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Healers have to die

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.1.0
  • 3,455,343 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/26/2015
  • Created 05/29/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 2.3.5
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About Healers have to die

Healers Have To Die

Gratipay and Bitcoin donation options

Spot those bloody healers instantly and help them accomplish their destiny!
(PVP and PVE)

NOTE: Type /HHTDG to open the configuration panel.
HHTD's options are not directly available in the "Interface" panel due to ongoing tainting issues Blizzard is not willing to fix.

HHTD adds a red cross over enemy healer's name plates. You can't miss them!
(see the screen-shot).

HHTD also adds a healer role symbol abovefriendly healers' name plates.
Stop the slaughter!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: You have to enable name-plates, else you won't see the healer

It also rings when you hover or target a hostile unit who healed
someone else during the last 60 seconds (can be configured).

HHTD is PVP and PVE compatible.

Remember to check out available options (/HHTDG)

How it works

HHTD uses the combat log events to detect friendly and enemy healers who are
currently healing other players (during the last 60s).
HHTD detects specialized healers spells (for human players only)
and differentiates specialized healers from hybrid ones.

HHTD also lets you choose a specified amount of healing healers have to
reach before being marked as such (50% of your own health by default).
This threshold is the only criterion used for NPCs.

When a healer is identified it will be marked with a healer symbol above
his/her nameplate. If the healer is specialized, the symbol's background
will be colored according to their class. In other cases the background will be

In all cases a number in the center of the symbol indicates the rank of the
healer, the lowest the number the better the healer (ie: '1' represent the
most effective healer while '9' is the least effective).

You can force HHTD to only report specialized healers through HHTD's options

Self-Heals and heals to pets are filtered out.


  • /HHTDP (or /hhtdp): Post healers name to the raid channel ordered by
    effectiveness for all to see.
    (You need to configure the messages in the announce module options first).

You can bind this command to a key (WoW key-bindings interface)

  • /HHTDG: Open option panel

  • /HHTD: access to command line configuration interface (for changing settings
    through macros...)

Planned features

  • Detection when a friendly healer is being attacked and alert others through
    /yell or /say (I would like to make it work for nearby healers only)


HHTD is only compatible with nameplate add-ons which have been coded
responsibly and do not modify internal parts of Blizzard nameplates (a very
selfish behaviour as it prevents any other add-on from re-using them).

HHTD will detect these incompatibilities and report to you so that you can ask
the culprit add-on authors to fix their code and make it compatible with ALL
nameplate add-ons.

Guidelines for other add-on authors:

  • Do not call :Hide() or :Show() on nameplates' base frame. This breaks
    nameplate tracking for other add-ons by unduly firing OnHide/OnShow hooks...

Instead, make its sub-frames invisible by changing their size and/or setting them to
the empty (not nil) texture. (check out how TidyPlates does)

  • Do not call :SetParent() on nameplates' subframes, this would prevent other
    add-ons from finding and hooking nameplate elements.

  • Do not use SetScript() EVER. You don't need it. :SetScript() shall only
    be used on frames YOU create. You can simply replace all your SetScript()
    calls by HookScript().


Here is a video by Hybridpanda featuring HHTD in the Eye of the Storm

YouTube - This makes me a sad Panda

Interview interviewed me for an 'Add-on Spotlight' article focused on the
controversy around this add-on, you can find this interview here.


Here are two excellent articles about HHTD by Cynwise (A must read if you
have some doubts about the fairness of this add-on!
) :

Healers Have To Die and the PvP Addons Arms Race

Using Healers Have To Die to Protect Friendly Healers

Another one by Gevlon:


An 'interesting' debate about this add-on is also happening on Blizzard's official forum:

Sadly, as a European I cannot participate but I'm reading those threads with great interest.

The funniest part about all those 26 pages discussions is that only about
16,000 people were actually using HHTD at the time (from the Curse Client
popularity statistics)... Now over 80,000 players have it installed!

In those discussions it's also rarely noted that HHTD is also very helpful to
protect healers on your side. This debate is leading nowhere though... I won't
post any additional links to those endless threads.

type /hhtdg to open the configuration interface, or /hhtd for command-line access

Comments and suggestions are welcome :-)

To report issues or ask for new features, use the ticket system.

Bitcoin donation address: 1JkA5Ns1dMQLM4D8HUsbXyka6yhp312KnN


Healers Have To Die

Change log

version 2.3.5 (2015-02-26):

  • Bump TOC to 60100

version 2.3.4 (2014-11-09):

  • Fix two minor cases of severe false-positives (where the scoreboard is not

version 2.3.3 (2014-11-02):

  • On certain locals (such as ruRU), HHTD could fail to add its symbols on
    cross-realm players.

version 2.3.2 (2014-11-01):

  • Add protections and mitigations to avoid false-positives (ie: when a DPS/TANK
    spec is detected as healer due to internal bad spell classification or special
    game mechanics such as 'Dark Simulacrum'). This is only possible in situations
    where the scoreboard is available.

