frame sizing conflict bug that could potentially affect other addons (and did affect xCT)

Beta v0.7

  • Added two icon based themes using the holy and shadow icons
  • HaloPro will now remember the sizing and position based on spec, so each spec can be configured differently and revert when changing
  • Icon themes will keep their ratio when changing size
  • Added a grey scale place holder bar for the custom theme option so the default puke green will no longer burn anyone's retina

Beta v0.6

  • Fixed major bug that was causing HaloPro to think it was in range up to 32 yards.
  • Now properly switches to middle at 25 - 30 yards (max 30 yards)
  • Added in unpublished slash command to test on live before MoP launch
  • /hp testmode will switch HaloPro to monitor Mind Blast, so UI's can be setup and the addon can be tested
  • Added in slash command /hp tracktoggle to flip back and forth between current target tracking and focus target tracking (to be macro friendly)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause other languages to fail to create the HaloPro bar

Beta v0.5

  • Added Disc and Holy theme's
  • Corrected readme.txt typo's
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing themes from resetting when defaults were called


  • Initial release for testing


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  • #201
    Quote from NeoZeus »


    Looks like you fixed the repositioning issue with the latest patch! Thanks for taking the time and effort!


  • #207

    Sorry, I still have the issue.

    The size of the bar is saved, but not the position... sometime.

    I've Halo on my secondary spec (shadow), and escalade on my first spec (Disc).

    I've take time to set Halo position, then logout. login : ok.
    Changed spec, move Escalade position, then logout. login : ok

    I've set readonly on the lua files, but the file is deleted/recreated... I take time to recreate a proper lua, then replace the lua.bak with the good one... but the problem persist.

    After some time, I find... that hp location changed when I take a portal, or when I use the hearstone.

    Hope this will help you.

  • #198

    im using ElvUI addon

    when im trying to queue to random BG (and only for that) a messeg pops up:

    " HaloPro has been blocked from an action only anavible to the Blizzard UI. You can disable this addon and reload UI"

    earlier everything was ok


  • #199
    Quote from foktrok »

    im using ElvUI addon

    when im trying to queue to random BG (and only for that) a messeg pops up:

    " HaloPro has been blocked from an action only anavible to the Blizzard UI. You can disable this addon and reload UI"

    earlier everything was ok

     Ya it's taint from the drop down menus.  Lots of addons cause this (anything with a drop down menu).  You can safely not worry about it and just /reload when in your bg.  It's a Blizzard bug that's well documented.


  • #196

    Got the same problem as many others, no matter the spec or the talents I choose, HaloPro never stays fixed right where I need it, I *always* have to replace it.  What changed between 5.1 and 5.2 to make it so screwy?  Would there be a way to add an option "Fixed location for all specs/talents"??  That way it would save me (us) so much trouble... :-)

  • #197
    Quote from dIggl3r »

    Got the same problem as many others, no matter the spec or the talents I choose, HaloPro never stays fixed right where I need it, I *always* have to replace it.  What changed between 5.1 and 5.2 to make it so screwy?  Would there be a way to add an option "Fixed location for all specs/talents"??  That way it would save me (us) so much trouble... :-)

    I'll take another look at it.  I actually only changed a few things for version 2.0.8 to address this issue, which for the people I was talking to it did fix it.  I can not duplicate the problem myself.  As others have found out, it usually ends up being a conflict with other outdated addons.  As I can't (or won't) install every addon out there to test it with, I'm in a rough situation to try and troubleshoot something I have never personally seen happen.

    Right now every screen reload or logout it saves the position and writes the position, size, and strata to the saved variables.  Once the addon reloads (after any blue bar screen), it grabs the values from the saved variables and re-applies them.

    So not really sure how it can move.  My thought is other addons are trying to occupy the same space at the same strata level. 

    I am going to hardcode a Z-index and not let it default and see if this still happens.  In the meantime, try changing the strata level and see if that corrects it because two frames in the same place at the same strata level will cause issues.

    You can also install previous versions if one was working better for you until I can guess at what is causing this.

    Uninstalling, deleting saved variables and cache, and reinstalling may also fix it as old cached values could potentially be grabbed (they really shouldn't but at this stage I don't know what else to try).

    Sorry for those having trouble.

  • #194

    4.3mb download, you've seriously got to be kidding me? What in the world could the justification for this addon needing 4.3mb be?

  • #195
    Quote from k3ik0 »

    4.3mb download, you've seriously got to be kidding me? What in the world could the justification for this addon needing 4.3mb be?

    Hi-Res custom textures that scale to any size, rather than using ugly low-res in game textures that look terrible when scaled.  Feel free to delete and no longer download. There are other less graphical, less feature rich options out there.

  • #192

    Having same problem, worked great till a couple of days ago.  Addon still functions perfectly but any loading screen causes the bar to relocate down to the middle of the screen.  On a wipe during raid would have to adjust everytime we zone in.

  • #193

    Is it just relocating?  or is it changing size?

  • #191

    Mine is resetting position without a spec change and it's completely random.

  • #182

    Also just so it's clear.  The position and size are independant between specs. So if you set up one spec, and then switch specs the bar will be in the default position initially for that second spec.  Move it and size it for that spec.  Do a /reload after adjusting each spec, and it should not reposition or re-size after that. 

    But it can appear when switching specs that the bars are "re-setting" but in fact they each have seperate sizes and positions which they should remember when changing specs.  Always to a /reload after making size or position changes to be sure they write to the saved variables.

    Last edited by Spinalcracker on 3/6/2013 8:10:45 AM
  • #184

    Doing as you said. Setting up the position in one spec, /reload, setting up second spec, /reload. The thing is when I save it for one spec it screws up the other spec. Just to let you know, I use the same position and size for both specs, just different themes. It's like the addon won't let both specs share the same position. Hope this helps.

  • #189

    Well, I started loading my addons one by one and the positioning screwed up when I loaded Skinner. I have no idea why Skinner would do this, since I had Skinner with HaloPro until your latest patch and everything was fine.

  • #188

    I changed the anchors to left, right, bottom, top. It keeps resetting the X position to 420. I tried to load Halopro as the only addon and it works. So I'm guessing that another addon is screwing with Halopro. Problem is I have a crapload of addons and it will take a while to figure out which one it is... *sigh*

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