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Hear Kitty

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 1,071 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.0
  • 282,738 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/15/2013
  • Created 11/12/2007
  • 482 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0
  • Newest File: 1.5.3
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About Hear Kitty

Hear Kitty plays soothing and distinct orchestral sounds as you gain and spend your combat resources.  It's like having your own theme music!  You'll hear tones as you gain combo points or stacks of your buffs, and when you hear the final note played, you'll know it's time for a finishing move.  Never watch for little red dots or buff stacks again!

These classes and specs work with Hear Kitty:

  • Druids (in cat form): combo points
  • Rogues: combo points
  • Enhancement shamans: Maelstrom Weapon charges
  • Elemental shamans: Lightning Shield charges
  • Paladins: holy power
  • Discipline priests: Evangelism stacks
  • Shadow priests: Shadow Orb stacks
  • Marksmanship hunters: Ready, Set, Aim... and Fire! stacks
  • Unholy death knights: Shadow Infusion stacks on your ghoul and when Dark Transformation ends
  • Destruction warlocks: burning embers
  • Monks: chi
  • Arcane mages: arcane charges
  • Vehicles with combo points (such as the drakes in Eye of Eternity)

Additional downloads available

Hear Kitty official sound packs
These sound packs for Hear Kitty provide new sound effects so you can better customize Hear Kitty to your liking.

Version 1.5.3

    For Arcane Charges, Hear Kitty will play the proper tones.  (Previously it treated Arcane Charges as if they counted to six; now it counts to four.)

Version 1.5.2

    Fixed a bug where Hear Kitty could repeatedly play sounds when the "only play a sound when the resource is maxed" option is on, if you played a class where the resource being tracked was a buff (like Maelstrom Weapon).

Version 1.5.1

    Fixed a bug where Hear Kitty would play extra sounds for shadow priests if they had previously been discipline spec.

Version 1.5

    All Hear Kitty features, classes, and specs should now work for German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Russian players.  Those languages also include a machine-translated UI.  Some Hear Kitty features (but not all classes and specs) will work in other languages.
        If you have any suggestions or corrections to the existing machine translations, or would like to translate Hear Kitty into a different language, please let me know!
    Added support for arcane mages (Arcane Charge stacks).
    Changed the way that holy power and chi work: previously Hear Kitty would not play a sound when spending only 1 of those resources, since it can't tell the difference between a resource that was spent and one that expired.  That behavior was weird for Tiger Palm, which costs 1 chi and is used frequently.  The new behavior is that Hear Kitty will continue to play sounds when 1 chi is lost if you're in combat, or if it was your last chi, but not if you're out of combat and you still have some chi left.  This behavior should be more pleasant and predictable.
    Hear Kitty will no longer play sounds for gaining and losing holy power, chi, and shadow orbs when your level is too low to use those resources.
    Hear Kitty will no longer play sounds during the preparation phase of a battleground or arena.
    Fixed a bug where Hear Kitty would play sounds even when its sounds were disabled for classes other than druid and rogue.


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  • #273

    Many thanks, now working perfect in 5,1 :D

  • #266

    Firstly, I adore this addon, quite easily my favourite addon for WoW - many thanks :)

    I am having issues having this to work with 5.1, just want to check to see if it's just me or not. Tried this so far with my Windwalker Monk with Ascension (5 Chi)

    Many thanks :)

    Edit :  ** NOW WORKING PERFECT IN 5.1 **  :D


    Last edited by mackojnr on 11/29/2012 2:51:00 PM
  • #269

    I also have this problem, The addon works on my rogue, but not on my monk. I have tried using no T3 talent (so no ascension), and I also checked my brewmaster spec. I don't get sounds on all of them.
    The problem seems simple: we don't hear sounds anymore. 

    I hope you can fix this wonderfull addon soon, now that I don't have it I really norice how good it is!

    Much appreciation, Alex

    Last edited by Eyedore on 11/28/2012 5:30:11 PM
  • #270

    Okay, thanks for the details.  I will check it out tonight.


    okay I will

  • #267

    What sort of issues?  I've been using it with my enhancement shaman and feral druid, but I haven't retested it on monks as of 5.1.

  • #271

    the same issues eyedore reported above you there, It simply doesn't play any sounds at all on my monk.

  • #265

    Thanks!  I seem to remember seeing something that suggested that while looking at my unspecced mage at some point.  I might be able to add support for arcane mages pretty easily.

  • #264

    Love this addon!

    I would like to put in a request to support arcane mages.  Arcane mages build charges of arcane power that stack up to 6 and need to be regularly cached out in a similar way to combo points need to be cached out.  Would love an auditory cue instead of looking at my arcane power stacks.  That is all.

  • #261

    Not sure if someone's mentioned this... Guardian druids using Symbiosis on a Shaman get a Lightning Shield. It immediately runs up 9 stacks and ticks downward as the druid takes damage.

    Hear Kitty is trying to keep up with it, and getting confused. Afterwards, when playing my Feral, it only plays the "maximum" sound effect no matter how many combo points I actually have. I have to reload to get it working again.

    LOVE this addon!

  • #263

    Thanks for the bug report!  Sorry about that.  I'll try to make sure I get it fixed soon.  (Please consider this bug payback for all those times I got your stupid Prowl ability in return.)

  • #259

    Love this add-on, makes life so much easier on my rogue,druid, pally and monk:)

    I have a request though, not sure if its doable at all. Is there a way to program Hear Kitty to track the Arms Warrior Passive Ability called "Taste for Blood" This effect stacks up to 5 times, (though very unlikey) would the best way to know when I had 1-3 stacks available.

    In any case thanks for a great mod!

  • #260

    Hi!  That's a possibility for the future, but I'm not really sure that it fits in with the purpose of Hear Kitty since Taste for Blood stacks don't really count up to anything.  But I don't generally play a warrior so I'm out of the loop.

    You might want to use TellMeWhen for that.  I use TellMeWhen on all of my characters to give me all sorts of handy notifications for when certain abilities are available.  I think you can even configure it to play sounds.

  • #262

    Taste for Blood stacks empower Heroic Strike, so knowing when you have a couple stacks built up would be helpful for a warrior.

  • #258

    Thanks!  You can upload your sound pack here as a new project.  If you created your sound pack before the latest version of Hear Kitty you should update it so that it has unique sounds for 4-point and 6-point resources first, BTW -- I updated the sample sound pack on my website and thw official ones here on Curse that you can use as examples.  :)

  • #257

    Big fan of this. Definitely use it for my rogue. Added a custom soundpack. Let me know if you're interested :)

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