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  • Supports: 5.4.7
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  • Updated 04/19/2014
  • Created 11/18/2013
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  • Release Type: Beta
  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: r74

About Hekili

This project will likely remain in "Beta" until Warlords of Draenor is launched. The addon is still under-development but is quite stable and functional. General users are encouraged to pick up the latest beta version. Those who would like to provide active feedback on newer developments are welcome to try alpha versions.


Feel free to contact me directly if you have any issues. Private messages work well. Submitting a ticket is good as well. I do NOT get notifications if you comment on this page, unfortunately.

You can reach me on the MMO-Champion forums as Hekili, or on Twitter as @Hekili808.


Localization is largely complete. Some features are dependent on accurate localized strings. If your weapon imbues are staying at the front of your priority queue, you are likely playing in a language that needs further translation.

r74 - A bug preventing the addon from loading for users who are not using another Ace3 localized addon has been fixed.


After playing with several of the popular rotation helper addons, I decided to draw upon the strengths of several of them and develop my own from the ground up. The features I appreciated and drew inspiration from are as follows: From EnhaPrio, I liked the 'queue' and being able to see the next several abilities rather than just one or two. It helps with decision-making if I know I don't want to use the highest priority ability for some reason. From clcEnh, I liked that its second recommended ability was based off of using the first, applying/consuming buffs and debuffs if appropriate, but it seemed limited to just two abilities. From Nemo, I liked that it tracked some combat events that are useful for making decisions about what abilities to use, like application of Flame Shocks.

With those features in mind, I built Hekili (Hawaiian for Thunder, and, conveniently, my Shaman's name).

  1. OmniCC, to show cooldown text if you prefer it.
  2. Masque, to choose custom skins for the action icons shown.
Key Features
  • Two visual priority queues, one for single-target and one for multiple targets. Each queue can be independently configured to show 1 - 5 abilities. The primary buttons are independently resizable and the queue buttons are sized and spaced according to your settings. You can adjust the direction of each queue (left-to-right or right-to-left). Each queue is independently skinnable with Masque/LBF, so you can make them visually distinct if needed. You can turn one queue off if desired.
  • The number of active targets is determined by tracking how many targets you have recently damaged. If you have multiple active targets, the primary ability in your AE rotation will be highlighted (can be customized). If you want to see only one priority queue, you can set the AOE priority to integrate into the single-target display when multiple targets are detected.
  • The priority queues are very closely based on top theorycrafting sites. The Enhancement module is very closely based upon the SimulationCraft profile. The Elemental module was initially based off of the SimulationCraft profile, but has been rewritten to follow the Elemental guide from TotemSpot. You can review and provide feedback on the priority lists here.
  • Each recommendation made by this addon is based upon what will happen after using the previous recommendation. If you're told to cast Flame Shock, the next recommended ability will assume you've applied Flame Shock. The addon also simulates basic combat events, so if the addon is predicting what ability to use in 3 seconds and Flame Shock wears off in 2 seconds, this will be factored into its recommendation.
  • Filters! You can show or hide cooldowns and hardcasts with a hotkey. Many cooldown categories are available on the Filters tab. You can filter out abilities by name if you do not want them to appear.
  • Trackers have been added. You can now monitor your buffs/debuffs/cooldowns/totems without using an additional addon. See the "UI" section for more information.
  • Memory usage is stable (no leaking!) and CPU usage is moderate, comparable to addons like TellMeWhen. Efforts will be made to improve both memory and processor efficiency. If you're running on older hardware, you can set the "Updates Per Second" to a lower number and the addon will run as little as 40% as often, without causing display lag.
  • OmniCC compatible if you want to see cooldown timers on each icon. Additionally, the greentext in the upper right shows its own "time to use" which may be different from the ability's actual cooldown. The text at the bottom is intended to give some indication why an ability is recommended. These will be hide-able in a future version.
Key Faults (why not?)
  • Unpredictable events remain unpredictable. Maelstrom Weapon stacks are not projected. Tier 16 4pc causes Lava Lash resets which can't be predicted, but can only be responded to. These unpredictable events are not missed by the addon, but they will cause those abilities to 'jump' to their position in the queue. All recommendations are re-evaluated 10x/second unless changed by the user.
  • Cannot edit the priority queues from in-game.
  • In-game modules are limited to Enhancement and Elemental at this time.
  • No 'help the healers' mode to recommend popping Healing Stream/etc. when no other abilities are available at this time.
Help, It's Broken!
  • "I logged in and it doesn't show anything!" Check to see that you are in a supported specialization and that you have selected the appropriate module for your class/spec. If you log-in as Restoration, the addon turns off your active module. This will be adjusted in a future beta.
  • "I logged in but the addon doesn't look like the picture!" Please use the suggested addons to style your display. Make it better!
  • "I logged in and all my settings are gone!" This should happen ONCE after upgrading to r26 or higher, as your settings will be out of date. r26 stores your settings on a profile rather than by character, so that you can have separate profiles for each talent specialization.
  • "The addon gave me an error!" Please copy and paste the error into a ticket on CurseForge. I am actively maintaining this addon and I use it myself on a daily basis. When problems are identified they will be addressed as quickly as is reasonable.

