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Healer Buttons 3

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 58 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 4.0.3a
  • 20,210 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/28/2010
  • Created 08/15/2008
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: Healerbuttons3
Support development! **

About Healer Buttons 3


Added PitBull support on request, However this is a test version since pitbull isn't very good at naming there frames. (If you get errors please report the error and line number and what you where doing)
This version also contains a focus frame option using /hb focus to turn it on and off. (Aguf frames only, Can become more on request)


Can't believe i did another update -.- but anyway
Added an auto select option (if your in group 1 it selects group 2 and the other way around only works if your actually in group 1 or 2)
Added a debug option (turn on/off frame not found / visible messages)
Also removed a nasty bug from 4.0 release


Fixed party pets (only party no raid) Big thanks to vassacogor and his pet!
Fixed an error that can occur when leaving/joining raids.
Remove raid information messages (not found/not visible) since they spam to much.


Added checks and messages to make it easier to understand why buttons are not shown. For example when the playerframe is hidden


Fixed errors in the menu


I'm happy to present the new menu this will make using the addon allot easier and quicker instead of using the first detected frame you can now select them from the menu allow people with several of the support frames to use the addon without problems.

left click = redraw buttons
right click = open menu




Removed string loading errors

Fixed tooltip middle button
Increased size to 80

So here it finally is, You can all blame Eguna for this since he got me to play again..

Not gonna give a big fix/update speech, i fixed a bunch of errors and added the 10 main support (1 party 1 raid) this could look like <See Screenshot>

How does this work? Lets say your in raid group 1 and want healer buttons on group 2, Type "/hb raid 2" and viola all done (buttons wont show during combat but should appear when leaving combat)

Currently only Xperl / Ag_Unitframes / default blizzard frames are supported.
I dont even know any others if you would like support for other frames email me at

And if you like my addon and got a min to spare leave a comment or email,
Its nice to hear my work is appreciated.

(BTW this is a beta version since i cant find all the bugs on my own so again leave a message if you have a problem).

Have fun!

Back story:

This is a modifyed version of csilv's modifyed version of the original healerbuttons made by Saiiyna.

I love this addon but i had some problems with some of the frames sticking on my screen when a party member left during combat forcing me to reload my ui.

Also i added support upto 4 buttons need 1 more button for swiftmend and nature swiftness

This my first attempt at coding addons so there might be problems so leave a message if you have any problems.

Much thanks to saiiyna and csilv they did most of the work!

What this addon does:

It will add upto 4 buttons to your player and/or your party frames, Which you can bind 3 spells to using left middle and right mouse buttons.
So in my case left clicking on the left button will cast Rejuvenation on metalage right clicking will cast Regrowth on Metalage.

The thing i love most about this that you dont have to go back to your spell bar after clicking a party member and i even sometimes had that my target didnt change and i healed the wrong person.


/hb raid <1..8> -- Select which raid group to add buttons to
/hb r -- this will redraw all the button incase they get messed up
/hb reset -- reset buttons to default locations
/hb number <1..4> -- the number of buttons per party frame
/hb size <10..20> -- change the size of the buttons
/hb movable -- toggle whether buttons can be moved by dragging
/hb pets -- toggle wheter buttons are shown for each members pet
/hb tooltips -- toogle wheter a tooltip is show when mousing over the buttons
/hb tooltip anchor <location> -- Valid choices are: TopLeft, Top, TopRight, BottomLeft, Bottom, BottomRight, Left, Right, Cursor


To for example setup as i have you would have to do:

/hb bind 1l Rejuvenation
/hb bind 1r Regrowth
/hb bind 2l Lifebloom
/hb bind 2r Healing Touch
/hb bind 3l Swiftmend
/hb bind 3r Nature's Swiftness
/hb bind 4l Remove Curse
/hb bind 4r Abolish Poison


Unlinked focus frames from player frames now has it's own setting and reset Added XPerl support


Right... big update (in someways) 25 man support yay (only for blizzard and pitbull frames no other frames were requested) changed slash command from /hb to /hb3, to prevent healbot issues. New linking system.

Current UI support: Pitbull4 Perl Blizzard

Current type support:

Player Party Raid Focus


Bug fix beta


Working with patch 4.0.1


Thanks to Shiiningstar of the bronzebeard realm, i return to World of warcraft. Thus bringing an updated version.

Menu works again (use left click) Updated pitpul to version 4

Let me know if you run into problems.


Hopefull fixed some spam messages (don't forget to disable debug messages from the menu) this is untested since i don't have an active subscription.

While my account stays frozen it is doubtful that there will be more updates.

(yep i skipped a version it seemed nicer to end at)


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  • #27
    Buttons keep reseting.. Also the only buttons that show up are for my character and not any one else in the group.. Useing X-perl...
  • #28
    I have the same problem! The buttons dont show up for anyone in party, using X-perl
  • #26
    Right new update show up soon (i think),
    I always get lost on this site when trying to manage this addon.

    That's why i don't always update here.


    Use the bind command to set lifebloom and nourish to a button
  • #25
    Can some 1 post the update 4.5 here?
  • #24
    An update has been posted at:
  • #29
    new version still have same problem
  • #23
    Still can not access menu.. please update this to either a) tell people in advanced that the menu is broken, or b) fix the menu.
  • #22
    I would be willing to make a donation... but I would like to ask for a couple of additions:
    Please add a button for Nourish/Druid. I have a blank button so it has space.
    Would be nice also to have a lifebloom function on the extra button. PLEASE add these buttons.

    Also, please make a movable block with all four buttons so you can drag it where you want it... moving all 4 is a pain for each person.

    Thos two changes would make this an even BETTTER addon. I don't like all the big UI grid things... this has what I like. If you don't want to add it to the buttons can you make the buttons customizable? So we can add what we want to whatever buttons from existing heals? seems silly having a wasted button...

    THANK YOU!!!
  • #21
    For some reason, I can not open the menu. I tried right clicking the icon, shift right clicking.. you name it and I tried it. Has the menu been disabled for this add on?
  • #20
    Used addon loved it, had to repair wow and now the right click options dont work and the icons dont show up anymore :/ fail for me ... :'( i love this addon.
  • #19
    Resize doesn't work in either this version, or the newer version on!! What's up with that? The standard size is just too small.
  • #18
    Can you please add support for pitbull v 4 ?
  • #17
    Maybe you can check out the mod Benecaster and fix it for latest patch, it is exactly what you want :)
  • #16
    could you add oUF support?
  • #15
    essentially brilliant jsut a few anoyig things.. when resize... make buttons spread out to acconodate new size... not overlap, allow buttons to be "grouped into a block instead of having to position each button individually..
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