This fixes a false positive on Retribution Paladins using 'Avenging Wrath'
and prevent Death knights using Dark Simulacrum from being flagged as healer.

NOTE: The spells HHTD uses to detect specialized healers is available here.
Leave a comment there if you see inconsistencies.

  • Changed default heal threshold a healer must reach to 50% of the player's
    maximum health and allow this threshold to be set to up to 300%.

  • Contrary to what "Specialized players only"'s tooltip said, checking this
    does not disable the heal threshold filter. (The tooltip has been fixed)

version 2.3.1 (2014-10-13):

  • Compatibility fixes for WoD:

    • Add detection for spells that have become healer specific:
      Atonement, Divine Star, Holy Nova, Binding Heal, Echo of Light,
      Renew, Chain Heal, Healing Wave, Daybreak and Tranquility.
    • Remove detection for spells that no longer exist in WoD.
  • Increased default healing threshold to 23% of the player's health (up from 5%).

  • Add new Gratipay and Bitcoin donation options on Curse and WowAce.

  • Added more details on the way HHTD works in the main description (WowAce and

version 2.3 (2013-12-31):

  • New beautiful healer icons designed by OligoFriends for enemy and friendly healers.

  • The color of each specialized healer's class is now shown in the icons background.

  • The "Specialized players only" option is now off by default as the new healer
    icons indicate non-specialized healers with a dark grey background (instead
    of the player's class color).

  • Uses version 0.8 of LibNamePlateRegistry which solves an unexpected
    incompatibility alert with Aloft and possibly others.

version 2.2.2 (2013-11-17):

  • Uses version 0.6 of LibNamePlateRegistry fixing a race condition which could
    prevent HHTD from adding its healer symbols on some nameplates.

version 2.2.1 (2013-09-13):

  • Fix symbol display on players from foreign servers (those who have an
    asterisk between round brackets appended to their nameplates).

This issue is an old one, probably dating back to last March.
HHTD detected those foreign healers properly (the mouse-over sound worked)
but would fail to find their nameplates because of the asterisk present in
their displayed names and thus would not display any symbol...

version 2.2 (2013-09-11):

  • Now using the new LibNamePlateRegistry-1.0 shared
    library instead of the namesake submodule.

  • A rare Lua runtime error was fixed.

version 2.1.4 (2013-05-21):

  • Fixed a rare Lua error that would cause '?' to be displayed on human healers'
    symbols instead of their ranks.

  • HHTD now Hooks nameplates' base frame instead of hooking the health bar's
    frame. This should make HHTD more tolerant to sub-elements hiding (such as
    hiding the original health bar to gain performances).

version 2.1.3 (2013-04-15):

  • Enhanced add-on incompatibility detection (when using another add-on
    which modifies nameplates in the wrong way): the nameplate module will disable
    itself instead of displaying wrong information (such as a healer symbol above
    a warrior's nameplate...) because it can't reliably identify nameplates anymore.

There are many nameplate add-ons around and only a few of them are not coded
selfishly. Most of these add-ons modify the default nameplates instead of
making them invisible and creating their own frames. These modifications,
which are particular to each of these add-ons, prevent HHTD (and any other
add-ons wanting to use nameplates) from working properly as they can't
identify and read the nameplates anymore.

I could have coded around the modifications of a few of these selfish add-ons
(the most used ones) but I chose not to, it's far better to have their author
fix them and code responsibly than creating exceptions and bugs for everyone.

So if you want HHTD to be compatible with your favorite nameplate add-ons,
just ask their author to do things the right way, it'll be better for everyone.

version 2.1.2 (2013-04-05):

  • HHTD's nameplate module broke completely whenever someone's nameplate changed
    side (upon mind controls and the likes). Thanks to all the people who helped
    me to diagnose the problem and to test the alpha versions leading to this

  • HHTD will fail more graciously if another add-on is unduly modifying
    Blizzard's nameplates (a message is displayed but no Lua error is thrown).

version 2.1.1 (2013-03-17):

  • Fix huge compatibility problems with other (selfish) add-ons breaking
    nameplates hooking. This caused HHTD's symbols being displayed above the
    wrong players. HHTD will also denounce these add-ons in the chat so you can
    ask their author to fix them.