If you use a priority helper, you may want to check this one out and see if you find it helpful. I have been using the addon in normal and heroic raiding without issue. However, with more testers I expect to discover some more bugs. With that in mind, there is no warranty if it breaks while you're soloing Heroic Garrosh. Please drink responsibly. If you find a bug, please report it via the CurseForge ticket interface! Or make a recommendation/feature request there. Whatever works!

r74 | kapulani | 2014-04-19 19:30:46 +0000 (Sat, 19 Apr 2014) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/embeds.xml

- Embed AceLocale so the addon will load for people who are not using another Ace3 localized addon.
r73 | kapulani | 2014-04-13 05:26:18 +0000 (Sun, 13 Apr 2014) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Core.lua

* Correct check for last cooldown update so UpdateSpellCooldowns() doesn't fire, you know, every single loop.
r72 | kapulani | 2014-04-13 00:09:21 +0000 (Sun, 13 Apr 2014) | 16 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Core.lua
   M /trunk/EnhShaman.lua
   M /trunk/Events.lua
   M /trunk/Hekili.toc
   M /trunk/Modules.lua
   M /trunk/Options.lua
   M /trunk/Utils.lua

* Hekili:UpdateSpellCooldowns() - refreshes all spell cooldowns from tooltips, called when one's gear has changed since the last ProcessPriorityList().

* Windfury Weapon's spell ID was incorrect.  Found by konpu.

* AddAbility() will no longer try to get spell cooldowns before they're available and accurate (i.e., CDR trinkets).

* Remove redundant check for "cooldowns" from IsFiltered().
* IsFiltered() no longer manages updates to spell cooldowns, since it does not handle the entire action list.

* As WoW's LUA locale apparently stays enUS even when the client is not (i.e., frFR), toLocalNumber() is implemented to convert commas to periods before using tonumber().
* Fixed a ttCooldown() bug where short cooldowns (displayed in seconds) were always defaulting to 0.
r71 | kapulani | 2014-03-01 18:49:49 +0000 (Sat, 01 Mar 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Hekili.toc
   M /trunk/Options.lua

BUGFIX:  Force localization update to fix missing text for keybinds in enUS.


  • #22

    Hi, I can't seem to get hekili to work at all.  Under, addons it shows up and is checked, but when I log on there is no option in interface>addons.

    Any help would be appreciated, all other addons work fine etc..


  • #23

    What happens when you type /hekili in chat?  Try doing it twice.

    Do you have Swatter or another addon to track errors?

  • #27

    That is not presently a planned feature, but it's not unrealistic.  Submit a ticket on CurseForge and I'll give it more consideration.  :)

  • #26

    tnx its working for me now!

    Just 1 question/request...

    Is it possible to show my keyboard letter bindings in Hekili, just like in (Ovale Spell Priority?)