  • HHTD will also disable its nameplate module when another add-on unilaterally
    modifies nameplate making them unusable for other add-ons. A message will be
    displayed. (FYI: the add-on "Tidy Plates" doesn't do this and
    therefore is fully compatible with HHTD)

  • Fix automatic healer role setting while in combat which was causing a
    'protected function call' exception pop-up for BG leaders.

  • Fix a problem which could lead into healer symbols not being hidden.

  • Special thanks to Cegthlhekz who helped a lot by testing the numerous alpha
    versions leading to this release of Healers Have To Die.

version 2.1.0 (2013-03-06):

  • HHTD no longer relies on LibNamePlate-1.0. The HHTD's NamePlateHooker module
    includes its own highly optimized sub-module (written from scratch) to handle
    nameplates. I might turn this sub-module into a library since LibNamePlate-1.0
    has become too difficult to maintain and would need a complete rewrite. This
    change should translate into an overall gain in performance and reliability for
    HHTD's end users.

  • Fix 'Holy Fire' detection.

  • Do not display any 'Friendly healer under attack' alert if the healer being
    attacked turns out to be ourself...

  • Using AceTimer-3.0 again.

version 2.0.4 (2012-12-10):

  • Fix: the chat announcer was no longer working in Battlegrounds

version 2.0.3 (2012-11-28):

  • Compatible with WoW 5.1

  • Removed HHTD's options from the WoW Interface panel since it causes global UI tainting. (Fear not, Blizzard might fix this in just a few years).
    Until then, just use the command /HHTDG to access HHTD's option panel.

  • Fixes a very rare Lua error.

version 2.0.2 (2012-09-25):

  • Fix a bug where HHTD could crash if an NPC with a hyphen in its name healed.

  • Replaced AceTimer-3.0 with LibShefkiTimer-1.0 to fix random 'Script ran too
    long' issues happening with AceTimer's current implementation.

version 2.0.1 (2012-09-01):

  • Compatible with Mists of Pandaria

  • Updated healers' spell list (including Monk's): specialized
    healers detection should be perfectly accurate now. Do not hesitated to leave
    comments on the spell list page.

  • Fixed bug: 'NamePlateHooker.lua:452: attempt to index field '?' (a nil
    value)' which was caused by the fact that LibNameplate-1.0 fires twice when
    plates are hidden if TidyPlates is used.

  • Fixed bug: Healers below the healing threshold could be flagged as healers if
    they were casting spells right after the player had logged in (player's
    maximum health being null at that specific time).

  • Fix wrong description for the 'Heal amount threshold' slider which
    incorrectly said that it had no effect in PvP if the 'Healer specialization
    detection' option was checked. This was no longer true since HHTD 2.0.

  • Many micro-optimizations in the combat log parser, especially for when the
    PVE option is disabled. The analyzer leaves even earlier in such cases. Not
    that it should have any noticeable impact for any user. However, if you take
    HHTD's user base as a whole, you could probably fry an egg per day with the
    saved power :-) Is this called green programming?

  • Added support for Italian localization

version 2.0.0 (2012-06-03):

  • Nameplate markers now include the healer's rank (the lower the number, the better
    the healer).

  • Nameplate markers are now resizable and movable (see the 'Name Plate
    Hooker' module's options).

  • It's now possible to test how markers look like using the 'Test HHTD's
    behavior on current target' button in the general options (along with other
    HHTD's features).

  • HHTD's core has been rewritten and reorganized with all the current features
    in mind making HHTD more effective and reliable.

  • The logs have been improved, they are now sorted and include all healing
    spells cast by healers with emphasising for specialised healers' spells.

  • The logs can now be disabled if the announcer module is enabled (they are no
    longer linked).

  • Improved healer detection for PVP and PVE (faster and more reliable).

  • Better handling of multi-instanced units in PVE (especially with nameplate

  • Many small improvements and bug fixes.

  • Localization is needed, if you want to contribute you can directlty write your translations using this very link.

version (2012-01-09):

  • Fix LibNamePlate bug during cutscenes.

version (2011-11-29):

  • Updated TOC to be compatible with WoW 4.3

version 1.9.1 (2011-07-04):

  • FIX: Friendly healers were reportedly attacked by their own pets or

  • Fix: In battleground there is no raid warning channel, HHTD now falls back to raid
    channel in this situation.

version 1.9.0 (2011-07-03):

  • New feature: It's now possible to announce friendly and enemy healers to chat
    for other players to see, you have to enable and configure the messages in
    the 'Announcer' options.

  • New feature: HHTD will display an alert when a nearby friendly healer is
    being attacked.

  • New feature: HHTD will automatically apply the HEALER role to detected
    friendly healers (if possible).

  • Compatible with WoW 4.2

version 1.8.4 (2011-04-28):

  • Updated LibNamePlate again to actually be compatible with WoW 4.1

version 1.8.3 (2011-04-26):

  • Updated LibNamePlate to be compatible with WoW 4.1

version 1.8.2 (2011-04-10):

  • New feature: Logs are available in HHTD's option panel with detailed information about each detected healers (specific spell used, heal amount, activity state). You must check the 'Logging' option to enable logging and add the 'Logs' tab.

  • Fix: The 'Minimum Heal Amount' filter was ignored by non-healing specialized spells (buffing spells and such available in healing talent trees).

  • Localization updates and fixes, notably for ruRU (thanks to AlexFlexy).

version 1.8.1 (2011-03-13):

  • Updated version of LibNamePlate-1.0 (this should fix a Lua error some users experienced)

  • Updated description with links to the official forum threads about HHTD (someone should tell them that only 12,000 people are using HHTD...)

version 1.8.0 (2011-03-06):

  • New feature: HHTD now adds the healer role symbol on friendly Healers if allies' name-plates are shown so you can protect your beloved healers and prevent them from being slaughtered!!

  • Changed minimum heal amount to be a percentage of the player maximum health.

version (2011-02-06):

  • FIX: PVE healer detection was broken when "Healer specialization detection" option was enabled (all NPCs were detected as healers)

version 1.7.0 (2011-02-05):

  • New feature: "Healer specialization detection" option. (thanks to Zalgorr for the spell list)
  • New feature: "Use minimum heal amount filter" option.

  • New command: /hhtdg to open the configuration UI.

  • AceLocale-3.0 library was missing in previous releases preventing HHTD to
    work in certain conditions.

  • Fixes and optimizations.

version 1.6.0 (2011-01-22):

  • Healers-Have-To-Die is now useful in PVE, it's able to ring and add crosses over NPC healers' name plates (can be disabled).
  • Multiple fixes to detection algorithm: only actual players or NPCs (if option checked) will be reported as healers. (no longer reporting guardians, pets, etc...)
  • Announcer module: Added an option to disable sounds.
  • Massive code cleanup and re-organization, now using modules for the different add-on parts.
  • Added support for AddonLoader.

  • Localization is needed, if you want to contribute:

version 1.5.1 (2010-10-26):

  • HHTD is now able to add a red cross above enemy name plates when they've been caught healing.
  • New option to disable messages printed by HHTD.


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  • #225
    Are there any plans to include a way to place the healer symbol without including nameplates? Not everyone finds nameplates helpful in BGs.

    The idea is fantastic, but I can't use it if I have to turn on nameplates =/
  • #229
    The nameplate thing is whats keeping me from using this addon as well. I simply cannot play in a BG with nameplates enabled, its very cluttery and makes things confusing. If this was changed to work without nameplates I would download it in a heartbeat and I'm willing to bet that this would become a mainstream addon if that were changed.
  • #233

    Except that it's not possible...

    Last edited by Archarodim on 10/12/2011 2:52:06 PM
  • #224
    love this addon way to much!I even have a macro telling people to get this and there will be no more excuses!! kill the healers first.
  • #223
    There its possible to make it show a X raid mark instead?


    Barristan "Erknost" Tarr

  • #221
    Downloading, but if it isn't working with Tidy Plates I'll have to say no thanks :(

    Damn cool though!
  • #219

    I have problem with tidy plates and healers have to die on patch 3.3.5
    Both addons are not working together

    Can you solve this problem please?
    (Thank you in advance)
  • #220
    current WoW version is 4.2
  • #231

    one question: do other players even see that red cross? because no one walks in bg's with nameplates.... so, do players wich dont have that addon see that red cross, even if they dont have name plates enabled?

  • #217
    Hello, sorry for my bad English language.
    There is no possibility to detect the specialization of an healer via the score table for better efficiency ? (Score table show the specialization of all players in the battleground)
    Because i want to know who is a healer before they healing for fast reaction. Thank you.
  • #232

    no, only players with HHTD and enemy nameplates enabled can see the red crosses

  • #218
    HHTD is about detecting healers who are actually healing.
  • #216
    If I log out, mine disables. How do I keep it on all the time?
  • #214
    Just an idea for future updates - Give an option to announce when a focus target is being healed (if an enemy) or if being attacked (if friendly). I do a bunch of pug BGs with a healer, and it'd cut down on the spam I get in, say, AV, so I can see when my buddy is being targetted. Great addon though, I've been using it for about a day and it's already making my life a lot easier!
  • #215
    please, make a feature request ticket on HHTD's wowace page.
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