    I know in some circles it's frowned upon, like oO faceroll bla bla. But it realy helps me with my gameplay and me enjoying the game.

  • #25

    That is helpful, supershiva.  It's an easy fix, and an embarrassing oversight on my part (one that I've made before).

    Basically, the addon loads properly if you're using another addon that includes the Ace3 localization library -- this addon just borrows from the other one.  I will flag this addon to include its own copy of the Ace3 localization library.  Fix should be up in the next few minutes.

    Editr74 is posted with the fix.

    Last edited by kapulani on 4/19/2014 2:32:43 PM
  • #24

    Hi, i got the same problem.

    Maybe this info helps ?

    Date: 2014-04-18 11:24:06
    ID: 1
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\AddOns\Hekili\Locales\enUS.lua line 3:
    Cannot find a library instance of "AceLocale-3.0".
    [C]: error()
    !Swatter\Support\LibStub.lua:23: LibStub()
    Hekili\Locales\enUS.lua:3: in main chunk
    (*temporary) = "Cannot find a library instance of "AceLocale-3.0"."

    Swatter, v5.19.5445 (QuiescentQuoll)
    Hekili, v
    BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v5.4.7.50400 <us:3724>


  • #20

    Hey there! Just started using this addon for my shaman and it's excellent, the only thing I would like to see added is an option to only show cooldowns in the rotation if the target is a boss mob. Other than that it works perfectly! Please continue to update/support it!

  • #21

    Hi Dr_Freeman,

    I'm glad you're enjoying the addon.  I'll give this some consideration.  It seems like it would be a nice addition for cases where you're not targeting a boss for a little bit (i.e., wave of adds).  In the meantime, I'd recommend binding a hotkey for Show Cooldowns and manually toggling them in your queue.

  • #18

    Localization efforts are underway for alpha bersions.  If you are fluent in any of the languages listed, please feel free to take a stab at translating:

    There are several strings that are critical to proper addon functioning.  They are:

    • Virmen's Bite: item name
    • Potion of the Jade Serpent: item name
    • Cooldown Parser (Minutes): from ability tooltip, i.e. "30 min cooldown"
    • Cooldown Parser (Seconds): from ability tooltip, i.e. "6 sec cooldown"
    • Synapse Springs Tooltip: from glove tooltip, i.e. "Use: Increases your Intellect, Agility, or Strength"
    • Windfury: from mainhand tooltip
    • Flametongue: from offhand tooltip

    Feel free to update these strings or to contact me with the proper translations as shown in-game.  Mahalo!

    Last edited by kapulani on 2/3/2014 2:17:43 PM
  • #14

    As a dedicated resto shaman for 3 expansions, who is now finally learning to dps (elemental) because the team needs me to.....I love this addon. Thank you very much.

  • #15

    Hey, that's good to hear.  If anything seems off, let me know.  Elemental is not my specialty.  :)

  • #19

    nor mine :) I just want to put out good enough numbers to fill in as dps when needed. But I'll let you know if I notice anything amiss.

  • #9

    Not sure if this is a random glitch--or if it's ticket-worthy--but figured I'd report it regardless.

    During combat last night, my weapon imbues fell off and I was happy to see that the addon alerted me. However, I reapplied my imbues immediately but the icons never cleared from the addon. 

    I was not able to clear this until i got out of combat even after reloading mid-combat. It was mildly annoying but I was able to manage without it. I was not able to recreate the issue unfortunately, so I'm not sure what the cause actually was and no error appeared.  

    Anyway, this is a marvolous addon and am greatful that you have started this project. 

  • #10

    I'll be raiding tonight and I'll keep an eye out for this.  One thing that's worth double-checking is whether your weapon imbues went onto the wrong weapons when you re-imbued them (i.e., Flametongue Weapon went to MH, Windfury Weapon went to OH).  I startled myself once when I managed to do that accidentally, and the addon will tell you to recast your imbues because they don't detect the right ones on the right weapons.

  • #5

    I found your addon mentioned on Reddit so I figured I would give it a try. My main is an enhance shaman and this addon is pretty cool and well designed so cheers!

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